Details of New CFL on TSN Deal

Was so busy last week I barely even had time to look at the press release for TSN’s new CFL deal. So, here are some of the details. And while you read, here is music history from Saturday night. Blur’s Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon played their song “Tender” with Noel Gallagher of Oasis, officially ending of of music’s biggest rivalries, I guess. It was either great, or worse than sipping champagne at 10 Downing, depending on who you are.

  • It’s a 8-year deal that runs through the end of the 2018 season and includes every regular season and playoff game for TSN, RDS (Alouettes and playoffs) and RDS2.
  • Also includes radio rights for the Grey Cup for TSN Radio and TEAM radio stations.
  • Otherwise it seems everything is basically the same as before. The schedule will expand to 81 games next season when Ottawa rejoins the league, an increase from 73 this season.
  • The CFL’s exclusive negotiating window with TSN ended at the end of January. The CFL wanted an exclusive deal with Bell.
  • The guarantee of Canadian markets facing Canadian markets in every game was important for TSN.
  • Cohon thinks it gives the CFL the dollar guarantee that allows it to invest in new infrastructural and ideas.
  • TSN’s Stewart Johnston on the prospect of moving the Grey Cup to CTV, “Well we love our parent network at CTV, but I can tell you honestly, it wasn’t once discussed. We love what the Grey Cup has done for the TSN brand in the past five years.” It’s not a problem for the CFL, as I’ve mentioned before.
  • You can listen to Johnston and Cohon on TSN Drive with Dave Naylor from last week here. I wish I had more to say about it, but it’s really more of the same.

March Madness… TSN’s March Madness coverage continues to have both bright spots and some real annoyances for viewers. The features on Canadian players are great. Dan Shulman and Sam Mitchell are great on the studio panel. Host Kate Beirness is really growing into the job. And best of all TSN barely showed any of the games that were on CBS over the weekend. Not only that, but Beirness and the bottomline directed viewers to watch CBS. Meanwhile TSN and TSN2 focused on games that were broadcast on cable channels TBS, TNT and TruTV in the States. The only thing I found poor about TSN’s coverage was the constant flipping of games from TSN to TSN2. It got confusing. And while the bottomline said which game was on CBS, it never mentioned what games were broadcast on the other network. At the opening of each broadcast it was never really revealed which games TSN would show and which ones would air mainly on TSN or TSN2. A little more consistency in leaving one game on the same network would be nice, instead of constantly switching at halftime.

Soccer… 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying continues tomorrow. Before getting to what’s on tomorrow, GolTV deserves credit for using the RTE Irish domestic commentary of the Sweden v. Ireland game on Friday evening. Despite audio troubles in the first five minutes, it was a lot better than their usual annoying American commentators calling the match off a screen from Florida.

But on to the more interesting matter. England travels to Podgoric to face Group H leaders Montenegro in a key qualifying match tomorrow night. International broadcasts of the match, originally marketed for by Kentaro, have taken an interesting turn. GolTV shows Kentaro matches in North America. This game was one of the biggest in the package of qualifiers that GolTV purchased from Kentaro last year. However, the Montenegro FA recently pulled out of their contract with Kentaro. With that GolTV lost rights to the match and it will now air on Sportsnet.

A similar situation occurred in England where ITV nearly lost rights to the match after paying Kentaro an upfront fee for it. Kentaro still claims (or at least claimed as of last week) to hold international rights to Montenegro home matches internationally. GolTV in the US included it on their broadcast schedule as recently as the weekend. GolTV in Canada still does. The Guardian has an interesting article on the situation. It also explains why Brazil’s World Tour matches have disappeared from GolTV this season, as Kentaro has lost rights to those as well. No word yet on how this affects GolTV’s coverage of Ireland v. Austria tomorrow evening. The match was originally scheduled for tape-delay at 6pm ET; however, with this development it could air live at 4:45pm ET. In other action tomorrow evening France and Spain battle for the top spot in Group I on Sportsnet ONE.

