Canadian Sports Ratings Update: January 3, 2013

The round robin of the World Juniors is now over. Between live and encore broadcasts all of Canada’s games topped the million mark. Here are the ratings from the last week of 2012. I’ll start fresh with 2013 ratings, hopefully including NCAA bowl games, more World Juniors and the NFL playoffs, next week.

CAN-GER, Dec 26, TSN: 372, 000 (1.066 million in encores)
CAN-SVK, Dec 28, TSN: 286, 000 (1.164 million in encores)
CAN-USA, Dec 30, TSN: 561, 000 (1.095 million in encores)
CAN-RUS, Dec 31, TSN: 1.6 million (918, 000 in encores)

DAL-WSH, Dec 30, TSN: 719, 000

HOU-CHI, Dec 25, TSN: 245, 000
DEN-LAC, Dec 25, TSN: 156, 000
TOR-SA, Dec 26, SN: 125, 000
DAL-OKC, Dec 27, TSN: 126, 000
BOS-LAC, Dec 27, TSN: 71, 000
TOR-ORL, Dec 29, TSN: 191, 000

To put the World Junior numbers in context, 178, 000 people watched the third airing of Canada beating Germany on TSN. Only 125, 000 watched the live Raptors game on Sportsnet at the same time. Then again, the Raptors were bested by 3 of the other 4 NBA games on in primetime on December 25 and 27 too. For more information on the World Junior ratings, see TSN’s press release.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: December 30, 2012

Here are some of the last ratings for 2012. I will post this weekend’s NFL ratings as well as some more World Junior round robin ratings later in the week though. As always, follow Whitey Fisk on Twitter for the latest updates for NFL and NBA.

CAN-GER, Dec 26, TSN: 1.221 million*

CIN-PHI, Dec 13, SN: 290, 000
SF-NE, Dec 16, TSN: 610, 000
NYJ-TEN, Dec 17, TSN: 510, 000
ATL-DET, Dec 22, TSN: 537, 000
SF-SEA, Dec 23, TSN: 663, 000

LAL-NY, Dec 13, TSN: 89, 000
DAL-TOR, Dec 14, TSN: 177, 000
TOR-CLE, Dec 18, TSN: 195, 000
DET-TOR, Dec 19, SN: 159, 000
ORL-TOR, Dec 21, TSN: 168, 000

STJ-HAM, Dec 21, SN: 142, 000

*This number includes 372, 000 for the live airing at 4:30am ET and 849, 000 for the first repeat at noon ET. The noon ET broadcast was the highest rated program in Canada on Boxing Day.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: December 14

Here are the latest sports ratings. As usual, thanks to Whitey Fisk for posting many of these.

DET-GB, Dec 9, TSN: 480, 000
HOU-NE, Dec 10, TSN: 602, 000

UFC 154 Prelims, Nov 17, SN: 325, 000
Henderson-Diaz, Dec 8, SN: 454, 000

Niagara-London, Dec 7, SN: 200, 000

LAL-CLE, Dec 11, SN E/O/1: 54, 000

NFL ratings continue to hold steady. This is the second straight week that Monday Night Football has topped an average of 600, 000 viewers. The three primetime games this week averaged almost 500, 000 viewers, up slightly from 458, 000 last week.

According to a Sportsnet press release Friday Night Hockey ratings are up in all four regions over last season in the 25-54 demographic. In terms of total viewers, Friday Night Hockey is up 20% over last season.

The Henderson vs. Diaz fight on Saturday was the highest rated live UFC broadcast in Sportsnet history.

Sports Ratings Update: December 10, 2012

First off, sorry I haven’t been able to update this much lately. Been extremely busy and honestly haven’t had that much desire to spend time on it. However, here are the ratings I’ve compiled since the last time. These cover the past month more or less, from November 7 until now.

