Major League Soccer 2015 Canadian Schedule

Fans (and broadcasters) of MLS had reason to worry that the 2015 season – the league’s 20th – wouldn’t go ahead beginning this weekend due to the players not yet signing a new collective bargaining agreement with team owners. Relief came late last night though with the MLS officially announcing a new CBA and Friday night’s season opening game set to go ahead as scheduled.

TSN and Sportsnet will have full coverage of Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps while TSN will broadcast select Montreal Impact matches. On the French-language side, TVA Sports and RDS will cover the Impact, while RDS has select Toronto FC and Whitecaps games.

TSN has rights to all-American matchups as well as the MLS playoffs and all-star game. Disappointingly, TSN is only showing the late game as part of the triple-header this Sunday due to the Brier finals. Each week thereafter, ESPN and Fox Sports in the U.S. broadcast a double-header every Sunday afternoon/evening and based on the schedule has TSN released so far, there seems to be little to no coverage of these games with only seven weeks of the season having both games broadcasted. So much for five feeds. I highly recommend MLS Live if you’re looking to view non-Canadian games, only $75 for the season.


TSN will be home to 23 TFC games this season with the other 11 featured on Sportsnet. TSN’s main commentating team will be Luke Wileman and Jason deVos in the booth with Kristian Jack reporting from the sidelines. Vic Rauter, Nigel Reed, Greg Sutton, and Kara Lang will also contribute to the telecast during the season. A majority of TSN’s games will be broadcast across the four main TSN feeds (TSN1/3/4/5), though a couple will be on TSN2 or a couple of the four regional feeds. All but one of Sportsnet’s 11 broadcasts will be on SN360 and features Gerry Dobson and Paul Dolan commentating. RDS will cover 12 regular season games.


TSN has exclusive national coverage of the Whitecaps’ season with 11 matches on TSN2 and the remaining majority on either TSN1 or all four feeds. Luke Wileman and Jason deVos will once again call the majority of Whitecaps matches on TSN with support on the sideline from Perry Solkowski. On the radio side, Peter Schaad and David Norman will have the call on TSN Radio 1410 Vancouver. RDS will broadcast 13 regular season games.


TVA Sports will show 21 games this season across their two networks while RDS picks up 13 games. TVA broadcasts will be Frédéric Lord calling the action while on RDS, Claudine Douville returns for the play-by-play with Jean Gounelle providing colour. Michel Y. Lacroix and François-Etienne Corbin will split duties as hosts, and analysts Patrick Leduc and Olivier Brett will round up the team. TSN will have 13 English-language broadcasts.

For individual games for each team, please visit the schedule linked below:

Toronto FC | Vancouver Whitecaps | Montreal Impact

— Dan | @SportsOnCdnTV


15 thoughts on “Major League Soccer 2015 Canadian Schedule

  1. No surprise, all the Impact games on TSN are also on RDS

  2. Any idea if MLS Live has the option of playing blacked out games after the fact like NFL Game Pass? I might watch the Canadian MLS teams that way..

  3. So 10 TFC games have been pushed to that joke sports channel Sportsnet 360, ah crap!

  4. “Disappointingly, TSN is only showing the late game as part of the triple-header this Sunday due to the Briar finals.”

    So literally watching plants grow? Did you mean Brier final?

  5. This is really disappointing. People in Europe can watch all 3 Sunday’s games live thanks to a new deal between MLS and Eurosports and here we are in Canada with same time zone and just one late game. I really want to watch NYFC and Orlando which is in front of a sold out crowd of 60 plus.

    Why doesn’t GOLTv show some American games? They show same day delay TFC games.

    It seems to me that TSN has only 2 channels, TSN2 and TSN (1.3.4 &5). At least rogers got 360, one and world. How are they going to show the Champions league? About 2 weeks ago, they put Arsenal game on line!!!!

    • TSN will use the different feeds individually for the CL, just like they do for EPL when they have four games. Curling though is a much bigger ratings sport, so they show it on the four regional feeds in order for those without digital cable to see it.

      As for GolTV, no thanks. It isn’t an HD channel besides on Rogers and is an additional cost for most. I’d rather see it in HD on MLS Live than be blacked out and SD.

  6. Never mind the American games, they can’t even show the opening game on time !!!! wow this is just bad. Rogers never ever does something like TSN does.

    I actually like curling but what about the game which was supposed to star at 6 pm and its already 6 min after.

    • Coverage started on time at 6pm EST on TSN5, well before kick off.

    • The broadcasting rule is to stick with the current game till over and then move to the just starting game. Kick off wasn’t till 610 anyway.

  7. This is very strange.. still trying to promote a game in a nation that has yet to really grasp the hype…so what do the big shots do….sell the rights to pay per view subscribers…..the template was out there for many years.. Spain, England etc etc….a least one or two games a week were available on public broadcast to ensure a wider audience…not to mention that all National Team games were available to the nation, not just the ones who can afford channel 29 and up on the tube…They have done it to baseball and football in Canada and not are going to screw soccer…you just have to look across the boarder.. all these sports are available at least once a week on basic cable….shame on you Rogers and Bell…

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