2014 Winter Olympics Competition Schedule

It seems there are not many good schedule for the 2014 Olympics available which include times for North America. So to save you the time, here is a sport-by-sport schedule. If time permits, I may also post a daily schedule closer to the start of the Games. I have included Canadian broadcast information. The 2014 Olympics are available on CBC, NBC, TSN, TSN2, Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE in Canada.

All times are Eastern Standard (GMT-5). I had to convert all times from local Sochi time myself, so if you notice any mistakes, let me know. Any events starting at “midnight” means the start of a new day. So a curling draw at midnight on February 10, means its on February 9 in primetime for those on the west coast.

Schedule and broadcast info is subject to change. And remember if you are setting your PVR, be sure to add extra time at the end as for a number of reasons events can run long.

Sunday 2/9, 2:00-4:15am – Men’s Downhill CBC
Monday 2/10, 1:55-3:30am – Women’s Combined (run 1) TSN
Monday 2/10, 5:55-7:10am – Women’s Combined (run 2) TSN
Wednesday 2/12, 2:00-4:10am – Women’s Downhill CBC
Friday 2/14, 1:55-3:30am – Men’s Combined (run 1) SN
Friday 2/14, 6:15-7:40am – Men’s Combined (run 2) SN
Saturday 2/15, 1:55-4:10am – Women’s Super-G TSN
Sunday 2/16, 1:55-4:10am – Men’s Super-G TSN
Tuesday 2/18, 1:55-4:00am – Women’s Giant Slalom (run 1) SN
Tuesday 2/18, 5:30-7:00am – Women’s Giant Slalom (run 2) SN
Wednesday 2/19, 2:00-4:00am – Men’s Giant Slalom (run 1) CBC
Wednesday 2/19, 5:30-7:10am – Men’s Giant Slalom (run 2) TSN
Friday 2/21, 7:30-9:00am – Women’s Slalom (run 1) SN
Friday 2/21, 11:00am-12:25pm – Women’s Slalom (run 2) SN
Saturday 2/22, 7:30-9:15am – Men’s Slalom (run 1) SN
Saturday 2/22, 12:15-1:50pm – Women’s Slalom (run 2) CBC (TD 2:15pm)

*Note on alpine skiing: for single-run events and the 1st run of two-run events, the best skiers go in the first hour. For the second run, the best skiers go at the end.

Saturday 2/8, 9:30-10:55am – Men’s 10km Sprint SN1
Sunday 2/9, 9:25-10:50am – Women’s 7.5km Sprint TSN
Monday 2/10, 10:00-11:20am – Men’s 12.5km Pursuit CBC (TD 3pm)
Tuesday 2/11, 9:45-10:50am – Women’s 10km Pursuit SN1
Thursday 2/13, 8:45-11:00am – Men’s 20km Individual SN1
Friday 2/14, 8:45-10:55am – Women’s 15km Individual SN
Sunday 2/16, 10:00-11:00am – Men’s 15km Mass Start SN
Monday 2/17, 10:00-10:55am – Women’s 12.5km Mass Start SN
Wednesday 2/19, 9:15-11:00am – 2x6km Women + 2×7.5km Men Relay SN1
Friday 2/21, 9:15-11:00am – Women’s 4x6km Relay SN
Saturday 2/22, 9:15-11:00am – Men’s 4×7.5km Relay SN

Sunday 2/16, 11:15-1:35pm – Two-man (heats 1 & 2) SN
Monday 2/17, 10:00-11:45am – Two-man (heats 3 & 4) CBC
Tuesday 2/18, 10:00am-12:10pm – Women’s (heats 1 & 2) TSN2
Wednesday 2/19, 11:10am-1:20pm – Women’s (heats 3 & 4) SN1
Saturday 2/22, 11:15am-2:05pm – Four-man (heats 1 & 2) SN
Sunday 2/23, 4:25-7:05am – Four-man (heats 3 & 4) TSN

Saturday 2/8, 5:00-6:00am – Women’s 7.5km Classic + 7.5km Free CBC
Sunday 2/9, 4:55-6:45am – Men’s 15km Classic + 15km Free TSN2
Tuesday 2/11, 4:45-5:50am – Men’s & Women’s Sprint Free (qualification) SN
Tuesday 2/11, 7:00-8:50am – Men’s & Women’s Sprint Free (finals at 8:00am on CBC) SN
Thursday 2/13, 5:30-6:40am – Women’s 10km Classic SN1
Friday 2/14, 4:55-6:55am – Men’s 15km Classic SN1
Saturday 2/15, 5:30-6:30am – Women’s 4x5km Relay SN1
Sunday 2/16, 4:55-7:30am – Men’s 4x10km Relay TSN
Wednesday 2/19, 4:00-6:00am – Men’s & Women’s Team Sprints (semifinals) TSN2
Wednesday 2/19, 6:45-8:00am – Men’s & Women’s Team Sprints (finals) CBC (TD 10:15am)
Saturday 2/22, 4:25-6:25am – Women’s 30km Mass Start TSN
Sunday 2/23, 2:00-4:45am – Men’s 50km Mass Start CBC

Monday 2/10, Midnight – Germany (Jahr) vs. Canada (Jacobs) CBC
Monday 2/10, 10:00am – Canada (Jacobs) vs. Switzerland (Michel) TSN
Tuesday 2/11, 5:00am – Canada (Jacobs) vs. Sweden (Edin) CBC
Wednesday 2/12, Midnight – Match TBA TSN
Wednesday 2/12, 10:00am – Russia (Drozdov) vs. Canada (Jacobs) TSN2
Thursday 2/13, 5:00am – Canada (Jacobs) vs. Denmark (Stjerne) TSN2
Friday 2/14, Midnight – Canada (Jacobs) vs. Norway (Ulsrud) CBC
Saturday 2/15, 5:00am – Canada (Jacobs) vs. Great Britain (Murdoch) TSN2
Sunday 2/16, Midnight – United States (Shuster) vs. Canada (Jacobs) CBC
Sunday 2/16, 10:00am – China (Liu) vs. Canada (Jacobs) TSN2
Monday 2/17, 5:00am – Match TBA TSN
Wednesday 2/19, 10:00am – Semifinals SN
Friday 2/21, 3:30am – Bronze Medal Game TSN
Friday 2/21, 8:30am – Gold Medal Game CBC