EDM-TOR, Nov 11, TSN: 1.1 million
SSK-CGY, Nov 11, TSN: 1.6 million
TOR-MTL, Nov 18, TSN: 1.432 million (+ 466, 000 on RDS)
CGY-BC, Nov 18, TSN: 1.855 million (+ 105, 000 on RDS)
CGY-TOR, Nov 25, TSN: 5.5 million (+ 300, 000 on RDS)

IND-JAX, Nov 8, SN: 378, 000
CHI-HOU, Nov 11, TSN: 525, 000
KC-PIT, Nov 12, TSN: 459, 000
MIA-BUF, Nov 15, SN: 421, 000
BAL-PIT, Nov 18, TSN: 556, 000
CHI-SF, Nov 19, TSN: 538, 000
NE-NYJ, Nov 22, SN: 325, 000
CAR-PHI, Nov 26, TSN: 354, 000
NO-ATL, Nov 29, SN: 317, 000
PHI-DAL, Dec 2, TSN: 451, 000
NYG-WSH, Dec 3, TSN: 606, 000
DEN-OAK, Dec 6, SN: 411, 000

Canada Cup Round Robin, Nov 28, TSN: 267, 000
Canada Cup Round Robin, Nov 29, TSN: 313, 000
Canada Cup Men’s Semi, Dec 1, TSN: 302, 000

TOR-DAL, Nov 7, TSN: 128, 000
OKC-CHI, Nov 8, TSN: 64, 000
PHI-TOR, Nov 12, TSN: 176, 000
UTA-TOR, Nov 12, SN1: 142, 000
TOR-PHI, Nov 20, TSN: 186, 000
TOR-CHA, Nov 21, SN: 129, 000
TOR-HOU, Nov 27, SN: 95, 000
TOR-MEM, Nov 28, SN: 84, 000
NYY-MIA, Dec 6, TSN: 104, 000
TOR-UTAH, Dec 7, TSN: 77, 000

Benfica-Celtic, Nov 20, SNO: 73, 000*
Olympiakos-Arsenal, Dec 4, SNO: 49, 000*

CIS Football
Laval-McMaster, Nov 23, TSN: 502, 000 (+ 408, 000 on RDS)

Crashed Ice
Niagara Falls, Dec 1, SN: 128, 000

*These are encore broadcasts of games originally shown live earlier in the day.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: November 9

Here are the latest ratings. Thanks to Whitey Fisk for publicizing many of these.

HAM-TOR, Nov 1, TSN: 769, 000
CGY-EDM, Nov 2, TSN: 725, 000
MTL-WPG, Nov 2, TSN: 642, 000
SSK-BC, Nov 3, TSN: 828, 000

KC-SD, Nov 1, SN: 213, 000
DAL-ATL, Nov 4, TSN: 577, 000
PHI-NO, Nov 5, TSN: 580, 000

TOR-BRK, Nov 3 SN: 185, 000
TOR-OKC, Nov 6, TSN: 91, 000

All numbers BBM Canada 2+

A few notes…

  • The three CFL games this week averaged 741, 000 viewers. That is fairly consistent with last week’s average.
  • With no baseball or hurricane competition, Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football were well up over last week. The average rating for the two games was up 37% over last week.
  • After a great start, Raptors ratings have fallen back to the usual. Even on Tuesday night with no competition from original programming (except on CBC), the game couldn’t muster 100, 000 viewers.
  • The CFL playoffs begin this weekend. Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor will call the East Semi Final between the Argonauts and Eskimos, while Rod Black and Duane Forde will call the West Semi Final as the Roughriders face the Stampeders. I think both games will see ratings increases over last season. Last year the CFL’s two smallest markets, Hamilton and Winnipeg, both made the playoffs at the expense of large markets in Toronto and Saskatchewan. With the Riders and Argos both playing on Sunday, it will only help ratings in English Canada. Since the Alouettes played in the East Semi last season, RDS will likely see a large drop off compared to last year.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: November 1

Here are the latest ratings. Thanks to Whitey Fisk and Bill Brioux for publicizing many of these.

BC-CGY, Oct 26, TSN: 701, 000
WPG-HAM, Oct 28, TSN: 672, 000
TOR-SSK, Oct 27, TSN: 1.026 million
EDM-MTL, Oct 28, TSN: 546, 000
HAM-TOR, Nov 1, TSN: 769, 000

DET-SF (g1), Oct 24, SN: 801, 000
DET-SF (g2), Oct 25, SN: 729, 000
SF-DET (g3), Oct 27, SN: 779, 000
SF-DET (g4), Oct 28, SN: 792, 000

NYG-DAL, Oct 28, Citytv: 508, 000
NO-DEN, Oct 28, TSN: 339, 000
SF-ARZ, Oct 29, TSN: 396, 000

