NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 25–31

RATINGS: For the first time this season, the horrific Toronto Maple Leafs were banished from the CBC to cable television. A quick search of Twitter on Saturday night revealed a whole bunch of whiny people wanting to see a bunch of garbage clowns on free television. 875,000 people managed to find the game on Sportsnet, while the Montreal-San Jose game on CBC got 922,000 viewers – not quite as good as the million-plus the Leafs usually get, but with a combined audience of 2.2 million for the early slot, I doubt Rogers are too upset. Here’s the remainder of NHL ratings: Van-Coyotes, City Sun, 627k; Flyers-Oilers, CBC Sat late, 512k; Caps-Jets, CBC Sat early, 414k; Van-LA, SNP Sat, 355k; Sunday pre-game, City, 310k; Jackets-Flames, SNW Sat, 163k; Blues-Wild, SNE/O Sat, 121k.


8pm, Chicago at Philadelphia: TVA Sports
8pm, Colorado at Edmonton: SN (Kevin Quinn, Drew Remenda, Gene Principe)
10pm, Dallas at Calgary: SN1 (Rick Ball, Eric Francis, Kelly Hrudey, Roger Millions)


7pm, Anaheim at Boston: TVA Sports
7pm, Arizona at Buffalo: Sabres TV*
7pm, Los Angeles at NY Islanders: SNOntario/West/Pacific
7:30pm, Florida at Toronto: TSN4*
7:30pm, NY Rangers at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS2*
8pm, Montreal at Winnipeg: TSN3*, SN East*, RDS*
10pm, Colorado at Vancouver: SN Pacific*


8pm, Calgary at Minnesota: SN West*
9:30pm, Dallas at Edmonton: SN1 (Kevin Quinn, Drew Remenda, Mark Spector, Gene Principe)


1pm, NY Rangers at Boston: SN360
7pm, Ottawa at Toronto: CBC, TVA Sports 2 (Bob Cole, Greg Millen, Scott Oake)
7pm, Florida at Montreal: City, TVA Sports (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, Dave Amber)
8pm, Los Angeles at Minnesota: SN
9pm, Buffalo at Colorado: Sabres TV*
10pm, Dallas at Vancouver: CBC (Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)


3pm, Washington at NY Rangers: TVA Sports
5pm, Florida at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS*
5pm, Boston at Carolina: SN East/Ontario/Pacific
5pm, Calgary at Nashville: SN West*
7:30pm, Chicago at Winnipeg: City, WGN (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Scott Oake)


7:30pm, Tampa Bay at Montreal: SN East*, RDS*
8pm, Vancouver at St. Louis: SN Pacific*
8:30pm, Los Angeles at Chicago: SN Ontario
8:30pm, Calgary at Dallas: SN West*
9pm, Edmonton at Colorado: SN1
10pm, Buffalo at Arizona: Sabres TV*


7pm, Florida at Boston: SN East/Ontario/West
7:30pm, Tampa Bay at Toronto: TSN4*, TVA Sports
7:30pm, Ottawa at Detroit: TSN5*, RDS*
8pm, Vancouver at Nashville: SN Pacific*
8pm, NY Rangers at Winnipeg: TSN3*

11 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 25–31

  1. Rogers using regional crews a lot lately for national games. It really cheapens their credibility.

  2. Last nights National Regional Vancouver Canucks Hockey broadcast was pitiful.

    • I agree. It wasn’t fair to Jets fans that they used their national deal to give you guys the opposition’s broadcast. I’m a Habs fan, and when the Habs went to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Sportsnet showed us their broadcasts each time. 12 more years of this.

  3. Compared to TSN, which just had 2 broadcast teams, they managed to do close to 70 national games then playoffs. The CBC had over 100 games plus playoffs spread over 4 broadcast teams.

    The schedule for Rogers was more extensive. They had over 40 Leaf games and Hab games. I believe the Canucks were shown Nationally over 35 times and Edmonton and Calgary at least had over 30 Nationally televised matches. Ottawa was close to 30 games while Winnipeg was at 20. Thats roughly 230 games. Maybe 50 more than what TSN/CBC had. I would guess that the overflow went to those regional crews thus keeping the main National crews at the same number of games as they’ve worked in the past.

    To keep costs down, knowing their regional crews were already at where the Habs, Oilers, Canucks, Flames were playing, they used them rather than flying in one of their 4 main crews. Only the Leafs had the national feel with Hughson, Randorf and Romanuk all working the Leafs regional games.

    It seems SN really believes in too their regional broadcast teams. Rick Ball and Kelly Hrudey were formerly of HNIC. So they had National experience. Drew Remenda spent a year with HNIC and Kevin Quinn back when SN first did hockey nationally in the late 90s, he was second voice behind Hughson.

    I believe Scott Moore is a huge John Bartlett fan. He hired him to be the voice of the Habs, where Bartlett was on English radio. Its why he has seen action on Saturdays for HNIC. And i think a few people at SN really like John Shorthouse. Its too why he has seen action Nationally on Wednesdays and on the Sunday City game. I think overall, they really are big fans of those regional guys which is why they’ve promoted them. But, as mentioned above, it does create a very small, amateur feel to the games when shown coast to coast.

    I am really curious to see what they do in the playoffs and who they will have working.

    • I’m not saying the regional crews are bad. I’m a big fan of Ball/Hrudey, but using regional crews doesn’t give it that special national game feel for me.

  4. Hopefully regional crews are not used during the playoffs.

  5. I’m not a fan of the regional crews either, however, one person I hope gets the chance to work games nationally for Sportsnet is Derek Wills, the current radio voice of the Flames. He was the voice of the AHL Hamilton Bulldogs for 13 years and it was my pleasure to sit at his side for all 13 seasons keeping statistics for him. He is a fine broadcaster and really makes the game come alive, I hope the Rogers suits will see it the same way and give him a few TV games. Great that the Flames will make the playoffs in his first season as their radio voice.

  6. How bad were the ratings on FX that those games were dropped?

    • I think FX was intended to be the fill-in channel for the early part of the schedule since SN shows baseball right to the end of October. Or, it was used in weeks they had 6 or even 7 games on Saturday. I don’t think it was really ratings based.

      With SN1, 360, SN, City and CBC, they had enough channels to show games on Saturday once some of the other sports they showed ended.

  7. I think that Hockey was better when watched on Saturday Nights..the occasional Sunday Matinee and the mid week Wednesday game…over-saturation during the regular season results in less desire to watch… the numbers would be way up if you offered fewer games on the tube…the numbers in the stands would be way up if there were fewer games on the tube…eventually the NHL House will fall.. and interest will wain.

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