Monday 2/10, 5:00am – China (Wang) vs. Canada (Jones) TSN
Tuesday 2/11, Midnight – Sweden (Sigfridsson) vs. Canada (Jones) CBC
Wednesday 2/12, 5:00am – Canada (Jones) vs. Great Britain (Muirhead) TSN
Thursday 2/13, Midnight – Canada (Jones) vs. Denmark (Nielsen) CBC
Thursday 2/13, 10:00am – Switzerland (Ott) vs. Canada (Jones) SN
Friday 2/14, 5:00am – Match TBA TSN2
Saturday 2/15, Midnight – Canada (Jones) vs. Japan (Ogasawara) CBC
Saturday 2/15, 10:00am – Canada (Jones) vs. Russia (Sidorova) TSN2
Sunday 2/16, 5:00am – United States (Brown) vs. Canada (Jones) CBC
Monday 2/17, Midnight – Match TBA CBC
Monday 2/17, 10:00am – Canada (Jones) vs. Korea (Kim) TSN2
Wednesday 2/19, 5:00am – Semifinals CBC
Thursday 2/20, 3:30am – Bronze Medal Game TSN
Thursday 2/20, 8:30am – Gold Medal Game CBC

Thursday 2/6, 10:30am-2:00pm – Team Competition (day 1) CBC
Saturday 2/8, 9:30am-2:05pm – Team Competition (day 2) SN
Sunday 2/9, 10:00am-1:15pm – Team Competition (day 3) CBC
Tuesday 2/11, 9:45am-1:25pm – Pairs Short Program SN
Wednesday 2/12, 10:45am-2:00pm – Pairs Free Skate TSN, CBC (JIP 12:15)
Thursday 2/13, 10:00am-2:30pm – Men Short Program TSN
Friday 2/14, 10:00am-2:30pm – Men Free Skate TSN
Sunday 2/16, 10:00am-1:45pm – Short Dance TSN
Monday 2/17, 9:55am-1:35pm – Free Dance TSN
Wednesday 2/19, 9:55am-2:30pm – Ladies Short Program TSN
Thursday 2/20, 9:55am-2:10pm – Ladies Free Skate TSN

Thursday 2/6, 9:00-9:45am – Women’s Moguls (qualifying 1) CBC
Saturday 2/8, 8:45-9:30am – Women’s Moguls (qualifying 2) SN1
Saturday 2/8, 1:00-2:30pm – Women’s Moguls (final) CBC
Monday 2/10, 8:55-10:20am – Men’s Moguls (qualifying) SN
Monday 2/10, 1:00-2:35pm – Men’s Moguls (final) CBC
Tuesday 2/11, 12:55-2:25am – Women’s Slopestyle (qualifying) TSN
Tuesday 2/11, 4:00-5:00am – Women’s Slopestyle (final) CBC
Thursday 2/13, 1:00-3:00am – Men’s Slopestyle (qualifying) SN
Thursday 2/13, 4:30-5:45am – Men’s Slopestyle (final) CBC
Friday 2/14, 8:45-9:45am – Women’s Aerials (qualifying) CBC
Friday 2/14, 12:25-1:35pm – Women’s Aerials (final) TSN2
Monday 2/17, 8:30-10:00am – Men’s Aerials (qualifying) SN
Monday 2/17, 12:15-1:35pm – Men’s Aerials (final) SN
Tuesday 2/18, 8:30-10:25am – Men’s Halfpipe (qualifying) SN
Tuesday 2/18, 12:25-1:30pm – Men’s Halfpipe (final) TSN
Thursday 2/20, 2:45-3:30am – Men’s Ski Cross (qualifying) CBC
Thursday 2/20, 4:30-6:00am- Men’s Ski Cross (final at 5:35am) CBC
Thursday 2/20, 9:15-10:45am – Women’s Halfpipe (qualifying) SN
Thursday 2/20, 12:15-1:25pm – Women’s Halfpipe (final) SN
Friday 2/21, 2:45-3:30am – Women’s Ski Cross (qualifying) CBC
Friday 2/21, 4:30-6:00am – Women’s Ski Cross (final at 5:35am) CBC

Wednesday 2/12, 12:00pm – Czech Republic vs. Sweden SN
Thursday 2/13, 3:00am – Finland vs. Austria SN
Thursday 2/13, 7:30am – Slovakia vs. United States TSN
Thursday 2/13, 7:30am – Russia vs. Slovenia CBC
Thursday 2/13, 12:00pm – Canada vs. Norway CBC
Friday 2/14, 3:00am – Czech Republic vs. Latvia TSN
Friday 2/14, 7:30am – Sweden vs. Switzerland TSN
Friday 2/14, 12:00pm – Canada vs. Austria CBC
Friday 2/14, 12:00pm – Norway vs. Finland SN
Saturday 2/15, 3:00am – Slovakia vs. Slovenia SN
Saturday 2/15, 7:30am – United States vs. Russia CBC
Saturday 2/15, 12:00pm – Switzerland vs. Czech Republic TSN*
Saturday 2/15, 12:00pm – Sweden vs. Latvia SN1*
Sunday 2/16, 3:00am – Austria vs. Norway TSN2
Sunday 2/16, 7:30am – Russia vs. Slovakia SN
Sunday 2/16, 12:00pm – Finland vs. Canada CBC
Tuesday 2/18, 3:00am – Qualification Playoff #1 CBC
Tuesday 2/18, 7:30am – Qualification Playoff #2 CBC
Tuesday 2/18, 12:00pm – Qualification Playoff #3 CBC
Wednesday 2/19, 3:00am – Quarterfinal #1 TSN
Wednesday 2/19, 7;30am – Quarterfinal #2 CBC
Wednesday 2/19, 12:00pm – Quarterfinal #3 CBC
Wednesday 2/19, 12:00pm – Quarterfinal #4 TSN2
Friday 2/21, 7:00am – Semifinal #1 TSN
Friday 2/21, 12:00pm – Semifinal #2 CBC
Saturday 2/22, 10:00am – Bronze Medal Game CBC
Sunday 2/23, 7:00am – Gold Medal Game CBC, NBC

