2015 Premier League Survival Sunday Schedule

The final day of the 2014-15 Premier League season is this coming Sunday. Unlike many recent seasons, there is relatively little drama. Chelsea (84 points) will be crowned champions and will join Manchester City (76 points) and Arsenal (72 points) in the Champions League group stage next fall. Manchester United have clinched their spot in the Champions League playoff round. Technically United can catch Arsenal if they win and Arsenal lose by a combined 7 goals, but that’s unlikely. For whatever a Europa League spot is worth, Liverpool (62 points), Spurs (61 points) and Southampton (60 points) are fighting for them. Although all 3 will get into the Europa League if Arsenal wins the FA Cup against Aston Villa next weekend. Burnley and QPR (30 points each) know they are playing their last Premier League games for at least a year, while Newcastle (36 points) will try to ensure their safety, which would send Hull City (34 points) back to the Championship.

For anyone wondering what the Premier League will look like next season, Bournemouth and Watford have booked their spots in the top flight by finishing atop the Championship. They will be joined by the winner of the playoff match between Middlesbrough and Norwich.

But now back to the schedule this Sunday. NBC, TSN and Sportsnet will have the matches. I’ll add in commentator info if/when it becomes available. All times are eastern. It’s also worth noting that the matches on TSN and NBC are preceeded by the Monaco Grand Prix which tends to run past 10am ET many years.

10:00am, Hull City v. Manchester United – NBC/TSN4
10:00am, Newcastle v. West Ham – SN World
10:00am, Chelsea v. Sunderland – SN
10:00am, Stoke City v. Liverpool – SN360
10:00am, Manchester City v. Southampton – TSN1
10:00am, Everton v. Tottenham – SN World NOW (encore: 7pm ET on SN360)
10:00am, Arsenal v. West Bromwich – TSN3
10:00am, Leicester City v. QPR – TSN.ca
10:00am, Crystal Palace v. Swansea City – TSN.ca
10:00am, Aston Villa v. Burnley – SN World NOW

Premier League 2014-15 Schedule: The First Three Months

barclays-premier-league-logo-300x73If you’ve been struggling the past two months since the World Cup finished and your soccer cravings haven’t been fulfilled by the mostly horrible event that was the International Champions Cup, fear not, for the English Barclay’s Premier League returns this weekend.

TSN and Sportsnet will again go 50/50 on games during the season. Hopefully with the addition of three channels to TSN beginning next Monday, it means TSN will be showing less or no online-only games this season. As a result of the new channels, TSN have only released their schedule for the first two weeks. Sportsnet have their schedule set until the beginning of December with the usual slate of games spread across Sportsnet regional channels, Sportsnet World, Sportsnet World Online NOW and one game on Sportsnet 360. All the familar faces will return to each channel for the pre- and post-game shows.

NBC Sports has released their schedule for the first three months of the season and 11 games will be shown over-the-air on NBC. US and Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard has been signed by NBC for a multi-year agreement to provide analysis for them during the season, both in-studio and in the booth.

The full schedule is below. All times are Eastern and as always, are subject to change.

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2013–14 Premier League TV Schedule: December


EDIT: Appears there is some uncertainty with the schedule for the final weekend of December. Firstly, Sportsnet has Spurs-Stoke listed as a Saturday game when it’s actually on Sunday. TSN didn’t have said game listed in their press release but do have it listed on their site (which would give them six games for the week instead of the normal five). Sportsnet is also missing Sunday completely from their schedule which would be Newcastle-Arsenal and Chelsea-Liverpool. Will try and find the correct information and update when possible.

Tuesday December 3

Crystal Palace vs. West Ham — 3pm TSN2

Wednesday December 4

Sunderland vs. Chelsea — 2:45pm Sportsnet East and Ontario
Southampton vs. Aston Villa — 2:45pm Sportsnet West and Pacific
Stoke City vs. Cardiff City — 2:45pm Sportsnet 360
Manchester United vs. Everton — 2:45pm TSN2
Liverpool vs. Norwich — 2:45pm TSN.ca
Arsenal vs. Hull City — 2:45pm TSN.ca
Swansea vs. Newcastle — 2:45pm TSN.ca
West Bromwich vs. Manchester City — 3pm Sportsnet One
Fulham vs. Tottenham — 3pm Sportsnet World

