MLB 2015 Postseason Division Television Schedule

Another summer has come and gone and with fall comes the baseball postseason begins officially today. A slight difference this year with “Canada’s team” the Toronto Blue Jays in the playoffs for the first time in a couple decades.

While we can all be thankful that Sportsnet isn’t allowed to produce their own broadcast of the game, viewers can still get their dose of  Buck, Tabby and Zaun awfulness. For today’s game one at the Rogers Centre, Sportsnet will will have a 90-minute pre-game show beginning at 2pm ET on the Sportsnet regional channels. Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun will host with Zaun’s hockey equivalent Don Cherry making an appearance. Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler will join the panel and Shi Davidi, Barry Davis and Hazel Mae will also be in attendance. There will be a one-hour pre-game for additional Jays games. For those listening on the the Sportsnet/Blue Jays Radio Network, Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner with cover all Jays postseason games.

For game one and three, Fox Sports will be covering the game with Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Harold Reynolds and Ken Rosenthal calling the action. The second game will be produced by MLB Network and will have the great Bob Costas along with Jim Kaat, Harold Reynolds, and Ken Rosenthal.

Note that, like last year, there will be a game (Royals-Astros game 3) exclusive to MLB Network and not broadcast on Sportsnet. MLB Network is available only to Rogers subscribers despite being available for two years now. Hard to say whether MLB is charging too much for carriers to pick it up or carriers don’t think it is worth it.

Full LDS schedule is below. All times are eastern and times/networks subject to change.

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Cubs and White Sox 2015 MLB Season on WGN

Chicago-based superstation WGN, available to nearly all Canadians via their cable/satellite provider, will have coverage of 40 Cubs games and 35 White Sox games during 2015.

Play-by-play announcer Ken Harrelson and color analyst and former White Sox pitcher Steve Stone will return to the White Sox broadcast booth for their seventh season together, while Len Kasper returns for his 11th season in the Cubs’ television booth and will be joined by Jim Deshaies for their third season together broadcasting Cubs baseball.

PDF download of each team’s WGN schedule: Cubs / White Sox.

Yankees and Mets Games Available on WPIX in 2015

New York-based station WPIX will have coverage of 21 New York Yankees games this season as well as 25 New York Mets games. WPIX is available on most Canadian cable and satellite providers.

This will be the sixteenth year WPIX will be broadcasting select Mets games while Yankees games return to the network that previously aired their games for over 50 years. All games will be produced by the teams regular home broadcast network, YES for Yankees and SNY for the Mets.

Yankees games on WPIX (all times eastern)

Friday April 10, Red Sox, 7:00pm
Monday April 13, Orioles, 7:00pm
Sunday April 19, Rays, 1:00pm
Saturday April 25, Mets, 4:00pm
Friday May 15, Royals, 8:00pm
Saturday May 16, Royals, 7:00pm
Saturday May 23, Rangers, 1:00pm
Tuesday May 26, Royals, 7:00pm
Monday June 15, Marlins, 7:00pm
Monday June 22, Phillies, 7:00pm
Friday July 10, Red Sox, 7:00pm
Sunday July 19, Mariners, 1:00pm
Wednesday July 22, Orioles, 7:00pm
Saturday July 25, Twins, 7:00pm
Saturday Aug 1, White Sox, 7:00pm
Thursday Aug 13, Indians, 7:00pm
Monday Aug 17, Twins, 7:00pm
Monday Aug 24, Astros, 7:00pm
Sunday Sept 13, Blue Jays, 1:00pm
Wednesday Sept 16, Rays, 7:00pm
Monday Sept 21, Blue Jays, 7:00pm

Mets games on WPIX  (all times eastern)

Saturday April 11, Braves, 7:00pm
Saturday April 18, Marlins, 7:00pm
Friday April 24, Yankees, 7:00pm
Saturday May 2, Nationals, 7:00pm
Saturday May 9, Phillies, 7:00pm
Sunday May 17, Brewers, 1:00pm
Saturday May 30, Marlins, 4:00pm
Sunday May 31, Marlins, 1:00pm
Saturday June 13, Braves, 4:00pm
Saturday June 20, Braves, 7:00pm
Sunday June 21, Braves, 5:00pm
Saturday June 27, Reds, 4:00pm
Sunday July 5, Dodgers, 4:00pm
Saturday July 11, Diamondbacks, 4:00pm
Sunday July 12, Diamondbacks, 1:00pm
Saturday July 18, Cardinals, 7:00pm
Sunday July 26, Dodgers, 1:00pm
Saturday Aug 8, Rays, 6:00pm
Saturday Aug 15, Pirates, 7:00pm
Saturday Aug 22, Rockies, 8:00pm
Sunday Aug 23, Rockies, 4:00pm
Saturday Aug 29, Red Sox, 4:00pm
Saturday Sept 5, Marlins, 4:00pm
Saturday Sept 12, Braves, 7:00pm
Sunday Sept 20, Yankees, 1:00pm

2015 Toronto Blue Jays on Sportsnet

The Toronto Blue Jays’ 2015 season begins Monday and as usual, Sportsnet will cover all 162 games. The four regional Sportsnet channels will have 131 of the games with Sportsnet One picking up the remaining 31. A majority of those 31 will occur during the NHL playoffs. 60 games will be on TVA Sports for those of the French-language and all covered by The Fan 590 on the ol’ wireless radio.

The usual heads return to call the action — on the TV side are Buck Martinez, Pat Tabler and Joe Siddall, and in the radio booth will be Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner.

The full schedule as listed on the Jays website is below. The September 26 game will be on Sportsnet despite not being listed.

2015 blue jays sked

Toronto Blue Jays And MLB Network Spring Training Coverage

Another MLB season is just around the corner and Sportsnet will have the Toronto Blue Jays spring training games covered across multiple platforms – all 30 games on either Sportsnet 590 The Fan or and 10 games on television. Coverage will include the last two pre-season games from the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

On the TV side, Buck Martinez, Pat Tabler and Joe Siddall will be in the broadcast booth and Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun hosting two special editions of Jays Central in Montreal. In the radio booth, Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner will call the action. Jeff Blair will broadcast his show from Dunedin the week of March 16.

For the 57 of you who are able to get the MLB Network, you can find a list of the 200-ish games they will be showing during spring training here.

Full Jays spring training schedule is below. All times are ET.

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2014 MLB World Series on Sportsnet and Fox

mlbpostseason2014The American League Kansas City Royals and National League San Francisco Giants face off in the 110th MLB World Series and Sportsnet and Fox will have full coverage for Canadian viewers.

On Sportsnet, Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun will preview each game (1 hour preview for games 1 and 3, 30 minute preview otherwise) with MLB Central and will feature reports live on location from Barry David and Hugh Burrill. All games will be on the four regional Sportsnet channels and will feature the voices of Gary Thorne and Rick Sutcliffe from the MLB world feed.

For Fox, Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci will be in the booth with Erin Andrews and Ken Rosenthal reporting. Kevin Burkhardt, Gabe Kapler, Frank Thomas and Nick Swisher will be in the studio and for the first two games, will be joined by David Ortiz. Fox coverage begins at 7:30pm each night except for game 5 (7pm).

On radio, Sportsnet 590 Toronto will have full coverage with Mike Wilner hosting a pre-game show from 7pm each night. Sportsnet 960 in Calgary will broadcast games 2, 4 and 7.

Game 1: Tuesday 21st, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 2: Wednesday 22nd, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox

Game 3: Friday 24th, 8:07pm —Kansas City at San Francisco, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 4: Saturday 25th, 8:07pm — Kansas City at San Francisco, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 5: Sunday 26th, 8:07pm — Kansas City at San Francisco, Sportsnet/Fox

Game 6: Tuesday 28th, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 7: Wednesday 29th, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox

2014 MLB Postseason: ALCS and NLCS on Sportsnet and Fox

mlbpostseason2014Good news: There are no more games exclusively on MLB Network (after the gong show that was last weeks two games) for the rest of the postseason. Better news: Despite Sportsnet having an shit-tonne of hockey, all but three of the ALCS and NLCS games over the next week or so will be on your regular regional Sportsnet channel. The two Wednesday matchups will be on SN 360 with Wednesday Night Hockey showing on SN and SN One and NL Game 5 (if required) will be on SN One as Sportsnet has NFL Thursday Night Football. Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun will host a 30 minute MLB Central preview before each game.

In previous years, Sportsnet have used the mostly horrible MLB International feed for the NLCS series and viewers who preferred their baseball with some production standards could switch to the Fox broadcast. While Sportsnet hasn’t confirmed either way which feed they will be showing, viewers looking for an alternative will have fewer options this season as five out of the seven Cards-Giants games will be on Fox’s cable channel Fox Sports One. Only games one and six will be on your regular over-the-air Fox channel.

Friday October 10, 8pm — AL Game 1: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)

Saturday October 11, 4pm — AL Game 2: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)
Saturday October 11, 8pm — NL Game 1: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet and Fox)

Sunday October 12, 8pm — NL Game 2: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet)

Monday October 13, 8pm — AL Game 3: Baltimore at Kansas City (Sportsnet)

Tuesday October 14, 4pm — NL Game 3: St. Louis at San Francisco (Sportsnet)
Tuesday October 14, 8pm — AL Game 4: Baltimore at Kansas City (Sportsnet)

Wednesday October 15, 4pm — AL Game 5*: Baltimore at Kansas City (Sportsnet 360)
Wednesday October 15, 8pm — NL Game 4: St. Louis at San Francisco (Sportsnet 360)

Thursday October 16, 8pm — NL Game 5*: St. Louis at San Francisco (Sportsnet One)

Friday October 17, 8pm — AL Game 6*: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)

Saturday October 18, 4pm** — NL Game 6*: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet and Fox)
Saturday October 18, 8pm — AL Game 7*: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)

Sunday October 19, 7:30pm — NL Game 7*: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet)

All times are Eastern. * If required. ** Games moves to 8pm if ALCS is complete.

Tonight’s NLDS Game 2 (STL-LAD) Will Only Be Available To A Select Few In Canada

mlbpostseason2014Tonight’s second game of the National League Division Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers is available exclusively on MLB Network.

If you recall correctly, Rogers sponsored MLB Network’s bid with the CRTC to be approved for Canadian carriage and the channel was launched in January of this year. Rogers subscribers in Ontario had access to the network from day one. Flashforward ten months later and this hasn’t changed. Bell, Shaw, et al. have yet to add the channel to their lineup. When I asked a Bell rep earlier in the season about it, they gave the following response:

bell rep mlb

Whether this is actually the reason remains to be seen. Other fans wanting the channel have speculated that MLB Network is asking for more money than Bell, Shaw, etc. are willing to pay for a sports channel that is only really relevant six months a year and features 5–10 live games a week. One can only presume Rogers is paying a significantly cheaper carriage fee as an MLB rights holder and/or due to their sponsorship of MLB’s application.

As for tonight’s inability to watch the game, it seemed to sneak up on most. Sportsnet has constantly advertised that they are they exclusive home of the postseason in Canada. For numerous years gone by, Sportsnet has shown every playoff game every year, so why would this season be any different? MLB Network has had exclusive games in the US before, but this has never mattered here. In Sportsnet’s announcement of their MLB rights renewal and MLB Network launch, no mention was made of MLB Network carrying postseason games or that Sportsnet were no longer exclusively carrying playoff games.

If you want to actually watch the game, there’s the obvious of going to a bar or a mate’s house who has Rogers. You could spend $5 and signup for MLB’s streaming service, though the information on their webpage gives no clear indication if the game is available for Canadians to watch blackout-free. I suggest First Row. If you’re one of those people that have morals, just remember, it isn’t illegal streaming if there is no legal way to actually watch it.*

Sportsnet is more than capable of carrying the game tonight on their plethora of channels. They have pre-season hockey on the four regional networks as well as SN One. SN 360 is showing UFC all night. For those with French-language channels, TVA Sports is carrying the game.

* Not a lawyer. Not real legal advise.

Dan — @SportsOnCdnTV

Five More Years Of Buck and Pat On Blue Jays Games

Sportsnet Blue Jays Bingo Card

Sportsnet Blue Jays Bingo Card

In what is only good news for the guy that runs, Sportsnet have re-signed play-by-play guy Buck Martinez and analyst Pat Tabler to call all the disappointing action of the Toronto Blue Jays for another five years. The duo have been broadcasting together for the past four years.

Sure, there are worse announcers in MLB, but there are also a tonne who don’t screw up players names, home run calls and aren’t blatantly rooting for the team they are calling. If you’ve heard Martinez as an analyst on a TBS post-season broadcast, he actually isn’t too bad in that role when not required to be constantly talking. That said, it looks like he has been dropped for the upcoming post-season.

I will concede I don’t watch Jays games regularly, so maybe I just miss any good moments from them, but I try to avoid their commentary and Sportsnet’s broadcast in general, especially with those horrible superimposed advertisements, something that no other broadcast in baseball is doing (for a reason). This is just one man’s opinion.

You can read the full press release from Sportsnet here along with the comments section that is mostly trashing the pair (beware the stupid auto-play video).

MLB Canadian TV Schedule: April 14-20

Here is this week’s MLB schedule for TSN and Sportsnet.

Monday April 14
7:00pm, Atlanta Braves @ Philadelphia Phillies – TSN2
7:00pm, Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles – SN1
10:00pm, Oakland Athletics @ Anaheim Angels – TSN2

Wednesday April 16
12:30pm, Tampa Bay Rays @ Baltimore Orioles – Sportsnet

Thursday April 17
7:00pm, New York Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays – SN360
8:00pm, Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White Sox – SN1

Sunday April 20
7:00pm, Baltimore Orioles @ Boston Red Sox – TSN2

MLB Canadian TV Schedule: April 7-13

Here is this week’s MLB schedule for TSN and Sportsnet.

Monday April 7
1:00pm, Baltimore Orioles @ New York Yankees – Sportsnet
7:00pm, Texas Rangers @ Boston Red Sox – TSN2

Tuesday April 8
1:00pm, Baltimore Orioles @ New York Yankees – SN1
10:00pm, Detroit Tigers @ Los Angeles Dodgers – SN Pacific

Wednesday April 9
1:30pm, Cincinnati Reds @ St. Louis Cardinals – SN1
10:00pm, Detroit Tigers @ Los Angeles Dodgers – SN West/Pacific

Friday April 11
10:00pm, Oakland Athletics @ Seattle Mariners – SN Pacific

Saturday April 12
1:00pm, Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees – Sportsnet

MLB Canadian TV Schedule: March 30-April 7

Since TSN has added a number of non-Sunday night MLB games to its schedule, and Sportsnet is a bit slow releasing its full schedule this season, I’ve decided to post a weekly MLB schedule on here. At least for the first few weeks of the season. I am not including Blue Jays games or broadcasts on U.S. channels such as WGN. It is also worth remembering that Fox is only showing games on a few Saturday nights this season. Saturday games every other week will air on Fox Sports 1 in the US. And since those FS1 games will co-exist with local broadcasts, early indication is Sportsnet will simulcast the local feed instead of showing the national broadcast, unfortunately.

Sunday March 30
8:00pm, Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Diego Padres – TSN2

Monday March 31
1:00pm, Chicago Cubs @ Pittsburgh Pirates – TSN2
3:00pm, Boston Red Sox @ Baltimore Orioles – TSN
4:00pm, St. Louis Cardinals @ Cincinnati Reds – TSN2
7:00pm, Colorado Rockies @ Miami Marlins – TSN2
10:00pm, Seattle Mariners @ Anaheim Angels – TSN2

Tuesday April 1
10:00pm, Seattle Mariners @ Anaheim Angels – SN Pacific

Wednesday April 2
10:00pm, Seattle Mariners @ Anaheim Angels – SN Pacific

Thursday April 3
10:00pm, Seattle Mariners @ Oakland Athletics – SN West/Pacific

Friday April 4
2:00pm, Milwaukee Brewers @ Boston Red Sox – Sportsnet
10:00pm, Seattle Mariners @ Oakland Athletics – SN Pacific

Saturday April 5
4:00pm, San Francisco Giants @ Los Angeles Dodgers – SN1
7:00pm, Texas Rangers @ Tampa Bay Rays – SN1

TSN Adds ESPN’s Slate of MLB Games to Schedule

TSN has announced that ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, Monday Night Baseball and Wednesday Night Baseball will air on TSN and TSN2 for the next eight seasons. TSN’s coverage will include over 75 games per season. As part of the deal TSN will also show ESPN’s Baseball Tonight program. TSN has shown Sunday Night Baseball since 2010.

TSN’s announcement comes a couple of weeks after Rogers announced it will carry over 300 games per season, including the All Star Game and playoffs, a month ago. This means Canadians will have access to around 400 Major League Baseball games per season. Sportsnet’s contract also ends after the 2021 season.

Rogers Re-news MLB Contract Through 2021

Just six weeks after Rogers became the new national rightsholder for NHL games in Canada, Sportsnet has signed an eight year extension to broadcast its traditional anchor sport, baseball. Sportsnet’s new contract, which includes exclusive rights through 2021, looks very similar to the contract that just came to an end. Sportsnet will show around 300 MLB games each season, including the All Star Game and all postseason matchups. Financial terms were not released.

Rogers Cable has also added MLB Network to its offerings. It is available in Ontario on channel 415 and is on free preview through the end of April. Last year Rogers sponsored MLB Network’s application to became an approved channel in Canada.

Post-Long Weekend News and Notes

EDIT!! I forgot to include one news item. This is why you shouldn’t blog at six in the morning. See point below.

• It is becoming more and more common to see bloggers slowly moving their way up in the digital world, from no-names living in their parents’ basement to B-list television stars. The biggest Canadian names to make this transition happened last week when The Basketball Jones finally broke their summer silence and announced they have joined NBA TV in Atlanta under the new name of The Starters. I became a fan way back when J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas were filming daily podcasts in their apartment (even before that, it was audio only). Along with producers JD and Matt Osten, they joined The Score in 2010 where their daily videos were professionally filmed/produced and they co-hosted Court Surfing each week. Along the way, Trey Kirby joined them from Yahoo Sports and Score employee Leigh Ellis made up the sixth member. With Rogers buying The Score, their future seemed up in the air and hence the move to greener pastures occurred. Here’s the video announcement from the NBA on TNT crew:

• If you’re a Buffalo Sabres fan and happen to live within 50 miles of the city, Bell TV has some good news for you as they will show 50 games during the regular season on a free specialty “Sabres TV” channel on both Bell Fibe and Bell Satellite. The 50-mile radius is from Fort Erie and Niagara to Stoney Creek just south of Hamilton. I’m sure all the folks in Windsor would love to see a similar deal made with the Detroit Red Wings, which has a much larger fan base on this side of the border than Buffalo.

• Bell has also made a deal with the NBA that will allow Bell customers to watch new weekly NBA content on their phones and tablets, featuring player profiles, rookie features and courtside content; and Bell Mobile TV will have daily NBA highlights during the regular season and playoffs. Sadly, there is no mention of NBA League Pass finally being available to Bell customers, which I’m sure NBA fans would rather have than the new lame options listed.

• Fox Sports in the US have acquired the rights to the German Bundesliga and DFL-Cup competitions beginning in the 2015-16 season. GolTV in the US and Canada are both the current rights holders, so this change down south could also see a change of rights holders in Canada (hopefully going to Sportsnet and not beIN Sport), and will turn GolTV Canada into an even sadder and more pathetic channel than it currently is.

• In a sign of how bad the Canadian men’s soccer team currently is, their international friendly against Australia (in England) at 3pm ET today (Tuesday) will be streamed live on and replayed on Sportsnet 360 at Midnight ET. France/Finland, Spain/Georgia, and England/Poland are showing on the Sportsnet family of channels, and I don’t doubt that all three could garner better ratings than the CMNT match.

• For those missing watching former Sportscentre anchor Jay Onrait on their screens every night (though it appears Fox Sports Live is doing a pretty good job of posting highlights of Jay and Dan most nights), Onrait has a new book coming out next month which should tide you over. Anchorboy: True Tales From The World of Sportscasting is currently available for pre-order from HarperCollins Canada and will no doubt be a hilarious read… presuming you’re a fan of that type of humour.

• And finally, Sportsnet continues to piss off two fan bases. Firstly, college football fans by showing duplicate programming on Sportsnet One and SN 360 on Thursday nights instead of the NCAA game of the night, as well as removing Saturday night games from their schedule at the last minute. SN spouted about their extensive NCAA coverage after picking up ESPN’s College Game Day, but have failed miserably so far. TSN on the other hand, after getting off to a slow start, showed more games this past weekend than SN has all season.

SN also is making viewers’ eyes and ears bleed for another MLB post-season as they subject us to the awful MLB International feed for the NLCS series instead of TBS as we endure the ramblings of the always-terrible Rick Sutcliffe. Combined with the graphics and production values of an early 90s high school broadcast, it’s almost enough to make you want to find an illegal stream online. SN even knows how bad it is as they use the TBS feed when showing highlights during the game.