2013 NHL Playoffs Matchups and TV Coverage

I expect that the NHL will release their 2013 Conference Quarterfinals schedule Sunday night at 11:00pm Eastern on a special that will air on NHL Network. That’s regardless of what happens tonight. However, with about 24 hours for schedules to leak before any is officially released, I’m sure some news will come out early.

In this post I’ll list the NHL Playoff Matchups as they are confirmed, what networks will cover them, and the night the series will start. I’ll also add full schedule information once it is available. Anything that is not confirmed, but worth mentioning (probably broadcasters and current, but not final standings) is in italics. I’m assuming every series will start Tuesday or Wednesday, but that’s not confirmed. Feel free to post any information you come across in the comments.

Eastern Conference
(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (8) New York Islanders (Game 1, Wednesday)
(2) Montreal Canadiens vs. (7) Ottawa Senators (Game 1, Wednesday)
(3) Washington Capitals vs. (6) New York Rangers
(4) Boston Bruins vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs

Western Conference
(1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (8) Minnesota Wild (Game 1, Tuesday at 8pm)
(2) Anaheim Ducks vs. (7) Detroit Red Wings (Game 1, Tuesday at 10:30pm)
(3) Vancouver Canucks vs. (6) San Jose Sharks
(4) St. Louis Blues vs. (5) Los Angeles Kings (Game 1, Tuesday)

*The Canadiens will likely play game 1 on Tuesday.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: May 18, 2012

Happy long weekend everybody!

Thanks to TV Feeds My Family for posting these.

NHL Playoffs
WSH-NYR (g5), May 7, CBC: 1.657 million
NSH-PHX (g5), May 7, TSN: 647, 000
NJ-PHI (g5), May 8, CBC: 1.65 million
NYR-WSH (g6), May 9, CBC: 1.988 million
WSH-NYR (g7), May 12, CBC: 2.389 million
LA-PHX (g1), May 13, TSN: 1.357 million

The Players (final round), May 13, Global: 622, 000

IIHF Worlds
CAN-FIN, May 11, TSN: 293, 000
CAN-KAZ, May 12, TSN: 440, 000

TOR-OAK, May 8, SN: 438, 000
TOR-OAK, May 9, SN: 361, 000
TOR-MIN, May 10, SN: 715, 000
TOR-MIN, May 11, SN1: 374, 000
TOR-MIN, May 12, SN: 506, 000
TOR-MIN, May 13, SN: 587, 000

NBA Playoffs
NY-MIA, May 9, TSN: 103, 000

And people wonder why basketball is buried so deep in Canadian sports highlights shows.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: May 9, 2012

Here are the much-awaited (low) NHL second round ratings.

Thanks to TV Feeds My Family for posting these.

NHL Playoffs
WSH-NYR (g2), Apr 30, CBC: 1.286 million
LA-STL (g2), Apr 30, TSN: 585, 000
NJ-PHI (g2), May 1, CBC: 1.348 million
NYR-WSH (g3), May 2, CBC: 1.632 million
PHX-NSH (g3), May 2, TSN: 354, 000
PHI-NJ (g3), May 3, CBC: 1.519 million
STL-LA (g3), May 3, TSN: 597, 000
PHX-NSH (g4), May 4, TSN: 1.083 million
NYR-WSH (g4), May 5, CBC: 614, 000
STL-LA (g4), May 6, TSN: 651, 000
PHI-NJ (g4), May 6, CBC: 1.51 million

TEX-TOR, Apr 30, SN: 589, 000
TEX-TOR, May 1, SN: 605, 000
TOR-ANA, May 3, SN: 341, 000
TOR-ANA, May 4, SN: 737, 000
TOR-ANA, May 6, SN: 486, 000

IIHF Worlds
CAN-USA, May 5, TSN: 399, 000

As you can see, the hockey numbers are well below the first round ratings, despite less competition. CBC certainly made the right choice in picking the two Eastern-based series though.

The Capitals-Rangers series is averaging 1.2 million viewers through five games. Devils-Flyers averaged 1.4 million through game 4. Ratings for game 5 aren’t available yet.

Kings-Blues averaged 759, 000 on TSN. Overall ratings for the Coyotes-Predators series are also not available at this time.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: April 18, 2012

As expected, the ratings over the past week have been dominated by the NHL playoffs; however, the Blue Jays have held their ground as well. Here are your sports ratings for April 9-15, 2012. As always, thanks to TV Feeds My Family for posting these.

Stanley Cup Playoffs
PHI-PIT (g1), Apr 11, TSN: 1.49 million
DET-NSH (g1), Apr 11, CBC: 993, 000
LA-VAN (g1), Apr 11, CBC: 2.041 million
OTT-NYR (g1), Apr 12, CBC: 1.565 million
SJ-STL (g1), Apr 12, TSN: 592, 000
CHI-PHX (g1), Apr 12, TSN: 674, 000
DET-NSH (g2), Apr 13, CBC: 692, 000
LA-VAN (g2), Apr 13, CBC: 2.048 million
PHI-PIT (g2), Apr 13, TSN: 1.442 million
WSH-BOS (g2), Apr 14, CBC: 1.038 million
OTT-NYR (g2), Apr 14, CBC: 2.146 million
SJ-STL (g2), Apr 14, TSN: 352, 000
CHI-PHX (g2), Apr 14, TSN: 928, 000
NSH-DET (g3), Apr 15, CBC: 990, 000
PIT-PHI (g3), Apr 15, TSN: 1.299 million
NJ-FLA (g2), Apr 15, TSN: 1.137 million
VAN-LA (g3), Apr 15, CBC: 2.199 million

BOS-TOR, Apr 9, SN: 1.325 million (923, 000 were on SNO)
BOS-TOR, Apr 10, SN: 959, 000
BOS-TOR, Apr 11, SN: 443, 000
BAL-TOR, Apr 13, SN: 665, 000
BAL-TOR, Apr 14, SN: 796, 000
BAL-TOR, Apr 15, SN: 611, 000

Note: All numbers are BBM 2+ overnight AMA.