Saturday 2/8, 3:00am – United States vs. Finland SN
Saturday 2/8, 8:00am – Canada vs. Switzerland CBC
Sunday 2/9, 3:00am – Sweden vs. Japan SN
Sunday 2/9, 8:00am – Russia vs. Germany SN
Monday 2/10, 5:00am – United States vs. Switzerland SN
Monday 2/10, 10:00am – Finland vs. Canada CBC
Tuesday 2/11, 5:00am – Germany vs. Sweden TSN
Wednesday 2/12, 3:00am – Switzerland vs. Finland TSN2
Wednesday 2/12, 7:30am – Canada vs. United States CBC
Thursday 2/13, 3:00am – Germany vs. Japan SN1
Thursday 2/13, 12:00pm – Sweden vs. Russia TSN2
Saturday 2/15, 7:30am – Quarterfinal #2 SN
Monday 2/17, 7:30am – Semifinal #1 CBC
Monday 2/17, 12:00pm – Semifinal #2 CBC
Thursday 2/20, 7:00am – Bronze Medal Game TSN
Thursday 2/20, 12:00pm – Gold Medal Game CBC, NBC

Saturday 2/8, 9:30am-1:05pm – Men’s Singles (heats 1 & 2)
Sunday 2/9, 9:30am-1:25pm – Men’s Singles (heats 3 & 4) CBC (TD 2:30pm)
Monday 2/10, 9:30am-12:40pm – Women’s Singles (heats 1 & 2) SN1
Tuesday 2/11, 9:30-10:30am – Women’s Singles (heat 3) CBC
Tuesday 2/11, 11:30am-12:30pm – Women’s Singles (heat 4) CBC
Wednesday 2/12, 9:00-11:35am – Doubles (heats 1 & 2) SN
Thursday 2/13, 11:00am-12:30pm – Team Relay SN1

Wednesday 2/12, 4:30-5:20am – Individual NH/10km (ski jumping) CBC
Wednesday 2/12, 7:25-8:15am – Individual NH/10km (cross country) TSN2
Tuesday 2/18, 4:25-5:30am – Individual LH/10km (ski jumping) SN
Tuesday 2/18, 7:00-7:45am – Individual LH/10km (cross country) SN
Thursday 2/20, 2:55-3:50am – Team LH/4x5km (ski jumping) SN
Thursday 2/20, 6:00-7:15am – Team LH/4x5km (cross country) CBC

Monday 2/10, 4:45-7:30am – Women’s 500m heats, Women’s 3000m Relay semis, Men’s 1500m final CBC
Thursday 2/13, 4:55-7:30am – Women’s 500m quarters, Men’s 100m heats TSN
Thursday 2/13, 6:00-7:15am – Women’s 500m semis, Men’s 5000m relay semis, Women’s 500m final CBC
Saturday 2/15, 4:55-7:55am – Women’s 1500m heats, Men’s 1000m quarters TSN
Saturday 2/15, 6:00-7:30am – Women’s 1500m semis/final, Men’s 1000m semis/finals CBC
Tuesday 2/18, 4:25-6:30am – Women’s 1000m heats, Men’s 500m heats TSN
Tuesday 2/18, 5:30-6:30am – Men’s 500m heats, Women’s 3000m relay final CBC
Friday 2/21, 11:25am-2:15pm – Men’s 500m final, Women’s 1000m final, Men’s 5000m Relay final TSN

Thursday 2/13, 2:30-4:15am – Women’s (heats 1 & 2) CBC
Friday 2/14, 7:15-10:30am – Men’s (heats 1 & 2) SN1
Friday 2/14, 10:30am-12:40pm – Women’s (heats 3 & 4) SN1
Saturday 2/15, 10:30am-12:00pm – Men’s (heats 3 & 4) CBC

Sunday 2/9, 12:25-2:15pm – Men’s Normal Hill TSN, CBC (JIP 1:15pm)
Tuesday 2/11, 12:45-2:05pm – Women’s Normal Hill TSN, CBC (JIP 1:30pm)
Saturday 2/15, 12:30-2:00pm – Men’s Large Hill CBC
Monday 2/17, 12:00-2:10pm – Men’s Team Event SN1

