Your NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 21–27


  • 7pm: Toronto at Buffalo | SN1
  • 8pm: Philadelphia at Boston | TVA Sports
  • 9:30pm: Detroit at Edmonton | SN1


  • 7pm: Dallas at Pittsburgh | SN360
  • 7:30pm: New Jersey at Ottawa | TSN5*, RDS*
  • 10pm: Washington at Vancouver | SN360


  • 7pm: Montreal at Buffalo | City Montreal*, RDS*, Sabres TV*
  • 7:30pm: Boston at NY Islanders | TVA Sports
  • 8pm: Tampa Bay at Winnipeg | TSN3*
  • 9pm: Detroit at Calgary | SN1
  • 9pm: Washington at Edmonton | SN Oilers*


  • 7pm: New Jersey at Buffalo | Sabres TV*
  • 7pm: Toronto at Montreal | CBC, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Jim Hughson; Game Analysts: Glenn Healy and Craig Simpson; Reporter: Scott Oake
  • 7pm: Arizona at Ottawa | City
    Play-by-play: R.J. Broadhead; Game Analyst: Greg Millen; Reporter: Christine Simpson
  • 8:30pm: Tampa Bay at Chicago | SN1, WGN
  • 10pm: Detroit at Vancouver | CBC
    Play-by-play: Paul Romanuk; Game Analyst: Mike Johnson; Reporter: Cassie Campbell-Pascall


  • 6pm: Minnesota at Winnipeg | TSN3*
  • 7pm: Calgary at NY Rangers | SN/SN1, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Dave Randorf; Game Analyst: Garry Galley; Reporter: Leah Hextall
  • 9:30pm | Los Angeles at Edmonton | SN360


  • 7pm: Calgary at NY Islanders | SN West*
  • 7:30pm: Arizona at Toronto | TSN4*, TVA Sports
  • 8:30pm: Anaheim at Chicago | SN East, Ontario, Pacific


  • 7pm: Buffalo at Philadelphia | Sabres TV*, TVA Sports
  • 8pm: Edmonton at Minnesota | SN Oilers*
  • 8pm: Los Angeles at Winnipeg | TSN3*
  • 10pm: Montreal at Vancouver | City Montreal*, SN Canucks*, RDS*

7 thoughts on “Your NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 21–27

  1. What exactly is Rogers doing with their coverage this year. Last year they showed tons of all US matchups and more games on Saturday. Doesn’t seem to be the. Case this season and not to mention there isn’t a full schedule out anywhere. If what they released in the summer is the full schedule it’s a huge decrease from last season.

    • I think they are going to announce the all-US matchups on a week to week basis. As we’ve seen the past week, they had the Devils-Rangers Sunday afternoon, Sharks-Rangers Monday, and the Pens-Stars last night.

      I think this was done to help them with flexibility to pick the best game available and to have the flexibility to put it on the network that they want to fill time with.

      A drawback is that it leaves people simply finding the game by turning the dial. Viewers may catch an ad on SN saying they’re showing this game or that game, or may be proactive and check the SN tv schedule on their website, but I think for the most part, people will not know a game between US teams is on.

      I think this Saturday they have the Hawks and Lightning on SN1. I think the experiment using FX is over. So they have only CBC, CIty, SN1, SN360 and SN to choose from. with Baseball taking over SN, it has not left them with as many channel options for the early game.

      I think the week to week schedule is what they did this year with MLB as I don’t remember a non-Blue Jay TV schedule being released. Its not hard though to figure out as they showed still a lot of Yankee and Red Sox games.

      I understand what they are trying to do. they want to maintain flexibility. They want the best matchups on Saturday so they want to see what they can add and who should be shown where.

      But I think it will help that they set where games will be shown on which day. I understand Oct is a mess. But, i think they should have just used 1 network to show hockey if it cannot be shown on SN due to baseball. Choose SN1 or SN360. Instead, they’ve flipped back and forth. It has added to confusion, especially for Hab viewers who have had games so far on City Montreal, SN1, SN360, City and CBC. They’re all over the place.

      I’ve pretty much figured out that SN will show games Wednesday and Sunday (and of course Saturday when Baseball is over). 360 will have a game every Thursday, A mix of channels will show games on Saturday. And SN1 is their flex channel to show games all through the week at some point. But if you’re one who likes a set schedule, I think you’re out of luck.

  2. In the event the Jays lose tonight, does Lightning-Hawks move to SN from SN1 tomorrow, and why is the Hometown Hockey game still listed and promoted as airing on SN1? That was to have been game 7 of the NLCS but as we know it ended in 4 games.

  3. I just looked up on, the Lightning-Hawks game is now on SN in addition to SN1.

  4. In the event the World Series game is rained out, and given the weather report for Kansas City, it’s not good, does Sportsnet have a hockey game to go to if need be?

    • Peter, Sportsnet Pacific and East would have shown the Habs-Canucks game and West would’ve had the Oilers game. The 2 games were on each team’s regional secondary channels.

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