Sunday, Monday & Wednesday Night MLB on TSN in 2015

TSN will show over 80 games this upcoming MLB season with ESPN’s Sunday, Monday and Wednesday Night Baseball across their five feeds and will also show ESPN’s flagship show Baseball Tonight. It begins tonight with Baseball Tonight at 7pm ET followed by the St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs at 8pm ET beginning the 2015 season. Monday will see three games back-to-back as part of MLB Opening Day.

Sunday Night Baseball has the usual crew of Dan Shulman, John Kruk and Curt Schilling. Monday Night Baseball has Dave O’Brien on play-by-play, Aaron Boone as full-time analyst, and in the first half of the season Mark Mulder with Dallas Braden in the second half. Wednesday Night Baseball will see Jon Sciambi and Rick Sutcliffe return.

TSN Radio 1290 Winnipeg has all Blue Jays games during the year while Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts can be heard across the TSN Radio network as well as select Blue Jays matchups, MLB playoff games and the World Series.

Below is the TSN on MLB schedule thus far.

tsn mlb 2015

2015 Toronto Blue Jays on Sportsnet

The Toronto Blue Jays’ 2015 season begins Monday and as usual, Sportsnet will cover all 162 games. The four regional Sportsnet channels will have 131 of the games with Sportsnet One picking up the remaining 31. A majority of those 31 will occur during the NHL playoffs. 60 games will be on TVA Sports for those of the French-language and all covered by The Fan 590 on the ol’ wireless radio.

The usual heads return to call the action — on the TV side are Buck Martinez, Pat Tabler and Joe Siddall, and in the radio booth will be Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner.

The full schedule as listed on the Jays website is below. The September 26 game will be on Sportsnet despite not being listed.

2015 blue jays sked

NHL Canadian TV Schedule: April 1–7

RATINGS: Sat, HNIC 7pm, CBC/Rogers, 1.9m; Sat, Stars-Van, CBC, 903k; Sun, Hawks-Jets, City, 631k; Sat HNIC Pre-Game, CBC/Rogers, 433k; Sat, Rangers-Bruins, SN360, 217k; Sun, Pre-Game, City, 192k; Sun, Flames-Preds, SN West, 183k; Fri, Flames-Wild, SN West, 167k; Sun, Bruins-Canes, SN, 164k; Fri, Stars-Oilers, SN1, 142k.


7:30pm, Toronto at Buffalo: SN (Dave Randorf, Greg Millen, Elliotte Friedman)
8pm, Philadelphia at Pittsburgh: SN1, TVA Sports
10pm, Edmonton at Anaheim: SN West*
10:30pm, Colorado at San Jose: SN1


7:30pm, Washington at Montreal: SN East*, RDS*
7:30pm, Tampa Bay at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS2*
7:30pm, Boston at Detroit: SN360, TVA Sports
8pm, Calgary at St. Louis: SN West*
8:30pm, Vancouver at Chicago: SN Pacific*
10:30pm, Edmonton at Los Angeles: SN West*


7pm, Chicago at Buffalo: Sabres TV*
7pm, Montreal at New Jersey: SN360, RDS* (John Bartlett, Jason York)
10pm, Colorado at Anaheim: SN1


2pm, Pittsburgh at Columbus: SN360
3pm, Vancouver at Winnipeg: TSN3*, SN Pacific*
7pm, Toronto at Boston: CBC (Jim Hughson, Glenn Healy, Craig Simpson, Scott Oake)
7pm, Washington at Ottawa: SN, TVA Sports (Bob Cole, Garry Galley, Christine Simpson)
7pm, Buffalo at NY Islanders: Sabres TV*
7pm, Detroit at Minnesota: City
10pm, Calgary at Edmonton: CBC (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)
10pm, Colorado at Los Angeles: SN, TVA Sports


12:30pm, Pittsburgh at Philadelphia: NBC, SN
5pm, Montreal at Florida: SN, RDS* (John Bartlett, Jason York)
7:30pm, Ottawa at Toronto: City, TVA Sports (Dave Randorf, Greg Millen, David Amber)


7pm, Carolina at Buffalo: Sabres TV*
7pm, Columbus at NY Rangers: SN
8pm, Winnipeg at Minnesota: TSN3*
10pm, Los Angeles at Vancouver: SN Pacific*


7pm, NY Rangers at New Jersey: TVA Sports
7pm, NY Islanders at Philadelphia: SN East/Ontario/Pacific
7:30pm, Pittsburgh at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS*
8pm, Winnipeg at St. Louis: TSN3*
9pm, Arizona at Calgary: SN West*
9:30pm, Los Angeles at Edmonton: SN1/East/Ontario/Pacific

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Ratings courtesy Yahoo Sports

2015 NCAA Men’s Division I Ice Hockey Championship on TSN

The top sixteen NCAA ice hockey teams compete beginning today for the championship and all games will be broadcast by TSN. The regional semifinals run today until Sunday and then the Frozen Four semifinals plus championship takes place April 9–11.

