Canadian Sports Ratings Update: July 4, 2012

Here are more ratings, including a strong start to the CFL season for TSN and RDS. Also, Euro ratings impress again. Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for posting many of these.

UEFA Euro 2012
ESP-POR (SF), June 27, TSN: 1.112 million
GER-ITA (SF), June 28, TSN: 1.172 million
ESP-ITA (final), July 1, TSN: 2.57 million
ESP-ITA (final), July 1, RDS: 412, 000

SSK-HAM, June 29, TSN: 806, 000
WPG-BC, June 29, TSN: 851, 000
TOR-EDM, June 30, TSN: 605, 000
MTL-CGY, July 1, TSN: 519, 000
MTL-CGY, July 1, RDS: 233, 000

TOR-BOS, June 25, SN: 717, 000
LA-SF, June 25, SN W/P: 296, 000
TOR-BOS, June 26, SN: 731, 000
TOR-BOS, June 27, SN: 234, 000
ANA-TOR, June 28, SN: 629, 000
ANA-TOR, June 29, SN: 744, 000
ANA-TOR, June 30, SN: 714, 000
ANA-TOR, July 1, SN: 855, 000

I should note that TVFeedsMyFamily also has Yankees-Indians on June 25 on Sportsnet One as an average of 663, 000 viewers. Not that I don’t believe him; however, the site has made mistakes before. That seems like a very high rating for a game on Sportsnet One, especially between two American teams. I will try to verify it.

The June 27 afternoon ratings are very interesting. About 900, 000 more people watched Euro 2012 on TSN over it’s head-to-head competition from baseball on Sportsnet. Otherwise, it was a great week for the Jays with an average of 560, 000 for the series vs. Boston and 735, 000 for the series against the Angels over the weekend.

CFL ratings seem okay, but not spectacular. It seems many tuned out on Sunday night (especially in Quebec) with Canada Day festivities across the country. While the Jays couldn’t beat the CFL head-to-head on Friday night, their weekend afternoon games beat both the Saturday and Sunday night CFL ties.

Canadian Sports Rating Update: July 3, 2012

I hope everyone had a good Canada Day long weekend. I didn’t get a chance to post the sports ratings for June 18-24 during it, so here they are.

Just a reminder that this is a very busy month in sports with the 2012 London Olympics beginning in less than 25 days. I will focus much of my attention on the Olympics during the next six weeks. I hope to begin posting weekly preview articles on both the Games themselves and CTV and NBC’s broadcasting coverage later this week.

I’ll have Canada Day weekend ratings later this week.

Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for posting many of these.

UEFA Euro 2012
ITA-IRE, June 18, TSN: 503, 000
ENG-UKR, June 19, TSN: 676, 000
CZE-POR (QF), June 21, TSN: 652, 000
GER-GRE (QF), June 22, TSN: 917, 000
ESP-FRA (QF), June 23, TSN: 1.132 million
ENG-ITA (QF), June 24, TSN: 2.058 million

NBA Finals
OKC-MIA (g4), June 19, TSN: 349, 000
OKC-MIA (g5), June 21, TSN: 475, 000

TOR-MIL, June 18, SN: 663, 000
TOR-MIL, June 19, SN: 665, 000
TOR-MIL, June 20, SN: 345, 000
TOR-MIA, June 23, SN: 575, 000
TOR-MIA, June 24, SN: 572, 000

Awards Show, June 20, CBC: 737, 000
Entry Draft, June 22, TSN: 1.37 million

CFL Preseason
HAM-WPG, June 20, TSN2: 258, 000

Euro 2012 and NHL Draft Score for TSN

I have five ratings from the past weekend on TSN to share with everyone this evening. First up is UEFA Euro 2012, where the England vs. Italy match, that was decided by penalties, attracted an average audience over 2 million viewers on Sunday afternoon. That makes it the highest rated Euro match in Canada history. It was also the top TV program for the week of June 18-24. The quarterfinals as a whole averaged 1.27 million viewers.

The highest rated quarterfinal at the 2010 World Cup on CBC was 1.95 million for Argentina vs. Germany. In the same event a Sunday round of 16 match between England and Germany brought in an average of 2.27 million viewers. This shows that big games for the European Championships can attract audiences similar to big games at the World Cup. Which is impressive considering it isn’t as big of an international event.

Here are the ratings for all four Euro 2012 quarterfinals.

Portugal vs. Czech Republic – 652, 000
Germany vs. Greece – 917, 000
Spain vs. France – 1.13 million
England vs. Italy – 2.058 million

Meanwhile on Friday an average of 1.37 million viewers tuned in to the NHL Draft on TSN. Needless to say I am never amazed at how many Canadians will watch something hockey related, even on a summer evening. Even with three Canadian teams picking in the top 5, the average audience shows that many had nothing better to do stuck around for hours.

TSN Unveils Euro 2012 Coverage Plans

TSN unveiled their Euro 2012 coverage plans today. Euro 2012 begins in Poland and the Ukraine in just over a week. TSN, TSN2 and CTV (yes, CTV, really) will show all 31 games from the tournament. TSN will use the international commentary feed. Who those commentators are is still not known, although I’ll be sure to post as soon as I find out.

Here is a link to the complete Canadian TV schedule. I will also post a daily schedule throughout the tournament that will include TV information for Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Ireland, for those who are interested in such things.

Here is TSN’s press release. You can continue after the break for details of TLN’s coverage in Italian and Spanish.

One of the world’s biggest sporting events is here and TSN is giving Canadians complete coverage of every minute of UEFA EURO 2012. All 31 games from UEFA EURO 2012 will be broadcast in high definition with 26 games on TSN, four games on TSN2 and one game on CTV. TSN’s coverage of UEFA EURO 2012 begins Friday, June 8 with Poland taking on Greece with pregame coverage beginning at 11 a.m. ET. See full broadcast schedule below.

French language coverage of UEFA EURO 2012 airs on RDS and RDS2.

“UEFA EURO is an incredible spectacle of sport and culture where passion and pride are as much a part of the game as winning,” said Stewart Johnston, President of TSN. “No matter who you are cheering for, Canadians can watch all of the excitement and international drama live as it unfolds.”

In addition to live broadcast coverage, TSN will produce extensive UEFA EURO 2012 pre- and post-game shows along with EURO TONIGHT, a nightly show recapping all of the day’s action. TSN’s studio coverage will be led by the network’s acclaimed soccer broadcast team of Luke Wileman and Jason deVos. Along with highlights and game analysis, TSN’s UEFA EURO 2012 pre- and post-game shows will also track the EURO frenzy taking place across Canada.

UEFA EURO 2012 on TSN is proving to be one of the hottest broadcast properties for Canadian advertisers this summer. Major sponsors of TSN’s coverage include Adidas, Carlsberg, CIBC, KIA and Unilever.

TSN Mobile TV

TSN gives fans on-the-go live coverage of UEFA EURO 2012 games exclusively on TSN Mobile TV. The mobile services will also feature TSN’s UEFA EURO 2012 pre- and post-game shows and EURO TONIGHT.

TSN Radio

TSN Radio in Toronto (AM 1050), Montreal (AM 990) and Winnipeg (AM 1290) have extensive live UEFA EURO 2012 coverage with games throughout the Group Stage as well as the Playoffs and the Final.

TSN Radio stations will also give fans up-to-the minute UEFA EURO 2012 news along with analysis from Wileman and deVos throughout the tournament. Bell Media sports radio stations TEAM Radio in Vancouver and TEAM1200 in Ottawa will also have live game coverage.

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