Olympic Broadcast Schedule: Day 8 (Saturday, August 4)

Karen Cockburn, Canada’s flagbearer at the Beijing Closing Ceremony, will attempt to win a medal in her fourth straight Olympics in women’s trampoline today. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)

Each day during the 2012 Olympic Games the Canadian Sports Media Blog, in conjunction with Channel Canada, will provide an Olympic broadcast schedule for all official broadcasters that are available in Canada. These include CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, OLN, RDS, V, RDS2, ATN, OMNI, plus American broadcaster NBC. After the broadcast schedule is a complete list of events for the day. Many of these are available for live streaming on CTVOlympics.ca.




Triathlon: Women’s Race (live; 4:00am)
Men’s Basketball: Russia v. Spain (live; 6:15am)
Badminton: Women’s Doubles Bronze
Athletics: Men’s 100m Preliminaries
Gymnastics: Women’s Trampoline (live; 9:00am)


Rowing: Finals (live; 6:00am)
Men’s Soccer QF: Japan v. Honduras (live; 7:20am)
Diving: Women’s 3m Semifinal (live; 9:30am)


Athletics: Qualifying Rounds (live; 6:00am)
Men’s Basketball: Lithuania v. United States (live; 9:30am)
Track Cycling: Women’s Team Pursuit (live; 11:00am)


Equestrian: Jumping qualifying (live; 5:30am)
Men’s Soccer QF: Mexico v. Senegal (live; 9:30am)
Athletics: Men’s 20km Race Walk (live; 12:00pm)


Tennis: Women’s Singles Final (live; 9:00am)
Gymnastics: Women’s Trampoline (11:00am)
Athletics: Preliminary Rounds (11:15am and 1:30pm)
Men’s Volleyball: United States v. Russia (live; 11:45am)
Cycling: Women’s Team Pursuit (2:00pm)
Men’s Water Polo: United States v. Serbia (live; 2:40pm)
Rowing: Finals (3:45pm)
Athletics: Men’s 10, 000m Final (live; 4:15pm)
Men’s Beach Volleyball: Prokopiev/Semenov (RUS) v. Gibb/Rosenthal (USA) (live; 5:00pm)


Tennis: Women’s Singles Final (12:00pm)
Swimming: Finals (live; 2:30pm)
Athletics: Semifinals/Finals (live; 3:30pm)


Men’s Soccer QF: Brazil v. Honduras (live; 12:00pm)
Men’s Soccer QF: Great Britain v. Korea (live; 2:45pm)


Athletics: Semifinals/Finals (live; 2:00pm)

CTV PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm LOCAL)

Host Brian Williams gives Canadians a complete rundown of results from the jam packed Day 8. The four-hour show includes highlights and recaps of athletics, swimming, trampoline, tennis, equestrian, cycling, and diving events from earlier in the day. OLYMPIC PRIME TIME ON CTV also includes a review of key Canadian performances including Dylan Armstrong, Jessica Zelinka, Ryan Cochrane, the men’s 4x100m medley relay team, Karen Cockburn, the mixed jumping team, Paula Findlay, and more.

TSN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm)

Host Darren Dutchyshen takes fans through four hours of recaps and highlights, including women’s triathlon and a look at Paula Findlay’s performance, men’s doubles tennis, beach volleyball, the results of Zach Bell and Tara Whitten in cycling and an athletics wrap up featuring Jessica Zelinka, Usain Bolt, Oscar Pistorius, and more.


Host Brad Fay reviews Canada’s many medal opportunities from Day 8, including Ryan Cochrane in the men’s 1,500m freestyle, Karen Cockburn in the women’s individual trampoline, Canada’s women’s team pursuit in cycling, and Paula Findlay in the women’s triathlon. Sportsnet also has a full recap of the women’s singles final in tennis and an emotional Difference Makers with Rick Hansen segment on trampoline gymnast Rosie MacLennan’s relationship with her grandfather. All this, plus a look at Usain Bolt’s first day back on the track for the first round of the men’s 100m.

OLN PRIMETIME (7:00pm-11:00pm)

Men’s Soccer Quarterfinals

NBC PRIMETIME (8:00pm-Midnight ET/PT)

Swimming concludes with four finals, including the men’s and women’s medley relays. Plus the women’s 100m dash, the women’s springboard semifinal in Diving and Beach Volleyball.

