NHL Canadian TV Guide: February 20-26

Here is this week’s NHL Canadian TV Guide. Thanks to Puck the Media for posting the CBC and NBC commentator crews. National broadcasts are in bold, regional broadcasts are in italics.

I’m still awaiting confirmation of the NBC and CBC commentators.

Monday February 20
7:30pm, Washington Capitals @ Carolina Hurricanes – 7:30pm on TSN2, RDS INFO
Dave Strader & Brian Engblom

1:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ New York Islanders – SN East

Tuesday February 21
8:00pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago Blackhawks – TSN2
Mike Emrick & Pierre McGuire

7:00pm, New Jersey Devils @ Toronto Maple Leafs – SN Ontario
7:00pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Winnipeg Jets – TSN-Jets
7:30pm, Dallas Stars @ Montreal Canadiens – TSN-Habs, RDS
8:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Nashville Predators – SN Pacific
9:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Calgary Flames – SN West

Wednesday February 22
7:0opm, Washington Capitals @ Ottawa Senators – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Mike Johnson

9:30pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Colorado Avalanche – TSN2 (jip)
Dave Strader, Ed Olczyk & Brian Engblom

Thursday February 23
7:00pm, San Jose Sharks @ Toronto Maple Leafs – TSN, RDS INFO
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

7:30pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Detroit Red Wings – SN Pacific
8:30pm, Tampa Bay Lightning @ Winnipeg Jets – TSN-Jets
9:00pm, Phoenix Coyotes @ Calgary Flames – SN-Flames
9:30pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Edmonton Oilers – SN West

Friday February 24
7:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Washington Capitals – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro

7:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ New Jersey Devils – SN Pacific

Saturday February 25
2:00pm, St. Louis Blues @ Winnipeg Jets – CBC
Bob Cole & Garry Galley (reporter: Mitch Peacock)

7:00pm, Washington Capitals @ Toronto Maple Leafs – CBC
Jim Hughson & Craig Simpson (reporter: Cassie Campbell)

7:00pm, Boston Bruins @ Ottawa Senators – CBC (Ottawa), RDS
Dean Brown & Kevin Weekes

10:00pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Calgary Flames – CBC
Mark Lee & Daryl Reaugh (reporter: Scott Oake)

4:00pm, Phoenix Coyotes @ Edmonton Oilers – SN West

Sunday February 26
3:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Dallas Stars – SN Pacific
5:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Florida Panthers – TSN-Habs, RDS
5:00pm, New York Islanders @ Ottawa Senators – SN East