Saturday December 7

Manchester United vs. Newcastle — 7:45am Sportsnet
Liverpool vs. West Ham United — 10am Sportsnet
Stoke City vs. Chelsea — 10am SN World Online
West Bromwich vs. Norwich City — 10am Sportsnet World
Southampton vs. Man City — 10am TSN2
Crystal Palace vs. Cardiff — 10am TSN.ca
Sunderland vs. Tottenham — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday December 8

Fulham vs. Aston Villa — 8:30am TSN2
Arsenal vs. Everton — 11am Sportsnet World

Monday December 9

Swansea vs. Hull — 3pm TSN

Saturday December 14

Man City vs. Arsenal — 7:45am TSN
Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace — 10am Sportsnet
Everton vs. Fulham — 10am Sportsnet World
Cardiff City vs. West Bromwich — 10am SN World Online
Newcastle vs. Southampton — 10am TSN
West Ham vs. Sunderland — 10am TSN2
Hull vs. Stoke — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday December 15

Norwich City vs. Swansea City — 8:30am Sportsnet World
Aston Villa vs. Man United — 8:30am TSN2
Tottenham vs. Liverpool — 11am Sportsnet World

Saturday December 21

Liverpool vs. Cardiff City — 7:45am Sportsnet
West Bromwich vs. Hull City — 10am Sportsnet World
Stoke City vs. Aston Villa — 10am Sportsnet
Man United vs. West Ham — 10am TSN
Fulham vs. Man City — 10am TSN2
Sunderland vs. Norwich — 10am TSN.ca
Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle — 10am TSN.ca

Sunday December 22

Southampton vs. Tottenham — 8:30am Sportsnet World
Swansea vs. Everton — 11am TSN2

Monday December 23

Arsenal vs. Chelsea — 3pm Sportsnet

Thursday December 26

Hull City vs. Manchester United — 7:45am Sportsnet
West Ham United vs. Arsenal — 10am Sportsnet
Everton vs. Sunderland — 10am Sportsnet World
Aston Villa vs. Crystal Palace — 10am SN World Online
Newcastle vs. Stoke City — 10am SN World Online
Chelsea vs. Swansea — 10am TSN2
Tottenham vs. West Brom — 10am TSN.ca
Cardiff vs. Southampton — 10am TSN.ca
Norwich vs. Fulham — 10am TSN.ca
Man City vs. Liverpool — 12:30pm TSN2

Saturday December 28

West Ham vs. West Brom — 7:45am TSN2
Aston Villa vs. Swansea City — 10am SN World Online
Norwich vs. Man United — 10am TSN2
Man City vs. Crystal Palace — 10am TSN.ca
Hull vs. Fulham — 10am TSN.ca
Cardiff City vs. Sunderland — 12:30pm Sportsnet

Sunday December 29

Everton vs. Southampton — 8:30am TSN.ca
Tottenham vs. Stoke City — 10am TBD
Newcastle United vs. Arsenal — 10am TBD
Chelsea vs. Liverpool — 10am TBD

2013–14 Premier League TV Schedule: November


Saturday November 2

Newcastle vs. Chelsea — 8:45am Sportsnet
Stoke City vs. Southampton — 11am Sportsnet
Hull City vs. Sunderland — 11am Sportsnet World
Fulham vs. Manchester United — 11am TSN
Manchester City vs. Norwich — 11am TSN2
West Brom vs. Crystal Palace — 11am TSN.ca
West Ham vs. Aston Villa — 11am TSN.ca
Arsenal vs. Liverpool — 1:30pm Sportsnet

Sunday November 3

Everton vs. Tottenham — 8:30am TSN2
Cardiff City vs. Swansea — 11am Sportsnet World

Saturday November 9

Liverpool vs. Fulham — 10am Sportsnet
Crystal Palace vs. Everton — 10am Sportsnet World
Chelsea vs. West Brom — 10am TSN2
Aston Villa vs. Cardiff City — 10am TSN.ca
Southampton vs. Hull City — 10am TSN.ca
Norwich vs. West Ham — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday November 10

Tottenham vs. Newcastle — 7am TSN
Sunderland vs. Manchester City — 9am Sportsnet
Manchester United vs. Arsenal — 11am Sportsnet
Swansea vs. Stoke City — 11am Sportsnet World

Saturday November 23

Everton vs. Liverpool — 7:45am Sportsnet
Newcastle vs. Norwich — 10am Sportsnet
Hull City vs. Crystal Palace — 10am Sportsnet World
Arsenal vs. Southampton — 10am TSN2
Fulham vs. Swansea — 10am TSN.ca
Stoke City vs. Sunderland — 10am TSN.ca
West Ham vs. Chelsea — 12:30pm TSN2

Sunday November 24

Manchester City vs. Tottenham — 8:30am TSN
Cardiff City vs. Manchester United — 11am Sportsnet World

Monday November 25

West Bromwich vs. Aston Villa — 3pm Sportsnet World

I’ll include the Saturday November 30 games with the December update, as it just makes sense to do so.