ESPN’s lead hockey play-by-play commentator John Buccigross and lead hockey analyst Barry Melrose call the action from the Frozen Four, with reports from Quint Kessenich.

Here is the full schedule. All times are Eastern. Subject to change.

Friday, March 27

Yale vs. Boston University @ 2pm on TSN2
St. Cloud State vs. Michigan Tech @ 4:30pm on TSN GO
Minnesota vs. Minnesota Duluth @ 5:30pm on TSN3
Quinnipiac vs. North Dakota @ 8pm on TSN3

Saturday, March 28

Boston College vs. Denver @ 3pm on TSN2
RIT vs. Minnesota St. Mankato @4 pm on TSN1
Northeast Regional Final @ 5:30pm on TSN2
Harvard vs. Omaha @ 7:30pm on TSN GO
Providence vs. Miami (Ohio) @ 8pm on TSN2 (joined in progress)
West Regional Final @ 9pm on TSN2

Sunday, March 29

East Regional Final @ 5pm on TSN4
Midwest Regional Final @ 7:30pm on TSN2

Thursday, April 9

NCAA Frozen Four Semifinal #1 @ 5pm on TSN2
NCAA Frozen Four Semifinal #2 @ 8:30pm on TSN2

Saturday, April 11

NCAA Frozen Four Championship @ 7:30pm on TSN2

NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 25–31

RATINGS: For the first time this season, the horrific Toronto Maple Leafs were banished from the CBC to cable television. A quick search of Twitter on Saturday night revealed a whole bunch of whiny people wanting to see a bunch of garbage clowns on free television. 875,000 people managed to find the game on Sportsnet, while the Montreal-San Jose game on CBC got 922,000 viewers – not quite as good as the million-plus the Leafs usually get, but with a combined audience of 2.2 million for the early slot, I doubt Rogers are too upset. Here’s the remainder of NHL ratings: Van-Coyotes, City Sun, 627k; Flyers-Oilers, CBC Sat late, 512k; Caps-Jets, CBC Sat early, 414k; Van-LA, SNP Sat, 355k; Sunday pre-game, City, 310k; Jackets-Flames, SNW Sat, 163k; Blues-Wild, SNE/O Sat, 121k.


8pm, Chicago at Philadelphia: TVA Sports
8pm, Colorado at Edmonton: SN (Kevin Quinn, Drew Remenda, Gene Principe)
10pm, Dallas at Calgary: SN1 (Rick Ball, Eric Francis, Kelly Hrudey, Roger Millions)


7pm, Anaheim at Boston: TVA Sports
7pm, Arizona at Buffalo: Sabres TV*
7pm, Los Angeles at NY Islanders: SNOntario/West/Pacific
7:30pm, Florida at Toronto: TSN4*
7:30pm, NY Rangers at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS2*
8pm, Montreal at Winnipeg: TSN3*, SN East*, RDS*
10pm, Colorado at Vancouver: SN Pacific*


8pm, Calgary at Minnesota: SN West*
9:30pm, Dallas at Edmonton: SN1 (Kevin Quinn, Drew Remenda, Mark Spector, Gene Principe)


1pm, NY Rangers at Boston: SN360
7pm, Ottawa at Toronto: CBC, TVA Sports 2 (Bob Cole, Greg Millen, Scott Oake)
7pm, Florida at Montreal: City, TVA Sports (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, Dave Amber)
8pm, Los Angeles at Minnesota: SN
9pm, Buffalo at Colorado: Sabres TV*
10pm, Dallas at Vancouver: CBC (Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)


3pm, Washington at NY Rangers: TVA Sports
5pm, Florida at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS*
5pm, Boston at Carolina: SN East/Ontario/Pacific
5pm, Calgary at Nashville: SN West*
7:30pm, Chicago at Winnipeg: City, WGN (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Scott Oake)


7:30pm, Tampa Bay at Montreal: SN East*, RDS*
8pm, Vancouver at St. Louis: SN Pacific*
8:30pm, Los Angeles at Chicago: SN Ontario
8:30pm, Calgary at Dallas: SN West*
9pm, Edmonton at Colorado: SN1
10pm, Buffalo at Arizona: Sabres TV*


