FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: October 16

A bit of misinformation out there on Sportsnet’s World Cup Qualifying schedule, again. However, the correct schedule is now available thanks to the guys in Sportsnet’s soccer department. Ignore any previous information that states otherwise as well as your on-screen guides. They probably won’t update until tomorrow, if they do at all.

I’ve included live and delayed games. Delayed games are marked by an asterisk.

12:00pm – Ukraine v. Montenegro – GolTV
2:45pm – Austria v. Kazakhstan – GolTV
3:00pm – Poland v. England – Sportsnet ONE
3:00pm – Spain v. France – Sportsnet World
4:00pm – Honduras v. Canada – Sportsnet
5:00pm* – Portugal v. Northern Ireland – Sportsnet World
7:00pm* – Italy v. Denmark – Sportsnet World
9:00pm* – Romania v. Holland – Sportsnet World

On Wednesday October 17, Sportsnet World will also show these delayed matches
3:00am* – Croatia v. Wales
2:00pm* – Slovakia v. Greece
4:00pm* – Belgium v. Scotland
7:00pm* – Germany v. Sweden

Also of note, with Soccer on Canadian TV recently shutting down, I’ve attempted to revive the long-term Premiership schedule on here.

Don’t be surprised if there is news involving beIN Sport Canada and TLN soon. Stay tuned…

CSM News: October 11, 2012

Lots of small bits of news to get to heading into the weekend.

  • theScore has picked up game 5 of the Tigers-Athletics series tonight. The game will air at 9:30pm ET. It conflicts with the NFL on Sportsnet and the Orioles-Yankees game on Sportsnet One. I’m glad that Rogers has found a better solution than the original plan they sent to the media last night, which was to air it on OMNI.2 in Toronto and OMNI Alberta. Of course Rogers bought theScore in in August. The deal still isn’t finalized. Since it happened Sportsnet has broadcast select Fox Sports college football games, which theScore owns rights to in Canada. However, this is the first time a Rogers broadcast has moved to theScore.
  • Sportsnet has finally confirmed their World Cup Qualifying schedule for tomorrow afternoon. Confirmation of the schedule was delayed due to the uncertainty of baseball’s postseason schedule tomorrow. Sportsnet ONE leads the way with four games: Russia v. Portugal (11am), Armenia v. Italy (1pm), England v. San Marino (3pm) and Canada v. Cuba (7pm). Sportsnet has a pair: Finland v. Belarus (11:30am) and Holland v. Andorra (2:30pm). As does Sportsnet World: Czech Republic v. Malta (12pm) and Belarus v. Spain (2pm). Sportsnet’s coverage begins at 10:30am with a pregame show. Soccer Central: Road to Rio will recap the day at 1pm ET on Sportsnet World, with a repeat at 3am on ONE.
  • GolTV also has a pair of games with Faroe Islands v. Sweden (12pm) and Republic of Ireland v. Germany (2:30pm).
  • Here are the NFL games this weekend. At 1pm CTV has Cowboys @ Ravens just about everywhere (it is also on RDS2, for those who prefer French); those in Ottawa will receive Lions @ Eagles. TSN2 has Colts @ Jets. Later on at 4pm its Bills @ Cardinals on Citytv Toronto and Sportsnet West/Pacific. New England @ Seattle will air on the rest of the Citytv stations, Sportsnet East/Ontario and RDS.
  • ESPN is adding John Madden impersonator Frank Caliendo to their Sunday Countdown pregame show. The show, like Caliendo, became unwatchable years ago. However, as the Fan 590’s Greg Brady reminded me on Twitter, his first appearance on Letterman as Madden was funny.

The following are the latest ratings in sports. Huge thanks to Whitey Fisk on Twitter for the baseball ratings. Don’t have a clue who you are, or how you get these, but thanks nonetheless.

HAM-EDM, Oct 5, TSN: 642, 000
CGY-BC, Oct 6, TSN: 614, 000
WPG-MTL, Oct 8, TSN: 799, 000
SSK-TOR, Oct 8, TSN: 1.055 million
The 13th Man, Oct 8, TSN: 530, 000

TEX-BAL, Oct 5, SN: 532, 000
CIN-SF (g1), Oct 6, SN: 295, 000
NYY-BAL (g1), Oct 7, SN: 127, 000
NYY-BAL (g2), Oct 8, SN: 485, 000
BAL-NYY (g3), Oct 10, SN: 638, 000
DET-OAK (g4), Oct 10, SN: 202, 000

NYJ-HOU, Oct 8, TSN: 619, 000

One last note heading into the weekend. I’d like to start a new mini-project. It will take 7 CFL fans who would like to review an Engraved on a Nation documentary. I’d prefer someone review an episode that focuses on their team. It doesn’t need to be anything long, or special, but I’d like to review all eight and I know I won’t have the time or interest to myself. Plus you guys probably know more about your favourite CFL teams than I do.

The 13th Man – Saskatchewan Roughriders
The Chuck Ealey Story – Hamilton Tiger Cats
The Kid from La Puente – Montreal Alouettes
Playing a Dangerous Game – Ottawa Rough Riders
The Crash of Flight 810 – Calgary Stampeders
The Photograph – This one’s on the Toronto RCAF Hurricanes, so anyone who’s interested
Western Swagger – Edmonton Eskimos (or anyone from Alberta, really)
Greatest Team that Never Won – Toronto Argonauts

I plan to do the Chuck Ealey Story because I am a Tiger Cats fan, and/or Playing a Dangerous Game. If you’re a Lions or Bombers fan, please volunteer for whatever one you want since your teams were left out. If you are interested in doing this, either leave a comment or email me (contact info is on the top right of the screen). You don’t have to be a regular blogger or a regular reader of this blog to do this. I’m really looking for any CFL fan.