2013–14 Premier League TV Schedule: October

barclays-premier-league-logo-300x73I missed the first week, and this weekend is the international break. Better late than never, here is the EPL Premier League schedule for the rest of October.

Saturday October 19

Newcastle vs. Liverpool — 7:45am on Sportsnet
Chelsea vs. Cardiff City — 10am on Sportsnet
Swansea City vs. Sunderland — 10am on Sportsnet World
Stoke City vs. West Bromwich — 10am on Sportsnet World Online
Manchester United vs. Southampton — 10am on TSN
Arsenal vs. Norwich — 10am on TSN.ca
Everton vs. Hull City — 10am on TSN.ca
West Ham vs. Manchester City — 12:30pm on TSN

Sunday October 20

Aston Villa vs. Tottenham — 11am on Sportsnet World

Monday October 21

Crystal Palace vs. Fulham — 3pm on TSN

Saturday October 26

Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal — 7:45am on Sportsnet
Liverpool vs. West Bromwich — 10am on Sportsnet
Norwich City vs. Cardiff City — 10am on Sportsnet World
Manchester United vs. Stoke City — 10am on TSN
Aston Villa vs. Everton — 10am on TSN.ca
Southampton vs. Fulham — 12:30pm on TSN2

Sunday October 27

Sunderland vs. Newcastle — 9:30am on TSN2
Chelsea vs. Manchester City — 12pm on Sportsnet World
Tottenham vs. Hull City — 12pm on Sportsnet One
Swansea vs. West Ham — 12pm on TSN.ca

2013-14 Premier League Schedule: Matchday 2

Since NBC seems to be kind enough to release a list of commentators who’ll call each match every week, I figured I’d try to pass them along in the form of a weekly Canadian TV schedule. I know some viewers have their favourites and we usually never know who’ll call what match ahead of time.

Saturday August 24
7:45am, Fulham v. Arsenal – Sportsnet (Richard Kaufman & Stewart Robson)
10:00am, Southampton v. Sunderland – TSN (Joe Speight & Tony Gale)
10:00am, Stoke City v. Crystal Palace – Sportsnet (Jonathan Beck & Garry Birtles)
10:00am, Everton v. West Bromwich – TSN.ca (Daniel Mann & Trevor Francis)
10:00am, Newcastle v. West Ham – TSN.ca (Gary Taphouse & Davie Provan)
10:00am, Hull City v. Norwich City – SN World (David Stowell & Barry Horne)
12:30pm, Aston Villa v. Liverpool – TSN, NBC (Arlo White & Lee Dixon)

Sunday August 25
11:00am, Tottenham v. Swansea City – SN World (Tony Jones & Dean Sturridge)
11:00am, Cardiff City v. Manchester City – SN World + (Jon Champion & Danny Mills)

Monday August 26
3:00pm, Manchester United v. Chelsea – TSN (Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux)

2013-14 Premier League TV Schedule: August

I’ll try to maintain a monthly TV Schedule for the Premier League this season due to the randomness of where games air, in comparison to previous seasons.

Saturday 8/17, 7:45am – Liverpool v. Stoke City (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Arsenal v. Aston Villa (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Everton (TSN)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Sunderland v. Fulham (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Ham v. Cardiff City (Sportsnet World Online)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Brom v. Southampton (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/17, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Man United (Sportsnet)
Sunday 8/18, 8:30am – Crystal Palace v. Sprus (TSN)
Sunday 8/18, 11:00am – Chelsea v. Hull City (TSN)
Monday 8/19, 3:00pm – Man City v. Newcastle (TSN)
Wednesday 8/21, 2:45pm – Chelsea v. Aston Villa (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/24, 7:45am – Fulham v. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Stoke City v. Crystal Palace (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Newcastle v. West Ham (TSN)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Hull City v. Norwich City (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Everton v. West Brom (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Southampton v. Sunderland (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa v. Liverpool (TSN2)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Cardiff City v. Man City (Sportsnet World Online)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Spurs v. Swansea City (Sportsnet World)
Monday 8/26, 3:00pm – Man United v. Chelsea (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 7:45am – Man City v. Hull City (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Newcastle v. Fulham (Sportsnet)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Brom v. Swansea (TSN2)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Cardiff City v. Everton (Sportsnet World)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Ham v. Stoke City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Southampton (Sportsnet World Online)
Saturday 8/31, 12:30pm – Crystal Palace v. Sunderland (TSN2)

2013-14 Premier League on Sportsnet Schedule August/September

On the heels of TSN releasing their Premier League schedule yesterday, Sportsnet has followed today. Here is the full schedule through the end of September. All games are on the four regional Sportsnet channels except where noted.