7pm, Florida at Boston: SN East/Ontario/West
7:30pm, Tampa Bay at Toronto: TSN4*, TVA Sports
7:30pm, Ottawa at Detroit: TSN5*, RDS*
8pm, Vancouver at Nashville: SN Pacific*
8pm, NY Rangers at Winnipeg: TSN3*

NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 18–24


8pm, Chicago at NY Rangers: SN1, TVA Sports
10pm, Columbus at Edmonton: SN Oilers*
10:30pm, Los Angeles at Anaheim: SN


7:30pm, San Jose at Toronto: TSN4*, TVA Sports
7:30pm, Carolina at Montreal: SN East*, RDS*
7:30pm, Boston at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS2*
8pm, St. Louis at Winnipeg: TSN3*
8:30pm, Pittsburgh at Dallas: SN360
9pm, Philadelphia at Calgary: SN West*
10pm, Columbus at Vancouver: SN Pacific*


7pm, New Jersey at Buffalo: Sabres TV*
7:30pm, Detroit at Tampa Bay: SN360, TVA Sports
10pm, Colorado at Anaheim: SN1


2pm, St. Louis at Minnesota: SN East/Ontario
4pm, Columbus at Calgary: SN West*
4pm, Vancouver at Los Angeles: SN Pacific*
7pm, San Jose at Montreal: CBC, TVA Sports (Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy, Christine Simpson)
7pm, Toronto at Ottawa: SN, TVA Sports 2 (Bob Cole, Garry Galley, David Amber)
7pm, Washington at Winnipeg: City (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Scott Oake)
8pm, Buffalo at Nashville: Sabres TV*
10pm, Philadelphia at Edmonton: CBC (Dave Randorf, Greg Millen, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)


12pm, St. Louis at Detroit: NBC, SN360
5pm, Boston at Tampa Bay: TVA Sports
8pm, Vancouver at Arizona: City (John Shorthouse, John Garrett, Dan Murphy)


7pm, Los Angeles at New Jersey: SN East/Ontario/Pacific
7:30pm, Minnesota at Toronto: TSN4*
7:30pm, San Jose at Ottawa: TSN5*
8:30pm, Buffalo at Dallas: Sabres TV*
9pm, Colorado at Calgary: SN West*
9:30pm, Winnipeg at Edmonton: TSN3*, SN Oilers*


7pm, Los Angeles at NY Rangers: SN Ontario/West/Pacific
7pm, St. Louis at Pittsburgh: TVA Sports
8pm, Montreal at Nashville: SN East*, RDS*
10pm, Winnipeg at Vancouver: SN

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GamePlus stays exclusive to Rogers customers; Rogers appeals to the hip kids

…The CRTC announced yesterday morning that it had dismissed Bell Media’s complaint over the NHL Game Centre app and the exclusive GamePlus features available only to Rogers customers, calling it “innovative”.

To encourage innovative ways of presenting content and the creation of compelling content for digital media, including Internet and mobile video services, the CRTC allows companies to provide exclusive content to their subscribers, as long as it is not created mainly for traditional television.

The CRTC considers that the programming available on GamePlus is essentially produced for distribution on digital media. As such, it can be offered exclusively and does not constitute an undue preference in favour of Rogers subscribers. In the CRTC’s view, Rogers is in compliance with the established rules.

The CRTC chairman added that GamePlus is a second-screen digital-only experience and thus is compliant with the current rules for television that Bell used to make their argument. If Bell were smart, they would offer exclusive content to their customers for major properties they have rights to such as the NFL.

…Sportsnet is allegedly hip with the kids – so says a new research survey released earlier this month.

Asked to identify the biggest changes in this year’s NHL telecasts, respondents cited the availability of more out-of-town games, more games on additional channels and a “hipper” feel to telecasts. One person’s response: “It’s different, trying to appeal to the younger viewer somewhat but I’m still fine with it.”

Among the biggest complaints lobbed at Rogers were fewer Montreal Canadiens games and less access to French broadcasts, while some respondents described the new telecasts as “flashy” and “gimmicky.”

Depending on what circles you frequent, you’re probably one of the 55% who rank Rogers’ broadcasts as average to poor or one of the 38% who gave them a score of between seven and nine out of ten. The lads over at Pension Plan Puppets do a great job of destroying the Rogers press release touting their newfound coolness.

…Tomorrow night is the hugely anticipated (read: I only just heard about it for the first time) debut of Hockey Wives – an eight-part realty series about the life and times of wives of ice hockey players in the NHL on something called the W Network. I’m sure it’ll be riveting.

— Dan | @SportsOnCdnTV