MLB… The 2013 Jays broadcast schedule is out. 20 games will air exclusively on Sportsnet ONE. Most of those are due to NFL or Memorial Cup conflicts. Because of regional hockey conflicts another ten games in April will air on different combinations of the Sportsnet channels (six of those are also on ONE). The other 132 games will air on all four regional channels. I also have Sportsnet’s MLB schedule (I’ll post it later this weekend when I get the chance). Sportsnet ONE has close to 90 other MLB games, while the regional channels will combine for around 175 games. TSN2 has Sunday Night Baseball again. By my count there are over 450 games on Canadian TV this season, not including American networks like FOX or WGN.

UEFA Schedule: October 22-24

It is matchday 3 in the Champions League and Europa League this week. Here is the broadcast schedule for Canada.

Tuesday October 23
11:45am, Spartak Moscow v. Benfica – Sportsnet World
2:30pm, Manchester United v. Braga – Sportsnet (encore: 7pm, SN1)
2:30pm, Barcelona v. Celtic – Sportsnet ONE
2:30pm, Shakhtar Donetsk v. Chelsea – Sportsnet World
5:00pm, Lille v. Bayern Munich – Sportsnet World (delay)

Wednesday October 24
11:45am, Zenit v. Anderlecht – Sportsnet World
2:30pm, Dortmund v. Real Madrid – Sportsnet
2:30pm, Arsenal v. Schalke 04 – Sportsnet ONE
2:30pm, Ajax v. Manchester City – Sportsnet World
5:00pm, Malaga v. AC Milan – Sportsnet World (delay)

Thursday October 25
1:00pm, Maribor v. Tottenham – Sportsnet
1:00pm, Internazionale v. Partizan – Sportsnet ONE
1:00pm, Panathinaikos v. Lazio – Sportsnet World
3:00pm, Liverpool v. Anzhi – Sportsnet
3:00pm, Newcastle v. Brugge – Sportsnet World
3:00pm, Atletico Madrid v. Academia – Sportsnet ONE
5:30pm, Rubin Kazan v. Neftichi – Sportsnet World (delay)
7:30pm, Sparta Praha v. Shamona – Sportsnet World (delay)

Less is More With MLB International

Sportsnet’s choice to use Major League Baseball’s international feed for select postseason games draws the ire of Canadians every year. Comments range from “the graphics suck”, to “the commentators suck”, to “I miss TBS”. While there is no doubt that it doesn’t have all the features that Fox and TBS have, MLB International offers a solid broadcast.

Even in baseball, where talk needs to fill plenty of dead air, three commentators in the booth is usually too many. This is one of the biggest problems with the TBS broadcasts. Ron Darling is a great analyst, but why does TBS need another pitcher, John Smoltz, in the booth? Gary Thorne, who is one of the best and most experienced baseball commentators, is able to convey the game to viewers better than both Joe Buck and Ernie Johnson Jr. Rick Sutcliffe, much like Tim McCarver, isn’t exactly a wordsmith, but he doesn’t back away from criticizing star players either. On more than one occasion during the ALCS he gave it to Alex Rodriguez for not being a team player. Yes, he’s old school. Is that necessarily a bad thing though?

MLB International’s graphics have actually moved into the 21st century in recent years. I wouldn’t mind a pitch count somewhere on the screen, but neither Fox nor TBS offer one either. TBS does have a pitchtrax, which I can take or leave to be honest. I don’t see the need for it all the time. And on replays it is usually fairly easy to tell balls/strikes just by following the ball. The international feed lacks an on-field reporter, but again it isn’t a huge loss. Ken Rosenthal is more useful before the trade deadline than he is after. And for some reason Fox sees the need for another reporter in Erin Andrews. Craig Sager tends to ask the obvious question on TBS. Going back to the ALDS he asked Raul Ibanez where he was all game before he pitch-hit in the 9th inning.

Those who don’t like the international feed won’t have to see another production of their’s until next October. The NLCS and World Series are both on Fox.