NBC LATE NIGHT (12:35am-1:35am ET/PT)

Finals in the women’s discus, plus events in track Cycling.


LONDRES 2012 à V

Triathlon (Femmes), Aviron et Trampoline (en direct, 4h00)
Athletisme (en direct, 11h15)
Athletisme et Boxe (en direct, 14h00)


Triathlon, Athletisme (Hommes) et Water-polo (en direct, 4h00)
Plongeon (Femmes) et Soccer (Hommes) (en direct, 9h30)
Couverture en direct de Natation, Halterophilie et Basketball (Hommes) (en direct, 14h00)


Un rameur en couple finale (femmes), poids léger deux de couple finale (hommes), un rameur en couple finale (femmes), poids léger deux de couple finale (femmes), poids léger deux de couple finale (hommes), poids léger deux de couple finale (femmes) (en direct, 4h30)
Tennis, finale hommes et femmes (en direct, 9h00)

Aujourd`hui à Londres à V (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Jean Pagé examines the day’s highlights.

Aujourd`hui à Londres à RDS (7:00-11:00pm)

Host Chantal Machabée presents the highlights from the third day of London 2012 competition.



Badminton: Women’s Doubles Bronze (live; 4:00am) – Hindi
Badminton: Women’s Singles Bronze/Gold Finals (live; 8:30am) – Hindi


Men’s Soccer: Brazil v. Honduras (live; 12:00pm) – Portuguese


Mandarin Primetime (7:00-8:30pm)
Cantonese Primetime (8:30-10:00pm)

OMNI Alberta

Men’s Soccer: Brazil v. Honduras (live; 12:00pm) – Portuguese
Mandarin Primetime (7:00-8:30pm MT)
Cantonese Primetime (8:30-10:00pm MT)


Men’s Soccer: Brazil v. Honduras (live; 12:00pm) – Portuguese
Mandarin Primetime (7:00-8:30pm PT)
Cantonese Primetime (8:30-10:00pm PT)

The Canadian Sports Media Blog is in no way affiliated with any Olympic broadcaster or the Olympic Games themselves. I take no responsibility for any errors in this schedule as it is subject to change and updates can happen at any time.

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Everything You Need to Know About Watching the 2012 Olympics… In Canada

In this post I hope to provide a quick primer of television coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games in Canada. Coverage can at times be, overwhelming. I hope to provide as much detail as possible, without making this post overwhelming.

Let’s start with the two questions everyone needs answered? Where can I watch the Olympics and when?

CTV will broadcast approximately 18 hours of first-run Olympic coverage per day. It is broken down into three windows.

  • Olympic Morning (hosts Dave Randorf and Catriona Le May Doan) will air from 4:00am ET until 12:00pm ET.
  • Olympic Daytime (hosts James Duthie and Jennifer Hedger) will air from 12:00pm until 6:00pm ET.
  • Olympic Primetime (host Brian Williams) will provide highlights of the top events of the day, including any Canadian medal performances. It will air from 7:00pm until 11:00pm LOCAL (8-midnight in Atlantic Canada). This broadcast will re-air following local news at midnight LOCAL (1:00am in Atlantic Canada).
  • CTV’s coverage will mainly focus on full coverage of the big events (athletics, swimming, diving, rowing and gymnastics), as well as live highlights of other big events taking place. It will be somewhat similar to CBC’s coverage of past Summer Olympics.

TSN will broadcast approximately 15 hours of Olympic coverage per day. It is also broken down into three windows.

  • Olympic Morning (host Kate Beirness) will air from 6:00am until 12:00pm ET.
  • Olympic Daytime (host Michael Landsberg) will air from 12:00pm until 5:00pm ET.
  • Olympic Primetime (host Darren Dutchyshen) will feature highlights from earlier in the day and usually air from 7:00pm-11:00pm ET. Some nights, due to conflicts with live CFL broadcasts, it will air on TSN2.
  • TSN’s flagship highlights show SportsCentre will also air live from London (host Jay Onrait) between Olympic Daytime and Primetime most nights.
  • TSN’s coverage will focus on some major events, as well as smaller ones. It will also include long-form coverage of many team sports like basketball, beach volleyball and soccer.

Sportsnet will also broadcast approximately 15 hours of coverage per day. Again, broken into three windows.

