Everyone Loves Bubba (Canadian Sports Ratings Update: April 11, 2012)

Amazing is about the only adjective to describe how many people watched Global’s almost six-hour broadcast of the final round of The Masters on Sunday. Here are your sports ratings for April 2-8, 2012.

As always, thanks to TV Feeds My Family for posting these.

The Masters
2nd round, Apr 6, TSN: 951, 000
3rd round, Apr 7, Global: 915, 000
4th round, Apr 8, Global: 1.802 million

World Men’s Curling Championship
Final: CAN-SCO, Apr 8, TSN: 885, 000

WSH-TB, Apr 2, TSN2: 299, 000
TOR-BUF, Apr 3, SNO: 629, 000
ANA-VAN, Apr 3, TSN: 799, 000
TB-MTL, Apr 4, TSN: 398, 000
VAN-CGY, Apr 5, SNP: 517, 000
OTT-NJ, Apr 6, CBC: 449, 000
TOR-MTL, Apr 6, CBC: 1.716 million#
EDM-VAN, Apr 6, CBC: 1.455 million

TOR-CLE, Apr 5, SN: 646, 000
TOR-CLE, Apr 7, SN: 843, 000
TOR-CLE, Apr 8, SN: 706, 000
BOS-TOR, Apr 9, SN: 1.33 million
BOS-TOR, Apr 10, SN: 959, 000

College Hoops
Kentucky-Kansas, Apr 2, TSN: 205, 000*

TOR-PHI, Apr 4, SN: 106, 000^

*CBS viewers are not included
^This game didn’t air on Sportsnet West
#Also includes TB-WPG in Manitoba/Saskatchewan

It was a busy weekend and there are lots of numbers to breakdown. Here are my thoughts.

  • The Masters ratings are absolutely fantastic, especially considering Tiger wasn’t in contention (and barely got mentioned on the broadcast). A holiday on Friday propelled TSN to a higher 2nd round rating than Global got for the 3rd round. The final round, at 1.8 million, is up almost 800, 000 from two years ago (when Tiger had just returned). I can’t find comparable ratings from 2011.
  • The Blue Jays opening weekend ratings are a bit down from last year, but there is an explanation. Last year the home opener was the first game. It was on Friday night and drew just over a million. Considering the opener this year was a Thursday afternoon game on the road that stretched over four hours, 646, 000 is a very good number. Not to mention opening weekend went head-to-head with the last weekend of the NHL season and The Masters this year. It didn’t last year. The home opener was the largest in history at 1.33 million. That’s as good as nationally broadcast Leafs games on TSN do.
  • I can’t believe 1.7 million watched meaningless hockey on Saturday night. I really expected this was the week where the Canucks game would be higher rated.
  • 885, 000 was good for morning curling. It bested the World Women’s final, which was on in primetime (Canada wasn’t playing in that one though).
  • 205, 000. Yes I know lots probably watched on CBS. But that’s why March Madness receives minimal coverage in Canada. Like I’ve said, those who complain about it are a vocal minority of sports fans. Then again, it bested the Raps.
  • The NHL Draft Lottery, aided by bottom 5 seasons for the Leafs, Canadiens and Oilers, had an average 30 minute audience of 602, 000 on TSN and 339, 000 on RDS. The NHL and TSN have truly made an event out of something that was off the radar just a few seasons ago.