Skate Canada
Men’s Free, Oct 27, CTV: 679, 000

IND-TOR, Oct 31, TSN: 346, 000

Martinsville 500, Oct 28, TSN2: 336, 000

Old Hockey
HNIC Your Pick, Oct 27, CBC: 181, 000


All numbers are BBM Canada 2+



A few notes…

  • The World Series averaged 775, 000 viewers over four games on Sportsnet. That is slightly up from the 7 game series betwen Texan and St. Louis last season ;however, the first four games only averaged 567, 000 viewers. The hockey lockout obviously helps a bit, but it I think it is fair to say the popularity of baseball is slightly on the rise in Canada as well. This was the lowest rated World Series in history on FOX in America.
  • The Pacers-Raptors game on Wednesday night was the highest rated Raptors game since the 2009-10 season. It was lower than most NBA Finals games from June, but higher than just about every other basketball game from last season. Yet again, a product of the NHL lockout. Usually TSN’s Wednesday Night Hockey is king on Wednesdays, while hoops is shuffled to TSN2. Basketball took centre-stage on Wednesday, and with no competition, brought in as many viewers as some nationally broadcast NHL games do. Now, can the Raps keep it up?
  • Skate Canada Saturday night ratings were actually slightly down from a year ago, when CTV’s coverage when head-to-head with a Leafs-Penguins game that averaged over 2 million viewers.
  • The three main NFL games (Sunday 4pm, Sunday 8pm, Monday) were down slightly from last week. The World Series (Sunday) and Hurricane Sandy (Monday) probably played a role in this.
  • The CFL averaged 736, 000 viewers this week, buyoyed by over a million for the playoff bound Riders and Argonauts. I credited the lack of sucess of these two teams as a major factor in the drop in CFL ratings last year. Seems like their good seasons will help raise CFL ratings this year. As a whole, the ratings are slightly down over week 17 though.

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: October 27

Here are the latest ratings as the CFL and Baseball postseason continue to benefit from the lack of hockey. And hockey from 20 years ago benefits from no hockey this year. Thanks to Whitey Fisk and Bill Brioux for publicizing many of these.

WPG-TOR, Oct 19, TSN: 688, 000
EDM-BC, Oct 19, TSN: 729, 000
MTL-SSK, Oct 20, TSN: 720, 000
HAM-CGY, Oct 20, TSN: 929, 000

NYY-DET (g3), Oct 16, SN: 799, 000
SF-STL (g4), Oct 18, SN: 398, 000
SF-STL (g5), Oct 19, SN: 487, 000
STL-SF (g6), Oct 21, SN: 497, 000
STL-SF (g7), Oct 22, SN: 645, 000

NYJ-NE, Oct 21, Citytv: 487, 000
PIT-CIN, Oct 21, TSN: 448, 000
DET-CHI,Oct 22, TSN: 560, 000

CGY-VAN (’94), Oct 20, CBC: 217, 000

All numbers are BBM Canada AMA 2+

First off, anyone who says the NFL is way more popular than the CFL needs to look at these numbers. Yes, many watch the NFL on Sunday afternoon on American nets or Sunday Ticket, but the three big nationally televised games were all well below the CFL standard.

I’m not sure of the exact percentage change, but Sportsnet’s LCS ratings were up over last year. Games 1 and 3 of the Yankees series was far and away better than thar 528, 000 high mark from last season. Giants-Cardinals averaged 477, 000 viewers for the six games that weren’t affected by rain.

MLB Wins Friday Night, but CFL Wins Weekend Ratings Battle

In a rare occurance, a baseball game beat CFL Friday Night Football this past weekend; however, the 110-yard game stormed back to take the highest sports rating of the weekend. Thanks to Whitey Fisk and Bill Brioux for publicizing many of these.

BC-HAM, Oct 12, TSN: 571, 000
SSK-EDM, Oct 13, TSN: 888, 000
MTL-TOR, Oct 14, TSN/RDS: 842, 000

STL-WSH (g5), Oct 12, SN: 610, 000
DET-NYY (g1), Oct 13, SN: 730, 000
STL-SF (g1), Oct 14, SN: 389, 000
STL-SF (g2), Oct 15, SN: 448, 000

GB-HOU, Oct 14, TSN: 398, 000
DEN-SD, Oct 15, TSN: 563, 000

All numbers are BBM Canada AMA 2+

So, as you can see, baseball won head-to-head on Friday, but football (CFL and NFL) won head-to-head on Saturday and Sunday.