  • Olympic Morning (host Don Taylor) will air from 6:00am until 12:00pm ET.
  • Olympic Daytime (host Daren Millard) will air from 12:00pm until 5:00pm ET.
  • Olympic Primetime (host Brad Fay) will usually air from 7:00pm until 11:00pm ET on Sportsnet East and Ontario, MT on Sportsnet West and PT on Sportsnet Pacific. Check your local listings to confirm these times in your area.
  • Sportsnet Connected (host Ken Reid) will also air live from London from 5:00pm until 7:00pm ET every night of the Games.
  • Sportsnet’s coverage is similar to TSN’s with a big focus on long-form coverage of team sports.

OLN will broadcast live long-form coverage of outdoor events like equestrian on many days. Their coverage varies day-to-day, so check back for updates (or see CTV’s Viewers’ Guide).

NBC will broadcast approximately 11 hours of first-run Olympic coverage per day. Their coverage is also broken down into three windows.

  • Olympic Daytime (hosts Al Michaels and Dan Patrick) will usually air from 10:00am until 5:00pm Eastern and 9:00am until 4:00pm Pacific (a one hour tape delay for those who receive NBC from Seattle or Spokane). Daytime coverage will start early on the weekends for complete coverage of the road races in cycling and marathons in athletics.
  • Olympic Primetime (host Bob Costas) will usually air from 8:00pm until midnight ET/PT. It will begin, and end, an hour earlier on Sundays. It will also re-air at 1:35am ET/PT.
  • Olympic Late Night (host Mary Carillo) will usually air from 12:35an until 1:35am.
  • Most of the major events will only air on NBC on tape delay in Primetime. These include swimming finals, athletics finals, major beach volleyball games, gymnastics and diving. NBC’s Daytime coverage will feature live coverage of other sports, usually including USA water polo and/or volleyball matches.

CNBC and MSNBC are both American cable channels that are available in Canada. While they are showing Olympic coverage in the US, their coverage is usually blacked out here in Canada.

RDS, RDS2 and V are showing the Olympics in French. OMNI and ATN are showing coverage in other languages as well.

For those at work, the broadcasts for CTV, TSN and Sportsnet are streamed live online. CTVOlympics.ca will also feature world feed streams for many other events.

The Opening Ceremony will air live on CTV, TSN, Sportsnet and OLN Friday July 27 beginning at 4:00pm ET. It will re-air at 7:30pm ET on CTV, TSN2 and Sportsnet. It will also air for the first time on NBC at 7:30pm ET.

Each day during the Olympics the Canadian Sports Media Blog (in conjunction with Channel Canada) will post a daily TV schedule for English, French and third-language broadcasts in Canada. Check back every evening for that. I will also write a series of 3+ opinion pieces on television coverage of The Games every weekend beginning on Sunday evening.

SportsCentre is Live in London During the Olympics

As has been previously mentioned, TSN’s flagship program SportsCentre will broadcast live from London during the 2012 Olympics. Jay Onrait will host the evening edition of SportsCentre from Trafalgar Square. Dan O’Toole will join him from Toronto. SportsCentre join’s CTV’s National News and Sportsnet’s Connected broadcasting in London during the Olympics.

Here is TSN’s press release.

The world’s biggest spectacle hits London this week and SPORTSCENTRE, Canada’s most-watched sportscast, will be live in the heart of London at Trafalgar Square giving Canadians extensive coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Special editions of SPORTSCENTRE air live from London beginning today on TSN and run through to the end of the Games.

Hosted by popular TSN anchors Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, the special editions of SPORTSCENTRE air at 6 p.m. ET Monday to Thursday and expand to two hours daily beginning at 5 p.m. ET starting on Monday, July 30.

Onrait hosts live from TSN’s prime broadcast location in Trafalgar Square located next to Canada House with a stunning backdrop that includes London’s iconic “Big Ben” and the House of Parliament. O’Toole joins Onrait from the SPORTSCENTRE studio covering all of the news developing in the world of sports. Reporter Brent Wallace is also on location in London filing daily London 2012 Olympic Games reports.

Onrait and O’Toole have gathered international acclaim for their work on SPORTSCENTRE and were recently featured in the Wall Street Journal.

SPORTSCENTRE is part of TSN’s comprehensive coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games. As part of Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, TSN will deliver 252.5 hours of London 2012 coverage, making it the eighth time in network history that TSN is televising the Olympic Games.

2012 Olympic Multicultural Commentators

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Consortium has announced its 2012 Olympic hosts and commentators. OMNI will broadcast coverage in Cantonese, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese and Punjubi. ATN will provide coverage in Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Urdu. Among the commentators are HNIC pubjabi play-by-play announcer Harnarayan Singh.

