2015 IIHF World Championship on TSN Begins Friday

With their additional channels feeds, TSN will be broadcasting more games than ever from the annual Ice Hockey World Championship which begins Friday. Canadians will see 58 games from the tournament, more than double from last year. The broadcast crew is as follows:

TSN’s acclaimed broadcast team of play-by-play commentator Gord Miller and analyst Ray Ferraro call all Team Canada and Group A games from Prague. They are joined by Bryan Mudryk, who delivers rink-side reporting throughout the tournament, and former Swiss Team National coach Sean Simpson, who will provide colour commentary for select Group A games. Play-by-play commentator Dennis Beyak and analyst Shane Hnidy call Group B games from the broadcast booth in Ostrava.

Hosting the network’s coverage from the TSN Studio is Rod Black. He is joined throughout the tournament by analysts Bob Errey and Dave Reid and TSN’s Director of Scouting Craig Button.

All Canada games will get a primetime encore presentation and TSN GO users can watch them live and/or on demand.

Schedule is as follows below. All times are Eastern.

Friday, May 1
Canada vs. Latvia, 10am TSN
USA vs. Finland, 10am TSN2
Czech Republic vs. Sweden, 2pm TSN1/5
Russia vs. Norway, 2pm TSN4

Saturday, May 2
Slovakia vs. Denmark, 6am TSN2
France vs. Germany, 10am TSN2
Latvia vs. Czech Republic, 2pm TSN2
Norway vs. USA, 2pm TSN1

Sunday, May 3
Austria vs. Sweden, 6am TSN1/5
Russia vs. Slovenia, 6am TSN3/4
Canada vs. Germany, 10am TSN
Denmark vs. Finland, 2pm TSN1

Monday, May 4
Latvia vs. Sweden, 10am TSN2
Russia vs. USA, 10am TSN
Canada vs. Czech Republic, 2pm TSN1/3/4
Norway vs. Finland, 2pm TSN2

Tuesday, May 5
Switzerland vs. Germany, 10am TSN1/5
Denmark vs. Belarus, 10am TSN3/4
Austria vs. France, 2pm TSN1/5
Slovakia vs. Slovenia, 2pm TSN3/4

Wednesday, May 6
Switzerland vs. Latvia, 10am TSN5
Russia vs. Denmark, 10am TSN/3/4
Sweden vs. Canada, 2pm TSN
Slovakia vs. Norway, 2pm TSN2

Thursday, May 7
Czech Republic vs. France, 10am TSN5
USA vs. Belarus, 10am TSN1/3/4
Sweden vs. Germany, 2pm TSN1/5
Finland vs. Slovenia, 2pm TSN3/4

Friday, May 8
Czech Republic vs. Austria, 10am TSN1/5
Slovenia vs. Norway, 10am TSN3/4
Germany vs. Latvia, 2pm TSN5
USA vs. Denmark, 2pm TSN1/3/4

Saturday, May 9
France vs. Canada, 6am TSN1/3/4
Belarus vs. Russia, 6am TSN5
Finland vs. Slovakia, 10am TSN2
Sweden vs. Switzerland, 2pm TSN2

Sunday, May 10
Germany vs. Czech Republic, 10am TSN5
Slovenia vs. USA, 10am TSN1/3/4
Switzerland vs. Canada, 2pm TSN
Slovakia vs. Russia, 2pm TSN2

Monday, May 11
Germany vs. Austria, 10am TSN1/5
Finland vs. Belarus, 10am TSN3/4
Sweden vs. France, 2pm TSN1/5
Slovenia vs. Denmark, 2pm TSN3/4

Tuesday, May 12
Canada vs. Austria, 6am TSN
Norway vs. Belarus, 6am TSN2
Latvia vs. France, 10am TSN5
USA vs. Slovakia, 10am TSN1/3/4
Czech Republic vs. Switzerland, 2pm TSN5
Finland vs. Russia, 2pm TSN1/3/4

Thursday, May 14
Quarterfinal #1, 9am TSN2
Quarterfinal #2, 10am TSN
Quarterfinal #3, 1pm TSN2
Quarterfinal #4, 2pm TSN

Saturday, May 16
Semifinal #1, 9am TSN
Semifinal #2, 1pm TSN

Sunday, May 17
Bronze Medal, 10am TSN
Gold Medal, 2:30pm TSN

4 thoughts on “2015 IIHF World Championship on TSN Begins Friday

  1. Why NHL doesn’t invite all these countries for the 2016 world cup (from every division)? I have a feeling that IIHF competitions are still going to be better than the world cup.

    How does hosting the hockey world championship works?

  2. I always enjoy the IIHF worlds. A more entertaining and certainly much more competitive tournament than the IIHF world juniors which most other people in Canada seem to go nuts for.

  3. Good that Miller and Ferraro are calling the Worlds, they’re no strangers to international hockey, and they know the NHL guys well. As for hosting the Worlds, it’s a bidding process, same as World Cup soccer, Olympics, Super Bowl and other big-time events.

  4. Really is an unreal commitment by TSN to broadcast all these games. I mean France v Lativa, Norway v Belarus even getting televised.

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