Canadian Sports Ratings Update: February 25, 2013

Here are the latest sports ratings, including the Scotties and the first Jays game of the season. All numbers are BBM 2+ AMA.

Tournament of Hearts
ON-QC, Feb 19, TSN: 518, 000
ON-CAN, Feb 22, TSN: 596, 000
ON-MB, Feb 23, TSN: 822, 000
CAN-MB, Feb 24, TSN: 635, 000
BC-CAN, Feb 24, TSN2: 287, 000
ON-MB, Feb 24, TSN: 1.057 million

PIT-WPG, Feb 15, CBC: 772, 000
PHI-MTL, Feb 16, RDS: 912, 000
OTT-TOR, Feb 16, CBC: 2.248 million
VAN-CHI, Feb 19, SNP: 483, 000
LA-EDM, Feb 19, TSN: 506, 000

Daytona 500, Feb 24, TSN: 691, 000

MLB Spring Training
Jays Central, Feb 23, SN: 206, 000
TOR-DET, Feb 23, SN: 456, 000

LAL-BOS, Feb 7, TSN: 43, 000
CHI-DEN, Feb 7, TSN: 25, 000
LAC-TOR, Feb 8, TSN: 148, 000
TOR-NY, Feb 13, SN: 224, 000
MIA-OKC, Feb 14, TSN: 127, 000
Rookie Game, Feb 15, TSN: 64, 000
All-Star Game, Feb 17, TSN: 309, 000
MEM-TOR, Feb 20, SN: 164, 000

Thanks to: Jamie Campbell,  Bill BriouxWhitey FiskBob Weeks

Those baseball numbers are incredible for spring training. 450, 000 would be good for a regular season game against Detroit on a Saturday afternoon. But what’s most amazing, the repeat of 1993 World Series game on Sunday afternoon scored around 150, 000. And we all thought the 200, 000 range was crazy for 20-year old hockey broadcasts on the CBC last fall.

The Scotties ratings are about consistent with 2012, drawing around 50, 000 more viewers this year.B

In Case You Missed It

This feature, posting press release links with a bit of commentary at the end of the week, seemed to work quite well last week. So, I’m thinking about making it a regular feature. Gives you guys a chance to catch up on any news you may have missed this week, and saves me a bunch of time.

TSN has the Scotties Tournament of Hearts beginning this weekend. Coverage begins tomorrow at 2:00pm ET with the opening draw, featuring defending champion Heather Nedohin against New Brunswick’s Andrea Crawford. TSN will have every draw, except draw 5 tomorrow night, which airs on TSN2. There is a slight change to the schedule this year as there is no action on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Instead Friday will feature the final 3 draws, with tiebreakers and page playoffs on Saturday, and the semifinal, 3rd place game and championship final on Sunday. I think this works a lot better for fans and should help attendance. It should help maintain momentum torwards the end of the week as well.

Sportsnet has announced that Vancouver Canucks games will air on Sportsnet Pacific until 2022-23 with a new ten year extension set to kick-in next season. Sportsnet Pacific will show up to sixty games per season, although the average number is probably a bit less than that. Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean will likely still work for Sportsnet towards the end of the new Canucks deal as both have signed new multiyear deals with the network. Bob McCown joked that Kyper signed a lifetime contract, but in reality he is locked in for around ten years.

In a slightly shorter-term deal Global has re-newed its contract with the PGA Tour through 2018. Global will show 26 tournaments a year (not sure if that includes The Masters, which is a seperate contract). Along with The Masters, Global will continue to show the Players Championship, Canadian Open, two World Golf Championships events, and all four PGA playoff tournaments. Also included are the 2015 and 2017 Presidents Cups. The new contract, as with the current one, does not include all events, which leaves another small package open for another networks to pick up.

