NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 11–17

RATINGS: Last Saturday night’s early game featuring Blues-Leafs, Jets-Preds, and Habs-Coyotes drew a combined rating of 1.7 million, making it the most-watched sporting program of the week. The St. Louis at Toronto game though drew just 743,000 viewers – the lowest Leafs rating since 2009. The Tim Horton’s Brier no doubt took some viewers away from the game, but also the fact the team are a bunch of garbage clowns right now. Other NHL games were: Sat late night, Rogers, 827k; Sun Cal-Ott, City, 623k; Sat HNIC pre-game, Rogers, 497k; Sun pre-game, City, 207k; Sat Phil-Bos, SN1, 136k.


7pm, Buffalo at Toronto: SN (Dave Randorf, Greg Millen, Elliotte Friedman)
8pm, NY Rangers at Washington: SN1, TVA Sports (Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Joe Micheletti)
9:30pm, Anaheim at Calgary: SN West*


7pm, Tampa Bay at Boston: SN360, TVA Sports
7pm, Edmonton at Pittsburgh: SN West*
7:30pm, Ottawa at Montreal: TSN5*, SN East*, RDS*
7:30pm, Florida at Winnipeg: TSN3*
10pm, Los Angeles at Vancouver: SN Pacific*
10pm, Chicago at Arizona: WGN
10:30pm, Nashville at San Jose: SN360


7pm, Ottawa at NY Islanders: TSN5*, RDS*
7pm, Edmonton at Columbus: SN Oilers*
8pm, Toronto at Calgary: TSN4*, SN West*


1pm, Boston at Pittsburgh: TVA Sports
4pm, Chicago at San Jose: WGN, SN
7pm, Winnipeg at Tampa Bay: SN (Bob Cole, Greg Millen, Shawn McKenzie)
7pm, Montreal at NY Islanders: City, TVA Sports (John Bartlett, Garry Galley, Christine Simpson)
7pm, Toronto at Vancouver: CBC (Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy, Scott Oake)
10pm, Calgary at Colorado: CBC, TVA Sports 2 (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Roger Millions)
10pm, Nashville at Los Angeles: SN


12:30pm, Detroit at Pittsburgh: NBC, SN (Mike Emrick, Eddie Olcyzk, Pierre McGuire)
7pm, Philadelphia at Ottawa: City, TVA Sports (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, David Amber)


7pm, Washington at Buffalo: SN1
7:30pm, Montreal at Tampa Bay: SN East*, RDS*
9:30pm, Toronto at Edmonton: SN Ontario*, SN West*
10:30pm, Arizona at Los Angeles: SN Pacific


7pm, Pittsburgh at New Jersey: SN Ontario/Pacific, TVA Sports
7pm, Ottawa at Carolina: TSN5*, RDS2*
7:30pm, Montreal at Florida: SN East*, RDS*
8pm, San Jose at Winnipeg: TSN3*
9pm, St. Louis at Calgary: SN West*
10pm, Philadelphia at Vancouver: SN Pacific*

— Dan | @SportsOnCdnTV


10 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: March 11–17

  1. I’m curious to know, for regional hockey ratings, what do Senators typically get on TSN5 vs what Habs get on Soortsnet-East?

  2. At this point in the season, with the Leafs in the toilet, would it not make sense to put them on City or Sportsnet and Habs on CBC? I’m assuming Rogers will have the Habs playoff games on CBC.

    • According to NHL.com, on March 21 the SJ-MTL game is scheduled for CBC, the WSH-WPG game for City, while the TOR-OTT game goes to Sportsnet. Part of the problem seems to be the Leafs have been scheduled in more “marquee” games down the stretch here particularly against other Canadian teams, while the Habs have been scheduled games against the likes of Arizona and Florida which are hardly compelling matchups regardless of the standings.

      • I agree with you, but Canadiens/Islanders is a battle for 1st place Saturday night and in my opinion, should be on CBC. Maybe I should state my bias, I am a Habs fan lol

    • Yeah its mostly been circumstance for why the Leafs have remained on CBC. MTL has played some bad teams (like ARZ last week) on the few weeks that the Leafs have had a poor matchup.

  3. NBCSN is also carrying Montreal-NY Islanders with its own crew. So the U.S. is shut out on HNIC game coverage from the NHL Network.

  4. Anyone know what Rogers will do come playoff time?

    In the past, the CBC and TSN split the first round with 4 series each. CBC, regardless if it was a Canadian team involved or not, produced and broadcasted all 4 series themselves with their own on-air talent.

    TSN rotated 2 crews and produced and broadcasted as many games as they could. They did borrow coverage from NBC when there was overflow and on weekend afternoons, but overall, they tried to be there for each of the 4 series they had.

    As we all know, Rogers have their 4 main broadcast teams and 4 additional broadcast teams for their regional telecasts. I can understand some borrowing of the NBC coverage as it makes financial sense. But i hope they don’t go too cheap.

      • I’m sure they have some type of plan, but probably ultimately depends on quality of the other series. My guess is they will at the least cover 4 series entirely, since they have 4 national crews. Probably fair to say any other games on CBC and maybe City/SN will get SN production too. Where as games on SN1 and SN360 would probably be simulcasts, I’d think.

        Looking at the standings today, I think they’d cover all of WSH-MTL, CGY-VAN, BOS-NYR and TB-DET. But if CBC were to get a DH each night, then they might want a crew in California for games in LA and ANA, for example.

  5. I would guess any Vancouver series will consist of Jim Hughson/Craig Simpson with the call. This is irregardless if they play the Flames, or an American team.

    I would guess too Paul Romanuk and Mike Johnson with Glenn Healy will have the call for the Habs.

    If the Jets get in, Randorf/Galley will likely call that series. If the Flames get a series not against Vancouver, they will call the Flames. Otherwise, they may get the call for a Western All-American series, likely with a late start time. Cole and Millen will get the best American Series in the East. I am really pulling for an all NY series. That would be awesome.

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