Friday Press Release Links

Lots of news in Canadian sports media today. I don’t have time to write about it, so here are the press releases anyway. I hope to write about CBC’s Olympic coverage and some of these bits of news sometime soon.

Sportsnet has revealed coverage for their Men’s Provincial Curling Championships as the Brier field is set today. Sportsnet had Alberta’s Boston Pizza Cup, Ontario’s The Dominion Tankard and Manitoba’s Safeway Championship. See what I wrote on Sportsnet’s coverage earlier this week here. The big news from Sportsnet today is that curling broadcast legend Ray Turnbull will return as an analyst for the Safeway Championship alongside Roger Millions. Turnbull retired from his job at TSN, where he had covered curling since 1986, in 2010. Sportsnet’s other commentators are Don Landry and Richard Hart in Alberta, and Rob Faulds and Mike Harris in Ontario. Here is the press release.

The James Cybulski project at TSN Radio is coming to an end. TSN wanted Cybulski’s show to win viewers away from Primetime Sports on The Fan 590. It obviously didn’t work as well as TSN hoped because Dave Naylor will replace him beginning February 18. TSN2 will also simulcast Naylor’s show and Mike Richards’ morning show that week. I still think shows that compete with those on The Fan are probably better. I’ll give Naylor’s show a shot though. He knows his sports. Here is TSN’s press release.

As a Moncton Wildcats fan, I’m extremely happy with Sportsnet’s announcement of upcoming CHL Friday Night Hockey games. The Wildcats are featured tonight (vs. Halifax) and on March 1 (@ Rimouski). The Sarnia Sting are also featured twice. Here is Sportsnet’s press release.

Jack Morris is joining The Fan 590 and Sportsnet as a Blue Jays analyst. He will primarly work on the radio, but will appear on TV as well. He is replacing Alan Ashby. Sportsnet also released their Jays spring training schedule, with six games on TV. That might be the most ever. And the coverage starts in just two weeks with a Saturday afternoon game on February 23.

Here is the press release on a very interesting documentary coming to TSN as part of Bell Let’s Talk week.

MLS TV schedule came out earlier this week. Here are the MLS on TSN, Toronto FC on Sportsnet, and Whitecaps on Sportsnet.

Is something brewing at TSN Radio?

Editors note: This is the beginning of a possible series of guest columns on Canadian Sports Media Blog. Mark Milner is the writer of the blog North of the 400, where he writes a variety of things sports related, including sports media. One of his main points of interest is radio. You can visit his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

I spend a lot of my down time reading about sports media and looking at job boards, hoping that some great publication will post a listing I qualify for. This never happens.

But sometimes I stumble upon neat little nuggets. Take this listing for a TSN Radio on TSN position. Bell Media is looking for a producer and/or director for something called TSN Radio on TSN or TSN2.

I don’t watch much ESPN, but I’m familiar enough with them to know that ESPN2 has a live simulcast of Mike and Mike in the Morning, their flagship AM show. And I know that Rogers Sportsnet also puts it’s radio shows on the air. Could TSN be following suit?

Right now, TSN2 airs Sportscentre Morning Rush, a 15-minute version of their hour-long sports hyperbole highlight show from 5am to 1pm. Right now, TSN Radio has Mike Richards’ show running from 5:30am to 9am, followed by Dan Patrick until noon and Brian Hayes after. What would make sense to me would be a live simulcast of Richards’ show in the early mornings, followed by Morning Rush.

Here’s where things get tricky: TSN Radio recently changed their lineup. If you remember the launch schedule, TSN Radio originally had Patrick’s show in the afternoon, then Hayes and a one-hour hockey show at noon. Hockey 2Day is not currently the air. I can’t find an official statement on it’s status, but Wikipedia says it’s off for the summer.

Regardless, I find it hard to imagine that TSN, who prides itself on it’s hockey reportage, would let Sportsnet have the only NHL-centric radio noon-hour show in the GTA market. And if they do put together a new hockey show, could it have something to do with TSN Radio on TSN? Remember, TSN airs Sportscentre at noon, and TSN2 airs Morning Rush. Losing either of those for a live-to-air hockey show isn’t a big loss.

Another clue: look closely at the job posting: it “Requires a deep knowledge of Hockey.” Hmm…