Thursday 2/6, 1:00-7:40am – Snowboard Slopestyle (qualifying) CBC (TD 6am)
Saturday 2/8, 12:30-2:15am – Men’s Slopestyle (semifinal) CBC
Saturday 2/8, 3:45-5:00am – Men’s Slopestyle (final) CBC
Sunday 2/9, 1:25-2:45am – Women’s Slopestyle (semifinal) TSN
Sunday 2/9, 4:00-5:25am – Women’s Slopestyle (final) CBC, TSN
Tuesday 2/11, 4:55-8:05am – Men’s Halfpipe (qualifying) TSN2
Tuesday 2/11, 9:55-11:00am – Men’s Halfpipe (semifinal) TSN2
Tuesday 2/11, 12:30-1:30pm – Men’s Halfpipe (final) CBC, TSN2
Wednesday 2/12, 4:45-8:05am – Women’s Halfpipe (qualifying) SN
Wednesday 2/12, 10:00-11:00am – Women’s Halfpipe (semifinal) CBC (TD 10:30am)
Wednesday 2/12, 12:15-1:35pm – Women’s Halfpipe (final) SN
Sunday 2/16, 4:15-5:15am – Women’s Snowboard Cross (final at 4:45am) CBC
Monday 2/17, 1:55-3:30am – Men’s Snowboard Cross (qualifying) SN
Monday 2/17, 4:30-5:30am – Men’s Snowboard Cross (final at 5:15am) CBC, SN
Wednesday 2/19, 12:15-2:00am – Men’s & Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom (qualifying) CBC
Wednesday 2/19, 3:55-6:05am – Men’s & Women’s Parallel Giant Slalom (finals at 5:30am) SN
Saturday 2/22, 12:15-2:00am – Men’s & Women’s Parallel Slalom (qualifying) CBC
Saturday 2/22, 4:15-6:15am – Men’s Parallel Slalom (finals at 5:45am) CBC

Saturday 2/8, 6:15-9:30am – Men’s 5000m SN
Sunday 2/9, 6:25-8:30am – Women’s 3000m CBC, TSN
Monday 2/10, 7:55-11:25am – Men’s 500m TSN2
Tuesday 2/11, 7:45-11:00am – Women’s 500m TSN
Wednesday 2/12, 8:55-10:40am – Men’s 1000m TSN, CBC (JIP 10am)
Thursday 2/13, 8:55-10:40am – Women’s 1000m TSN2
Saturday 2/15, 8:25-10:25am – Men’s 1500m TSN
Sunday 2/16, 9:00-10:50am – Women’s 1500m CBC, SN
Tuesday 2/18, 7:55-11:00am – Men’s 10, 000m TSN
Wednesday 2/19, 8:15-10:20am – Women’s 5000m TSN2
Friday 2/21, 8:25-10:25am – Team Pursuit quarterfinals/men’s semifinal TSN2
Saturday 2/22, 8:30-9:45am – Team Pursuit women’s semifinal/finals CBC

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: March 16, 2013

Lots of ratings to post this week. Enjoy everyone. All are BBM 2+ AMA.

TOR-BOS, Mar 7, TSN: 1.1 million
MTL-CAR, Mar 7, RDS: 752, 000
PIT-TOR, Mar 9, CBC: 2.021 million
MTL-TB, Mar 9, RDS: 748, 000
CGY-LA, Mar 9, CBC: 601, 000
MTL-FLA, Mar 10, RDS: 726, 000
EDM-CHI, Mar 10, SNW: 225, 000
VAN-MIN, Mar 10, SNP: 364, 000
OTT-MTL, Mar 13, TSN: 870, 000

The Brier
ON-MB, Mar 9, TSN: 832, 000
NL-NO, Mar 9, TSN: 728, 000
NO-ON, Mar 10, TSN: 754, 000
MB-NO, Mar 10, TSN: 918, 000

World Baseball Classic
CAN-MEX, Mar 9, SN: 333, 000
ITA-USA, Mar 9, SN: 111, 000
CAN-USA, Mar 10, SN: 526, 000

World Figure Skating
Men’s Short, Mar 13, CBC: 264, 000

CLE-TOR, Mar 10, SN1: 64, 000

Thanks to: Bill BriouxWhitey FiskBob Weeks

The one thing to note is Sunday’s ratings. Lots of things on and competing for eyeballs. None of them really did anything spectacular. The Brier was down under a million for the first time in a while, and it only got about a quarter of its viewers from the lucrative 25-54 age group. Hockey on RDS was relatively consistent, finishing second. One of the biggest games in Canadian baseball history only drew 70, 000 more viewers than a Jays spring training game a few weeks ago.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: February 12

Here are the latest sports ratings for the first third of February.

Kickoff Show, Feb 3, CTV: 3.196 million
SF-BAL, Feb 3, CTV: 6.447 million (+ 750, 000 on RDS)

Also worth noting that the postgame SportsCentre that aired on TSN, remember CTV didn’t really have a postgame show, averaged around a million viewers from 11pm-midnight on TSN. That is almost better than Motive, which had 1.23 million viewers on CTV.

MTL-OTT, Jan 30, RDS: 696, 000
BUF-MTL, Feb 2, RDS: 811, 000
BOS-TOR, Feb 2, CBC: 2.189 million
OTT-MTL, Feb 3, RDS: 1.052 million
CAR-TOR, Feb 4, SNO: 784, 000
BOS-MTL, Feb 6, RDS: 887, 000
WPG-OTT/EDM-DET, Feb 9, CBC: 1.054 million
TOR-MTL, Feb 9, CBC: 2.408 million
CGY-VAN, Feb 9, CBC: 1.473 million

MEM-OKC, Jan 31, TSN: 76, 000
DAL-GS, Jan 31, TSN: 26, 000
LAC-TOR, Feb 1, TSN: 309, 000
BOS-TOR, Feb 6, SN: 141, 000

All numbers are BBM 2+ average minute audiences. Thanks to Bill Brioux and Whitey Fisk.

HNIC ratings have evened out after their above-average start. The Winnipeg-Ottawa game was down close to half a million viewers compared to their encounter on opening day. Toronto-Montreal was down almost a million. After a dip to under 2 million viewers on January 26, the Prime East game has now hit the 2 million mark three times in the first four weeks of the season. The Prime West game has also drawn at least a million viewers all but once.

