Holiday Ratings Update 2013-14

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. It is a busy time of year for sports, with the World Juniors, Winter Classic and Wild Card NFL playoffs. Here is a quick recap of the ratings over the past week.

TSN once again boasted about record ratings for a World Junior tournament taking place in Europe. For Canada’s four preliminary round games, an average of 1.4 million viewers watched. The game-by-game breakdown was: Canada vs. Czech Republic, 1.75 million; Canada vs. USA, 1.74 million; Canada-Slovakia, 1.2 million; Canada-Germany, 755 000. The Boxing Day game was audience almost doubled over last year. The Canada-USA game was the most viewed program in Canada on New Year’s Eve, while the game against the Czech Republic was the highest ever for a group stage game played in Europe.

Due to new tournament rules, the first place team in each group now has to play a quarterfinal, instead of receiving a bye into the semis. As a result TSN aired an extra Canada game, with 1.6 million viewers tuning into the quartefinal vs. Switzerland. In other quarterfinal action an average of 752 000 watched the host Swedes play Slovakia. Despite Canada not playing a very close game in a semifinal loss to Finland, an average of 2.7 million viewers tuned in. This set a record as the most watched World Junior game at any European-hosted tournament. However, with the Canada loss, the numbers for Sunday’s medal games tumbled. An average of 1 million watched the final between Sweden and Finland.

While all of TSN’s World Junior records were asterisked with “among European-hosted tournaments”, the 2014 Winter Classic from The Big House set a record on TV. It is not only the highest attended hockey game in history, but also the most watched regular season game in Canada on record. An average of 3.57 million watched CBC’s four-hour broadcast as the Leafs defeated the Red Wings in a shootout. That almost doubled the previous high for a Winter Classic, when Pittsburgh and Washington played each other on a Saturday night in 2011. The previous high for a regular season game in Canada was last January’s season opener between Toronto and Montreal. The audience peaked at 5.3 million during the shootout.

Lastly, here are the numbers for CTV’s coverage of the NFL Wild Card playoffs over the weekend. On Saturday 997 000 watched Kansas City-Indianapolis and 1.1 million watched New Orleans-Philadelphia. On Sunday 869 000 watched San Diego-Kansas City and 1.6 million watched San Francisco-Green Bay. The average of the four games was 1.1 million. Those ratings are down as a whole compared to last season, when the average was 1.2 million. The AFC games were both down compared to last year, while the NFC games were about even. For those wondering about a comparison of Sunday’s NFL games and November’s CFL Division Semis, the CFL beat the NFL averaging 1.5 million.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Ratings Update #1

Here are the ratings for games on CBC, as well as the Canucks on TSN and Canadiens on RDS for the first six days of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Montreal vs. Ottawa (CBC/RDS)
Game 1, 5/2: 1.9 million (CBC) + 1.2 million (RDS) = 3.1 million
Game 2, 5/3: 1.8 million (CBC) + 1.2 million (RDS) = 3 million
Game 3, 5/5: 2.3 million (CBC) + 1.3 million (RDS) = 3.6 million

Boston vs. Toronto (CBC)
Game 1, 5/1: 2.6 million
Game 2, 5/4: 3.2 million

Vancouver vs. San Jose (TSN)
Game 1, 5/1: 1.25 million
Game 2, 5/3: 1.3 million
Game 3, 5/5: 1.1 million

St. Louis vs. Los Angeles (CBC)
Game 1, 4/30: 1.3 million*
Game 2, 5/2: 822, 000
Game 3, 5/4: 1.1 million

Chicago vs. Minnesota (CBC)
Game 1, 4/30: 1.3 million*
Game 2, 5/3: 687, 000
Game 3, 5/5: 502, 000

*These games were a split-national broadcast; the ratings are for the two games combined.
All numbers are BBM Canada AMA 2+

Based on this, it looks like CBC made the right decision to take the Montreal-Ottawa series instead of the Canucks. Not only is it getting better ratings, but even CBC’s third choice (STL-LA) put up comparable numbers for game 3. Its never good when a series trends downward on the weekend, as happened with the Canucks last night. To compare, last year the Canucks had a million more viewers for game 3 (on a Wednesday night) on CBC. In fact the Canucks’ ratings for games 1-3 were quite comparable to Habs-Sens this year. I know there is a difference between TSN and CBC, but come on, it isn’t worth 50% reduction in audience levels. The first three games from Flyers-Penguins on TSN last spring all had better ratings than the first three from Sharks-Canucks this year.