Not really any big surprises, but I did think STL-SF would slightly edge out GB-HOU on Sunday night. The difference was only a few percentage points and considering viewers could have watched FOX and NBC (respectively), the margin of error is probably close enough that neither truly won. Regardless, TSN’s football beat Sportsnet’s baseball two out of three nights.

The small percentage difference between the NLCS and Sunday Night Football is a completely different story than in America where the Packers-Texans game on NBC had almost triple the number of viewers as baseball on FOX.

Also of note, Felix Baumgartner’s thrilling jump to earth from over 125, 000 feet in the air attracted an averaged audience of 435, 000 on Sportsnet Sunday morning over 3 hours. That’s impressive considering the first two and a half hours were spent watching him slowly go up into the atmosphere. The audience peaked at 1.25 million as he was falling. Nearly 1.9 million viewers watched at least some of the broadcast, which shows there were a few who got bored with the long wait and gave never came back.

Top Rated 2012 Olympic Broadcasts

CTV released their final 2012 Olympic ratings this afternoon. I’m not going to bother debating their coverage anymore, simply because it’s over. I don’t care anymore. The next potential chance for CTV to show an Olympics isn’t until 2018. That’s a long way off. The numbers are fairly staggering. An average of 7.5 million Canadians (5.1 million watched it live on CTV alone) watched the closing ceremony last night. Not only does that make it the highest rated closing ceremony ever, but the highest rated Summer Olympic broadcast too. A combined audience of 2.419 watched the Beijing Closing Ceremony (live and encore) on CBC and CBC Newsworld in 2008.

Here is a comparison of 2004, 2008 and 2012 for Morning, Overnight (which was live in 2008) and Primetime coverage, as well as the Ceremonies. Note that CBC didn’t have Daytime coverage in 2008, so I’ve chosen not to include it.

Olympic Morning (CTV/CBC)
Athens 2004: 322, 000
Beijing 2008: 675, 000
London 2012: 922, 000*

Note: London 2012 only only days 1-9, which is all that’s available at the time.

Olympic Primetime (CTV/CBC)
Sydney 2000: 1.255 million
Athens 2004: 1.1 million
Beijing 2008: 1.294 million
London 2012: 1.967 million*

*Note: London 2012 only includes days 1-9, which is all that’s available at the time.

Olympic Primetime (TOTAL)
Beijing 2008: 1.434 million
London 2012: 2.8 million*

*Note: London 2012 only includes through day 13. The last two full days of competition are not available. 2008 includes CBC and TSN broadcasts (and not RDS or Radio-Canada), while 2012 includes all networks involved in the consortium.

Olympic Overnight (CTV/CBC)
Athens 2004: 212, 000
Beijing 2008: 544, 000
London 2012: 429, 000*

*Note: London 2012 only includes days 1-9, which is all that’s available at the time.

Opening Ceremony (live broadcast only)
Atlanta 1996: 4.3 million
Athens 2004: 1.4 million
Beijing 2008: 1.6 million
London 2012: 6.4 million

Closing Ceremony (live broadcast only)
Beijing 2008: 933, 000
London 2012: 5.1 million

(Credit to Chris Zelkovich for past CBC ratings)

Of course, it is worth remembering that sports ratings have trended higher since BBM Canada introduced portable-people-metres as their measurement system in 2010.

A couple more numbers to think about. The peak minute audience for CBC in 2008 was 2.574 million, for Simon Whitfield’s silver medal performance in triathlon. The 2012 opening ceremony peaked at 8.1 million viewers. CBC averaged around 300, 000 streams per day in 2008. cracked the million mark consistently, which shows the direction sports broadcasting is headed.

Here are the ten most watched 2012 Olympic events on CTV. Following the break, you can find many more ratings I’ve compiled over the past two weeks.