But, as I said, audiences have leveled out. This year’s average Hockey Day ratings for the three games are even with last season’s numbers at 1.6 million. So, in English Canada at least, the post-lockout fad has gone back to the usual ratings. No word yet on how the rest of the CBC’s daylong celebration of hockey did.

Meanwhile a revitalized Canadiens team is great news for RDS in Quebec. Canadiens ratings are surging giving RDS multiple spots in the Quebec top 30 every week so far. Through February 6 (or 8 games), the Canadiens are averaging over 900, 000 viewers on RDS. Montreal’s numbers in Quebec (on RDS) are better than the Leafs in Ontario (on Sportsnet) so far. Of course Sportsnet has shown a very limited number of Leafs games so far.

Breaking: Sportsnet, TSN, RDS Partner with CBC for 2014 Olympics

The 2014 Olympics begin in 365 days in Sochi, Russia. Today Sportsnet announced that they are the official cable broadcaster of the Games in Canada. This is just the latest partnership between the two networks which also includes the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I’ll have a lot more on this later, but for now here is a statement from Sportsnet.

Today marks the official one-year countdown to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia and Sportsnet is pleased to announce it has reached a sub-licensing deal with CBC to provide Canadians with comprehensive coverage of the Games.

Further platform distribution announcements are to come, but under the agreement Sportsnet is now an official cable broadcaster of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

As part of the sub-licensing deal, Sportsnet and Sportsnet ONE will carry approximately 200 hours of 2014 Olympic Winter Games coverage, including coverage in prime time

And as did TSN and RDS, evidently. Somehow I missed this. Worth noting that TSN and RDS have shown every Olympics since 1998. Very impressive.

TSN and RDS are partnering with CBC/Radio-Canada to provide coverage of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Through the partnership, both networks will be able to bring viewers access to live events and coverage across TSN and RDS’s sports, news, and entertainment platforms.

TSN and RDS have been part of Canada’s Olympic tradition for the past three decades, setting the standard of excellence for delivering Olympic coverage during the Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Games.

TSN and RDS will provide more details on this partnership and broadcast information in the near future.

And here is CBC’s press release with all that news and more. Read the bolded section closely. What’s coming next? Netflix for highlights?

Today marks the official one-year countdown to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, and CBC/Radio-Canada is thrilled to bring the Olympic Games home to Canadians. As Canada’s Official Broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada brings Canadians cross-platform coverage of the top news and stories in the year leading up to Sochi 2014, running from February 7 – 23, 2014. With exclusive license arrangements, TSN, RDS, and Sportsnet will also present coverage of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Stay tuned – more platform distribution announcements to come.

“We’re incredibly proud to be the official home of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games,” said Kirstine Stewart, Executive Vice-President, English Services, CBC. “As we count down to Sochi 2014, we are committed to sharing the inspirational stories of our athletes, while providing Canadians with a robust Olympic Games experience, across all platforms.”
Louis Lalande, Executive Vice-President, Radio-Canada, added: “The Olympic Games have been part of Radio-Canada’s DNA for over fifty years. It is with great anticipation that we prepare for Sochi 2014. We aim to offer viewers from coast to coast a distinct coverage that will allow them to live and breathe with our athletes on this most prestigious stage.”
Click here for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games English Promo.
CBC/Radio-Canada is the place to be as we count down to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. With coverage across all platforms – including TV, radio, online, and mobile – Canadians can connect with the biggest stories and the latest content whenever and wherever they want it. Through world-class storytelling and the best performance coverage available, CBC/Radio-Canada will introduce viewers to Canadian athletes poised to take on the world in 2014. Canadians can engage with CBC/Radio-Canada leading up to and throughout the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games online in English at CBC.ca/Olympics and in French at Radio-Canada.ca/Olympiques, as well as on Twitter in English at @cbcolympics (#cbcolympics), and in French at @RC_Sports (#RColympiques).
The countdown to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi was in full-swing this week on CBC, with extensive programming on all platforms. Throughout the week, viewers have enjoyed extensive coverage, with stories from Sochi and beyond, as well as a look at Canada’s Olympians as they prepare for the Games.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: January 31

Some more impressive NHL numbers. Here are the latest ratings. Thanks to Whitey Fisk for the hoops and NFL and curling numbers.

MTL-WSH, Jan 24, RDS: 766, 000
TOR-NYR, Jan 26, CBC: 1.87 million
EDM-CGY, Jan 26, CBC: 1.09 million
PIT-OTT, Jan 27, SNE: 441, 000
NJ-MTL, Jan 27, RDS: 896, 000
WPG-MTL, Jan 29, RDS: 808, 000

TOR-ORL, Jan 24, TSN: 134, 000
CLE-TOR, Jan 26, TSN: 212, 000
GS-TOR, Jan 28, TSN: 185, 000

Pro Bowl, Jan 27, TSN: 204, 000

Curling The National
Semi Final, Jan 26, SN: 313, 000

2013 Canadiens (et LNH) sur RDS

RDS va diffuse tous les matchs des Canadiens en 2013. La première diffusion est 19 janvier contre Toronto à 19:00.

Voici le calendrier de diffusion des matchs complete.

Games marked “TSN Habs” also air on TSN’s regional subfeed in Quebec, Eastern Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Remember others air nationally on TSN and CBC.