For comparison, here are the ratings for the first few days of the playoffs last year.

Would CBC Take the Canucks over a Habs-Senators Series?

It seems like a very real possibility that the Ottawa Senators could play the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the 2013 NHL playoffs. All Ottawa has to do is beat Boston tonight. That would vault them up to 7th, and the Canadiens to 2nd. At first this seems like the elusive, dream all-Canadian matchup CBC is also looking for come April. But then again, maybe it’s not. TSN studio host James Duthie suggested he thinks CBC will select the Leafs’ and Canucks’ series on Sunday evening, regardless of if the Senators play the Canadiens or not. At first I was very skeptical, but after thinking about it and seeing how the Western Conference seedings, I’m beginning to agree with James.

The main goal for both the CBC and TSN is to attract ratings and advertising dollars. Ratings and length of series are both important. The Canucks are a proven playoff ratings earners for the CBC. The Senators, are not. The Canadiens will always result in part of their fanbase watching in French on RDS. Ottawa-Montreal averaged 870, 000 viewers on TSN in March. Also in March Vancouver-San Jose averaged 505, 000 viewers for a game only available in British Columbia on Sportsnet Pacific. While I can’t find any ratings from this year, the Canucks consistently averaged over 800, 000 viewers for games on TSN against US-based teams late last season (799, 000 vs. ANA; 824, 000 vs. LA; 856, 000 vs. DAL). Undoubtedly the Canucks can get the same type of ratings on their own that the Senators and Canadiens can muster together in English-Canada.

So, now that I’ve proven the ratings are close enough that CBC could reasonably take the Canucks over a Ottawa-Montreal series, that leads me to my second point. If CBC takes both TOR-BOS and OTT-MTL, that means they will probably end up with DET-ANA and LA-STL in the West. This is a scheduling nightmare. Of a possible 28 games, 21 take place in the Eastern or Central Timezones. Games in Detroit and St. Louis would have to air online for most of the country. CBC could only show 7 doubleheaders. Any of those that go head-to-head with the Canucks will get beaten. They might win the early timeslot every night, but they won’t post many wins at 10:00pm ET. And fans will be worse off if games in St. Louis and Detroit are only available on 1-2 regional stations in Ontario and online.

But, if CBC takes TOR-BOS and SJ-VAN, they could have an anchor for their doubleheader each night and avoid these problems. CBC would probably still take ANA-DET with the fourth pick and then either NYI-PIT or NYR-WSH later on. This would mean 17 games in the Eastern Time Zone and 11 in the Pacific Time Zone. And far less conflict, especially when Canadian teams are playing. CBC would win the late timeslot every night they have a game in it, even if going head-to-head with STL-LA on TSN. And they’d still win every early timeslot with the Leafs and probably have an afternoon game from their eastern-based US series, further reducing conflicts.

And, lastly, even going head-to-head with OTT-MTL on TSN, I think NYI-PIT or NYR-WSH will get better ratings than STL-LA. Easily. And I think CBC’s ratings as a whole would be higher. Of course criticism will come from CBC picking SJ-VAN over an all-Canadian series, but will that really matter? I think TSN had MTL-OTT around three times this season, so why not a few more? For those who have cable, it will probably mean more games on TV without needing CHEX or CBC Windsor.

Don Cherry on Women in NHL Locker Rooms

mclean[Note: So nobody misunderstands my intentions, it is best if most of this is read in a sarcastic Stephen Colbert-type voice]

Anyone ever wonder what Don Cherry thinks of female reporters in NHL dressing rooms? Well, now that he’s announced it in all his glory on Coach’s Corner tonight, everyone knows. And for him and the CBC, that’s probably not a good thing. It all started when Cherry felt the need to chime in on Duncan Keith’s slightly sexist remarks earlier in the week when a female reporter interviewed him. Cherry basically said Keith’s quote was a non-issue. Which I actually agree with a bit. I’ve heard the interview a few times and I’m not convinced he meant any harm.

