2015 Cricket World Cup To Be On Stupidly Expensive PPV Instead Of Sportsnet World

Back in 2011, Sportsnet sent out a release stating they had picked up four years worth of international cricket tournaments to broadcast. We even put up a brief post about it. The press release from Sportsnet stated that all tournaments over the course of the agreement would air on Sportsnet World.

Fast-forward to four years later, and Rogers announced this past week that the upcoming 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup hosted by Australia and New Zealand would air exclusively in Canada on pay-per-view. That’s right cricket fans, the $40 you could’ve paid to receive SN World for the six-week tournament will now cost you $180 … One hundred and eight dollarydoos. If you are a subscriber with Bell, MTS, SaskTel, Shaw or Telus, you can signup to watch the action on your television. Alternately, or for everyone else, you can purchase the digital option to watch online or on your phone for the same price. For only $130 you can signup to watch just the semifinal and final, or if the grand finale is your only interest, that one game will set you back $100.

The World Cup runs from February 13 to March 28 with just one match being showing live on Canadian television – Pakistan versus India on OMNI 2, Saturday February 14 at 10:30pm ET. Sportsnet World be allegedly showing match highlights and daily news throughout the tournament, and beginning Saturday February 7, fans can catch the latest news and results with Rogers Top Tier Cricket, a weekly highlight show every Saturday afternoon on OMNI 2 and Rogers TV.

If you’d like to signup for this service provided by Rogers, visit http://getcricket.ca.

If you’d like to save a significant amount of money and have access to a good quality VPN, I highly suggest signing up for ESPN’s Cricket World Cup PPV offering. For just $99.99 ($125 Canadian), you can access all 49 matches live or on-demand via http://espn.go.com/espncricket2015 or the ESPN Cricket 2015 app. Matches will be available on-demand or in a 60-minute condensed highlights format, something the Rogers offering doesn’t appear to offer. ESPN will also provide pre-, mid-, and post-match studio programming live from Sydney, Australia.

Sportsnet World has been dying a horrible, horrible death over the past year with less soccer and less rugby being shown – the two sports that have been a cornerstone of the premium channel. beIN Sports has taken away a few European rugby competitions, the English Super League appears to have disappeared all together, and beginning next year, TSN will be showing UEFA Champions League and Europa League, leaving SN World with the occasional EPL or FA Cup game and some southern hemisphere rugby union and rugby league. Definitely not worth the $20 a month price tag.

17 thoughts on “2015 Cricket World Cup To Be On Stupidly Expensive PPV Instead Of Sportsnet World

  1. Rogers need to rip people off now to cover their rear ends for the NHL contract. The pricing is totally insane. What are they thinking? Do they think we are all stupid? Really hope TSN will pick up the Cricket package & not charge us this kind of crazy money. But hope TSN won’t screw it up if they do

    • The buy rate will dictate the terms of the next ICC contract here.

      Will the commentary of the match on Omni2 be in English or Hindi/Urdu?

      On my Shaw Direct guide, I see a few one-hour cricket programs on Omni2 at 12:30 am ET.

      • That’s an excellent question in regards to the commentary for the Omni 2 match. The press release didn’t specify but I presume it would be in English just to cater to the most fans possible.

  2. for some maybe short-term money, rogers kills off the long term golden goose that is sportsnet world

  3. I am signing up for ESPN service. It doesn’t even say how the online streaming will work and whether it will be in HD. To top it off, there is no way to test the quality via Sportsnet application.

  4. All they are doing is chasing fans to a variety of pirate sites that are much cheaper. It seems no one has informed Rogers that, in the era of Chromecast, Apple TV and the like, people will happily stream lower quality (and sometimes similar quality) on-line feeds to their TV if they can avoid extortionate prices.

    Sportnet World has been a massive disappointment from my perspective. What started out with a promise to the CRTC of a mostly-rugby and cricket channel many years ago quickly became yet another soccer first station. I gave up on it when Setanta (as it was called then) decided that their premium monthly fee and 3-month minimum purchase wasn’t enough for them and they moved all the good Rugby World Cup round robin matches, plus all playoff games to PPV, leaving those of us who paid for the channel waiting 24 hours to watch the replay. Once Rogers took over, they increased the amount of soccer further and moved IPL cricket from their regular channels to try and force more people into paying the extra price; all at the expense of rugby. I gave up on it long ago and I happily stream for free from pirate sites and don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt over doing so. Screw over customers and they will find ways to bypass you.

  5. I have officially lodged a complaint against ATN & Rogers/Sportsnet

  6. Could someone please explain about the timing? It says 5 or 1030 PM!!! How does that work?? There is a 16 hours difference.

    I had to wake up at 4 AM last month to watch the Asian Cup in Australia.

    • Taking the first day of the tournament as an example, the 5pm ET start here is 11am in Christchurch, NZ. The 10:30pm ET start is 2:30pm in Melbourne, AU. The first match is a day game, the second a day/night game. The Asian Cup was at 4am ET here because it kicked off in Australia in their evening.

  7. Shouldn’t people have an option to pick and choose the matches? They can also offer ‘follow my team’ packages. They can probably end up making more money by making things more affordable and customizable.

  8. Way back in 2007 I remember Setanta starting up. It was mid August and we were at a cottage and on Bell Satellite the channel just started up. It rained for what seemed like the whole week so I ended up watching the channel a lot. At the time, for 10 EPL games per week it seemed as though 2 or 3 were on Sportsnet and the remainder were on Setanta. I subscribed and negotiated a yearly fee with Rogers. Over time, Sportsnet got more and more games and Setanta/Sportsnet World less and less. For soccer, now unless you are a die hard Crystal Palace/Hull/Burnley fan there isn’t really much point to the channel.

    It seems to be the channel that Sportsnet has forgotten about.

    Speaking of soccer channels, does anybody know if BEin Sports will be either back on free preview or a more reasonable price? and when will EuroWorld Sports die a death.? Gol TV seems to be on its last legs as well.

    • beIN is $15 a month. SN World is $18 last time I checked. beIN has significantly more live content these days than SN World does, so I’m not sure why you think it isn’t reasonable.

      GolTV has to die sooner or later, unless MLSE is willing to keep it running just to show TFC replays. The only major competition they show is Bundesliga and I believe the current rights are in the last year. Hard to imagine beIN or someone else getting those, especially considering it is one of the top three leagues in the world right now.

  9. Totally agree with your posts. This is a terrible way for a provider to suck out the most out of you. They forget that if they make this affordable there are chances that they would attract more customers. Who has the cash to pay $100 for just the final? In the US, they are realizing the importance of this event and ESPN is allowing people to just buy the World Cup. You don’t have to be a subscriber or your internet provider does not have to be in the list of approve providers of ESPN. This is what make the event accessible, even though cricket is a niche market. In Canada from a percentage there are far more people from nations that play cricket and yet the make it inaccessible. It is no wonder that Canada hasn’t qualified this time around and it also no wonder that more and more young children are not taking up the sport. Very disappointing. I am going to cancel my SNW subscription.

  10. I called to cancel my Sportsnet World just now and I was told I can have it as a free channel if I switch to ExtraSports package with Rogers.

    I wanted TSN for MLS season. I also got BeinSports for 14.99 (no deals).

    I have a feeling GOLTV is not going anywhere, I see them everywhere regarding TFC. I just hope Bundesliga gets picked up by a HD channel such as SNWL which SNWL is useless starting next season. The FA cup only gets excited near the end.

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