Edmonton Oilers 2015–16 NHL Television Schedule

Sportsnet will have coverage of all 82 Edmonton Oilers games this season with 36 national games and 46 regional ones. Kevin Quinn, Drew Remenda and Gene Principe will head up the 31 regional broadcasts on Sportsnet West and the 15 games on Sportsnet Oilers. Nationally, the Oilers can be seen on Hockey Night In Canada 15 times, eight Wednesday night broadcasts and 10 Sunday night broadcasts.

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Montreal Canadiens 2015–16 NHL Television Schedule

Sportsnet will have all 82 games of the Montreal Canadiens games this season in English-language featuring 40 games nationally and 42 regionally. Sportsnet East (31 games) and City Montreal (11 games) will have the regional games. John Bartlett will be on play-by-play, Jason York as analyst, and Chantal Desjardins as rinkside reporter and studio host.

The Habs will feature on Hockey Night In Canada on 21 Saturday nights, nine Wednesday Night Hockey broadcasts and six Sunday appearances on Hometown Hockey and they will participate in the Winter Classic in Boston on New Year’s Day.

On the French-language side, TVA Sports will carry 22 national games (all Saturday night games, the season opener and the Winter Classic) with the remaining 60 games on RDS. TVA Sports also have exclusive rights to all NHL playoff games.

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Bell files complaint with CRTC over Rogers GamePlus Feature

gamecentreBell Media, recent losers in the battle for the NHL national rights contract, has filed a complaint with the CRTC over their GamePlus feature that is available as a Rogers-exclusive on the NHL GameCentre Live app. Bell argues that the feature violates a CRTC rule that requires that content created for television must be offered to competitors. GamePlus allows viewers to choose alternate angles including RefCam and SkyCam.

The Globe and Mail elaborates on the CRTC rule:

The CRTC’s rules for vertically integrated players – companies that both create and distribute media content – bar media owners from withholding content from their rivals on the distribution front. The commission exempts online video services from its broadcast regulations, but specifies that television programming cannot be offered on mobile or Internet streaming platforms on an exclusive basis.

In an email to the Globe and Mail, a Rogers spokesperson stated, ““Clearly this programming is not designed for conventional TV. Conventional TV broadcasts the exact same program to a mass audience who all see the same content, presented the same way. With GamePlus, each fan has a unique experience. We wouldn’t have developed [the features] solely for broadcast use.”

The spokesperson then throws some massive shade, “It’s a shame that Bell is trying to stop innovation in hockey. This may be one of the reasons they failed to secure the rights in the first place. We’ve invested in significant new innovations to bring Canadians an enhanced experience.”

Bell is asking the CRTC to allow all subscribers to view GamePlus, regardless of their internet or wireless provider:

In an e-mail, BCE spokesman Mark Langton said: “We don’t see it as especially innovative that Rogers denies GameCentre consumers access to these stats and other features if they aren’t also Rogers internet or wireless customers. These consumers pay for GameCentre just like Rogers customers so why are they denied access to features available on regular broadcast TV anyway? It breaks the CRTC’s digital media rules, and it impacts all GameCentre consumers across Canada who love hockey but aren’t Rogers customers.”

Rogers has a month to respond to the complaint. The general public can also comment on the complaint via the CRTC site.

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Sportsnet Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Studio for NHL Broadcasts

SPORTSNET - Sportsnet Unveils State-of-the-Art, Multi-Million DoCosting $4.5 million, spanning 11,000 square-feet, and featuring seven different sets, Sportsnet has splashed out in the design and construction of the studio for their inaugural year of national NHL broadcasting. The feature of the studio is a massive 38-by-11-foot screen nicknamed ‘Goliath’, the largest ultra-high resolution monitor ever seen in a Canadian TV studio and is made up of 170 individual panels.

Leased from CBC in their downtown studio and paid for by Rogers, the studio is no doubt the biggest viewers have ever seen on a Canadian broadcast, though if you’ve seen an American NFL broadcast in the past few years, a studio this big and fancy probably won’t be a surprise to you.

Here are the highlights from today’s media showing:

  • The Hockey Night In Canada theme has been re-recorded with a 50-piece orchestra and will be similar to the previous CBC HNIC theme. Also listen for a new Hockey Central theme.
  • Musical montages, like those famously seen during CBC’s reign, will not feature as heavily in HNIC this season to the disappointment of basically everybody.
  • The main anchor desk has a 360-degree open area allowing for filming from any angle and the studio is capable of shooting three live broadcasts simultaneously, including two sets stacked on top of each other.
  • The set was designed by the same company that created the 2010 and 2012 Olympic sets and was created and designed in eight months.

And here is the new Hockey Central studio by the numbers:

  • 40,000 feet of electrical cable
  • 500 studio lights
  • 52 total screens
  • 14 cameras
  • 24 wireless microphones
  • 9 distinct sets including the main anchor desk, three regional sets, George Stroumboulopoulos’s interview set, and a LED video wall and floor area.

Finally, some pretty pictures:

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Details of Sportsnet’s New NHL Broadcast Agreement

Sportsnet officially announced their new broadcast contract with the National Hockey League this morning. And the scope of the new deal is much wider than I could have imagined when news of it first broke 12 hours ago. Sportsnet has bought rights to all nationally-broadcast NHL games for 12 seasons beginning next fall. Sportsnet also picks up rights to the NHL All Star Game and Entry Draft. Rogers will also take over operation of NHL Centre Ice and GameCentre Live in Canada. Rogers is paying $5.2 billion for rights to every game for 12 seasons. The NHL will receive approximately $300 million next season, with fees raising to $500 million by the end of the contract.