Saturday 8/17, 7:45am – Liverpool v. Stoke City
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Arsenal v. Aston Villa
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Sunderland v. Fulham (World)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Ham v. Cardiff City (World Online)
Saturday 8/17, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Man United
Wednesday 8/21, 2:45pm – Chelsea v. Aston Villa (World)
Saturday 8/24, 7:45am – Fulham v. Arsenal
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Stoke City v. Crystal Palace
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Hull City v. Norwich City (World)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Cardiff City v. Man City (World Online)
Sunday 8/25, 11:00am – Spurs v. Swansea City (World)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Cardiff City v. Everton (World)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Newcastle v. Fulham
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Southampton (World Online)

Sunday 9/1, 8:30am – Liverpool v. Man United (World)
Saturday 9/14, 7:45am – Man United v. Crystal Palace
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Stoke City v. Man City
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Fulham v. West Brom (World Online)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Hull City v. Cardiff City (World Online)
Monday 9/16, 3:00pm – Swanswa City v. Liverpool (World)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Liverpool v. Southampton
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Crystal Palace v. Swansea City (World)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – West Brom v. Sunderland (World Online)
Sunday 9/22, 8:30am – Arsenal v. Stoke City (World)
Sunday 9/22, 11:00am – Man City v. Man United
Saturday 9/28, 7:30am – Spurs v. Chelsea
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Southampton v. Crystal Palace
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Fulham v. Cardiff City (World)
Saturday 9/28, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Arsenal (ONE)
Monday 9/30, 2:30pm – Everton v. Newcastle (World)

NBC Releases Premier League Schedule for Through November

Since TSN has released their early-season Premier League broadcast schedule, I figured I’d post NBC’s as well. NBC will show 10 games on Saturday afternoons in the fall with Arlo White providing commentary on-site, with Lee Dixon joining him for the first two games (the rest are unconfirmed). Here is NBC’s early-season Premier League schedule. These games are also available on TSN or Sportsnet channels in Canada.

Saturday 8/17, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Man United
Saturday 8/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa v. Liverpool
Saturday 8/31, 12:30pm – Crystal Palace v. Sunderland

Saturday 9/14, 12:30pm – Everton v. Chelsea
Saturday 9/28, 12:30pm – Swansea City v. Arsenal

Saturday 10/19, 12:30pm – West Ham v. Man City

Saturday 11/2, 1:30pm – Arsenal v. Liverpool
Saturday 11/9, 12:30pm – Norwich City v. West Ham
Saturday 11/23, 12:30pm – Man City v. Spurs
Saturday 11/30, 12:30pm – Newcastle v. West Brom

TSN Unveils 2013-14 Premier League Schedule for August/September

TSN has released their Premier League schedule for August and September. Under a new three-year contract TSN will now show 5 games every week, up from 2 in past seasons. For the first six weeks of the season, 11 games will air on TSN, 10 will air on TSN2 and 9 will stream exclusively on TSN.ca. It seems TSN will alternate showing the premiere Super Sunday matches week-to-week with Sportsnet.

Remember that all other games will air on Sportsnet. What’s not clear is what games will air on Sportsnet World, and which ones will air on the other, more affordable Sportsnet channels.

Here is TSN’s schedule through the end of September. I will also try to post a complete Premier League schedule on a monthly or weekly basis. Highlights include Man United v. Chelsea (August 26), Arsenal v. Spurs (September 1)

Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – Norwich City v. Everton (TSN)
Saturday 8/17, 10:00am – West Brom v. Southampton (TSN.ca)
Sunday 8/18, 8:30am – Crystal Palace v. Sprus (TSN)
Sunday 8/18, 11:00am – Chelsea v. Hull City (TSN)
Monday 8/19, 3:00pm – Man City v. Newcastle (TSN)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Newcastle v. West Ham (TSN)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Everton v. West Brom (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 10:00am – Southampton v. Sunderland (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa v. Liverpool (TSN2)
Monday 8/26, 3:00pm – Man United v. Chelsea (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 7:45am – Man City v. Hull City (TSN)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Brom v. Swansea (TSN2)
Saturday 8/31, 10:00am – West Ham v. Stoke City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 8/31, 12:30pm – Crystal Palace v. Sunderland (TSN2)

