Your NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 7–13

Season two of NHL on Rogers begins tomorrow night. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t think I’ve seen a single piece on the web about their upcoming broadcast season. No mention of whether it’ll be exactly the same as last year or whether they have tinkered with the commentator pairings or whether they have changed the faces and/or structure of the pre- and post-game shows after near-universal online negative feedback during their initial year. It appears on the surface, all the same talking heads will be returning this season. Can’t wait for more awkward interviews from Rogers’ “face of the youth audience” George Strombo.


  • 7pm: Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs — SN, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Jim Hughson; Game Analysts: Craig Simpson and Glenn Healy; Reporter: Scott Oake
  • 10pm: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames — SN, TVA Sports 2
    Play-by-play: Paul Romanuk; Game Analysts: Mike Johnson; Reporter: Cassie Campbell-Pascall


  • 7pm: Winnipeg Jets at Boston Bruins — TSN3*
  • 7pm: Ottawa Senators at Buffalo Sabres — TSN5*, Sabres TV*, RDS*
  • 7:30pm: Philadelphia Flyers at Tampa Bay Lightning — TVA Sports 2
  • 8pm: Edmonton Oilers at St. Louis Blues — SN360
    Play-by-play: Kevin Quinn; Game Analysts: Drew Remenda; Reporter: Gene Principe


  • 7pm: Winnipeg Jets at New Jersey Devils — TSN3*
  • 7:30pm: Toronto Maple Leafs at Detroit Red Wings — SN1, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Hughson; Game Analysts: Greg Millen and Healy; Reporter: Christine Simpson


  • 1pm: Tampa Bay Lightning at Buffalo Sabres — SN, Sabres TV*
  • 7pm: Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins — SN, TVA Sports
    Play-by-play: Dave Randorf; Game Analysts: Gary Galley; Reporter: Amber
  • 7pm: Ottawa Senators at Toronto Maple Leafs — CBC
    Play-by-play: Hughson; Game Analysts: Simpson and Healy; Reporter: Oake
  • 7pm: Edmonton Oilers at Nashville Predators — City
    Play-by-play: Quinn; Game Analysts: Remenda; Reporter: Principe
  • 8:30pm: New York Islanders at Chicago Blackhawks — WGN
  • 10pm: Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks — CBC
    Play-by-play: Romanuk; Game Analysts: Johnson; Reporter: Campbell-Pascall


  • 7pm: Montreal Canadiens at Ottawa Senators — SN1, RDS*
    Play-by-play: Bob Cole; Game Analysts: Millen; Reporter: Simpson


  • 1pm: Tampa Bay Lightning at Boston Bruins — SN360, TVA Sports
  • 1pm: Winnipeg Jets at New York Islanders — TSN3*
  • 3pm: Columbus Blue Jackets at Buffalo Sabres — Sabres TV*
  • 10pm: Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks — SN Canucks*


  • 7pm: Winnipeg Jets at New York Rangers — TSN3*
  • 7pm: Montreal Canadiens at Pittsburgh Penguins — City Montreal*, RDS*
  • 7:30pm: Tampa Bay Lightning at Detroit Red Wings — TVA Sports
  • 8:30pm: Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars — SN Oilers*
  • 9pm: St. Louis Blues at Calgary Flames — SN Flames*
  • 10:30pm: Vancouver Canucks at Los Angeles Kings — SN Canucks*

2 thoughts on “Your NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 7–13

  1. So it looks like Bob Cole will have a regular weekly gig with calling all the Hometown Hockey Matchups? I’m far from a “Pro Cloe Guy” but I actually don’t mind if this is the case.

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