NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 18–24


8pm, Chicago at NY Rangers: SN1, TVA Sports
10pm, Columbus at Edmonton: SN Oilers*
10:30pm, Los Angeles at Anaheim: SN


7:30pm, San Jose at Toronto: TSN4*, TVA Sports
7:30pm, Carolina at Montreal: SN East*, RDS*
7:30pm, Boston at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS2*
8pm, St. Louis at Winnipeg: TSN3*
8:30pm, Pittsburgh at Dallas: SN360
9pm, Philadelphia at Calgary: SN West*
10pm, Columbus at Vancouver: SN Pacific*


7pm, New Jersey at Buffalo: Sabres TV*
7:30pm, Detroit at Tampa Bay: SN360, TVA Sports
10pm, Colorado at Anaheim: SN1


2pm, St. Louis at Minnesota: SN East/Ontario
4pm, Columbus at Calgary: SN West*
4pm, Vancouver at Los Angeles: SN Pacific*
7pm, San Jose at Montreal: CBC, TVA Sports (Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy, Christine Simpson)
7pm, Toronto at Ottawa: SN, TVA Sports 2 (Bob Cole, Garry Galley, David Amber)
7pm, Washington at Winnipeg: City (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Scott Oake)
8pm, Buffalo at Nashville: Sabres TV*
10pm, Philadelphia at Edmonton: CBC (Dave Randorf, Greg Millen, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)


12pm, St. Louis at Detroit: NBC, SN360
5pm, Boston at Tampa Bay: TVA Sports
8pm, Vancouver at Arizona: City (John Shorthouse, John Garrett, Dan Murphy)


7pm, Los Angeles at New Jersey: SN East/Ontario/Pacific
7:30pm, Minnesota at Toronto: TSN4*
7:30pm, San Jose at Ottawa: TSN5*
8:30pm, Buffalo at Dallas: Sabres TV*
9pm, Colorado at Calgary: SN West*
9:30pm, Winnipeg at Edmonton: TSN3*, SN Oilers*


7pm, Los Angeles at NY Rangers: SN Ontario/West/Pacific
7pm, St. Louis at Pittsburgh: TVA Sports
8pm, Montreal at Nashville: SN East*, RDS*
10pm, Winnipeg at Vancouver: SN

— Dan | @SportsOnCdnTV

9 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 18–24

  1. Interesting that they bumped Columbus @ Edmonton from their Wednesday night hockey package in favour of LA @ Anaheim.
    Sportsnet says the Chicago @ NY Rangers game will be on SN not SN1.

    Is this the first time the Montreal gets HNIC on CBC when the Leafs are playing? Interesting that they didn’t bump the Leafs to City in Montreal’s regular spot.

    • The Jets are fighting for a playoff spot, so I guess that’s why they’re on City. But I guess the same argument could be made for the Senators.

    • The Blue Jackets-Oilers game was demoted to regional status and will be on the secondary channel, SN Oilers. This is to make up for an earlier game which was promoted to national status back on Saturday, January 17, Oilers at Panthers.

  2. Tonight’s Avalanche at Ducks game is not on Sportsnet One, it is available on Centre Ice only.

    The same teams play again in exactly two weeks (also in Anaheim) and that game is scheduled to be on Sportsnet One.

  3. What ever happened to games on FX? I’ve noticed since the start of the season the number of national games on Saturdays has dropped.

  4. Any idea who the announce team is for tonight’s Van/Wpg game?

  5. Well guess it could be worse. I think of all the Rogers local crews John and John are the best. Would like to see Garrett more nationally.

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