Sunday 9/1, 11:00am – Arsenal v. Spurs (TSN)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Sunderland v. Arsenal (TSN)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Spurs v. Norwich City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/14, 10:00am – Aston Villa v. Newcastle (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/14, 12:30pm – Everton v. Chelsea (TSN)
Sunday 9/15, 11:00am – Southampton v. West Ham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/21, 7:45am – Norwich City v. Aston Villa (TSN2)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Cardiff City v. Spurs (TSN2)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – West Ham v. Everton (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/21, 10:00am – Newcastle v. Hull City (TSN.ca)
Saturday 9/21, 12:30pm – Chelsea v. Fulham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Man United v. West Brom (TSN)
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Aston Villa v. Man City (TSN2)
Saturday 9/28, 10:00am – Hull City v. West Ham (TSN.ca)
Sunday 9/29, 8:30am – Stoke City v. Norwich City (TSN2)
Sunday 9/29, 11:00am – Sunderland v. Liverpool (TSN2)

TSN and Sportsnet Win 2013-16 Premiership Rights in Canada

The new broadcast contracts with Bell and Rogers will ensure that Canadians will be able to see Canadian stars, such as Norwich’s Simeon Jackson, in the Premier League through 2016.

The Barclays Premier League announced a new rights deal for Canada this afternoon. TSN and Sportsnet, the current broadcasters of England’s top domestic football league, will continue to broadcast all games to Canadians. The biggest difference in the new contract is TSN and Sportsnet will each get 50% of the matches. Over the past three years Sportsnet has broadcast most matches, with TSN sub-licensing around 50 per season.

In the new deals the Premiership has sold two seperate 190 match packages. Rogers bought one, which will see 190 games air on Sportsnet, Sportsnet World, Sportsnet ONE and Sportsnet World Plus. TSN bought the other package, with matches set to air on TSN, TSN2, RDS and RDS2. It is unclear at this time just how TSN and Sportsnet will divide the 380 matches. However, both Rogers and Bell will get equal selections based on timeslots and/or matchups.

The Canadian announcement comes a day after NBCUniversal revealed that they have picked up American broadcast rights beginning next fall. The new US deal sees an end to ESPN’s Premiership broadcasts, which have set the gold standard for soccer broadcasting in North America. NBC will broadcast all 380 league matches per season, marking the first time every game is shown live in America.

Steaming will play an important role in the new broadcast contracts. NBC will use online streaming service to offer around four Saturday 10am eastern kickoffs per week. TSN also has stated that TSN.ca is part of the plan to deliver games to Canadians. Sportsnet World’s streaming service and mobile TV platforms for both Bell and Rogers will also play a role. This really is the first time that online rights have been considered an essential, valuable part of a Premiership broadcast contract. In the past they were just an afterthought.

Here is a quote from Navaid Mansuri, Vice-President of Finance & Sports Programming, Sportsnet.

Sportsnet is proud to continue our strong partnership with the Premiere League, furthering our commitment to providing Canadians with unparalleled access to world class soccer content. The BPL is one of the world’s most prominent soccer leagues and this new agreement has positioned Sportsnet to continue our already unprecedented schedule of soccer programming across multiple platforms in the years to come.

And Shawn Redmond, Vice-President of Programming, TSN.

The Premier League is home to the world’s most popular teams and biggest stars in soccer. With a dedicated and growing fan base in Canada we are looking forward to giving fans even more Premier League coverage with more games on TSN than ever before. The BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE package is a perfect complement to our slate of world-class soccer programming.

It is also unclear if beIN Sport, which doesn’t yet have distribution in the Canadian market, launched a serious bid for the Canadian rights. beIN Sport, owned by Qatar Media, was expected to challenge the status quo in the British and American markets as well. As it turns out, their bids fizzled towards the end in both of those markets. New broadcasters did take over Premiership broadcasting, but it was British Telecom and NBC, not beIN Sport.

This deal is probably about as good as this was going to turn out for Canadians. Between TSN, TSN2, Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE and Sportsnet World, it is possible to broadcast up to five games live at one time. The Premier League will use the following timeslots for matches over the next three seasons (all times Eastern and number of matches is approximate)

Saturday 7:45am – 28-30 matches
Saturday 10:00am – ~190 matches
Saturday 12:30pm – 28-30 matches
Sunday 8:30am – 32 matches
Sunday 11:00am – 33 matches
Monday 3:00pm – 18-20 matches

Usually a Premier League season consists 33 weekend rounds and 7 holiday/midweek rounds. The 33 weekend rounds will see around 140 matches played in unique timeslots. The other 190 matches played on the weekend will be on Saturday at 10:00am or Sunday at 10:00am (when a team plays in the Europa League the Thursday before).