McCarver Moments… Just how bad is Tim McCarver? I decided to keep track of some of his best quotes from Monday’s NLCS game 2. Here they are:

  • “Foul splashdowns do not count in this park.” – after a ball was hit foul and landed in the pool
  • He criticized the Cardinals for pitching around Angel Pagan (who had earlier hit a home run) to face Marco Scuturo. It is questionable whether the Cards even pitched around Pagan, even more questionable why McCarver had a problem with it.
  • “Having it the bathroom is better than having it in the kitchen.” – referring to Chris Carpenter’s rib, which he kept in a jar in his house after surgery.
  • “Most players see the field from field level.”

de Guzman Playing for Canada… Sometimes the media puts the cart before the horse. There’s no better example than when Sportsnet broke the story that Jonathan de Guzman was considering playing for Canada if we drew with or beat Honduras and made the last round of World Cup qualifying (the hex). Part of the blame goes to Jonathan’s brother Julian for mentioning it to Sportsnet the day before the biggest Canadian soccer game in 25 years. The rest of the blame goes to Sportsnet for focusing on a player who would potentially play for Canada if the 18 guys currently on the team got a result later in the day. The story quickly became bigger news than the match itself in Canada. And as it turns out, Canada lost 8-1.

More Soviets… Haven’t had enough Russian/Soviet teams getting beat by North American teams this fall? CBC and TSN will have two more games over the next week. On Saturday CBC will likely show the Red Army vs. Philadelphia Flyers game from 1976. On Wednesday TSN will re-broadcast the final game of the 1991 World Junior Hockey Championships in Saskatoon. The tournament was decided by a round robin at the time; however, it came down to a final game winner take all between Canada and the Soviets. Pavel Bure and Eric Lindros were the star players for Canada.

Junior Hockey… Two QMJHL games are included in Sportsnet’s upcoming CHL schedule. They are: Moncton @ Blainville-Boisbard on October 26 and Halifax @ Gatineau on November 9. Sportsnet will also have the Canada-Russia Super Seires beginning on November 5.


  • EPL: It seems that if anyone are going to challenge the Manchester teams for the Premiership crown in 2012, it will be Chelsea (currently 1st on 19 points) or Spurs (currently tied for 4th on 14 points). The two meet at White Hart Lane in London on Saturday afternoon (7:30am, TSN). Spurs can go to second (for the time being at least), with a win.
  • Bundesliga: With Serie A and La Liga still on ice for Canadian fans, those looking for some non-English European action may want to look to Germany’s Bundesliga. The biggest top-flight matchup in Germany is the Revierderby between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke. The two meet for the first time this season on Saturday (2:30pm, GolTV).
  • NCAA: Saturday is another huge day in college football as several top teams face tests on the road. The biggest games include #6 LSU @ #18 Texas A&M (12pm, TSN2), #7 South Carolina @ #2 Florida (3:30pm, CBS) and #4 Kansas State @ #13 West Virginia (7pm, FOX). The top ranked team in the first BCS standings, Alabama, will also face their toughest test yet as they travel to Tennessee (7pm, theScore). The results of these games could drastically shake up the top 10 in the BCS rankings.
  • NFL: The biggest NFL game of the week features the 5-1 Ravens facing the 5-1 Texans in Houston (Sunday, 1pm, CTV/CBS). If that game isn’t available to you, watch for Packers @ Rams (1pm, TSN2), Redskins @ Giants (1pm, CTV/FOX) or Cardinals @ Vikings (1pm, CTV/FOX). Most will get at least 2 or 3 of those games, making the 1pm Sunday timeslot the best to watch NFL this weekend.
  • UEFA: In one of the biggest Champions League matches yet this season, the champions of Spain, Real Madrid, face the German champions, Borussia Dortmund (Wednesday, 2:30pm, Sportsnet). The Westfalenstadion, Dortmund’s 66, 000 seat home stadium, is known to be the loudest in Europe.

FIFA TV Schedule: September 6-11

The new World Cup cycle has began as European World Cup 2014 Qualifying kicks-off this weekend. Between Sportsnet and GolTV, it seems there is unprecedented coverage this cycle. Here is the complete TV schedule. All times are Eastern.