This led to the point Cherry really wanted to make, which was, “…and I really believe this, I don’t believe women should be in the male dressing room.” The look on Ron MacLean’s face (top right) really says it all. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Cherry followed it up with, “I don’t feel women are equal; I feel they are on a pedestal and they should not be walking in when naked guys are walking in.” Here is the entire video:

Cherry went to one of the oldest white male tricks in the book, that white men are in fact the ones discriminated against. And why wouldn’t he considering how well it’s worked for those who claim black people have better rights than white people? Surely this last line from Cherry is the one that really took it over the top.

As is usual with Cherry, it isn’t hard to find him expressing a similar opinion from 20 years ago. Back in the good ‘ole days when women weren’t allowed in locker rooms for fear they might look at penises and get excited, they were still causing problems at NHL hockey games. Yes I know, hard to believe, but women have caused problems at hockey games ever since they were first allowed in the arenas. Here is the old video (notice MacLean’s similar reaction at 0:23):

I think CBC should suspend him, but likely they will just ask him to apologize next time he is on-air Tuesday or Wednesday. And this certainly isn’t the first time Cherry has stirred up controversy around the start of the playoffs. See this post from April 18, 2011 when he laughed off the problem of concussions.

Remember this kind of thing is what got Richard Keys and Andy Gray fired at Sky Sports. And they didn’t knowingly say it on-air. Cherry did. Other than that I don’t know what to say. The videos really speak for themselves.

2013 NHL Playoffs Matchups and TV Coverage

I expect that the NHL will release their 2013 Conference Quarterfinals schedule Sunday night at 11:00pm Eastern on a special that will air on NHL Network. That’s regardless of what happens tonight. However, with about 24 hours for schedules to leak before any is officially released, I’m sure some news will come out early.

In this post I’ll list the NHL Playoff Matchups as they are confirmed, what networks will cover them, and the night the series will start. I’ll also add full schedule information once it is available. Anything that is not confirmed, but worth mentioning (probably broadcasters and current, but not final standings) is in italics. I’m assuming every series will start Tuesday or Wednesday, but that’s not confirmed. Feel free to post any information you come across in the comments.

Eastern Conference
(1) Pittsburgh Penguins vs. (8) New York Islanders (Game 1, Wednesday)
(2) Montreal Canadiens vs. (7) Ottawa Senators (Game 1, Wednesday)
(3) Washington Capitals vs. (6) New York Rangers
(4) Boston Bruins vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs

Western Conference
(1) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (8) Minnesota Wild (Game 1, Tuesday at 8pm)
(2) Anaheim Ducks vs. (7) Detroit Red Wings (Game 1, Tuesday at 10:30pm)
(3) Vancouver Canucks vs. (6) San Jose Sharks
(4) St. Louis Blues vs. (5) Los Angeles Kings (Game 1, Tuesday)

*The Canadiens will likely play game 1 on Tuesday.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: March 16, 2013

Lots of ratings to post this week. Enjoy everyone. All are BBM 2+ AMA.

TOR-BOS, Mar 7, TSN: 1.1 million
MTL-CAR, Mar 7, RDS: 752, 000
PIT-TOR, Mar 9, CBC: 2.021 million
MTL-TB, Mar 9, RDS: 748, 000
CGY-LA, Mar 9, CBC: 601, 000
MTL-FLA, Mar 10, RDS: 726, 000
EDM-CHI, Mar 10, SNW: 225, 000
VAN-MIN, Mar 10, SNP: 364, 000
OTT-MTL, Mar 13, TSN: 870, 000

The Brier
ON-MB, Mar 9, TSN: 832, 000
NL-NO, Mar 9, TSN: 728, 000
NO-ON, Mar 10, TSN: 754, 000
MB-NO, Mar 10, TSN: 918, 000

World Baseball Classic
CAN-MEX, Mar 9, SN: 333, 000
ITA-USA, Mar 9, SN: 111, 000
CAN-USA, Mar 10, SN: 526, 000

World Figure Skating
Men’s Short, Mar 13, CBC: 264, 000

CLE-TOR, Mar 10, SN1: 64, 000

Thanks to: Bill BriouxWhitey FiskBob Weeks

The one thing to note is Sunday’s ratings. Lots of things on and competing for eyeballs. None of them really did anything spectacular. The Brier was down under a million for the first time in a while, and it only got about a quarter of its viewers from the lucrative 25-54 age group. Hockey on RDS was relatively consistent, finishing second. One of the biggest games in Canadian baseball history only drew 70, 000 more viewers than a Jays spring training game a few weeks ago.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: March 8, 2013

Here are the latest Canadian sports ratings. All numbers are BBM 2+ AMA.