I also have a few more numbers. Game 3 of the Rangers @ Senators series on Monday averaged 2.25 million viewers, the highest of the playoffs so far.

Last night, without competition from the Flyers vs. Penguins, Predators @ Red Wings cracked a 1 million average on CBC.

Despite a thrilling game, Panthers @ Devils didn’t do so well last night. Only just over 500, 000 tuned in on TSN. Overtime certainly didn’t hurt the Coyotes @ Blackhawks game, as about 730, 000 watched that one on TSN.

You can see the updated NHL playoff ratings database here. For the most up-to-date NHL playoff broadcasting news, including ratings, follow me on Twitter.

NHL Playoff Ratings: April 11, 2012

Here are the Canadian ratings for night one of the playoffs. CBC won the night with an average of over 2 million watching the Kings upset the Canucks. However, TSN won the head-to-head battle of early games. An average of 1.5 million tuned into an overtime thriller between the Penguins and Flyers on TSN. 334, 000 more watched on RDS. The Red Wings @ Predators game on CBC drew an average audience of 990, 000 on CBC.

The total average audience for the broadcasts on CBC and TSN was about 1.2 million. TSN claims over 7 million watched some of Flyers @ Penguins on its networks, while over 6 million watched some of CBC’s broadcast.

Here are the night one ratings for the 2012 NHL playoffs.

7:30pm, PHI-PIT (g1), TSN: 1.5 million (334, 000 more on RDS)
8:00pm, DET-NSH (g1), CBC: 990, 000
10:30pm, LA-VAN (g1), CBC: 2 million + (exact number not released).

I have also started the 2012 NHL playoffs ratings database, which will include ratings for CBC and TSN. See it here and bookmark it; I will update it daily throughout the playoffs.

It’s Super Tuesday… In the NHL

There are 5 NHL playoff games, all with a major impact on their series, taking place tonight. I have been channel surfing thoughout the night, and here are my thoughts as of right now.

Penguins @ Flyers – Game #4

Marc Andre Fleury stole the show again, after a lackluster game 3 on Sunday afternoon. He made all the big saves at the right time, and really won the game for the Penguins. The Flyers came out of the gate strong, but couldn’t score a single goal in the first. Then the Pens got on the board with a pair in the second. The Flyers got close, making it 2-1 late in the third, but it was too little, too late as they are now in a deep 3-1 hole heading back to Pittsburgh for Thursday night’s game (7:00pm, CBC).

Canucks @ Blues – Game #4

This was the other game I’ve watched a fair amount of, most of the third and all of OT. I know I say this a lot during the playoffs, but the story at the ScotTrade Center was also goaltending. Chris Mason and Roberto Luongo are the biggest reason why the game went 79 minutes and change. It wasn’t for lack of opportunities for either team, especially St. Louis. However Alex Burrows scored with under a minute left in the first overtime session to send Vancouver on to the second round. It is the first time in the history of the Canucks that they have swept a team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Canucks could have up to ten days off before they start their Western Conference Semi Final series.

Devils @ Hurricanes – Game #4

I didn’t see a lot of this game. However, Carolina was up 3-0 halfway though. When New Jersey came back to score 3 unanswered to tie the game by the halfway point in the third. Then when the game surely looked like it was going to OT, Jussi Jokinen scored a goal on a tip in. The refs went upstairs to review the goal to see if it was in before the buzzer. After minutes of deliberation, they decided it was in fact a goal. Then Martin Broduer started to argue with the refs that he had been interfered with. Anybody who knows anything about Marty knows he doesn’t do that often, so he probably had a case. Devils commentator Chico Resch, a former goalie himself, certainly thought he did. Marty went on to slam his stick against the boards, before throwing it as he exited the ice at the RBC Center in Raleigh. Game #5 goes Thursday in Newark (7:30pm, TSN2)

Red Wings @ Blue Jackets – Game #3

It was the first ever Stanley Cup playoff game in Columbus, and it didn’t turn out too well for fans there. Detroit scored just over a minute in and never relinquished control, winning 4-1. Henrik Zetterberg scored twice. I didn’t see any of the game really, so I don’t know much more. The Wings can finish the series on Thursday (TSN, 7:00pm)

Sharks @ Ducks – Game #3

Another game I’ve saw very little of, I’m watching it now though. The Sharks are up 2-0, in what is a must win for them, midway through the second.

The Whole Playoff Picture

So we are almost through what might have been the best night of playoff hockey in recent memory and here is a quick rundown of how each series is looking. We should start with the fact that Vancouver is the first team to move to the second round. Detroit and Boston look like they will too, as both are up 3-0. The Flyers lost an important home game, and now have to win in Pittsburgh on Thursday, which is no easy task. Calgary has a really important home game tomorrow night, if they lose they will be down 3-1, while if they win the series will be tied 2-2 and Calgary will have the momentum heading back to Chicago. Carolina won an important home game, tieing their series with the Devils up at 2 heading back to Newark. The Ducks are currently winning a must win, and the Capitals need a win in The Big Apple tomorrow night.