Here is the press release.

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium is pleased to announce its multilingual broadcast team for the London 2012 Olympic Games. In total, the Consortium’s multilingual broadcast partners OMNI Television and the Asian Television Network (ATN) will air 223 hours of coverage during the 17-day event with a 28-person broadcast team. The London 2012 Olympic Games takes place July 27 to August 12.

The Consortium’s broadcast team will deliver live event coverage in 11 different languages: Bangla, Cantonese, English, French, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu. Olympic Games highlights will also air in news programs on OMNI Television.

As Canada’s broadcast leader in multilingual and multicultural programming, OMNI Television will deliver 103 hours of coverage in five different languages: Cantonese, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Punjabi. Their broadcast team consists of 23 commentators – a variety of studio hosts, play-by-play announcers, renowned sports analysts, athletes-turned-broadcasters, and news anchors – all dedicated to providing multilingual coverage of London 2012.

“Our outstanding broadcast team will deliver a unique experience, bringing the thrill of the Games in languages of comfort for OMNI Television audiences, along with inspiring stories for Canada’s multilingual communities,” said Madeline Ziniak, National President, OMNI Television.

The OMNI Television broadcast team is as follows:

  • Cantonese: Alex Chum (Host), Fiona Law (Host), Raymond Li (Play-by-play, Badminton), Karen So (Host, Opening Ceremony), Paul Wan (Host), Ximing Yao (Analyst, Badminton)
  • Italian: Dino Cavalluzzo, (Host), Giorgio Mitolo (Host)
  • Mandarin: Wei Lee (Host), Gen Mei Liu (Analyst, Aquatics), YJ Liu (Analyst, Table Tennis), Shawn Wang (Host), Lisa Wu (Host), Ann Wang (Analyst, Aquatics), Tony Xiang (Analyst, Table Tennis), Bowen Zhang (Host, Opening and Closing Ceremonies)
  • Portuguese: Lidia Ferreira (Host), Adalberto Thomaz (Play-by-play, Soccer)
  • Punjabi: Surinder Pal Chahal (Analyst, Wrestling) , Nick Sandhu (Analyst, Field Hockey), Amarinder Singh (Play-by-Play, Field Hockey), Harnarayan Singh, (Play-by-Play, Wrestling), Jasdip Wahla (Host)

ATN, Canada’s largest South Asian broadcaster, will deliver 120 hours of Games coverage during the London 2012 Olympic Games in five different languages including: Bangla, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Urdu. ATN will have five full-time broadcasters during the Games.

“We consider it a privilege to partner with Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium,” said Dr. Shan Chandrasekar, President and CEO of ATN. We are very proud to give our community this wonderful opportunity to cheer on the Canadian Olympic team and others from around the world to develop an appreciation for the Games. By offering badminton in Hindi, field hockey in Punjabi, athletics in Tamil, gymnastics in Urdu, and boxing in Bangla, we are at the forefront of multilingual sports coverage.”

The ATN broadcast team is as follows:

  • Bengali: Suman Rahman (Play-by-play, Boxing and Gymnastics)
  • Hindi: Rajinder Lamba (Play-by-play, Badminton)
  • Punjabi: Amarjit Sangha (Play-by-play, Field Hockey and Weightlifting)
  • Tamil: Vasakan Ratnathurai (Play-by-play, Athletics and Shooting)
  • Urdu: Ashfaq Hussain (Play-by-play, Archery and Gymnastics)

Connected is Live in London Starting July 27

A couple of Olympic-related press releases to share tonight. First up, Sportsnet has announced that Ken Reid will host the evening edition of Connected from London from July 27 through August 12. The special Olympic Connected will air for two hours, from 5-7pm ET, each night of the Games on Sportsnet immediately following Olympic Daytime. Hazel Mae, the regular evening Connected host, will take over for Jamie Campbell hosting Blue Jays broadcasts during the Games.

TSN will also broadcast an evening edition of SportsCentre from London with host Jay Onrait. It will also air from 5-7pm ET most nights during the Olympics.

Here is Sportsnet’s press release.

With 10 days remaining until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sportsnet’s Connected is packing its bags – and studio desk – for the UK to bring Canadians live coverage from downtown London of the network’s nightly news program from July 27 to Aug. 12.

