Your NFL on Canadian TV Week 2 Guide


8pm: Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
CBS, City, Sportsnet One, TVA Sports
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms


1pm: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills
CTV Ontario, Montreal, Atlantic, RDS2
CBS Boston, Burlington, Rochester, Watertown, Buffalo
Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

1pm: San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers
CTV Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan
Fox Tacoma, Spokane
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston

1pm: Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings
CTV Winnipeg
Fox Detroit, Minneapolis
Sam Rosen, Kirk Morrison

1pm: Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants
CTV Two Ontario, Vancouver, Alberta, Atlantic
Fox Boston, Burlington, Rochester
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch

1pm: San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals
CBS Spokane, Seattle
Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

1pm: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns
CBS Cleveland
Tom McCarthy, Adam Archuleta

4pm: Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders
CBS Detroit, Minneapolis
Spero Dedes, Solomon Wilcots

4:25pm: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
Fox, CTV, CTV Two Atlantic, RDS
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman

8:15pm: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers
Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth


8:15pm: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden

11 thoughts on “Your NFL on Canadian TV Week 2 Guide

  1. Just a heads up for people who use NFL Game Pass about a new wrinkle I discovered today.

    It appears that Bell has pressured the NFL into tightening the blackout rules for Sunday afternoon broadcasts starting with Week 2.

    New blackout rule starting this week seems to be that if the game is available *either* in your local market OTA or on cable (IE: TSN) it is now blacked out.

    Last year those games were available live but with the Canadian signal substituted (which was reasonable)

    The new rule means that this week in the Greater Toronto Area for example, if you cannot get an OTA US station you cannot get any late afternoon NFL action at all.

    Sorry Bell, that’s not going to convince me to go back to cable TV at all.

  2. Sorry this is not a football comment or question. If the Blue Jays make the playoffs would we still have the Sportsnet announcers or would we have to watch the American guys? I don’t know what the rights are in Canada if the Blue Jays are playing.

  3. Dan, I don’t believe that to be the case, I don’t think it has changed since the Jays were last in the post-season, local TV is not allowed to carry post-season games, the U.S national networks hold the rights to the post-season. Local radio is allowed to carry the games, so Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner will be at the mic for the post-season. I suspect Messrs. Jamie Campbell and Gregg Zaun will do pre-game and post-game shows.

  4. True Dan, but what I meant was that Sportsnet will pick up the Fox or TBS feeds of the games, including the Blue Jay games, therefore Buck and Pat won’t be on the call, unless we hear Buck on TBS, which he has done in the past.

    • I highly doubt that SN is bound to pick up TBS/Fox for any MLB playoff coverage. SN has MLB postseason rights and I can’t see MLB saying they can’t send a broadcast crew to cover Jays games. Same as how TSN produces Raptors playoff games even if they’re on TNT/ESPN. This isn’t 1993 when CTV (?) picked up US coverage just for the simsub.

      Of course local US nets can’t show MLB playoffs, but that’s a completely different situation since Fox/TBS have US rights and not the local nets.

  5. Thank you Darren for backing me up on that one. I heard Mike Wilner mention that on his Jays Talk postgame show a while ago. I’m sure Rogers will blow out their budget and have all their on-air people on the scene for the peripheral coverage, i.e pre-game, between-innings, post-game, etc.

    • Unfortunately, you are correct on this one, instead of us Canadians being able to enjoy the Pre/Post game coverage from any of TBS/FOXSPORTS1/FOX or MLB Network we will be STUCK with having to hear thoughts from the unlistenable Zaun and crew, just horrible.

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