TOR-OTT, Feb 23, CBC: 2.345 million
MTL-NYR, Feb 23, RDS: 737, 000
TOR-PHI, Feb 25, TSN: 949, 000
MTL-OTT, Feb 25, RDS: 623, 000
MTL-TOR, Feb 27, TSN: 1.533 million (+ 893, 000 on RDS)
MTL-PIT, Mar 2, CBC: 1.657 million (+ 890, 000 on RDS)
VAN-LA, Mar 2, CBC: 1.074 million
VAN-CGY, Mar 3, SNP: 398, 000
MTL-BOS, Mar 4, RDS: 677, 000
VAN-SJ, Mar 6, SNP: 505, 000
OTT-TOR, Mar 7, TSN: 1.376 million

The Brier
AB-MB, Mar 2, TSN: 671, 000
ON-MB, Mar 3, TSN: 596, 000
AB-NO, Mar 4, TSN: 497, 000

TOR-CLE, Feb 27, SN: 129, 000
PHI-CHI, Feb 28, TSN: 51, 000
IND-TOR, Mar 1, TSN: 175, 000

Thanks to: Bill BriouxWhitey FiskBob Weeks

For the Brier, it’s worth noting that, as of Tuesday, The AB-MB draw was the highest rated draw, while AB-NO (an afternoon draw) was the lowest.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: February 25, 2013

Here are the latest sports ratings, including the Scotties and the first Jays game of the season. All numbers are BBM 2+ AMA.

Tournament of Hearts
ON-QC, Feb 19, TSN: 518, 000
ON-CAN, Feb 22, TSN: 596, 000
ON-MB, Feb 23, TSN: 822, 000
CAN-MB, Feb 24, TSN: 635, 000
BC-CAN, Feb 24, TSN2: 287, 000
ON-MB, Feb 24, TSN: 1.057 million

PIT-WPG, Feb 15, CBC: 772, 000
PHI-MTL, Feb 16, RDS: 912, 000
OTT-TOR, Feb 16, CBC: 2.248 million
VAN-CHI, Feb 19, SNP: 483, 000
LA-EDM, Feb 19, TSN: 506, 000

Daytona 500, Feb 24, TSN: 691, 000

MLB Spring Training
Jays Central, Feb 23, SN: 206, 000
TOR-DET, Feb 23, SN: 456, 000

LAL-BOS, Feb 7, TSN: 43, 000
CHI-DEN, Feb 7, TSN: 25, 000
LAC-TOR, Feb 8, TSN: 148, 000
TOR-NY, Feb 13, SN: 224, 000
MIA-OKC, Feb 14, TSN: 127, 000
Rookie Game, Feb 15, TSN: 64, 000
All-Star Game, Feb 17, TSN: 309, 000
MEM-TOR, Feb 20, SN: 164, 000

Thanks to: Jamie Campbell,  Bill BriouxWhitey FiskBob Weeks

Those baseball numbers are incredible for spring training. 450, 000 would be good for a regular season game against Detroit on a Saturday afternoon. But what’s most amazing, the repeat of 1993 World Series game on Sunday afternoon scored around 150, 000. And we all thought the 200, 000 range was crazy for 20-year old hockey broadcasts on the CBC last fall.

The Scotties ratings are about consistent with 2012, drawing around 50, 000 more viewers this year.B

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: January 31

Some more impressive NHL numbers. Here are the latest ratings. Thanks to Whitey Fisk for the hoops and NFL and curling numbers.

