NHL Canadian TV Schedule: February 25–March 3

Last week’s early HNIC broadcast was slightly down from the previous two weeks but still the most-watched sporting event in Canada for the week. 2.2 million for Leafs-Jets, Jackets-Habs, Panthers-Sens, and Ducks-Oilers versus 2.6 m and 2.4 m the past two weeks, both record highs for the season. The other games for the week: Sun VAN-NYI City 514k, Sat LA-SJ CBC 505k (outdoor game), Fri TOR-CAR SNO 500k, Sat HNIC pre-game Rogers 498k, Fri VAN-NJD SNP 225k, Sat NYI-WAS SN 192k, Fri ANA-CAL SNW 162k.


7:30pm, Calgary at New Jersey: SN (Rick Ball, Kelly Hrudey, Elliotte Friedman)
8pm, Pittsburgh at Washington: SN1, TVA Sports (Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)
10pm, Ottawa at Anaheim: TSN5*, RDS*


7pm, Vancouver at Buffalo: Sabres TV*, SN Pacific*
7pm, Montreal at Columbus: SN East*, RDS*
7:30pm, Philadelphia at Toronto: TSN4*, TVA Sports
7:30pm, Chicago at Florida: SN Ontario/West
8pm, St. Louis at Winnipeg: TSN3*
10:30pm, Ottawa at Los Angeles: TSN5*, RDS*
10:30pm, Detroit at San Jose: SN360


7pm, Calgary at NY Islanders: SN West*


3pm, Buffalo at Florida: Sabres TV*
3pm, Detroit at Nashville: SN
7pm, Toronto at Montreal: CBC, TVA Sports (Jim Hughson, Glenn Healy, Craig Simpson, Scott Oake)
8pm, NY Rangers at Philadelphia: NBC, City (Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire)
10pm, St. Louis at Edmonton: CBC (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)
10pm, Ottawa at San Jose: SN, TVA Sports 2 (John Bartlett, Greg Millen, Christine Simpson)


4pm, Los Angeles at Winnipeg: TSN3*
7pm, Toronto at Washington: City, TVA Sports (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, David Amber)
9:30pm, St. Louis at Vancouver: 9:30pm SN Pacific*


7pm, Nashville at NY Rangers: SN
10pm, Montreal at San Jose: SN East*, RDS*


7pm, Calgary at Philadelphia: SN West*, TVA Sports
7pm, Washington at Columbus: SN East/Ontario/Pacific
7:30pm, Toronto at Florida: TSN4*
8pm, Ottawa at Minnesota: TSN5*, RDS*
9:30pm, Los Angeles at Edmonton: SN West*
10pm, San Jose at Vancouver: SN Pacific*

4 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: February 25–March 3

  1. NBC has Rangers-Flyers on Saturday night, is this the beginning of Saturday night sports programming on the Peacock, they’re airing boxing on Saturdays as well so maybe it will a hockey and boxing airing on alternate Saturdays?

    • Doubt it. There isn’t that much boxing to go around. Also the viewers just aren’t there to show either every week. This is the 2nd straight year they’ve shown an NHL game in primetime (was PIT-CHI at Soldier Field last year). My guess is they continue showing 1 per season + a few playoff games on Saturday nights. They also usually have 2 Notre Dame football games on Saturday nights + the NFL wildcard, but beyond that I don’t see any expansions of sports on NBC in primetime.

  2. The NBC game forced the NHL Network to drop the Toronto-Montreal game in the States. Canadians get a choice on Saturday nights, but “Americans” don’t.

  3. Every playoffs game will be available in French. Today, Groupe TVA has announced the launch of TVA Sports 3 in mid-April.

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