Your NHL Canadian TV Schedule: November 25–December 1


  • 7pm | Nashville at Buffalo | Sabres TV*
  • 7pm | Montreal at NY Rangers | SN East/Ontario, RDS*
  • 7pm | Winnipeg at Washington | TSN3*
  • 7pm | Edmonton at Carolina | SN 360/West
  • 7pm | Vancouver at Minnesota | SN1/Pacific
  • 7:30pm | Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings | TVA Sports
  • 9:30pm | Ottawa at Carolina | TSN5*, RDS*


  • No NHL games (US Thanksgiving)


  • 1pm | NY Rangers at Boston | NBC, SN
  • 3:30pm | Nashville at Philadelphia | SN
  • 4pm | Winnipeg at Minnesota | TSN3*
  • 5pm | Chicago at Anaheim | WGN
  • 7pm | Carolina at Buffalo | Sabres TV*
  • 7pm | Montreal at New Jersey | SN East*, RDS*
  • 7pm | Pittsburgh at Columbus | SN Ontario
  • 7:30pm | Edmonton at Detroit | SN West*, TVA Sports
  • 8:30pm | Vancouver at Dallas | SN Pacific*
  • 9pm | Calgary at Arizona | SN Flames*


  • 7pm | Washington at Toronto | CBC
    Play-by-play: Jim Hughson; Game Analysts: Glenn Healy and Craig Simpson; Reporter: Scott Oake
  • 7pm | New Jersey at Montreal | City, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Bob Cole; Game Analyst: Greg Millen; Reporter: David Amber
  • 7pm | Edmonton at Pittsburgh | SN
    Play-by-play: Paul Romanuk; Game Analyst: Mike Johnson; Reporter: Gene Principe
  • 8pm | Buffalo at Nashville | Sabres TV*
  • 10pm | Winnipeg at Colorado | SN
    Play-by-play: John Shorthouse; Game Analyst: John Garrett; Reporter: Dan Murphy
  • 10pm | Ottawa at Arizona | City
    Play-by-play: Dave Randorf; Game Analyst: Garry Galley; Reporter: Roger Millions
  • 10pm | Calgary at San Jose | CBC
    Play-by-play: Rick Ball; Game Analyst: Kelly Hrudey; Reporter: Cassie Campbell-Pascall
  • 10:30pm | Chicago at Los Angeles | WGN


  • 2pm | Florida at Detroit | SN, TVA Sports


  • 7:30pm | Edmonton at Toronto | SN, TVA Sports
  • 10pm | Vancouver at Anaheim | SN Pacific*


  • 7:30pm | Columbus at Montreal | SN East*, RDS*
  • 7:30pm | Philadelphia at Ottawa | TSN5*, RDS2*
  • 7:30pm | Buffalo at Detroit | Sabres TV*, TVA Sports
  • 9pm | Dallas at Calgary | SN West*
  • 10:30pm | Vancouver at Los Angeles | SN Pacific*

Your NFL on Canadian TV Week 11 Guide


8:25pm | Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars
Sportsnet, TVA Sports
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms


1pm | Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthera
CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Ontario
Fox Boston, Burlington, Rochester, Buffalo, Minneapolis, Spokane, Tacoma
Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis

1pm | Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears
CTV Vancovuer, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Alberta
CBS Boston, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Spokane, Seattle
Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

1pm | New York Jets at Houston Texans
CTV Two nationwide
CBS Burlington, Watertown, Rochester, Buffalo
Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

1pm | Oakland Raiders at Detroit Lions
CBS Detroit
Andrew Catalon, Steve Tasker, Steve Beuerlein

4:25pm | Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings
CTV2 nationwide
Fox Boston, Burlington, Rochester, Buffalo, Detroit, Minneapolis
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman

4:25pm | San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
CTV Vancouver, Alberta
Fox Spokane, Tacoma
Chris Myers, Ronde Barber

4:25pm | Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers
CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
Spero Dedes, Solomon Wilcots

8:15pm | Cincinnati Bengals at Arizona Cardinals
NBC, TSN1/3/4
Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth


8:15pm | Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots
Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden

BYE: Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers.

Your NHL Canadian TV Schedule: November 18–24


  • 7:30pm | Vancouver at Winnipeg | SN
  • 8pm | Washington at Detroit | TVA Sports
  • 9:30pm | Chicago at Edmonton | SN1


  • 7:30pm | Arizona at Montreal | City Montreal*, RDS*
  • 7:30pm | Columbus at Ottawa | TSN5*, RDS2*
  • 8pm | Buffalo at St. Louis | Sabres TV*


  • 7pm | Toronto at Carolina | SN Ontario*
  • 7:30pm | Montreal at NY Islanders | SN East*, RDS*
  • 9pm | Chicago at Calgary | SN West*
  • 9pm | New Jersey at Edmonton | SN Oilers*


  • 7pm | Toronto at Boston | CBC
    Play-by-play: Paul Romanuk; Game Analysts: Glenn Healy and Mike Johnson; Reporter: Scott Oake
  • 7pm | Philadelphia at Ottawa | City, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Dave Randorf; Game Analyst: Garry Galley; Reporter: Christine Simpson
  • 7pm | Arizona at Winnipeg | SN
    Play-by-play: Rick Ball; Game Analyst: Greg Millen; Reporter: Sean Reynolds
  • 8pm | Buffalo at Dallas | Sabres TV*
  • 10pm | Chicago at Vancouver | CBC, SN, WGN, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Jim Hughson; Game Analyst: Craig Simpson; Reporter: Cassie Campbell-Pascall


