The 2015 Masters on Global and TSN

For the third year in a row, TSN and Global split the broadcasting duties for golf’s first major of the year, The Masters, live from Augusta, Georgia. TSN will have the first two rounds, with Global taking the weekend rounds and extensive bonus coverage online. French-language coverage will be available on RDS.

Each round will have a one-hour preview show on the respective network and TSN2 will have a highlights show each night of each round. and TSN GO will have additional coverage of each round including two featured groups, Amen Corner, and holes 15 & 16. and Global Go will have streaming of the final two rounds.

TSN’s coverage of The Masters is hosted by James Duthie alongside analysts Bob Weeks and Jim Nelford, with reports from Cory Woron. In addition to preview and wrap up shows, Global’s Kevin Smith contributes reports for Global News. Duthie and Nelford deliver daily news updates and analysis for Sportscentre, with reports from Weeks.

Thursday: First Round, 2pm, TSN1/3/4
Friday: Second Round, 2pm, TSN
Saturday: Third Round, 2pm, Global
Sunday: Final Round, 3pm, Global
All times eastern

3 thoughts on “The 2015 Masters on Global and TSN

  1. what a waste of TSN’s money…. just show the ESPN and CBS coverage! save money to bid on sports(instead of showing Masters replays on 3 stations)….

  2. I wonder if the CRTC will lift the simsub for the Masters as well as the Super Bowl, given the Masters have very few commercials and we in Canada could miss shots due to Global running ads, although I’ve watched for an hour and a half and so far it’s been good.

    • Global’s usually does pretty good with The Masters. I doubt they will considering the whole reason for lifting the Super Bowl simsub was so people could see ads they want to see. I doubt anybody really cares about (or notices) The Masters ads considering there’s only around 20 minutes of ads over the 5 hours of the final round.

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