MTL-WSH, Jan 24, RDS: 766, 000
TOR-NYR, Jan 26, CBC: 1.87 million
EDM-CGY, Jan 26, CBC: 1.09 million
PIT-OTT, Jan 27, SNE: 441, 000
NJ-MTL, Jan 27, RDS: 896, 000
WPG-MTL, Jan 29, RDS: 808, 000

TOR-ORL, Jan 24, TSN: 134, 000
CLE-TOR, Jan 26, TSN: 212, 000
GS-TOR, Jan 28, TSN: 185, 000

Pro Bowl, Jan 27, TSN: 204, 000

Curling The National
Semi Final, Jan 26, SN: 313, 000

The “New” HNIC Needs a Few More Adjustments

CBC is under-using Andi Petrillo in her new role at the "iDesk"

CBC is under-using Andi Petrillo in her new role at the “iDesk”

CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada began its 60th season on Saturday with record ratings. There were a number of changes to CBC’s broadcasts, especially to the studio programming and the “Prime West” game. While some of CBC’s changes were effective, others need tweaking. And still others made no sense whatsoever. And, of course, it wouldn’t be the first weekend of a new NHL season without Don Cherry analysis on the Brian Burke firing (remember when Burke tried to have Cherry fired?).

I’ll start with the good. I think Kevin Weekes and Glenn Healy are both far more effective in studio than they are on game broadcasts. Weekes is especially good as the slower pace of studio talk fits his delivery better. Healy’s better if only because I’d rather hear him for 10 minutes than 60+. In fact I actually thought he was kind of funny Saturday night, more like his pre-NHLPA self. I also think CBC giving Rick Ball the “Prime West” game was a great choice. He isn’t Cuthbert or Hughson, but he is far better than Lee and should grow into the spot fine. He is also a great candidate to lead CBC’s CFL coverage, should they ever get those broadcast rights again.

The only problem about Weekes and Healy in the studio is that Kelly Hrudey is also a better studio analyst. He really seemed out of his element doing colour commentary on Saturday night. He constantly stumbled over sentences and was just too slow to keep up with the pace of the game. Hrudey is at his best when he’s in the studio with a telestrator breaking down plays. This presents the obvious problem for CBC, they have too many goalies who all excel at the same thing.

So how do they fix that problem? Well most importantly there’s still plenty of time for Hrudey to adjust to his new role. If he doesn’t, I’d suggest moving him back to the studio with Weekes. CBC could also try putting Hrudey between the benches.If all else fails, then I’d love to see Daryl Reaugh back at CBC working the late game with Ball. Of course that would also depend on Reaugh’s commitment to do local Dallas Stars game on Fox Sports.

Luckily for Hrudey, it isn’t him everyone will remember Saturday HNIC season opener for. PJ Stock drew the ire of most of Twitter on Saturday night for his studio analysis. The “best” of Stock’s lines? “Take option ‘A’ or option ‘B’. [Toronto] didn’t beat Jack the Giant Killer in Montreal.” If you can figure that one out, then good on ya. And yes, I realize it’s a metaphor to the story, but it’s also a metaphor that makes little sense.

Stock also talked in circles during the Hotstove when he got confused about P.K. Subban’s contract negotiations. Or as Stock put it, “With him in the lineup they finished 15th, without him they can’t finish any worse.”  Well, duh, unless the NHL adds a 16th team to the Eastern Conference the Habs could skate a team of any 18 guys they like and not finish any worse. Stock also said he sells, which is great, but it’s not like this is Nashville or Phoenix. The Canadiens selling tickets and merchandise isn’t dependent on P.K. Subban. For CBC’s studio programming to improve, Stock needs to go.

Ron MacLean, Kevin Weekes and Elliotte Friedman followed up Stock’s “analysis” with some insight, rebuttal and facts, which I thought was great. Healy also put Stock in his place on the NHL lockout, where Stock thought the players did good to get to 50% HRR. Did anyone really believe the players would get less than a 50/50 split on HRR? Stock went on to talk over Healy.