Weekday rounds will account for the other 7 rounds, with a total of 70 matches. 12 of these matches are slated for television in the UK. Usually (when it’s not a holiday), the matches are split between Tuesday and Wednesday with consistant start times.

Early Season Premiership Matches Announced

The Premier League has released a preliminary schedule of televised matches from August through the end of November. These matches, along with others in the 10am Eastern Saturday morning slot will be broadcast in Canada. Note that the Canadian broadcasters for these games are still not confirmed; however, coverage will generally break down like this:

TSN2: Saturday 7:45am and some Monday 3pm
SN/SN1: Saturday 12:30pm
SN World: Sunday matches and some Monday 3pm

Here is the early season TV schedule. Any matches that standout to Canadian soccer fans?

Saturday 8/18, 12:30pm – Newcastle vs. Tottenham (SN1)
Sunday 8/19, 8:30am – Wigan Athletic vs. Chelsea (SN World)
Sunday 8/19, 11:00am – Man City vs. Southampton (SN World)
Monday 8/20, 3:00pm – Everton vs. Man United (TSN2)
Saturday 8/25, 7:45am – Swansea City vs. West Ham (TSN2)
Saturday 8/25, 12:30pm – Chelsea vs. Newcastle (Sportsnet)
Sunday 8/26, 8:30am – Stoke City vs. Arsenal (SN World)
Sunday 8/26, 11:00am – Liverpool vs. Man City (SN World

Saturday 9/1, 7:45am – West Ham vs. Fulham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/1, 12:30m – Man City vs. QPR (SN1)
Sunday 9/2, 8:30am – Liverpool vs. Arsenal (SN World)
Sunday 9/2, 11:00am – Southampton vs. Man United (SN World)
Saturday 9/15, 7:45am – Norwich City vs. West Ham (TSN2)
Saturday 9/15, 12:30pm – Sunderland vs. Liverpool (SN1)
Sunday 9/16, 11:00am – Reading vs. Tottenham (SN World)
Monday 9/17, 3:00pm – Everton vs. Newcastle (SN World)
Saturday 9/22, 7:45am – Swansea City vs. Everton (SN World)
Sunday 9/23, 8:30am – Liverpool vs. Man United (SN World)
Sunday 9/23, 11:00am – Man City vs. Arsenal (SN World)
Saturday 9/29, 7:45am – Arsenal vs. Chelsea (TSN2)
Saturday 9/29, 12:30pm – Man United vs. Tottenham (SN1)
Sunday 9/30, 11:00am – Aston Villa vs. West Brom (SN World)

Monday 10/1, 3:00pm – QPR vs. West Ham (SN World)
Saturday 10/6, 7:45am – Man City vs. Sunderland (TSN2)
Saturday 10/6, 12:30pm – West Ham vs. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Sunday 10/7, 8:30am – Southampton vs. Fulham (SN World)
Sunday 10/7, 11:00am – Newcastle vs. Man United (SN World)
Saturday 10/20, 7:45am – Tottenham vs. Chelsea (TSN2)
Saturday 10/20, 12:30pm – Norwich City vs. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Sunday 10/21, 8:30am – Sunderland vs. Newcastle (SN World)
Sunday 10/21, 11:00am – QPR vs. Everton (SN World)
Saturday 10/27, 7:45am – Everton vs. Liverpool (TSN2)
Saturday 10/27, 12:30pm – Man City vs. Swansea City (Sportsnet)
Sunday 10/28, 8:30am – Aston Villa vs. Norwich City (SN World)
Sunday 10/28, 11:00am – Chelsea vs. Man United (SN World)