1. Athletics, men’s 100m final (CTV, V, RDS) – 6.2 million
2. Women’s Soccer, Canada v. USA (CTV, TSN, V) – 3.8 million
3. Athletics, men’s 1500m semifinal (CTV, V) – 3.1 million
4. Swimming, women’s 50m freestyle final (CTV, RDS) – 3.0 million
5. Athletics, women’s 400m hurdles, round 1 (CTV, V) – 3.0 million
6. Swimming, men’s 4x100m medley final (CTV, RDS) – 2.9 million
7. Swimming, men’s 1500m final (CTV, RDS) – 2.8 million
8. Athletics, men’s 200m final (CTV, V, RDS) – 2.7 million
9. Women’s beach volleyball, CZE-USA (CTV) – 2.6 million
10. Cycling, men’s omnium 15km (CTV, RDS) – 2.5 million

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CTV Boasts that London 2012 Ratings Up 74% Over 2008

Canadian medal performances over the first few days have helped push CTV’s Olympic Prime ratings up 45% higher than CBC’s Olympic Prime (which included live swimming) in 2008. Obviously the new ratings system that was introduced after the 2008 Olympics, which has resulted in higher sports ratings across the board, is a factor too.

Here is CTV’s press release.

After the first three days of events (July 28 – 30), audiences for Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium’s coverage of London 2012 are averaging 2.1 million viewers overall throughout its 22 hours of daily coverage, and 2.8 million in prime time alone. The daily average is up a massive 74%* compared to the same period for Beijing 2008. On CTV alone, the Consortium’s tape-delayed prime time coverage of London 2012 (1.9 million) is tracking 45% higher than CBC’s live/taped prime time coverage of Beijing 2008 (1.3 million) for the same time period. From the start of the 2012 Games to date, an incredible 28 million Canadians – or 83.4% of the population – has watched some coverage on Consortium channels.


The popularity of London 2012 is crossing all age and gender lines. Females make up 52% of the A18+ audience, Games-to-date, while the broadcast has reached 85% of all Men 18+, 84% of all Women 18+, and 78% of all younger viewers aged 2-17.


Audiences for swimming events have dominated Consortium coverage so far, comprising the Top 5 most-watched events, including the most-watched event yet in Canada, swimming: men and women semifinals and finals on July 29 which averaged 2.2 million viewers. Overall, swimming events have reached a total of more than 13 million viewers over the past three days on Consortium networks. Additionally, on July 29 nearly 4.5 million Canadians watched some part of the synchronized diving final as Canada claimed its first medal – a bronze for Émilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel.


“We are very pleased with the results of our coverage thus far,” said Adam Ashton, President, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. “With all Consortium platforms showing growth over the first few days of the Games, we are confident that, with many marquee events and top medal contenders still to come, we will continue to achieve new standards for a Summer Games. Congratulations to all of our Canadian athletes as they continue to perform on the world stage – we couldn’t be more proud to deliver their stories and achievements to audiences at home.”


Average audiences on Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium for Days 1 – 3 of London 2012 include:

  July 28-30


(4 a.m. – 12 noon ET)

1.23 million


(12 – 6 p.m. ET)

2.74 million


(7 – 11 p.m. ET)

2.8 million


CTV NATIONAL NEWS is also averaging 1.5 million viewers from the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games to date, more than tripling the average of CBC NATIONAL (PART 1) (466,000) and up 31% compared to its summer average.**


Additional Highlights for Days 1-3:

  • Weightlifting: Men’s 56kg is the most-watched event so far on CTV garnering 2 million viewers on July 29
  • Beach Volleyball: Men – Canada vs. Great Britain has been the most popular event on TSN, with 664,000 viewers on July 28
  • Weightlifting: Women’s 53kg is the most-watched event on Sportsnet, garnering 554,000 viewers on July 29
  • V delivered 412,000 viewers for the Beach Volleyball: Men – Canada vs. Great Britain game on July 28
  • RDS saw 385,000 tune in to the Beach Volleyball: Women – Great Britain vs. Canada game on July 29


By the end of Day 3, and sites and apps saw nearly 6 million visits, delivering a combined 41.7 million page views, pacing 11% higher than Vancouver 2010 with most marquee events still ahead. With a total of 4.5 million video views, more than 184,000 hours of video has been consumed on classic web alone (desktop and laptop). The Ultimate Fan experience – which invites fans to earn points and enter to win prizes – has resulted in 32% more time spent on the site by those visitors compared to users who are not playing the game. While sites within Bell Media usually receive 12% of their traffic from mobile sites, 62% of page views on Consortium digital platforms during London 2012 have come via a mobile device.

London 2012 Opening Ceremony Attracts Record Audience

Can’t say I’m all that surprised. The Opening Ceremony was on during prime evening viewing in the east, at times when many regularly tune into local CTV News, SportsCentre or Connected anyway. I am a bit surprised by the number though, 6.4 million viewers. That’s double the number CBC recorded for the Atlanta Opening Ceremony in 1996. These numbers might make Canadian networks think twice about not bidding on the 2014/2016 Olympics.