Janvier 2013
19 janvier 19h Toronto c. Canadiens
22 janvier 19h30 Floride c. Canadiens
24 janvier 19h Canadiens c. Washington (TSN-HABS)
27 janvier 18h New Jersey c. Canadiens
29 janvier 19h30 Winnipeg c. Canadiens (TSN-HABS)
30 janvier 19h Canadiens c. Ottawa

Février 2013
2 février 14h Buffalo c. Canadiens
3 février 14h Ottawa c. Canadiens
6 février 19h Boston c. Canadiens
7 février 19h Canadiens c. Buffalo (TSN-HABS)
9 février 19h Toronto c. Canadiens
12 février 19h30 Canadiens c. Tampa Bay
14 février 19h30 Canadiens c. Floride (TSN-HABS)
16 février 19h Philadelphie c. Canadiens
18 février 19h30 Caroline c. Canadiens (TSN-HABS)
19 février 19h Canadiens c. NY Rangers (TSN-HABS)
21 février 19h NY Islanders c. Canadiens (TSN-HABS)
23 février 19h NY Rangers c. Canadiens
25 février 19h30 Canadiens c. Ottawa
27 février 19h30 Canadiens c. Toronto

Mars 2013
2 mars 19h Pittsburgh c. Canadiens
3 mars 19h30 Canadiens c. Boston (TSN-HABS)
5 mars 19h Canadiens c. NY Islanders
7 mars 19h Canadiens c. Caroline (TSN-HABS)
9 mars 19h Canadiens c. Tampa Bay
10 mars 18h Canadiens c. Floride (TSN-HABS)
13 mars 19h Ottawa c. Canadiens
16 mars 19h Canadiens c. New Jersey
19 mars 19h30 Buffalo c. Canadiens
21 mars 19h Canadiens c. NY Islanders
23 mars 19h Buffalo c. Canadiens
26 mars 19h Canadiens c. Pittsburgh (TSN-HABS)
27 mars 19h Canadiens c. Boston
30 mars 19h NY Rangers c. Canadiens

Avril 2013
1er avril 19h30 Caroline c. Canadiens
3 avril 19h30 Canadiens c. Philadelphie
4 avril 19h30 Winnipeg c. Canadiens (TSN-HABS)
6 avril 19h Boston c. Canadiens
9 avril 19h30 Washington c. Canadiens (TSN-HABS)
11 avril 19h Canadiens c. Buffalo
13 avril 19h Canadiens c. Toronto
15 avril 19h30 Philadelphie c. Canadiens (TSN-HABS)
17 avril 19h Canadiens c. Pittsburgh
18 avril 19h30 Tampa Bay c. Canadiens (TSN-HABS)
20 avril 19h Washington c. Canadiens
23 avril 19h Canadiens c. New Jersey (TSN-HABS)
25 avril 20h Canadiens c. Winnipeg (TSN-HABS)
27 avril 19h Canadiens c. Toronto

Continuez à lire pour le calendrier de diffusion de la LNH sur RDS et RDS2.

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2013 Senators Broadcast Schedule

Marc Methot returns to his hometown this season; his first with the Senators.

Marc Methot returns to his hometown this season; his first with the Senators.

The Ottawa Senators announced their regional broadcast schedule for Sportsnet East today. Sportsnet East will air 33 of the Senators’ 48 regular season games, while the Sportsnet One regional subchannel Sportsnet Sens has another (TSN has 6, CBC has 8). Senators regional games are available in parts of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. First up is the Senators home opener against the Florida Panthers on January 21. Sportsnet will also have ten games against Northeast Division foes.

Every broadcast will begin with a 30 minute pregame show. Ian Mendes will host the game broadcast and report rinkside, while Dean Brown and Dennis Potvin provide play-by-play.

EDIT: I’ve updated this to include French listings for RDS and TVA Sports. RDS will show 9 Senators games, while TVA Sports has 22. Commentators on RDS are Félix Séguin and Patrick Lalime, while TVA Sports will use Michel Langevin, Yvon Pedneault and Enrico Ciccone. Note that all games vs. Montreal are also on RDS; however, those are broadcast using the Canadiens broadcast crew, so they are not included here..

Here is the complete Senators on Sportsnet schedule. All games are on Sportsnet East unless otherwise noted and all times are Eastern.

Monday, Jan. 21, Florida @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Thursday, Jan. 24, Ottawa @ Florida, 7:30 p.m. ET
Friday, Jan. 25, Ottawa @ Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. ET
Sunday, Jan. 27, Pittsburgh @ Ottawa, 5 p.m. ET
Tuesday, Jan. 29, Washington @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET

Friday, Feb. 1, Ottawa @ Carolina, 7 p.m. ET
Tuesday, Feb. 5, Buffalo @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Thursday, Feb. 7, Carolina @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Tuesday, Feb. 12, Buffalo @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Monday, Feb. 18, Ottawa @ New Jersey, 1 p.m. ET
Tuesday, Feb. 19, N.Y. Islanders @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Thursday, Feb. 21, N.Y. Rangers @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Monday, Feb. 25, Montreal @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Thursday, Feb. 28, Ottawa @ Boston, 7 p.m. ET

Saturday, March 2, Ottawa @ Philadelphia, 12 p.m. ET
Sunday, March 3, Ottawa @ N.Y. Islanders, 3 p.m. ET
Monday, March 11, Boston @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Saturday, March 16, Ottawa @ Buffalo, 3 p.m. ET
Sunday, March 17, Winnipeg @ Ottawa, 5 p.m. ET
Tuesday, March 19, Ottawa @ N.Y. Islanders, 7 p.m. ET
Thursday, March 21, Boston @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Saturday, March 23, Tampa Bay @ Ottawa, 2 p.m. ET
Monday, March 25, New Jersey @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Thursday, March 28, N.Y. Rangers @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET

Tuesday, April 2, Ottawa @ Boston, 7 p.m. ET (Sportsnet Sens)
Friday, April 5, Ottawa @ Buffalo, 7 p.m. ET
Sunday, April 7, Ottawa @ Florida, 6 p.m. ET
Tuesday, April 9, Ottawa @ Tampa Bay, 7:30 p.m. ET
Tuesday, April 11, Ottawa @ Philadelphia, 7 p.m. ET
Friday, April 12, Ottawa @ New Jersey, 7 p.m. ET
Monday, April 15, Ottawa @ Boston, 7 p.m. ET
Tuesday, April 16, Carolina @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Thursday, April 18, Washington @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET
Monday, April 22, Pittsburgh @ Ottawa, 7:30 p.m. ET

Continue after the break for TVA Sports and RDS…

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IIHF Championnat du Monde Junior 2012 à RDS

Le championnat du Monde junior de l’IIHF commence le lendemain de Noël, à Calgary et à Edmonton. RDS présentera 14 matchs du championnat en direct, aux antennes de RDS et RDS2. Michel Y. Lacroix, Gaston Therrien, Stéphane Leroux et Norman Flynn vont fournir la description et l’analyse de ces matches.