The NASCAR season begins this weekend. Coverage of the season’s non-points opener, the Spint Unlimited at Daytona, airs on CTV Two (yes you read that right) and FOX Saturday night at (8pm ET). FOX also has Daytona 500 pole qualifying on Sunday afternoon. TSN and TSN2 will show every NASCAR race after the opener. And the reason NASCAR is on CTV Two on Saturday is because TSN has the Scotties and TSN2 has NBA All Star Saturday (8pm ET). TSN also has the Rising Stars game tonight (9pm ET) and the All Star Game on Sunday night (7pm ET).

NBC’s third annual Hockey Day in America is this Sunday. NBC has a doubleheader Sunday afternoon featuring Pittsburgh @ Buffalo (12:30pm ET) and Los Angeles @ Chicago (3:30pm ET). The press release details some of the stories that are featured. There is a bit of Canadian content too as Gord Miller will call the game in Buffalo.

And, lastly, Fox has announced its 2013 MLB broadcast schedule. Included are eight primetime games beginning in late May.

Sports Ratings Update: February 29, 2012

Here are the Canadian sports ratings for February 20-26. As always, thanks to the Remote Control Blog for posting these.

Devils-Maple Leafs, Feb 21, SNO: 846, 000
Canucks-Predators, Feb 21, SNP: 407, 000
Oilers-Flames, Feb 21, SNW: 310, 000
Capitals-Senators, Feb 22, TSN: 504, 000
Sharks-Maple Leafs, Feb 23, TSN: 1.2 million
Canucks-Red Wings, Feb 23, SNP: 482, 000
Canadiens-Capitals, Feb 24, TSN: 528, 000
Canucks-Devils, Feb 24, SNP: 405, 000
Blues-Jets, Feb 25, CBC: 547, 000
Capitals-Maple Leafs, Feb 25, CBC: 1.8 million*
Flames-Flyers, Feb 25, CBC: 818, 000
Canucks-Stars, Feb 26, SNP: 475, 000

Tournament of Hearts
Manitoba-Canada, Feb 20, TSN: 521, 000
British Columbia-Alberta, Feb 21, TSN: 490, 000
Quebec-Alberta, Feb 22, TSN: 440, 000
New Brunswick-Newfoundland, Feb 22, TSN: 469, 000
Canada-Saskatchewan, Feb 23, TSN: 597, 000
Manitoba-British Columbia, Feb 24, TSN: 792, 000
Manitoba-Alberta, Feb 25. TSN: 852, 000
Manitoba-Quebec, Feb 26, TSN: 633, 000
British Columbia-Alberta, Feb 26, TSN: 1 million

*Also includes Bruins-Senators, which aired in Ottawa.

Very respectable ratings for the Scotties this year. Especially the semifinal, which did something most events can’t, took away Leafs viewers.

Sports Ratings Update: February 23, 2012

Here are the Canadian sports ratings for February 13-19. As always, thanks to the Remote Control Blog for posting these.

Coyotes-Canucks, Feb. 13, SNP: 469, 000
Maple Leafs-Flames, Feb. 14, SNO/W: 836, 000#
Bruins-Canadiens, Feb. 15, TSN: 690, 000
Canucks-Avalanche, Feb. 15, SNP: 491, 000
Flames-Stars, Feb. 16, TSN: 500, 000
Bruins-Jets, Feb. 17, TSN: 663, 000
Maple Leafs-Canucks, Feb. 18, CBC: 2.228
Flames-Kings, Feb. 18, CBC: 867, 000
Devils-Canadiens, Feb. 19, CBC: 683, 000
Canucks-Oilers, Feb. 19, SNW/P: 672, 000^

Tournament of Hearts
Canada-Newfoundland, Feb. 18, TSN: 592, 000
MB-AB or CAN-ON, Feb. 19, TSN: 596, 000*

Knicks @ Raptors, Feb. 14, TSN: 342, 000

#This game is a combination of the Maple Leafs broadcast on Sportsnet Ontario (558, 000) and the Flames broadcast on Sportsnet West (278, 000)

^This game is a combination of the Oilers broadcast on Sportsnet West (191, 000) and the Canucks broadcast on Sportsnet Pacific (481, 000)

*I’m not sure which of these 2 games was 596, 000. I’ll work on getting more detailed Scotties ratings from TSN next week.