Saturday 11/3, 7:45am – Man United vs. Arsenal (TSN2)
Saturday 11/3, 12:30pm – West Ham vs. Man City (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/4, 8:30am – QPR vs.  Reading (SN World)
Sunday 11/4, 11:00am – Liverpool vs. Newcastle (SN World)
Monday 11/5, 3:00pm – West Brom vs. Southampton (SN World)
Saturday 11/10, 12:30pm – Aston Villa vs. Man United (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/11, 8:30am – Man City vs. Tottenham (SN World)
Sunday 11/11, 11:00am – Chelsea vs. Liverpool (SN World)
Saturday 11/17, 7:45am – Arsenal vs. Tottenham (TSN2)
Saturday 11/17, 12:30pm – Norwich City vs. Man United (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/18, 11:00am – Fulham vs. Sunderland (SN World)
Monday 11/19, 3:00pm – West Ham vs. Stoke City (SN World)
Saturday 11/24, 7:45am- Swansea City vs. Liverpool (TSN2)
Saturday 11/24, 12:30pm – Aston Villa vs. Arsenal (Sportsnet)
Sunday 11/25, 8:30am – Sunderland vs. West Brom (SN World)

Soccer Survival Sunday 2012

The Premier League, La Liga and Serie A seasons all come to an end on Sunday. Juventus will celebrate their 2011-12 Scudetto win, while either Manchester City or Manchester United will win the Premiership. Real Madrid have already been crowned La Liga champions. Championships are the only important spots up for grabs this Sunday though. Champions League and Europa League positions are also available in all three leagues. Teams at the bottom are fighting to avoid relegation as well. Here is the TV schedule for each league. I will also update with commentators as they become available.

Premier League
9:30am, Manchester City (1st, 86 points) vs. QPR (17th, 37 points) – TSN2
Ian Darke & Steve McManaman

9:30am, Sunderland (11th, 45 points) vs. Manchester United (2nd, 86 points) – SN
Jon Champion & Kevin Gallacher

9:55am, West Bromwich (10th, 47 points) vs. Arsenal (3rd, 67 points) – SN World
Gary Weaver & Trevor Francis

9:55am, Tottenham (4th, 66 points) vs. Fulham (9th, 52 points) – SN1
Tony Jones & Davie Provan

9:55am, Chelsea (6th, 61 points) vs. Blackburn (19th, 31 points) – SPEED*
Joe Speight & Dean Sturridge

5:00pm, Norwich City (13th, 44 points) vs. Aston Villa (16th, 38 points) – SN World
Jonathan Beck & Dean Ashton

9:00pm, Everton (7th, 53 points) vs. Newcastle (5th, 65 points) – SN World
Gary Taphouse & Garry Birtles

Midnight, Stoke City (14th, 40 points) vs. Bolton (18th, 35 points) – SN World
Daniel Mann & Tony Gale

For full highlights tune into Premier League review at 11:00pm ET on Sportsnet World. It will re-air the next day on the main Sportsnet Channels.

*NOTE: A blackout could occur for the game on Speed because Sportsnet/TSN hold exclusive Canadian rights.

Manchester City holds a goal difference edge on Manchester United, so all they need is to match what United does to win the title.

Arsenal and Spurs will clinch Champions League spots with wins; if they don’t win, Newcastle can catch either with a win. The lone remaining Europa League spot will go to the other of these teams.

Also, remember that if Chelsea win the Champions League, they will claim one of the four positions for next year. That would drop the 4th place finisher in the league to the Europa League. So 3rd is very important this season.

La Liga
2:00pm, Real Madrid (1st, 97 points) vs. Mallorca (6th, 52 points) – GolTV
Phil Schoen & Ray Hudson

8:00pm, Villarreal (16th, 41 points) vs. Atletico Madrid (5th, 54 points) – GolTV

For full highlights tune into La Liga 360 at 10:00pm ET following Villarreal vs. Atletico Madrid.

The live game is almost meaningless. Mallorca can only get a Champions League spot if Malaga lose and Atletico Madrid lose or draw. However, they will most likely need a win to hold onto a Europa League position with four teams within three points of them.

The second game is important for both teams. Villarreal are only safe by 1 point. So, a loss or draw combined with wins by Zaragoza and Real Vallecano would see them relegated. Atletico Madrid need a win and a loss or draw by Malaga to get the last Champions League spot.

Serie A
9:00am, Juventus (1st, 81 points) vs. Atalanta (11th, 46 points) – theScore
2:30pm, Catania (10th, 48 points) vs. Udinese (3rd, 61 points) – theScore
2:45pm, Lazio (4th, 59 points) vs. Internazionale (6th, 58 points) – Euroworld Sport

For full highlights tune into The Footy Show at 5pm ET following Catania vs. Udinese.

Juventis vs. Atalanta is a meaningless game for both; however, Juventus will have a trophy celebration at their new stadium following the match.

Udinese will clinch the last Champions League spot with a win. If they don’t win, the door is open for Lazio or Napoli to take that final spot. The other two, along with Inter, will play in the Europa League next season.