Getting rid of Stock would also help improve CBC’s Hotstove, which was once the best sports studio programming on TV anywhere in North America. Of course that was also before the Twitter age (Satellite Hotstove, anyone?) when Saturday night was the time to get the latest trade rumours. The Hotstove, as it originally was, may not work anymore because of Twitter and 24/7 insider coverage on TSN with McKenzie and Dreger. But regardless, I’m not alone (see other media writers). If CBC is insistent on using the current format, then removing Stock and replacing him with Tim Wharnsby would probably do it for me. At least Weekes and Healy have their facts straight. Friedman needs more speaking time.

And then there were two things that were just odd about CBC’s broadcast on Saturday. The first was Andi Petrillo. Despite hosting the “iDesk” segment, there was no desk whatsoever. And the camera angles the CBC choose to use didn’t really help their case. Like her predecessors at the iDesk (Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek), CBC is wasting her talent on a useless segment. There is nothing worse than reading Tweets on-air, and it is becoming more common on every network. CBC should use her as the rinkside reporter for the afternoon game (when there is one). That would account for about 1/3 of their broadcasts this season. It’s great that she’s the first female studio host for HNIC, but what’s not great is the way they are using her.

The other oddity of CBC’s coverage was the second Don Cherry segment, at the first intermission of the Ducks @ Canucks game. It seems CBC has removed Cherry’s post-Leafs game segment for this one, which is odd in itself. What is even more odd is the arrangement. Ron MacLean sits down, while Don Cherry stands up awkwardly towering over MacLean. It was nice to see Cherry talk about teams outside the Northeast Division for once though.

Hockey Night in Canada will originate live from Calgary next Saturday. MacLean and Cherry will both be there. I’m not sure about the rest of CBC’s studio crew. Hockey Night will visit all seven Canadian cities this season.

Fact Checking… I thought Cherry was mostly on point with his Brian Burke analysis. Usually his line “Instead of getting Canadians he got US college guys and Finns and Swedes” would draw a lot of attention. Not so because of the rest of CBC’s studio programming. Anyone want to guess how many “Finns and Swedes” the Leafs have? Two, one from each country. They also have a, dare I say it, Russian.

HockeyCentral… Speaking of studio programming, Sportsnet’s HockeyCentral needs more Jeff Marek and Billy Jaffe. They two hosted the first HockeyCentral Tonight of the season on Monday and were excellent together. Jaffe never played in the NHL, he played college hockey at Michigan, but he sees the game brilliantly. His comparison of Patrick Kane’s goal on Saturday and Kyle Turris’ goal last night was great insight.

Sportsnet Scorebug… Sportsnet’s new hockey scorebug is a huge upgrade over their old one. It is very similar to the one Leafs TV used last season and it is designed by a Canadian.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: October 27

Here are the latest ratings as the CFL and Baseball postseason continue to benefit from the lack of hockey. And hockey from 20 years ago benefits from no hockey this year. Thanks to Whitey Fisk and Bill Brioux for publicizing many of these.

WPG-TOR, Oct 19, TSN: 688, 000
EDM-BC, Oct 19, TSN: 729, 000
MTL-SSK, Oct 20, TSN: 720, 000
HAM-CGY, Oct 20, TSN: 929, 000

NYY-DET (g3), Oct 16, SN: 799, 000
SF-STL (g4), Oct 18, SN: 398, 000
SF-STL (g5), Oct 19, SN: 487, 000
STL-SF (g6), Oct 21, SN: 497, 000
STL-SF (g7), Oct 22, SN: 645, 000

NYJ-NE, Oct 21, Citytv: 487, 000
PIT-CIN, Oct 21, TSN: 448, 000
DET-CHI,Oct 22, TSN: 560, 000

CGY-VAN (’94), Oct 20, CBC: 217, 000

All numbers are BBM Canada AMA 2+

First off, anyone who says the NFL is way more popular than the CFL needs to look at these numbers. Yes, many watch the NFL on Sunday afternoon on American nets or Sunday Ticket, but the three big nationally televised games were all well below the CFL standard.

I’m not sure of the exact percentage change, but Sportsnet’s LCS ratings were up over last year. Games 1 and 3 of the Yankees series was far and away better than thar 528, 000 high mark from last season. Giants-Cardinals averaged 477, 000 viewers for the six games that weren’t affected by rain.

2012 NHL Playoffs: Conference Quarterfinal Schedule

Here is the NHL Conference quarterfinal schedule arranged by day. Continue after the break for a series by series breakdown.