Host Ken Reid will anchor Connected’s coverage from London at the Sportsnet studio located on the River Thames, with spectacular views of the iconic Tower Bridge in the background. Coverage kicks off on Friday, July 27 at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT on Sportsnet East, Ontario, West and Pacific, immediately following the Opening Ceremony.

Reid will host a live two-hour edition of Connected every night at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT starting Saturday, July 28. Connected will keep fans in-the-know regarding all things 2012 Games-related, including highlights and recaps of each day’s events. Sportsnet reporter Ian Mendes will also file daily reports and features from London.

In addition to London 2012 Olympic Games news and highlights, Connected will remain Canada’s prime destination for all of the latest and biggest regional, national and global sports stories.

Connected on location at London 2012 complements Sportsnet’s 252.5 hours of live event coverage as part of Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. Other Rogers media properties that are official London 2012 broadcasters within the Consortium are OMNI Television (103 hours of event coverage), OLN (170 hours of event coverage), and Rogers Radio, which will air a daily hour-long highlights show, updates three times an hour every day during the Games, and dedicated London 2012 coverage during Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown from 6 to 7 p.m. ET each day.

CTV’s London 2012 Promotional Campaign Begins Sunday

The London 2012 Olympic Games are less than six months away. This Sunday, during their Super Bowl XLVI coverage, CTV will debut a series of new promotional ads for their London 2012 coverage. Gorden Pinsent returns as the narrator for some ads, while Halifax’s Ellen Page will narrate others. Here is CTV’s press release about the new campaign.

It’s Super Buzz Weekend on CTV. The network announced today that it will launch its new BELIEVE promotional campaign in support of its broadcast of the London 2012 Olympic Games during its exclusive coverage of SUPER BOWL XLVI this Sunday. Featuring the voices of Canadian actors Ellen Page and Gordon Pinsent on CTV and TSN, the campaign begins just after the six-month countdown to London 2012 was marked on January 27. Additionally, the network will use the opportunity to debut more than one hundred versions of never-seen-before, on-air creative, supporting CTV’s star-studded mid-season schedule and upcoming programming on Bell Media specialty channels.

“The SUPER BOWL is not only an amazing platform for clients to reach their customers by the millions, but it is also a tremendous opportunity for us to introduce, tease, and launch campaigns for upcoming programming on CTV and other Bell Media properties,” said Rick Lewchuk, Senior Vice-President, Bell Media Agency. “In addition to introducing the stunning new London 2012 BELIEVE campaign, we are keeping the overall SUPER BOWL viewing experience as fresh as possible with a wide range of brand-new creative.”

The original award-winning BELIEVE campaign debuted in advance of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games – helping to inspire a nation and introduce Canadians to its Olympic heroes. The London 2012 BELIEVE campaign rekindles the incredible feeling of national pride that grew out of Vancouver 2010, engaging new Canadians by showcasing how the Olympic spirit of BELIEVE has spread to their homelands. Showcasing both Canadian and international athletes, the production involved three separate crews shooting over six months across Canada, the U.S., India, China, the Philippines, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Jamaica, Scotland, and England to create the look and feel of a trailer for a dramatic feature film.

The Bell Media Agency will also unveil new creative for upcoming sporting events including TSN’s TradeCentre, NCAA March Madness, SCOTTIES TOURNAMENT OF HEARTS, and the 100th Grey Cup, as well as promote the upcoming original CTV documentary DARKNESS AND HOPE: DEPRESSION, SPORTS AND ME (Feb. 8) in support of next Wednesday’s Bell Let’s Talk Day.

About Believe

In the six-month rollout of this year’s campaign, a total of 29 different image spots of various lengths have been produced to air on CTV and TSN, and in French on RDS. Academy Award® nominee Ellen Page and legendary Gemini Award-winning actor Gordon Pinsent voice the promos airing on CTV and TSN respectively. The RDS campaign spots are voiced by popular Quebecois actor Pierre Lebeau.

The Vancouver 2010 BELIEVE campaign has been internationally recognized, winning 13 PromaxBDA Awards, including the World Gold for “Live Event Campaign.”

The BELIEVE campaign was created, developed, and produced by the award-winning Bell Media Agency. Rick Lewchuk is Senior Vice-President, Bell Media Agency and Brand Strategy. Sandy Fraser is Senior Director of Olympic Promotion.

Here is a sample of the new CTV promos. Continue after the break for more samples.

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