Thursday September 6
International Friendlies
1:00pm, Sweden v. China (from Helsingborg) – GolTV

Friday September 7
World Cup Qualifying
12:00pm, Russia v. Northern Ireland (from Moscow) – Sportsnet
12:00pm, Kazakhstan v. Ireland (from Astana) – GolTV
12:00pm, Azerbaijan v. Israel (from Baku) – SN1
2:15pm, Croatia v. Macedonia (from Zagreb) – SN World+
2:30pm, Slovenia v. Suisse (from Ljubljana) – SN World+
2:30pm, Finland v. France (from Helsinki) – SN World+
2:30pm, Latvia v. Greece (from Riga) – SN World+
2:45pm, Moldova v. England (from Chisinau) – Sportsnet
2:45pm, Luxembourg v. Portugal (from Luxembourg City) – SN1
2:45pm, Bulgaria v. Italy (from Sofia) – SN World
2:45pm, Germany v. Faroe Islands (from Hanover) – SN World+
5:00pm, Holland v. Turkey (from Amsterdam) – SN World
7:00pm, Montenegro v. Poland (from Podgorcia) – GolTV
7:30pm, Canada v. Panama (from Toronto) – SN1

International Friendlies
2:45pm, Brazil v. South Africa (from Sao Paulo) – GolTV
7:00pm, Spain v. Saudi Arabia (from Ponteverda) – SN World

Saturday September 8
World Cup Qualifying
10:00am, Scotland v. Serbia (from Glasgow) – Sportsnet

Tuesday September 11
World Cup Qualifying
1:00pm, Israel v. Russia (from Ramat Gan) – Sportsnet
1:30pm, Georgia v. Spain (from Tbilisi) – SN1
1:30pm, Romania v. Andorra (from Bucharest) – SN World+
2:30pm, Austria v. Germany (from Vienna) – GolTV
2:30pm, Serbia v. Wales (from Novi Sad) – SN World+
2:30pm, Hungary v. Holland (from Budapest) – SN World
2:45pm, Belgium v. Croatia (from Brussels) – SN World+
2:45pm, Greece v. Lithuania (from Athens) – SN World+
2:45pm, Poland v. Moldova (from Wroclaw) – SN World+
3:00pm, England v. Ukraine (from London) – Sportsnet
3:00pm, France v. Belarus (from Paris) – SN World+
3:15pm, Portugal v. Azerbaijan (from Braga) – SN World+
3:30pm, Italy v. Malta (from Modena) – SN1
4:30pm, Sweden v. Kazakhstan (from Malmo) – GolTV
9:00pm, Panama v. Canada (from Panama City) – Sportsnet

Breaking: Sportsnet World Launches New Soccer Central

This news has been brewing for some months now. Sportsnet and Fox Soccer are partnering to launch a new nightly soccer highlights program. To me., it seems this takes former Canadian soccer shows like Fox Soccer Report and Setanta Connected to a whole new level. Sportsnet will produce two versions of the show. Fox Soccer News will air at 10pm ET on Fox Soccer in America. Soccer Central will air at 11pm ET on Sportsnet World in Canada.

Brendon Dunlop will host the new show. Analysts will include former Fox Soccer Report analyst Bobby McMahon, Kara Lang, Colin Miller and Thomas Rongen.

Here is the press release.

Sportsnet, in partnership with FOX Soccer, today announced it will be launching Soccer Central, a new nightly one-hour soccer news show beginning Friday, Aug. 17 at 11 p.m. ET on Sportsnet World – on the eve prior to the start of the highly anticipated 2012-13 Barclays Premier League campaign.

Fuelling footy fans with news, highlights and analysis from the world’s best soccer leagues and events, Soccer Central will air every night at 11 p.m. ET on Sportsnet World, 365 days a year. Sportsnet will also produce Fox Soccer News, a separate edition of the one-hour soccer news program that will air nightly at 10 p.m. ET on FOX Soccer in the US.

“The launch of Soccer Central bolsters Sportsnet’s already robust portfolio of soccer programming and solidifies our commitment to delivering viewers premium soccer content,” said Scott Woodgate, Vice-President of News and Information Programming, Sportsnet. “We are thrilled to partner with Fox Soccer as we continue to serve as Canada’s premiere destination for soccer news, opinion and highlights.”

“With the increased resources we are devoting to Fox Soccer News, we look forward to the show reaching new heights as America’s nightly soccer destination,” said FOX Soccer Senior Vice President and Assistant General Manager Dermot McQuarrie. “We’ve committed to make this show the one-stop shop for soccer news and highlights from home and around the globe.”