Voici le calendrier des matches en direct à RDS et RDS2 (heure de l’Est):

Lundi 26/12, 15:30 – Canada c. Finlande – RDS
Mercredi 28/12, 15:30 – Finlande c. Étais-Unis – RDS
Mercredi 28/12, 20:00 – Rep. Tchèque c. Canada – RDS
Jeudi 29/12, 20:00 – Canada c. Danemark – RDS2
Vendredi 30/12, 15:30 – Rep. Tchèque c. Étais-Unis – RDS
Samedi 31/12, 20:00 – Étais-Unis c. Canada – RDS2
Lundi 2/1, 17:00 – Quarts de Finale #1 – RDS
Lundi 2/1, 21:00 – Quarts de Finale #2 – RDS
Mardi 3/1, 17:00 – Demi-Finale #1 – RDS
Mardi 3/1, 21:00 – Demi-Finale #2 – RDS
Jeudi 5/1, 15:30 – Match pour 3e place – RDS
Jeudi 5/1, 20:00 – Match de Championnat – RDS

99th Grey Cup a huge draw for TSN and RDS

The Grey Cup was a huge draw for TSN on Sunday night, as the BC Lions victory pulled in an average of 4.6 million viewers and a peak of 5.8 million. For those scoring at home, that makes it the most-watched sports program of this broadcast year and the fourth-highest rated Grey Cup ever. However, it’s also a slight drop from last year’s totals.

On other fronts, TSN’s broadcast was an online success, with 118,000 watching TSN.ca’s live streams and 925,000 unique visitors to the website on Sunday. Ratings for TSN radio were not included in the release.

TSN’s full media release follows, after the jump: Continue reading

99th Grey Cup Programming on TSN

The 99th Grey Cup is this Sunday in Vancouver. TSN has coverage all week leading up to the game, including Grey Cup Saturday and Grey Cup Sunday pregame shows. Here is everything you need to know about TSN’s broadcast. Note, all times in this post are Pacific Standard Time.

Grey Cup Saturday (hosted by Rod Smith and Darren Dutchyshen)

TSN delivers nine hours of all-encompassing coverage of Canada’s game on GREY CUP SATURDAY featuring SPORTSCENTRE hosts Rod Smith and Darren Dutchyshen live from the Scotiabank Football Experience in Vancouver. Throughout the day, the CFL ON TSN panel, along with TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor and CFL analysts Glen Suitor and Duane Forde, check in from BC Place with Grey Cup news and analysis while TSN’s reporters at the East and West practices file reports from the sidelines.

Joining Smith and Dutchyshen with additional insight on the big game are Dave Hodge and his panel of reporters from his weekly show, TSN THE REPORTERS WITH DAVE HODGE. TSN’s special correspondent Cabral ‘Cabbie’ Richards also delivers Grey Cup news and notes from the streets of Vancouver.

Grey Cup Saturday broadcast schedule:
10:00am – Grey Cup Saturday sign-on
10:15am – John Candy: True Double Blue
10:45am – Grey Cup Saturday
12:00pm – CFL Player Awards 2011
12:30pm – Grey Cup Saturday
12:45pm – Top 10 CFL Characters
1:15pm – Grey Cup Saturday
2:30pm – Top 10 CFL Plays of the Year

Here are descriptions of TSN’s programs on Saturday

Marking the 20th anniversary of the “Hollywood Argonauts” and their Grey Cup victory, TSN presents a 30-minute documentary on John Candy, former movie star and part-owner of the Toronto Argonauts, whose life-long passion for the CFL and the Argos is chronicled by his family and friends, including Wayne Gretzky and Martin Short.

The CFL honours this season’s top players in an awards ceremony hosted by Dave Randorf and featuring awards presented by Jock Climie and Milt Stegall.

Some of the most colourful characters in league history are showcased in this 30-minute special, as the program looks at the top 10 CFL players and coaches who are best known for their performances both on – and off – the field.

Complementing TSN.ca’s CFL PLAY OF THE YEAR SHOWDOWN, the 30-minute special counts down the 10 best plays from this past CFL season and reveals Canada’s pick for top play of the year following four rounds of online voting on TSN.ca.

Grey Cup Sunday

TSN’s pre-game coverage kicks off with SPORTSCENTRE hosts Rod Smith and Darren Dutchyshen live from the Scotiabank Football Experience alongside analyst Duane Forde, and then moves to BC Place, where hosts Dave Randorf and Brian Williams continue to tee up the championship game with in-depth analysis from the CFL ON TSN panel, special features, interviews and reports from TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor.

Grey Cup Sunday broadcast schedule:
7:00am – TSN the Reporters (live from Vancouver)
10:00am – 99th Grey Cup Pregame Show
3:00pm – Grey Cup Countdown to Kickoff
3:30pm – 99th Grey Cup: Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs. B.C. Lions
7:00pm – 99th Grey Cup Postgame Show
7:30pm – SportsCentre

The 99th Grey Cup on TSN

Lastly, here is some information on TSN’s broadcast of the game itself.