Coverage on Saturdays and Sundays will begin at 4pm Eastern. Sportsnet has exclusive national coverage on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. Sportsnet will also launch a new studio that will host all NHL on Sportsnet and Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts. As part of the deal Rogers will sub-license some Saturday night coverage to the CBC. Two games every Saturday will air on CBC, with the rest airing on Citytv and Sportsnet. This eliminates the need for regional broadcasting. Sportsnet will assume complete creative control over all Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts. This means the future for CBC’s hockey talent is uncertain. It also means that Sportsnet will have the pick of all on-air personalities at TSN and CBC for their new broadcasts. Games will air on CBC, Sportsnet, SN1, SN360, TVA, TVA Sports, TVA Sports 2, as well as other potential channels on Saturday nights.

Keith Pelley, who was key in the plans for how Sportsnet will cover the NHL, was also the head of the Olympic Broadcast Consortium’s Vancouver 2010 coverage. Sportsnet will aim to offer Hockey Night in Canada in a similar fashion with all networks pooling resources and cross-promoting. Pelley set a new standard for Olympic broadcasting in Canada and is looking to do the same for hockey. Since the Sportsnet deal with CBC only came together in the past few days the broadcasters haven’t decided which CBC on-air personalities will transfer over to Sportsnet.

Sportsnet will get to show 30 Leafs games nationally (some could air on CBC) as part of the new agreement. Sportsnet will retain 26 for regional consumption beginning in 2016, with the other 26 airing on TSN regionally.  Since TSN has regional rights to 60 Jets games, the Jets will appear on Sportsnet a maximum of 22 times. It is unclear how many games for each of Canada’s other five teams will air on Sportsnet. TVA will pick up rights to 22 Montreal Canadiens games, most of which will air on their over-the-air channel on Saturday nights.

The sub-licensing deal with the CBC is one of the most intriguing aspects of the deal. The CBC will have around 320 hours of primetime hockey. That probably equates to around 50 regular season games and 50 playoff games. There is no word yet on how CBC and Sportsnet will split-up the playoffs, except that the Stanley Cup Final will air on CBC. The sub-license will last for four years; however, in a news conference Rogers Media President Keith Pelley said that he hopes the deal with CBC can extend beyond four years. The CBC and Sportsnet will also work together to acquire and broadcast other major sports properties. Sub-licensing deals are already in place for the two networks to split the Grand Slam of Curling and 2014 FIFA World Cup.

In a letter to CBC employees President Hubert Lacroix outlined what the four-year deal means for the public broadcaster. CBC will no longer assume any control over production or content, although Sportsnet will consult with them. CBC also will not make any advertising revenue from the broadcasts; however, they also are not paying Rogers or the NHL a cent to show the games. Lacroix also notes that the loss of advertising revenue will mean job losses at the CBC. These additional cuts come on the heels of CBC Sports cutting costs just two years ago due to a lack of funding.

This is a very complex deal and there are many questions that still need asked and answered. It is a complete game-changer in Canadian sports broadcasting and will result in many changes at CBC and TSN. I’ll leave the speculation, and there is lots of it, for a later date (and the comments section). I do plan to look into the effects this deal will have on all networks, but especially the CBC, in the coming weeks.

2013-14 Senators on Sportsnet Schedule

Here is the press release:

Sportsnet today announced its 2013-14 Ottawa Senators regional broadcast schedule, featuring 54 regular season games, more than any other Canadian broadcaster. Coverage starts with the Senators season opener on Friday, Oct. 4 at 7 p.m. ET on Sportsnet East when they visit the Buffalo Sabres in an Atlantic Division showdown. (Click here for Sportsnet’s complete 2013-14 Senators TV broadcast schedule).

Forty-seven of Sportsnet’s regular season Senators games will air on Sportsnet East, while seven will air on the Sportsnet ONE companion channel, Sportsnet Sens.

All broadcasts will feature play-by-play announcer Dean Brown, analyst and former Stanley Cup Champion Denis Potvin and host Ian Mendes.HOCKEY CENTRAL will preview every game with a half-hour pre-game show, and will also provide intermission and post-game analysis.

Highlights from Sportsnet’s Ottawa Senators broadcast schedule include:

·         Six all-Canadian matchups, including games versus Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary
·         The Senators takes on the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks in the Windy City on Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. ET
·         A visit from former Sens captain Daniel Alfredsson and the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 7:30 p.m. ET
·         Three games versus Original Six teams in the newly realigned Atlantic Division, including Boston and Detroit

And the full schedule.

2013-14 Maple Leafs on Sportsnet Schedule

This week TSN and Sportsnet are releasing regional NHL TV schedules for the upcoming season. TSN also released its national slate yesterday. I will post links to all of the schedules, as well as the press releases.

All of Sportsnet’s 23 regular season Maple Leafs telecasts will air on Sportsnet Ontario and will feature veteran play-by-play announcer Joe Bowen, analyst and former NHLer Greg Millen and host Paul HendrickHOCKEY CENTRAL will preview every game with a half-hour pre-game show, and will also provide intermission and post-game analysis.


Highlights from Sportsnet’s Toronto Maple Leafs regular season TV broadcast schedule include:

·         Two all-Canadian showdowns versus Edmonton and Calgary

·         A matchup with 2013 Stanley Cup finalists Boston Bruins on Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. ET

·         Maple Leafs visit Steel City to take on Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday, Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. ET
Sportsnet keeps Toronto Maple Leafs fans connected to their home team first as the exclusive Canadian broadcaster of 24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs: Road to the NHL Winter Classic. The series will provide an all-access pass to the events leading up to the 2014 NHL Winter Classic, featuring the Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings playing outdoors at Michigan Stadium on the University of Michigan campus. The series will air on Sportsnet and City (broadcast schedule to be announced at a later date)

Full schedule