Brendan Dunlop –former co-host of The Footy Show on The Score and The Hardcore Footy Show on Hardcore Sports Radio on Sirius XM – will host Soccer Central, alongside a line-up of soccer’s top analysts including Thomas Rongen, former professional player and coach; Colin Miller, former captain of Canada’s men’s national soccer team; Kara Lang, former member of Canada’s women’s national soccer team; and Bobby McMahon, known for his analysis on the Fox Soccer Report.

In addition to covering the world’s best soccer competitions such as UEFA Champions League, Europa League and La Liga, Soccer Central will feature a bureau in London led by Paul Burland and Paul Belverstone filing daily reports on England’s most prominent clubs.

More information regarding new on-air personality additions for Soccer Central will be announced in the coming weeks

Where Will My Favourite Soccer League Air in 2012?

It’s a question soccer fans across the county have asked themselves all summer. As I reported in the spring, Canadian television contracts for the Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Europa League would all possibly change hands this summer. Turns out they all did. Sportsnet picked up rights to the Europa League back in the spring. It will air on Sportsnet World and Sportsnet One. The other three domestic leagues are still up in the air. More on that later. But, let’s start with what’s stayed the same. Here is a quick league-by-league rundown.

International Matches – Sportsnet owns rights to the vast majority of international friendlies and World Cup qualifiers, including all of Canada’s home qualifying matches. Canada’s away games must be purchased from another company. Sportsnet also owns rights to the home matches of Spain, Germany, Holland, France, Portugal, England, Croatia, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic. GolTV owns rights to some matches marketed by Kentaro. These could possibly include Austria, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Wales, Faroe Islands and Kazahkstan home matches, as well as some friendlies. GolTV Canada also owns rights to Brazil’s neutral site and home matches.

UEFA Champions League – Sportsnet is now in the first year of a new three year contract, but coverage remains largely unchanged. Sportsnet, Sportsnet World and Sportsnet One will continue to air 6 matches live each matchday during the group stage (1 Tuesday and 1 Wednesday on each channel). Other matches will air on tape-delay on Sportsnet World. All knockout stage matches will air live, with the final on Sportsnet (and Fox).

Europa League – Sportsnet is also the new exclusive Canadian broadcaster of the Europa League. Sportsnet One and Sportsnet World will each broadcast two matches each matchday. One will air at 1pm ET, with the other following at 3pm ET. Coverage begins with the group stage. I hope to have more information on Sportsnet’s Europa League coverage later this summer.

Premier League – The Premier League is entering the final year of its current three-year contract with Sportsnet. Coverage remains unchanged from last year. TSN2 will have a Saturday morning game. Sportsnet will have a doubleheader on Saturday morning/afternoon. Sportsnet World will show a 10am ET game on Saturday morning, plus all Sunday games. Weekday games will mostly air on TSN2 or Sportsnet World.

F.A. Cup – Sportsnet is entering a new contract with the Football Association to broadcast the FA Cup. The new deals is for six years. They can show up to 59 matches per year beginning with the 5th round proper. It is not clear is matches will only air on Sportsnet World (as in the past), or on the main Sportsnet channel as well. Again, I hope to have more information later in the summer.

Championship/League CupContrary to unverified reports, Sportsnet still owns Canadian broadcast rights to the Football League package. This includes Championship, League Cup and Promotion Playoffs matches for Sportsnet World. Coverage will be similar to last season.

It seems that Sportsnet World has in fact lost rights to the Football League. Most likely to Bein Sports.

La Liga – Bein Sports (owned by the same company as Al Jazeera) owns Canadian rights to La Liga beginning this season. They currently have no channel to show them on here; however, VP of Programming Antonio Briceno said in June that they plan to show those matches here. There is a lot of speculation and mis-information about La Liga airing in Canada. Other than Bein Sports owning the rights, nothing has been confirmed a week from the start of the season.

Serie A – As far as I know, Serie A won’t be returning to theScore. It is likely that Bein Sports has picked up the rights to this league as well. Again, they currently have no channel to show matches on in Canada. It has also been reported in Italy that RAI might drop international rights to Serie A in Italian due to cost-cutting measures from the Italian government.

Ligue 1 – Bein Sports owns worldwide rights to Ligue 1. It falls under the same category as La Liga in that they have no channel to show it on in Canada. One match per week will air in French on TV5.

