Super Bowl XLIX Sets New Ratings Record In Canada

Sunday night’s down-to-the-wire Super Bowl that saw the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks crushed the previous Super Bowl ratings record for CTV and RDS.

An average of 9.2 millions Canadians watched Super Bowl 49 on CTV and RDS according to Numeris overnight data. RDS set a new record with 1 million viewers while CTV attracted 8.2 million sets of eyeballs. The previous highest-watched game was Super Bowl XLVI with 8.18 million viewers – a staggering 13% increase over the Giants-Patriots game played that year and a 16% increase over last year’s 7.94 million viewers.

19.3 million people (or 55% of the country) watched part of the game last night across either network and 12.2 million tuned in for Katy Perry’s halftime show – 23% more than last year.

I paid little attention to the commercials, though I can only presume CTV ran promos for their shows every second advertisement along with the same three commercials for “Canadian” companies.

CTV bailed on the trophy presentation and post-game as soon as possible after the game finished to show the season premier of Masterchef Canada and directed viewers to TSN, though I’m sure most jumped to NBC on their dial instead. Interestingly, Global, scheduled to show the season premier of The Blacklist along with NBC, ran the program as scheduled at 10:15pm, foregoing their precious simsub and not wanting to fill airtime waiting for NBC to wrap up their coverage.

Top 5 Super Bowl audiences on Canadian television

  1. SUPER BOWL XLIX in 2015 – Patriots 28-Seahawks 24 – 9.2 million (CTV 8.2m, RDS 1m)
  2. SUPER BOWL XLVI in 2012 – Giants 21-Patriots 17 – 8.1 million (CTV 7.3m, RDS 865k)
  3. SUPER BOWL XLVIII in 2014 – Seahawks 43-Broncos 8 – 7.9 million (CTV 7.3m, RDS 610k)
  4. SUPER BOWL XLVII in 2013 – Ravens 34-49ers 31 – 7.38 million
  5. SUPER BOWL XLV in 2011 – Packers 31-Steelers 25 – 7.29 million

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