Wednesday April 11
7:30pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins (g1) – TSN, RDS
8:00pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators (g1) – CBC, RDS2
10:30pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks (g1) – CBC, RDS

Thursday April 12
7:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ New York Rangers (g1) – CBC, RDS
7:30pm, Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins (g1) – CHEX, RDS2
7:30pm, San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues (g1) – TSN, RDS INFO
10:00pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes (g1) – TSN, RDS

Friday April 13
7:00pm, New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers (g1) – TSN2, RDS INFO
7:30pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins (g2) – TSN, RDS
7:30pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators (g2) – CBC, RDS2
10:00pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks (g2) – CBC, RDS

Saturday April 14
3:00pm, Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins (g2) – CBC, NBC, RDS
7:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ New York Rangers (g2) – CBC, RDS
7:30pm, San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues (g2) – TSN, RDS INFO
10:00pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes (g2) – TSN, RDS

Sunday April 15
12:00pm, Nashville Predators @ Detroit Red Wings (g3) – CBC, NBC, RDS
3:00pm, Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers (g3) – TSN, NBC, RDS
7:30pm, New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers (g3) – TSN, RDS
10:30pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Los Angeles Kings (g3) – CBC, RDS

Monday April 16
7:30pm, New York Rangers @ Ottawa Senators (g3) – CBC, RDS
7:30pm, Boston Bruins @ Washington Capitals (g3) – CHEX, RDS2
10:00pm, St. Louis Blues @ San Jose Sharks (g3) – TSN, RDS

Tuesday April 17
7:00pm, Florida Panthers @ New Jersey Devils (g3) – TSN, RDS
7:30pm, Nashville Predators @ Detroit Red Wings (g4) – CBC, RDS2
9:00pm, Phoenix Coyotes @ Chicago Blackhawks (g3) – TSN, RDS

Wednesday April 18
7:30pm, New York Rangers @ Ottawa Senators (g4) – CBC, RDS
7:30pm, Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers (g4) – TSN, RDS2
10:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Los Angeles Kings (g4) – CBC, RDS

Thursday April 19
7:00pm, Florida Panthers @ New Jersey Devils (g4) – TSN2, RDS INFO
7:30pm, Boston Bruins @ Washington Capitals (g4) – CBC, RDS
8:00pm, Phoenix Coyotes @ Chicago Blackhawks (g4) – TSN, RDS2
10:30pm, St. Louis Blues @ San Jose Sharks (g4) – TSN, RDS

Friday April 20
7:30pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins (g5) – TSN, RDS
8:00pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators (g6) – CBC, RDS INFO

Saturday April 21
3:00pm, Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins (g5) – CBC, NBC, RDS
6:30pm, New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers (g5) – TSN2, RDS INFO
7:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ New York Rangers (g5) – CBC, RDS
7:30pm, San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues (g5) – TSN, RDS2
10:00pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes (g5) – TSN, RDS

Sunday April 22
TBA, Boston Bruins @ Washington Capitals (g6) – CBC, RDS
TBA, Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers (g6) – TSN, RDS
TBA, Nashville Predators @ Detroit Red Wings (g6) – CBC, RDS
TBA, Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks (g5) – CBC, RDS

Monday April 23
TBA, New York Rangers @ Ottawa Senators (g6) – CBC, RDS
TBA, Phoenix Coyotes @ Chicago Blackhawks (g6) – TSN, RDS INFO
TBA, St. Louis Blues @ San Jose Sharks (g6) – TSN, RDS

Tuesday April 24
TBA, Florida Panthers @ New Jersey Devils (g6) – TSN/TSN2, RDS INFO
TBA, Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins (g7) – TSN, RDS
TBA, Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators (g7) – CBC, RDS2
TBA, Vancouver Canucks @ Los Angeles Kings (g6) – CBC, RDS

Wednesday April 25
TBA, Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins (g7) – CBC, RDS
TBA, San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues (g7) – TSN, RDS INFO
TBA, Chicago Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes (g7) – TSN, RDS