Note: As I said, there is a lot of misinformation, and speculation on where Bein’s matches will air in Canada. They could buy-in to a current channel, simply sub-license rights to the highest bidder, or even not show the matches at all. I do understand that, to some degree at least, the usual suspects for showing these leagues are interested in the rights. Whether a deal will get done before the La Liga and Serie A seasons kick off over the next couple of weeks, I don’t know. Once I know more about the situation, I will update.

Bundesliga – GolTV Canada still owns rights to the top league in Germany. They can air 2-3 matches per week, as with GolTV in America. GolTV is no longer using international feed commentary for these games. It is now their own commentators calling the matches off a monitor in Florida.

There are plenty of changes for soccer news shows as well. Fox Soccer Report is done. Analyst Bobby McMahon says Thursday will be the last show. So, fans of the show who get Euroworld Sport, tune-in while you still can.

On Fox Soccer in America, Fox Soccer Report is being replaced by a new highlights show produced by another Canadian network. Sportsnet is also launching a new soccer highlights show on Friday night. Put 2 and 2 together… The new show will originate from Toronto. Sportsnet is calling it Soccer Central, while Fox is using Fox Soccer News as the name (no idea which will be used on-air, maybe both). It will air at 11:00pm ET every night on Sportsnet World, with encores the next day at 1pm ET/MT/PT on the regional channels. With Thomas Dobby leaving theScore, I think it’s likely he will land here as the producer. I’ve also heard that Brendon Dunlop may leave theScore to join the show. Otherwise, Sportsnet personalities like Gerry Dobson, Craig Forrest and Kara Lang could appear. To be clear, I’m just speculating on this. Expect an official announcement sometime before the show launches Friday.

The Footy Show is back on theScore as well. The vodcast returns this week and will be on YouTube from Monday through Thursday. It will also air on theScore television on Mondays and Thursdays starting in September. James Sharman and Kristian Jack will continue to host.

Sportsnet is also launching a new series of overflow channels on Rogers Cable (channels 370 through 381). These will carry bonus live UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League and World Cup Qualifying matches live.

Thanks to Andy at CanadaSoccerTV for the tip on Sportsnet World’s new overflow channels. Check out his site for the latest soccer TV schedules.

Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 14 (Friday, August 10)

2008 Olympic silver medalist Karine Sergerie (pictured) and Sébastien Michaud are medal contenders in Taekwondo on Friday.

Each day during the 2012 Olympic Games the Canadian Sports Media Blog, in conjunction with Channel Canada, will provide an Olympic broadcast schedule for all official broadcasters that are available in Canada. These include CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, OLN, RDS, V, RDS2, ATN, OMNI, plus American broadcaster NBC. After the broadcast schedule is a complete list of events for the day. Many of these are available for live streaming on




Canoeing: Preliminary Heats/Semifinals (live; 4:30am)
Boxing: Men’s Semifinals (live; 8:30am)
Cycling: BMX Semifinals/Finals (live; 10:00am)


Taekwondo: Men’s 80kg/Women’s 67kg preliminaries (live; 6:00am)
Wrestling: Men’s 55kg/74kg last 16/quarters/semis (live; 8:00am)
Taekwondo: Men’s 80kg/Women’s 67kg quarters/semis (live; 10:00am)


Swimming: Men’s 10km Marathon (live; 7:00am)
Synchronized Swimming: Women’s Team Final (live; 10:00am)


Women’s Hockey: Great Britain v. New Zealand (live; 10:30am)
Men’s Water Polo: Croatia v. Montenegro (12:30pm)
Women’s Hockey: Netherlands v. Argentina (live; 3:00pm)


Canoeing: Semifinals (10:00am)
Men’s Water Polo: Croatia v. Montenegro (live; 10:40am)
Canoeing: Semifinals (11:45am)
Swimming: Men’s 10km Marathon
Rhythmic Gymnastics: Qualification (1:45pm)
Wrestling: Men’s 55kg/74kg Finals (2:45pm)


Men’s Basketball: Spain v. Russia (live; 12:00pm)
Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm)
Men’s Basketball: Argentina v. United States (live; 4:00pm)


Wrestling: Men’s 55kg/74kg medal round (live; 1:00pm)
Taekwondo: Men’s 80kg/Women’s 67kg medal round (live; 3:00pm)


