NHL Canadian TV Schedule: February 11–17


8pm, Detroit at Pittsburgh: SN1, TVA Sports
8pm, Vancouver at Chicago: SN (John Shorthouse; John Garrett; Elliotte Friedman)
10:30pm, Washington at San Jose: SN


7pm, Toronto at NY Islanders: TSN4*
7:30pm, Edmonton at Montreal: SN East*, SN West*, RDS*
7:30pm, Pittsburgh at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS2*
7:30pm, St. Louis at Tampa Bay: TVA Sports
8pm, Winnipeg at Nashville: TSN3*
9pm, NY Rangers at Colorado: SN360
10:30pm, Calgary at Los Angeles: SN West*


10pm, Boston at Vancouver: SN Pacific*


2pm, Edmonton at Ottawa: CBC, SN, TVA Sports (Kevin Quinn; Drew Remenda; Gene Principe)
7pm, Toronto at Montreal: CBC, TVA Sports (Jim Hughson; Glenn Healy; Craig Simpson; Scott Oake)
7pm, Winnipeg at Detroit: City (Paul Romanuk; Mike Johnson; Christine Simpson)
10pm, Vancouver at Calgary: CBC, TVA Sports 2 (Dave Randorf; Garry Galley; Roger Millions)
10pm, Washington at Los Angeles: SN1


12:30pm, Pittsburgh at Chicago: NBC, City, TVA Sports (Bob Cole; Greg Millen; David Amber)
8pm, Washington at Anaheim: SN


7pm, NY Rangers at NY Islanders: SN Ontario/Pacific
7:30pm, Carolina at Ottawa: TSN5*, RDS2*
7:30pm, Montreal at Detroit: SN East*, RDS*
8pm, Edmonton at Winnipeg: SN Oilers*, TSN3*
9pm, Boston at Calgary: SN West*
10pm, Minnesota at Vancouver: SN Pacific*


7pm, Washington at Pittsburgh: SN East/West/Pacific, TVA Sports
7:30pm, Florida at Toronto: SN Ontario*


11 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: February 11–17

  1. When / why did Rogers move the hometown hockey game on Sunday Feb 15 from the evening game between Philadelphia and Buffalo to the afternoon game between Pittsburgh and Chicago. There doesn’t seem to be anything on City that night.

    • NBC is also showing the afternoon game I believe. Maybe they just take the NBC feed directly and then get a simsub which would make sense as to why they decided to put the afternoon game on City.

  2. Hometown Hockey is in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia this week so I guess Sidney Crosby has everything to do with that move.

    • Am I the only one that finds it cheap of Sportsnet to use the Oilers announcers for Hockey Day? Another mistake by Rogers…

      • Yes incredibly. Can’t help but feel shortchanged as a Senators fan. Should be Cole and Millen. I get that both teams are out of the playoff picture, but HDIC is arguably the biggest regular season NHL broadcast in Canada. I don’t have too many complaints about Rogers’ coverage really, but their use of regional commentators on national games is odd. Same for VAN-CHI tonight. They have 4 national crews who seem to often only get 1 game per week. Where as TSN’s did 2 or even 3.

        • I agree it is puzzling that Rogers uses local crews on Wed/Sat/Sun when they have available national crews. To be fair though, Senators fans were treated for many years on HNIC by having Dean Brown doing play-by-play of many of their games, sometimes when they would be playing against other Canadian teams too.

      • not at all. i agree with you completely. it seems very junior hockey-ish to me. They’ve really promoted though John Shorthouse and John Bartlett. They really like those guys. I guess they’re auditioning for a potential replacement for Cole within the next 5 years. But seriously, those guys are not good.

        Even Dean Brown and Mark Lee who CBC used often were better. Much better.

        I am worried about the playoffs. with the Habs the only East team in contention, my guess is Hughson et al will be there. So what does that mean out west? Will instead of one of their main 4 commentating crews, they use instead a guy like Shorthouse? That to me would be pathetic.

        And unlike past years, where CBC produced 4 1st round series and TSN was doing “as many games as they could” then borrowing here and there from NBC feed, will Rogers just do 4 series and leave us full coverage of the NBC feed? Not that this is a bad thing, but there is something unique when they produce on their own.

        Their 1st year has been IMO below average at best. I think really they seem over their head on this National broadcaster gig.

  3. Also, I’m wondering why they would start a game in Chicago at 11:30 am Central time, I would have thought they bump it up to noon, which is what happens for NFL games in the Central time zone.

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