Super Bowl XLIX This Sunday on CTV and NBC

The Super Bowl is here yet again, one of the world’s biggest annual sporting events. Two teams will play, one team will emerge “world” champion. CTV will have all the action taking the US feed from NBC. RDS will handle French-language as always.

As you may or may not have heard, in two years from now Canadians will be able to watch the US feed without having the same seven Canadian commercials played ad nauseam. I will post more information about this in the coming days. For this year and next year though, tough titties. NBC will posting all commercials to a Tumblr page immediately after they air.

Schedule is below and full details on NBC’s day of broadcasting can be found here.

Saturday on CTV

3pm ET, Road to the Playoffs
4pm ET, Road to the Super Bowl
9pm ET, Award ceremony NFL Honors

Sunday on CTV and TSN

10am ET, TSN2, ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown
12pm ET, CTV/NBC, NFL Special: Together We Make Football
1pm ET, CTV/NBC, Pre-Game Show
5pm ET, RDS, Pre-Game Show
6pm ET, CTV/NBC/RDS, Super Bowl XLIX
10pm ET, TSN, Sportscentre live from the Super Bowl
11:30pm ET, TSN, ESPN NFL Primetime

The game will be streamed online via CTV GO and will be on the TSN Radio network of stations.

16 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIX This Sunday on CTV and NBC

  1. Is Super Bowl televised anywhere else besides North America? I think Mexico shows it.

    • Nearly every major country in the world shows it. Back in Australia, I’d take the day off school to watch it at 10am Monday morning.

  2. If you (and I’m assuming most do) want to watch the U.S. Feed, OTA is the way to go, I have Shaw Direct but for any big event that is on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX I always change the input on my HD TV to the aerial, it’s a much cleaner picture, the audio is better as well.

  3. I have a problem where the ads seem as important as the game itself. A triumph for good old American marketing I guess. And I always get a laugh out of the claim ” World “champions…..just call it the championship NFL game. It is certainly not representative of the big wide world by any means.

  4. A Post-Game edition of Sports 30 will be on RDS at 10:30 pm ET. Off course, the game is also available online via RDS GO.

    • Watched last year’s Super Bowl, that is. 111 million watched in the U.S.

      • Yea, well the americans just cannot get over the fact that nobody really cares outside N. America,…but hey , beam it into a bunch of other countries and claim a world wide audience of whatever ……oh, come on. It’s good ole American marketing…that’s all , and that;s what they do best.

    • Ni pbrown, …..that’s all good ole American hype… most of those countries the only folk watching it are American embassy staff.!

  5. Ten years ago, I could understand if people were upset about not seeing commercials. Now? Most of them are posted online a week BEFORE the game. Of course, most people (myself included) DVR most programming to avoid commercials.

    • Yep, complaints about simsubs seem like something coming from people who have been living a cave for the last 15 or 20 years, and have never heard of the internet, DVRs, on-demand, OTA, etc.
      And back then Global was absolutely horrible for missing plays when coming back late from commercial breaks if they were your only option for seeing NFL games.

      • I watched the NBC feed OTA this year so I can’t say how well CTV did when it came to coming back from commercials in time this year, but I can hazard a guess based on the few times that I had no choice but to watch a CTV sim-subbed feed earlier in the season – Not Good

        To explain, I had cut my cable TV package altogether and bought NFL Game Pass, there were a number of games this season where even the stream was hijacked by a Bell feed and aside from the fact that the provided CTV feed was a lower bitrate than the NFL’s own, the CTV feed suffered from numerous late cut ins to squeeze in that last commercial from the CTV Kitchener affiliate where they sourced the substitute feed from.

    • To be fair though, the Super Bowl is where ad execs usually pull out all the stops promoting their stuff, even to the point of it being in horribly bad taste

      (Looking at you Nationwide Insurance, whose new tagline should be “Nationwide – Your Child Just Died”)

  6. Once again, CTV ducks out as soon as the game and doesn’t show the Lombardi trophy presentation. They couldn’t get to Masterchef Canada soon enough,

  7. Not sure about you guys, but I was planning on watching the game through my OTA NBC feed, but I had the pregame stuff on my Shaw Direct West feed and during the pregame it was showing all American commercials so I thought I would stick with it to see how long after the game started that they would switch over to the CTV feed, well it never happened, so I watched the entire game (Post game as well) on the West feed from Shaw Direct and didn’t miss one American commercial. Anyone know why this happened or was I alone it getting this?

    • A small Ontario IPTV provider, VMedia, did not simsub the Super Bowl, and they don’t simsub anything. I think it may be because they have such a small number of total subscribers that they are exempt from that regulation.
      But I have been hearing more examples of the larger carriers not simsubbing, particularly when it involves the other competing conglomerate’s stations. I’m not sure how Shaw Direct works, but I think I remember hearing that some locations may be exempt if they are not within a certain distance of the Canadian station, or that some feeds may not necessarily have to be simsubbed?

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