TSN And CTV Team Up For Investigative Piece On Counterfeiting In Sports

Since being hired in July of last year, Rick Westhead has been doing some fantastic work for TSN in the sports business and investigate journalism department, something not really seen from other Canadian sports media outlets. His biggest piece airs this week on TSN and CTV — ‘Faking It’, a look at counterfeiting in the sports industry.

“When Toronto police told me how many fake NHL jerseys have flooded into the Toronto market alone, and how organized crime is becoming more invested in the business, I knew this was a story sports fans needed to hear,” said Rick Westhead. “Fans have such strong emotional ties to their favourite players and teams, and those ties are the reason they are willing to pay so much money for jerseys, game tickets, and autographs. With FAKING IT, we look into the way those three pillars of the sports business areunder attack by counterfeiters.”

FAKING IT examines the ways in which sports fans are being deceived by fake tickets, how some sports memorabilia may not be what it seems, and how bogus team jerseys make their way into the Canadian marketplace.

Along the way, Rick Westhead visits Canada’s biggest sports memorabilia show in an attempt to test the eye of expert authenticators, talks to professional sports organizations and their fans about the proliferation of fake tickets being sold online, and takes a hidden camera inside Chinese factories to investigate the making of knock-off jerseys that could soon be sold under the guise of officially licensed apparel.

In a co-production between SportsCentre and CTV’s investigative news program W5, Westhead will host the feature series that airs in three parts over the next three nights on SportsCentre and in full on Saturday night’s W5.

  • Part One: The Name Game – Thursday, Feb. 5 at 6pm ET on SportsCentre
  • Part Two: Tickets to Nowhere –  Friday, Feb. 6 at 6pm ET on SportsCentre
  • Part Three: Jersey Ploys – Saturday, Feb. 7 at 6pm ET on SportsCentre
  • FAKING IT – Saturday, Feb. 7 at 7pm ET on W5

Individual parts will be available for streaming on CTV and TSN digital platforms after each night with the full series available online Saturday night along with bonus footage.


One thought on “TSN And CTV Team Up For Investigative Piece On Counterfeiting In Sports

  1. Interesting take from a Globe media writer on it:

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