Canadian Sports Ratings Update: January 12, 2012

Here are the ratings for the past week. Lots of interesting numbers, including the BCS Championship Game. What is possibly most interesting is TSN didn’t issue a press release with World Junior medal round ratings. They must have really fizzled after Canada lost to the US in the semis.

CIN-HOU, Jan 5, CTV: 1.1 million
MIN-GB, Jan 5, CTV: 1.06 million
IND-BAL, Jan 5, CTV: 1.153 million
SEA-WSH, Jan 5, CTV: 1.525 million

N. ILL-FSU, Jan 1, TSN: 218, 000
ALA-ND, Jan 7, TSN: 519, 000

POR-TOR, Jan 2, TSN: 228, 000
SAC-TOR, Jan 4, TSN: 209, 000
BOS-ATL, Jan 5, SN: 49, 000
BOS-NY, Jan 7, SN: 51, 000
TOR-PHI, Jan 9, SN: 163, 000

A few interesting notes about the NFL rankings. Minnesota-Green Bay couldn’t even hold the entire Cincinnati-Houston audience even though it followed in primetime with no competition really. Saturday ratings are up from last year though. Cincinnati-Houston, in the same timeslot two consecutive years, increased by about 200, 000. Minnesota-Green Bay drew an equal audience to New Orleans-Detroit last season. This all becomes less impressive when you consider that 2 million viewers watched a Leafs game on Wild Card Saturday last year. Certainly appears those viewers didn’t switch over to football this year.

Sunday ratings as a whole are about on par with last season. The early game was up by about 100, 000 this year, while Seattle-Washington was the only slot to suffer a decrease from last season (of about 100, 000). For everyone who likes to compare with the CFL, the Sunday NFL games averaged 1.52 million viewers, while the CFL Divisional games in November averaged 1.35 million viewers on TSN.

Also, in hockey news, a Sportsnet Hockey Central special actually beat TSN’s That’s Hockey 2 Nite on Tuesday, by about 1000 viewers. The two specials aired head-to-head at 9:00pm ET. 80, 000 watched Sportsnet, while 79, 000 watched TSN. On Sunday TSN’s specials attracted averages of 138, 000 in the morning (over 5 hours); 58, 000 between 9-10pm ET; and 103, 000 for SportsCentre between 10-11:30pm ET.