Although not on TV, Genoa would be relegated with a loss and a Lecce win.

Ligue 1
3:00pm, PSG (2nd, 73 points) vs. Rennes (5th, 57 points) – TV5

Last, but not least, is Ligue 1. PSG need a win and Montpellier loss to have a shot at the title (tiebreakers would come into play). PSG would at least have an equal goal differential if this happened.

Meanwhile, Rennes need points to hold off three teams for the last Europa League birth.

TSN2 Has the Manchester Derby Today

Its Red vs. Blue. The Devils vs. the Citizens. What else is there to say? It is derby day in Manchester today. TSN2 will broadcast the big game beginning at 2:30pm Eastern. Ian Darke and Steve McManaman will call the game live from the Etihad Stadium. Darrell Currie will interview players and managers while reporting pitchside. Coverage is also available on RDS in French beginning at 2:55.

In other parts of the world the match is on ESPN in America and Sky Sports 1 in Britain and Ireland.

This is one of the biggest soccer games of the year. Undoubtedly it will be the highest rated Premier League match of all-time in both Britain and America. Even if you are not a soccer fan, it is quite worth watching.

Here are some stats on the Manchester Derby from an ESPN press release.

With three match days remaining in the season, Manchester United sits atop the Premiership standings with 83 points from 35 matches. Manchester City is a close second at 80 points, and Monday’s Manchester City derby will likely decide the winner of one of the most-coveted trophies in professional league soccer.


  • The two teams have scored the most goals in the league – Manchester City (87) and Manchester United (86).
  • They have also conceded the fewest goals: Manchester City (27) and Manchester United (32).
  • Manchester City seeks its third English league title, first since 1968.
  • Manchester City is undefeated (16-0-1) at home this season and is unbeaten in 27 straight league home games. Its last loss was to Everton in December 2010.
  • Defending champion Manchester United would be the first team to win 20 English titles.

There is only one better thing from Manchester than United:

Enjoy the match everyone.

A Big Soccer Weekend for Sportsnet & Setanta

And finally, a couple more press releases from the Rogers family. The first details Setanta’s coverage of the the UEFA Europa League, which begins tomorrow; the second is about this weekend’s Barclays Premier League coverage. Setanta has just acquired rights to one Europa League game per matchday from TLN. Two more games will air on Euroworld Sports each matchday, with every game available on delay.

Club Atlético de Madrid host Celtic FC on the opening day of the group stage from the 2011-12 UEFA Europa League Thursday, September 15 at 3 p.m. ET/ 12 noon PT live on Setanta Sports!

Celtic received the news just this week that they would be part of the group stage after Swiss club FC Sion lost their appeal to be reinstated. Sion was disqualified for fielding ineligible players in their Europa League playoff encounters with Celtic on the 18th and 25th of August. The Swiss side had won the series 3-1 on aggregate but an appeal filed by Celtic was accepted and eventually led to the expulsion from the event for Sion.

Celtic’s best result in this competition came in 2003 when they were defeated 3-2 in extra time in the UEFA Cup final by Portuguese club Porto.

Atlético de Madrid took home the Europa League title in 2010 with a 2-1 win in the final over English club Fulham.

And for the Barclays Premier League, which includes the second Super Sunday of the season. It is also worth noting that Setanta has the Old Firm Derby between Celtic and Rangers at 7:25am ET.

The weekend’s Barclays Premier League schedule begins with the Queens Park Rangers versus Wolverhampton on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 9:30 a.m. (ET)/6:30 a.m. (PT) on Sportsnet East, Sportsnet Ontario, Sportsnet West and Sportsnet Pacific.

Gerry Dobson and Craig Forrest host SoccerCentral at 2 p.m. (ET)/11 a.m. (PT) on Sportsnet ONE to wrap up the day’s action.

Sportsnet and Setanta’s BPL broadcast schedule for the rest of the weekend is as follows:

Saturday, Sept. 17
Aston Villa v Newcastle @ 10 a.m. ET (Setanta)
Everton v Wigan @ 12:30 p.m. ET (Sportsnet ONE)

Sunday, Sept. 18
Tottenham v Liverpool @ 8 a.m. ET (Sportsnet ONE)
Manchester United v Chelsea @ 11 a.m. ET (Setanta)

For those who want to watch Manchester United vs. Chelsea but who don’t get Setanta, the game will be available on delay at either 2pm ET or 4pm ET on FOX, depending on which FOX station you receive. Check your local listings.