Rhythmic Gymnastics: Qualification (11:30am)
Men’s Volleyball: Bulgaria v. Russia (12:30pm)
Diving: Men’s 10m Preliminaries (live; 2:00pm)
Soccer: Korea v. Japan (live; 2:45pm)

CTV PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm LOCAL)

Host Brian Williams gives a complete rundown of Day 14 highlights and results with a focus on Canadian performances. The four-hour show recaps the athletics events of the day, BMX cycling and Tory Nyhaug*’s performance, taekwondo with looks at Karine Sergerie and Sébastien Michaud’s results, diving, canoe/kayak, and marathon swimming.

TSN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-9:30pm)

Host Darren Dutchyshen takes sports fans through Day 14 highlights including recaps of men’s volleyball semifinals, Canada’s underwater performance in synchronized swimming, and men’s water polo semifinal #2 (Italy v. Serbia)


Host Brad Fay reviews the men’s basketball semifinals with coverage of powerhouse Argentina taking on the favoured United States, as well as Spain vs. Russia. Canadians Karine Sergerie and Sébastien Michaud look to fight their way to the podium in taekwondo, while Adam van Koeverden teaches kayaking in another edition of The Experts.

OLN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm)

Canoeing: Qualifying Heats/Semifinals

NBC PRIMETIME (8:00pm-Midnight ET/PT)

Finals in Track & Field relays, plus finals in BMX Cycling, a men’s Volleyball semifinal, and qualifying in men’s platform Diving.

NBC LATE NIGHT (12:35am-1:35am ET/PT)

Finals in the women’s hammer throw and 5000m, and a men’s Water Polo semifinal match.


LONDRES 2012 à V

Canöe-kayak course en ligne (hommes, femmes) – demi-finale (en direct, 4h30)
Nage en eau libre (femmes) – finale (en direct, 7h00)
BMX (hommes, femmes) – demi-finale/finale (en direct, 10h00)
Handball (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 12h00)
Taekwondo (hommes, femmes) – quarte de finale/demi-finale (en direct, 13h15)
Soccer (hommes) – médaille de bronze (en direct, 14h45)
Taekwondo (hommes, femmes) – finale (en direct, 17h00)


Taekwondo (hommes, femmes) – préliminaires (en direct, 4h00)
Boxe (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 8h30)
Nage synchronisée (femmes) – finale par équipe (en direct, 10h00)
Water-polo (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 11h30)
Basketball (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 12h00)
Athlétisme (hommes, femmes) – séries/finale (en direct, 14h00)
Basketball (hommes) – demi-finale (en direct, 16h25)


Volleyball (hommes)  (en direct, 10h00)
Boxe (hommes) (en direct, 11h30)

Aujourd`hui à Londres à V (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Jean Pagé examines the day’s highlights.

Aujourd`hui à Londres à RDS (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Chantal Machabée presents the highlights from the third day of London 2012 competition.



Rhythmic Gymnastics: Qualification (live; 7:00am) – Urdu
Women’s Hockey: Great Britain v. New Zealand (live; 11:10am)
Women’s Hockey: Netherlands v. Argentina (live; 3:00pm)


Italian Primetime (8:30-9:00pm)
Portuguese Primetime (9:30-10:00pm)


Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm) – Punjabi
Mandarin Primetime (8:30-9:00pm)
Cantonese Primetime (9:30-10:00pm)

OMNI Alberta

Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm) – Punjabi
Italian Primetime (8:00-8:30pm MT)
Portuguese Primetime (8:30-9:00pm MT)
Cantonese Primetime (9:00-9:30pm MT)
Mandarin Primetime (9:30-10:00pm MT)


Athletics: Finals (live; 2:00pm) – Punjabi
Mandarin Primetime (8:30-9:00pm PT)
Punjabi Primetime (9:30-10:00pm PT)
Cantonese Primetime (10:00-10:30pm PT)
Italian Primetime (10:30-11:00pm PT)

The Canadian Sports Media Blog is in no way affiliated with any Olympic broadcaster or the Olympic Games themselves. I take no responsibility for any errors in this schedule as it is subject to change and updates can happen at any time.

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