TSN’s acclaimed broadcast team of Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor are in the broadcast booth at BC Place, providing play-by-play commentary and game analysis during the 99th GREY CUP. Veteran broadcaster Cuthbert has called the action in 13 previous championship games, while Suitor – a Grey Cup champion with the Saskatchewan Roughriders – makes his fourth appearance in the booth for the big game.

Hosts Dave Randorf and Brian Williams are inside BC Place during the game, alongside the popular CFL ON TSN panel featuring Grey Cup champion Chris Schultz, two-time Grey Cup champion and Canadian Football Hall of Famer Matt Dunigan, Jock Climie and Milt Stegall, plus TSN’s Sara Orlesky and Farhan Lalji reporting from the sidelines and TSN Football Insider Dave Naylor providing additional analysis.

CFL ON TSN analyst and two-time Grey Cup champion Duane Forde also joins the broadcast, breaking down key plays with in-depth video analysis using TSN’s advanced “Libero” telestrator system.

At halftime, TSN has live coverage of the Pepsi MAX Halftime Show headlined by Canada’s international multi-platinum selling rock band Nickelback. Randorf and the CFL ON TSN panel also return to break down all the action from the first half.

Following the game, TSN’s GREY CUP POST-GAME SHOW has CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon presenting the Grey Cup to the game’s winning team, as well as the awards for Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Canadian.

The CFL ON TSN panel is also on hand to provide post-game analysis and conduct live interviews with coaches and players on the field leading up to SPORTSCENTRE after the game with hosts Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole and featuring highlights and more reaction from BC Place.

The 99th Grey Cup on RDS
RDS will broadcast the Grey Cup in French viewers. Denis Casavant and Pierre Vercheval will call the game. Marc Labrecque and Matthieu Proulx will host the broadcast. Coverage on RDS begins at 5pm ET with a 90 minute pregame show.

In the United States
America One and ESPN3.com will show the 99th Grey Cup in the United States. Check your local listings for more information.

Sports à la Télévision Canadienne: 22-28 octobre

Est ici le calendrier de Sports à la télévision canadienne pour cette semaine pour les chaînes de RDS, RDS2, RIS, TVA Sports, Radio-Canada, TV5 et Radio-France Outre-Mer (RFO).

Samedi 22 Octobre
Soccer: Wolves c. Swansea City – 7:30 à RDS (HD)
MLS: Nouvelle-Angleterre c. Toronto – 12:30 à RDS2 (HD)
Soccer: Marseille c. Ajaccio – 12:50 à TV5 (HD)
LCF: Alouettes c. Blue Bombers – 15:00 à RDS (HD)
FB NCAA: Nebraska c. Minnesota – 15:30 à RDS2 (HD)
LNH: Maple Leafs c. Canadiens – 19:00 à RDS (HD)
MLB: Cardinals c. Rangers – 20:00 à RDS2 (HD)

Dimanche 23 Octobre
Rugby: Nouvelle-Zélande c. France – 3:30 à RDS (HD)
NFL: Falcons c. Lions – 13:00 à RDS (HD)
NASCAR: Talladega 500 – 14:00 à RDS2 (HD)
NFL: Packers c. Vikings – 16:00 à RDS (HD)
MLB: Cardinals c. Rangers – 20:00 à RDS (HD)
NFL: Colts c. Saints – 20:00 à RDS2 (HD)

Lundi 24 Octobre
LNH: Panthers c. Canadiens – 19:30 à RDS (HD)
MLB: Cardinals c. Rangers – 20:00 à RIS
NFL: Ravens c. Jaguars – 20:30 à RDS2 (HD)

Mardi 25 Octobre
Soccer: Marseille c. Lens – 14:35 à RFO
LNH: Ottawa c. Caroline – 19:00 à RDS2 (HD)

Mercredi 26 Octobre
Soccer: Dijon c. PSG – 10:50 à RFO
Soccer: St-Étienne c. Lyon – 14:35 à RFO
LNH: Flyers c. Canadiens – 19:30 à RDS (HD)
MLB: Rangers c. Cardinals – 20:00 à RDS2 (HD)

Jeudi 27 Octobre
LNH: Canadiens c. Bruins – 19:00 à RDS (HD)
MLB: Rangers c. Cardinals – 20:00 à RDS2 (HD)

Vendredi 28 Octobre
ISU: Internationaux Patinage Canada – 14:00 à RDS (HD)
LNH: Sharks c. Red Wings – 19:30 à RDS (HD)
ISU: Internationaux Patinage Canada – 19:30 à RDS2 (HD)

Full 2011-12 NHL Canadian TV Schedule

Over the past month Canadian networks have released their 2011-12 NHL TV schedules. The complete TV schedules are now available for all seven Canadian teams. I have compiled all the broadcasts into one Excel file. It includes 7 different pages, one for each team. This way you can easily see where your favourite team’s games will be broadcast each night. I have included English-language schedules for all seven teams, as well as French-language schedules for the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens. If you have any questions, leave a comment. I hope everyone enjoys this feature, because I spent a fair amount of time working on it.

And please, download it, print it, share it with friends, whatever. The only thing I ask is that nobody posts it on their own site, without linking back here as well. Enjoy.

Here is the link to the file.

2011-12 Sénateurs à RDS et TVA Sports

Pour la saison 2011-12 de la LNH, plupart des matchs des Sénateurs d’Ottawa est diffusées en français. RDS et TVA Sports diffusera la couverture; avec TVA Sports est le principal réseau de matchs des Sénateurs en français. Voici le nombre de jeux chaque réseau de diffusion:

TVA Sports: 39 matchs
RDS: 21 matchs
RDS2: 6 matchs

Félix Séguin et l’ancien gardien des Sénateurs Patrick Lalime seront commentâtes jeux pour RDS et RDS2. Pierre Rinfret, Yvon Pedneault, et Enrico Ciccone seront commentâtes jeux pour TVA Sports.
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