  • 7pm | NY Islanders at Montreal | SN, RDS*
    Play-by-play: Randorf; Game Analyst: Galley; Reporter: Oake
  • 10pm | New Jersey at Vancouver | SN Pacific*


  • 7pm | St. Louis at Buffalo | Sabres TV*
  • 7pm | Nashville at NY Rangers | SN1/East/Ontario/Pacific
  • 7pm | Edmonton at Washington | SN West*
  • 7:30pm | Boston at Toronto | TSN4*
  • 8pm | Colorado at Winnipeg | TSN3*


  • 8:30pm | Ottawa at Dallas | TSN5*, RDS*
  • 10pm | Calgary at Anaheim | SN West*

Your NFL on Canadian TV Week 8 Guide


9:30am: Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs (in London, England)
CTV nationwide; Fox nationwide; RDS2
Sam Rosen, John Lynch

1pm: Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers
CTV2 nationwide; RDS2
CBS Boston, Burlington, Detroit, Spokane, Seattle
Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

1pm: New York Giants at New Orleans Saints
CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Ontario
Fox Boston, Burlington, Rochester, Buffalo
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston

1pm: Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns
CTV Saskatchewan, Alberta, Vancouver
Fox Spokane, Tacoma
Matt Smith, Chris Cooley

1pm: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
CTV Winnipeg
Fox Detroit, Minneapolis
Chris Myers, Ronde Barber

4:05pm: New York Jets at Oakland Raiders
CTV2 nationwide except Atlantic
CBS Watertown, Rochester, Buffalo, Cleveland, Minneapolis
Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

4:25pm: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys
CTV nationwide and CTV2 Atlantic; Fox nationwide; RDS2
Thom Brennaman, Troy Aikman

8:30pm: Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos
NBC; TSN3/4/5
Al Michaels, Cris Collingworth


8:30pm: Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers
Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden

MLB 2015 Postseason Championship Television Schedule

With four teams remaining, including your Toronto Blue Jays, Sportsnet will continue full coverage of the MLB postseason. All games of the LCS series’ will be shown on the four regional Sportsnet channels. You can also watch via or the Sportsnet app with cable authentication required. For French-language viewers, RDS carries the American League and TVA Sports the NL.

Friday, October 16

  • ALCS Game 1: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals — 8pm on Fox, Sportsnet, RDS

Saturday, October 17

  • ALCS Game 2: Toronto Blue Jays at Kansas City Royals — 4pm on Sportsnet, RDS
  • NLCS Game 1: Chicago Cubs at New York Mets — 8pm on Sportsnet, TVA Sports 2

Sunday, October 18

  • NLCS Game 2: Cubs at Mets — 8pm on Sportsnet, TVA Sports

Monday, October 19

  • ALCS Game 3: Royals at Jays — 8pm on Sportsnet, RDS

Tuesday, October 20

  • ALCS Game 4: Royals at Jays — 4pm on Sportsnet, RDS2
  • NLCS Game 3: Mets at Cubs — 8pm on Sportsnet, TVA Sports 2

Wednesday, October 21

  • ALCS Game 5: Royals at Jays — 4pm on Sportsnet, RDS
  • NLCS Game 4: Mets at Cubs — 8pm on Sportsnet, TVA Sports

Friday, October 23

  • ALCS Game 6: Blue Jays at Royals — 8pm on Sportsnet, RDSInfo

Saturday, October 24

  • ALCS Game 7: Blue Jays at Royals — 8pm on Sportsnet, RDS

(My) Top 10 Music Performances on Letterman

Does this have anything to do with sports, no. However, music performances on Letterman are probably my favourite part of the show. Is this a definitive list of the best music performances on Letterman, no. But these are some of my favourites in no particular order. Sound quality is not the best on all of them (I’d say many came from VHS)

Foo Fighters – Everlong (Letterman’s favourite song)

Oasis – Live Forever (My favourite song)

New Pornographers – The Laws Have Changed

Smashing Pumpkins – Pefect

Alice in Chains – Again/We Die Young

Stone Temple Pilots – Vasoline

Blur – Tender (with a choir!)

The Black Keys – I Got Mine (remember when it was really only the 2 of them?

Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows

Coldplay – Trouble

Sunday, Monday & Wednesday Night MLB on TSN in 2015

TSN will show over 80 games this upcoming MLB season with ESPN’s Sunday, Monday and Wednesday Night Baseball across their five feeds and will also show ESPN’s flagship show Baseball Tonight. It begins tonight with Baseball Tonight at 7pm ET followed by the St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs at 8pm ET beginning the 2015 season. Monday will see three games back-to-back as part of MLB Opening Day.

Sunday Night Baseball has the usual crew of Dan Shulman, John Kruk and Curt Schilling. Monday Night Baseball has Dave O’Brien on play-by-play, Aaron Boone as full-time analyst, and in the first half of the season Mark Mulder with Dallas Braden in the second half. Wednesday Night Baseball will see Jon Sciambi and Rick Sutcliffe return.

TSN Radio 1290 Winnipeg has all Blue Jays games during the year while Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts can be heard across the TSN Radio network as well as select Blue Jays matchups, MLB playoff games and the World Series.

Below is the TSN on MLB schedule thus far.

tsn mlb 2015