2015 Toronto Blue Jays on Sportsnet

The Toronto Blue Jays’ 2015 season begins Monday and as usual, Sportsnet will cover all 162 games. The four regional Sportsnet channels will have 131 of the games with Sportsnet One picking up the remaining 31. A majority of those 31 will occur during the NHL playoffs. 60 games will be on TVA Sports for those of the French-language and all covered by The Fan 590 on the ol’ wireless radio.

The usual heads return to call the action — on the TV side are Buck Martinez, Pat Tabler and Joe Siddall, and in the radio booth will be Jerry Howarth, Joe Siddall and Mike Wilner.

The full schedule as listed on the Jays website is below. The September 26 game will be on Sportsnet despite not being listed.

2015 blue jays sked

11 thoughts on “2015 Toronto Blue Jays on Sportsnet

  1. 162 games you mean?

  2. Dan…TVA Sports will broadcast 60 Jays games, not 162.

  3. Any word on whether the games will be on 360 as well as One? How about on the radio side in the event the Raptors playoffs are on the Fan 590?

    • No word on either. Sportsnet haven’t put out any release with any details about their tv or radio broadcasts. All I have is what the Jays site lists.

      • If Fan 590 will carry any Raptors playoff games, I would guess that 680 News will carry Blue Jays should both teams conflict with one another or vice versa?

  4. Well. this schedule is off a bit, it says today’s game is on SNET, but it’s on SNET-1 while SNET has EPL soccer and NHL playoffs.

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