FIFA TV Schedule: September 6-11

The new World Cup cycle has began as European World Cup 2014 Qualifying kicks-off this weekend. Between Sportsnet and GolTV, it seems there is unprecedented coverage this cycle. Here is the complete TV schedule. All times are Eastern.

Thursday September 6
International Friendlies
1:00pm, Sweden v. China (from Helsingborg) – GolTV

Friday September 7
World Cup Qualifying
12:00pm, Russia v. Northern Ireland (from Moscow) – Sportsnet
12:00pm, Kazakhstan v. Ireland (from Astana) – GolTV
12:00pm, Azerbaijan v. Israel (from Baku) – SN1
2:15pm, Croatia v. Macedonia (from Zagreb) – SN World+
2:30pm, Slovenia v. Suisse (from Ljubljana) – SN World+
2:30pm, Finland v. France (from Helsinki) – SN World+
2:30pm, Latvia v. Greece (from Riga) – SN World+
2:45pm, Moldova v. England (from Chisinau) – Sportsnet
2:45pm, Luxembourg v. Portugal (from Luxembourg City) – SN1
2:45pm, Bulgaria v. Italy (from Sofia) – SN World
2:45pm, Germany v. Faroe Islands (from Hanover) – SN World+
5:00pm, Holland v. Turkey (from Amsterdam) – SN World
7:00pm, Montenegro v. Poland (from Podgorcia) – GolTV
7:30pm, Canada v. Panama (from Toronto) – SN1

International Friendlies
2:45pm, Brazil v. South Africa (from Sao Paulo) – GolTV
7:00pm, Spain v. Saudi Arabia (from Ponteverda) – SN World

Saturday September 8
World Cup Qualifying
10:00am, Scotland v. Serbia (from Glasgow) – Sportsnet

Tuesday September 11
World Cup Qualifying
1:00pm, Israel v. Russia (from Ramat Gan) – Sportsnet
1:30pm, Georgia v. Spain (from Tbilisi) – SN1
1:30pm, Romania v. Andorra (from Bucharest) – SN World+
2:30pm, Austria v. Germany (from Vienna) – GolTV
2:30pm, Serbia v. Wales (from Novi Sad) – SN World+
2:30pm, Hungary v. Holland (from Budapest) – SN World
2:45pm, Belgium v. Croatia (from Brussels) – SN World+
2:45pm, Greece v. Lithuania (from Athens) – SN World+
2:45pm, Poland v. Moldova (from Wroclaw) – SN World+
3:00pm, England v. Ukraine (from London) – Sportsnet
3:00pm, France v. Belarus (from Paris) – SN World+
3:15pm, Portugal v. Azerbaijan (from Braga) – SN World+
3:30pm, Italy v. Malta (from Modena) – SN1
4:30pm, Sweden v. Kazakhstan (from Malmo) – GolTV
9:00pm, Panama v. Canada (from Panama City) – Sportsnet