Live coverage of the LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES OPENING CEREMONY Friday night by Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium has broken records as the most-watched Summer Olympic Games broadcast on record in Canada. On average, 6.4 million Canadians watched the late-afternoon, 3.5- hour-plus ceremony from 4-7:30 p.m. ET, making it the second most-watched Opening Ceremony on record in Canada behind Vancouver 2010 (13.5 million).

The audience eclipsed the previous Summer Olympic record-holder, the ATLANTA 1996 OPENING CEREMONY (4.3 million), by 49%, and delivered nearly four times the audience of BEIJING 2008 OPENING CEREMONY (1.6 million) and more than four times the audience of ATHENS 2004 OPENING CEREMONY (1.4 million). Last night’s prime time encore broadcast of the OPENING CEREMONY attracted 3 million viewers from 7:45 – 11 p.m. ET, while earlier in the day 1.6 million Canadians watched the Consortium’s OPENING CEREMONY PRE-SHOW from 2-4 p.m. ET.

Airing live across Consortium networks in six languages (English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Punjabi), an astonishing 16.6 million viewers, or nearly one in every two Canadians, tuned in to some part of the ceremony. Overall, 64% of Canadians watched some Olympic Games coverage on the Consortium’s channels yesterday. The television coverage peaked at 8.1 million viewers at 7:36 p.m. ET when the Olympic Cauldron was lit.

Meanwhile, nearly 1.5 million Canadians watched CTV NATIONAL NEWS WITH LISA LaFLAMME live from London, an increase of 36% compared to its summer average.

Directed by two-time Academy Award®-winner Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire), the Opening Ceremony took viewers on a whirlwind visual and musical ride through London’s rich history, from Shakespeare to the industrial revolution to present day. Appearances were made by Daniel Craig as the iconic character James Bond, alongside Queen Elizabeth II, soccer star David Beckham, beloved Harry Potter author J.K Rowling, Mr. Bean star Rowan Atkinson, and a stellar closing performance of “Hey Jude” by the legendary Paul McCartney.

Showing a possible change in trends of how people will consume London 2012, more than half the traffic (54%) to and yesterday was from a mobile device.

Weekend Sports Ratings Update: July 16, 2012

A little treat for everyone this evening. I have the ratings for all 4 CFL games and all 3 Jays games over the weekend. It looks like the CFL has rebounded after a bit of a slow start. The four games on the weekend averaged just over 700, 000 viewers on TSN and RDS. That is a rebound from last week when only two games cracked 700, 000 viewers. And one game (CGY-TOR) was below 500, 000. This week three of the four games hit the 700, 000 mark, with the other nearing 600, 000.

The Jays, meanwhile, averaged 663, 000 viewers for their three game series with Cleveland. These are also up slightly from last weekend’s series against Chicago. The Jays hit a high of 758, 000 viewers on Sunday afternoon, when there wasn’t much else on for sports.

What has impressed me most overall this season is how sports ratings in general are up this summer. People (a lot of people) watched Euro 2012 on hot summer afternoon. Jays ratings are well up from last season. CFL ratings are also, at the very least, holding consistent when compared to the first few weeks of last season. That may or may not be good news for the CFL as it enters into negotiations for a new television deal. Holding steady is always good; however, last year’s ratings were down overall from 2010. While the CFL’s ratings still put it in the top-tier of Canadian sports, I’m sure a slight bump wouldn’t hurt the league’s finances a bit.

Here are all the CFL and Jays ratings for this past weekend.

CGY-MTL, July 12, TSN/RDS: 799, 000
WPG-EDM, July 13, TSN: 596, 000
BC-SSK, July 14, TSN: 707, 000
TOR-HAM, July 14, TSN: 751, 000

CLE-TOR, July 13, SN: 645, 000
CLE-TOR, July 14, SN: 586, 000
CLE-TOR, July 15, SN: 758, 000

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: July 13, 2012

Here are some more Canadian sports ratings. Lots of Jays and CFL games to report on. I will likely post two more sports ratings updates, then it will be three weeks of special Olympic editions of this feature. Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for postings many of these.

