Commentator Comp: Week 13

It’s the last week, lucky number 13. It’s been quite the season. Picks are due Sunday 21 April at 11:00pm Pacific. Eight games this week plus a bonus to finish the season. The bonus is worth five points if you get both commentators correct, otherwise, it’s worth nothing.

Toronto-Tampa Bay, Apr. 24, TSN:
Chicago-Edmonton, Apr. 24, TSN:
Ottawa-Washington, Apr. 25, TSN:
Pittsburgh-New Jersey, Apr. 25, NBC SN:
Calgary-Chicago, Apr. 26, TSN:
Montreal-Toronto, Apr. 27, CBC:
Philadelphia-Ottawa, Apr. 27, CBC:
Vancouver-Edmonton, Apr. 27, CBC:

Phoenix-Anaheim, Apr. 27, NBC SN:

NHL Commentators Comp: Week 12

Picks are due Sunday 14 April at 11:00pm Pacific. All six games on Canadian TV included this week.

Toronto-Washington, Apr. 16, TSN:
Montreal-Pittsburgh, Apr. 17, TSN:
Detroit-Calgary, Apr. 17, TSN:
Toronto-Ottawa, Apr. 20, CBC:
Washington-Montreal, Apr. 20, CBC:
Detroit-Vancouver, Apr. 20, CBC: