MLB 2015 Postseason Division Television Schedule

Another summer has come and gone and with fall comes the baseball postseason begins officially today. A slight difference this year with “Canada’s team” the Toronto Blue Jays in the playoffs for the first time in a couple decades.

While we can all be thankful that Sportsnet isn’t allowed to produce their own broadcast of the game, viewers can still get their dose of  Buck, Tabby and Zaun awfulness. For today’s game one at the Rogers Centre, Sportsnet will will have a 90-minute pre-game show beginning at 2pm ET on the Sportsnet regional channels. Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun will host with Zaun’s hockey equivalent Don Cherry making an appearance. Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler will join the panel and Shi Davidi, Barry Davis and Hazel Mae will also be in attendance. There will be a one-hour pre-game for additional Jays games. For those listening on the the Sportsnet/Blue Jays Radio Network, Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner with cover all Jays postseason games.

For game one and three, Fox Sports will be covering the game with Kenny Albert, Tom Verducci, Harold Reynolds and Ken Rosenthal calling the action. The second game will be produced by MLB Network and will have the great Bob Costas along with Jim Kaat, Harold Reynolds, and Ken Rosenthal.

Note that, like last year, there will be a game (Royals-Astros game 3) exclusive to MLB Network and not broadcast on Sportsnet. MLB Network is available only to Rogers subscribers despite being available for two years now. Hard to say whether MLB is charging too much for carriers to pick it up or carriers don’t think it is worth it.

Full LDS schedule is below. All times are eastern and times/networks subject to change.

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Cubs and White Sox 2015 MLB Season on WGN

Chicago-based superstation WGN, available to nearly all Canadians via their cable/satellite provider, will have coverage of 40 Cubs games and 35 White Sox games during 2015.

Play-by-play announcer Ken Harrelson and color analyst and former White Sox pitcher Steve Stone will return to the White Sox broadcast booth for their seventh season together, while Len Kasper returns for his 11th season in the Cubs’ television booth and will be joined by Jim Deshaies for their third season together broadcasting Cubs baseball.

PDF download of each team’s WGN schedule: Cubs / White Sox.

Yankees and Mets Games Available on WPIX in 2015

New York-based station WPIX will have coverage of 21 New York Yankees games this season as well as 25 New York Mets games. WPIX is available on most Canadian cable and satellite providers.

This will be the sixteenth year WPIX will be broadcasting select Mets games while Yankees games return to the network that previously aired their games for over 50 years. All games will be produced by the teams regular home broadcast network, YES for Yankees and SNY for the Mets.

Yankees games on WPIX (all times eastern)

Friday April 10, Red Sox, 7:00pm
Monday April 13, Orioles, 7:00pm
Sunday April 19, Rays, 1:00pm
Saturday April 25, Mets, 4:00pm
Friday May 15, Royals, 8:00pm
Saturday May 16, Royals, 7:00pm
Saturday May 23, Rangers, 1:00pm
Tuesday May 26, Royals, 7:00pm
Monday June 15, Marlins, 7:00pm
Monday June 22, Phillies, 7:00pm
Friday July 10, Red Sox, 7:00pm
Sunday July 19, Mariners, 1:00pm
Wednesday July 22, Orioles, 7:00pm
Saturday July 25, Twins, 7:00pm
Saturday Aug 1, White Sox, 7:00pm
Thursday Aug 13, Indians, 7:00pm
Monday Aug 17, Twins, 7:00pm
Monday Aug 24, Astros, 7:00pm
Sunday Sept 13, Blue Jays, 1:00pm
Wednesday Sept 16, Rays, 7:00pm
Monday Sept 21, Blue Jays, 7:00pm

Mets games on WPIX  (all times eastern)

Saturday April 11, Braves, 7:00pm
Saturday April 18, Marlins, 7:00pm
Friday April 24, Yankees, 7:00pm
Saturday May 2, Nationals, 7:00pm
Saturday May 9, Phillies, 7:00pm
Sunday May 17, Brewers, 1:00pm
Saturday May 30, Marlins, 4:00pm
Sunday May 31, Marlins, 1:00pm
Saturday June 13, Braves, 4:00pm
Saturday June 20, Braves, 7:00pm
Sunday June 21, Braves, 5:00pm
Saturday June 27, Reds, 4:00pm
Sunday July 5, Dodgers, 4:00pm
Saturday July 11, Diamondbacks, 4:00pm
Sunday July 12, Diamondbacks, 1:00pm
Saturday July 18, Cardinals, 7:00pm
Sunday July 26, Dodgers, 1:00pm
Saturday Aug 8, Rays, 6:00pm
Saturday Aug 15, Pirates, 7:00pm
Saturday Aug 22, Rockies, 8:00pm
Sunday Aug 23, Rockies, 4:00pm
Saturday Aug 29, Red Sox, 4:00pm
Saturday Sept 5, Marlins, 4:00pm
Saturday Sept 12, Braves, 7:00pm
Sunday Sept 20, Yankees, 1:00pm

2015 Toronto Blue Jays on Sportsnet

The Toronto Blue Jays’ 2015 season begins Monday and as usual, Sportsnet will cover all 162 games. The four regional Sportsnet channels will have 131 of the games with Sportsnet One picking up the remaining 31. A majority of those 31 will occur during the NHL playoffs. 60 games will be on TVA Sports for those of the French-language and all covered by The Fan 590 on the ol’ wireless radio.

The usual heads return to call the action — on the TV side are Buck Martinez, Pat Tabler and Joe Siddall, and in the radio booth will be Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner.

The full schedule as listed on the Jays website is below. The September 26 game will be on Sportsnet despite not being listed.

2015 blue jays sked

Toronto Blue Jays And MLB Network Spring Training Coverage

Another MLB season is just around the corner and Sportsnet will have the Toronto Blue Jays spring training games covered across multiple platforms – all 30 games on either Sportsnet 590 The Fan or and 10 games on television. Coverage will include the last two pre-season games from the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

On the TV side, Buck Martinez, Pat Tabler and Joe Siddall will be in the broadcast booth and Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun hosting two special editions of Jays Central in Montreal. In the radio booth, Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner will call the action. Jeff Blair will broadcast his show from Dunedin the week of March 16.

For the 57 of you who are able to get the MLB Network, you can find a list of the 200-ish games they will be showing during spring training here.

Full Jays spring training schedule is below. All times are ET.

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2014 MLB World Series on Sportsnet and Fox

mlbpostseason2014The American League Kansas City Royals and National League San Francisco Giants face off in the 110th MLB World Series and Sportsnet and Fox will have full coverage for Canadian viewers.

On Sportsnet, Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun will preview each game (1 hour preview for games 1 and 3, 30 minute preview otherwise) with MLB Central and will feature reports live on location from Barry David and Hugh Burrill. All games will be on the four regional Sportsnet channels and will feature the voices of Gary Thorne and Rick Sutcliffe from the MLB world feed.

For Fox, Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds and Tom Verducci will be in the booth with Erin Andrews and Ken Rosenthal reporting. Kevin Burkhardt, Gabe Kapler, Frank Thomas and Nick Swisher will be in the studio and for the first two games, will be joined by David Ortiz. Fox coverage begins at 7:30pm each night except for game 5 (7pm).

On radio, Sportsnet 590 Toronto will have full coverage with Mike Wilner hosting a pre-game show from 7pm each night. Sportsnet 960 in Calgary will broadcast games 2, 4 and 7.

Game 1: Tuesday 21st, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 2: Wednesday 22nd, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox

Game 3: Friday 24th, 8:07pm —Kansas City at San Francisco, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 4: Saturday 25th, 8:07pm — Kansas City at San Francisco, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 5: Sunday 26th, 8:07pm — Kansas City at San Francisco, Sportsnet/Fox

Game 6: Tuesday 28th, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox
Game 7: Wednesday 29th, 8:07pm — San Francisco at Kansas City, Sportsnet/Fox

2014 MLB Postseason: ALCS and NLCS on Sportsnet and Fox

mlbpostseason2014Good news: There are no more games exclusively on MLB Network (after the gong show that was last weeks two games) for the rest of the postseason. Better news: Despite Sportsnet having an shit-tonne of hockey, all but three of the ALCS and NLCS games over the next week or so will be on your regular regional Sportsnet channel. The two Wednesday matchups will be on SN 360 with Wednesday Night Hockey showing on SN and SN One and NL Game 5 (if required) will be on SN One as Sportsnet has NFL Thursday Night Football. Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun will host a 30 minute MLB Central preview before each game.

In previous years, Sportsnet have used the mostly horrible MLB International feed for the NLCS series and viewers who preferred their baseball with some production standards could switch to the Fox broadcast. While Sportsnet hasn’t confirmed either way which feed they will be showing, viewers looking for an alternative will have fewer options this season as five out of the seven Cards-Giants games will be on Fox’s cable channel Fox Sports One. Only games one and six will be on your regular over-the-air Fox channel.

Friday October 10, 8pm — AL Game 1: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)

Saturday October 11, 4pm — AL Game 2: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)
Saturday October 11, 8pm — NL Game 1: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet and Fox)

Sunday October 12, 8pm — NL Game 2: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet)

Monday October 13, 8pm — AL Game 3: Baltimore at Kansas City (Sportsnet)

Tuesday October 14, 4pm — NL Game 3: St. Louis at San Francisco (Sportsnet)
Tuesday October 14, 8pm — AL Game 4: Baltimore at Kansas City (Sportsnet)

Wednesday October 15, 4pm — AL Game 5*: Baltimore at Kansas City (Sportsnet 360)
Wednesday October 15, 8pm — NL Game 4: St. Louis at San Francisco (Sportsnet 360)

Thursday October 16, 8pm — NL Game 5*: St. Louis at San Francisco (Sportsnet One)

Friday October 17, 8pm — AL Game 6*: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)

Saturday October 18, 4pm** — NL Game 6*: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet and Fox)
Saturday October 18, 8pm — AL Game 7*: Kansas City at Baltimore (Sportsnet)

Sunday October 19, 7:30pm — NL Game 7*: San Francisco at St. Louis (Sportsnet)

All times are Eastern. * If required. ** Games moves to 8pm if ALCS is complete.