Thursday April 26
TBA, Ottawa Senators @ New York Rangers (g7) – CBC, RDS
TBA, Florida Panthers @ New Jersey Devils (g7) – TSN, RDS INFO
TBA, Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks (g7) – CBC, RDS

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Full 2011-12 NHL Canadian TV Schedule

Over the past month Canadian networks have released their 2011-12 NHL TV schedules. The complete TV schedules are now available for all seven Canadian teams. I have compiled all the broadcasts into one Excel file. It includes 7 different pages, one for each team. This way you can easily see where your favourite team’s games will be broadcast each night. I have included English-language schedules for all seven teams, as well as French-language schedules for the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens. If you have any questions, leave a comment. I hope everyone enjoys this feature, because I spent a fair amount of time working on it.

And please, download it, print it, share it with friends, whatever. The only thing I ask is that nobody posts it on their own site, without linking back here as well. Enjoy.

Here is the link to the file.

It’s Super Tuesday… In the NHL

There are 5 NHL playoff games, all with a major impact on their series, taking place tonight. I have been channel surfing thoughout the night, and here are my thoughts as of right now.

Penguins @ Flyers – Game #4

Marc Andre Fleury stole the show again, after a lackluster game 3 on Sunday afternoon. He made all the big saves at the right time, and really won the game for the Penguins. The Flyers came out of the gate strong, but couldn’t score a single goal in the first. Then the Pens got on the board with a pair in the second. The Flyers got close, making it 2-1 late in the third, but it was too little, too late as they are now in a deep 3-1 hole heading back to Pittsburgh for Thursday night’s game (7:00pm, CBC).

Canucks @ Blues – Game #4

This was the other game I’ve watched a fair amount of, most of the third and all of OT. I know I say this a lot during the playoffs, but the story at the ScotTrade Center was also goaltending. Chris Mason and Roberto Luongo are the biggest reason why the game went 79 minutes and change. It wasn’t for lack of opportunities for either team, especially St. Louis. However Alex Burrows scored with under a minute left in the first overtime session to send Vancouver on to the second round. It is the first time in the history of the Canucks that they have swept a team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Canucks could have up to ten days off before they start their Western Conference Semi Final series.

Devils @ Hurricanes – Game #4

I didn’t see a lot of this game. However, Carolina was up 3-0 halfway though. When New Jersey came back to score 3 unanswered to tie the game by the halfway point in the third. Then when the game surely looked like it was going to OT, Jussi Jokinen scored a goal on a tip in. The refs went upstairs to review the goal to see if it was in before the buzzer. After minutes of deliberation, they decided it was in fact a goal. Then Martin Broduer started to argue with the refs that he had been interfered with. Anybody who knows anything about Marty knows he doesn’t do that often, so he probably had a case. Devils commentator Chico Resch, a former goalie himself, certainly thought he did. Marty went on to slam his stick against the boards, before throwing it as he exited the ice at the RBC Center in Raleigh. Game #5 goes Thursday in Newark (7:30pm, TSN2)

Red Wings @ Blue Jackets – Game #3

It was the first ever Stanley Cup playoff game in Columbus, and it didn’t turn out too well for fans there. Detroit scored just over a minute in and never relinquished control, winning 4-1. Henrik Zetterberg scored twice. I didn’t see any of the game really, so I don’t know much more. The Wings can finish the series on Thursday (TSN, 7:00pm)

Sharks @ Ducks – Game #3

Another game I’ve saw very little of, I’m watching it now though. The Sharks are up 2-0, in what is a must win for them, midway through the second.

The Whole Playoff Picture

So we are almost through what might have been the best night of playoff hockey in recent memory and here is a quick rundown of how each series is looking. We should start with the fact that Vancouver is the first team to move to the second round. Detroit and Boston look like they will too, as both are up 3-0. The Flyers lost an important home game, and now have to win in Pittsburgh on Thursday, which is no easy task. Calgary has a really important home game tomorrow night, if they lose they will be down 3-1, while if they win the series will be tied 2-2 and Calgary will have the momentum heading back to Chicago. Carolina won an important home game, tieing their series with the Devils up at 2 heading back to Newark. The Ducks are currently winning a must win, and the Capitals need a win in The Big Apple tomorrow night.