Your NFL on Canadian TV Week 1 Guide

The National Football League endured a circus of an off-season, but we’re going to try and forget all about that as week one action begins tomorrow night on NBC and TSN with Super Bowl/Deflategate champions the New England Patriots hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For the upcoming 2015–16 season, the Canadian broadcasts will remain unchanged from last year. CTV and TSN will show two games each at 1pm and 4pm on Sundays with different games available on different CTV affiliates across the country, no doubt most of them being simulcasts of American networks (enjoy the Bills as usual on CBS folks in Southern Ontario). NBC and TSN will have Sunday Night Football and TSN covers Monday Night Football; Thursday night games (excluding tomorrow night) will be covered on CBS, Sportsnet and/or City; Sportsnet and/or City also have the Thanksgiving Day games; and as usual, TSN and CTV cover all playoffs and the Super Bowl. RDS takes the same timeslots as TSN, TVA Sports covering the same Sportsnet/City games.

Thursday, September 10

8:30pm: Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots
Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth

Sunday, September 13

1pm: Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams
CTV Alberta, Vancouver
Fox Spokane, Tacoma
Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston

1pm: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills
CTV Toronto, Kitchener, Montreal, Atlantic
CBS Boston, Burlington, Watertown, Rochester, Buffalo
Spero Dedes, Solomon Wilcots

1pm: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears
CTV Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Northern Ontario
Fox Boston, Burlington, Rochester, Minneapolis
Joe Buck, Troy Aikman

1pm: Cleveland Browns at New York Jets
CBS Cleveland
Greg Gumbel, Trent Green

1pm: Miami Dolphins at Washington Redskins
CBS Detroit, Minneapolis
Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts

1pm: Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans
CBS Spokane, Seattle
Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

4:25pm: Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos
CTV, CTV2 Atlantic, RDS2
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms

4:05pm: New Orleans Saints at Arizona Cardinals
CTV2 Toronto, Ottawa, London, Windsor, Alberta, Vancouver
Fox Buffalo
Kevin Burkhardt, John Lynch

4:05pm: Detroit Lions at San Diego Chargers
Fox Detroit
Thom Brennaman, Charles Davis, Tony Siragusa

8:15pm: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth

Monday, September 14

7:10pm: Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons
Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden

10:20pm: Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers
Chris Berman, Trent Dilfer

9 thoughts on “Your NFL on Canadian TV Week 1 Guide

  1. Who cares?…..11 minutes of action in a whole 3.5 hours game. Waste of time.

    • Thanks for stopping by.

    • nfl on tv has truly become unwatchable unless there are 3+ games going on at the same time or you watch redzone. Way too many commercials for 11 mins of action that may or may not be entertaining. Plus announcing philosophy is to make all players as American deities when avg career is only about 4 years, about half actually graduate, 25% get arrested, about 1/3 will suffer from mental issues and 75% will incur financial difficulties or be bankrupt in about 5 years after retiring.

  2. Glad I shelled out for NFL Gamepass again, looks like the only way I’ll be able to watch any Detroit Lions games without cable TV (you can laugh now)

  3. Both Monday night games will be on RDS.

    Also, you wrote Kansas City Royals instead of the Chiefs.

  4. Tonight’s game on RDS instead of RDS2 due to the U.S. Open semi-finals postponed due to the rain.

  5. Quick note, Sunday Ticket and Redzone on Free Preview this weekend for most providers

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