TOR-KC, July 2, SN: 662, 000
TOR-KC, July 3, SN: 791, 000
TOR-KC, July 4, SN: 769, 000
TOR-KC, July 5, SN: 801, 000
TOR-CWS, July 6, SN: 727, 000
TOR-CWS, July 7, SN: 582, 000
TOR-CWS, July 8, SN: 573, 000
Home Run Derby, July 9, SN: 1.15 million

WPG-MTL, July 6, TSN: 591, 000
HAM-BC, July 6, TSN: 729, 000
CGY-TOR, July 7, TSN: 434, 000
EDM-SSK, July 8, TSN: 624, 000

Men’s Final, July 8, TSN: 538, 000

Coke Zero 400, July 7, TSN: 476, 000

Calgary Stampede
Rangeland Derby/Rodeo, July 7, CBC: 270, 000

Toronto Indy, July 8, TSN2: 236, 000

Canadian Sports Ratings Update: July 4, 2012

Here are more ratings, including a strong start to the CFL season for TSN and RDS. Also, Euro ratings impress again. Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for posting many of these.

UEFA Euro 2012
ESP-POR (SF), June 27, TSN: 1.112 million
GER-ITA (SF), June 28, TSN: 1.172 million
ESP-ITA (final), July 1, TSN: 2.57 million
ESP-ITA (final), July 1, RDS: 412, 000

SSK-HAM, June 29, TSN: 806, 000
WPG-BC, June 29, TSN: 851, 000
TOR-EDM, June 30, TSN: 605, 000
MTL-CGY, July 1, TSN: 519, 000
MTL-CGY, July 1, RDS: 233, 000

TOR-BOS, June 25, SN: 717, 000
LA-SF, June 25, SN W/P: 296, 000
TOR-BOS, June 26, SN: 731, 000
TOR-BOS, June 27, SN: 234, 000
ANA-TOR, June 28, SN: 629, 000
ANA-TOR, June 29, SN: 744, 000
ANA-TOR, June 30, SN: 714, 000
ANA-TOR, July 1, SN: 855, 000

I should note that TVFeedsMyFamily also has Yankees-Indians on June 25 on Sportsnet One as an average of 663, 000 viewers. Not that I don’t believe him; however, the site has made mistakes before. That seems like a very high rating for a game on Sportsnet One, especially between two American teams. I will try to verify it.

The June 27 afternoon ratings are very interesting. About 900, 000 more people watched Euro 2012 on TSN over it’s head-to-head competition from baseball on Sportsnet. Otherwise, it was a great week for the Jays with an average of 560, 000 for the series vs. Boston and 735, 000 for the series against the Angels over the weekend.

CFL ratings seem okay, but not spectacular. It seems many tuned out on Sunday night (especially in Quebec) with Canada Day festivities across the country. While the Jays couldn’t beat the CFL head-to-head on Friday night, their weekend afternoon games beat both the Saturday and Sunday night CFL ties.

Canadian Sports Rating Update: July 3, 2012

I hope everyone had a good Canada Day long weekend. I didn’t get a chance to post the sports ratings for June 18-24 during it, so here they are.

Just a reminder that this is a very busy month in sports with the 2012 London Olympics beginning in less than 25 days. I will focus much of my attention on the Olympics during the next six weeks. I hope to begin posting weekly preview articles on both the Games themselves and CTV and NBC’s broadcasting coverage later this week.

I’ll have Canada Day weekend ratings later this week.

Thanks to TVFeedsMyFamily for posting many of these.

UEFA Euro 2012
ITA-IRE, June 18, TSN: 503, 000
ENG-UKR, June 19, TSN: 676, 000
CZE-POR (QF), June 21, TSN: 652, 000
GER-GRE (QF), June 22, TSN: 917, 000
ESP-FRA (QF), June 23, TSN: 1.132 million
ENG-ITA (QF), June 24, TSN: 2.058 million

NBA Finals
OKC-MIA (g4), June 19, TSN: 349, 000
OKC-MIA (g5), June 21, TSN: 475, 000

TOR-MIL, June 18, SN: 663, 000
TOR-MIL, June 19, SN: 665, 000
TOR-MIL, June 20, SN: 345, 000
TOR-MIA, June 23, SN: 575, 000
TOR-MIA, June 24, SN: 572, 000

Awards Show, June 20, CBC: 737, 000
Entry Draft, June 22, TSN: 1.37 million

CFL Preseason
HAM-WPG, June 20, TSN2: 258, 000