2015 Australian Open Begins Tonight on TSN; More Tennis This Year Than Ever

Tennis fans will see more matches than ever this year as TSN brings multi-feed coverage to all four grand slams beginning tonight with day one of the 2015 Australian Open. TSN launched their five feeds with the US Open last summer so this year we will over 1000 hours of coverage of the Aussie Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

With the additional coverage, viewers will be able to see every set of Canadian’s Genie Bouchard and Milos Raonic on their television or via TSN GO. Bouchard’s tournament begins tonight with her first round match scheduled for 3am ET on TSN5.

Day one’s coverage starts at 7pm ET tonight with just one feed on TSN5 and runs for 12 hours straight. Day two tomorrow night will see multiple feeds used. As usual with this mostly overnight tournament, TSN will show encore matches during the day. The women’s final will be at 3am ET on Saturday January 31 and the men’s on Sunday February 1 at 3am ET. As usual, a majority of the coverage will come from ESPN and Tennis Channel.

Full TSN schedule is below. Click to embiggen.


7 thoughts on “2015 Australian Open Begins Tonight on TSN; More Tennis This Year Than Ever

  1. Does anyone know will Sportsnet have any tennis this year/

    • As Josh somewhat mentioned in his comment, Sportsnet appears to still have all tennis events except the grand slams. That said, beIN Sports has broadcasted a couple ATP tournaments in the past month or so, so who knows what other rights they may have as the new tennis season begins.

      • Sportsnet definitely still has some ATP/WTA. I know they had a few of the Aussie Open Series events + the Hopman Cup. I believe their deal runs through the end of this year. I think anything under ATP 500 events are not part of the deal, so presumably beIN could sign contracts to show some of those (but as could Sportsnet).

  2. Jayme, I think Sportsnet has lower-tier tournaments (such as the Rogers Cup) and national team competitions like the Davis and Fed Cups. TSN has all the grand-slams.

  3. “Embiggen”? Heh heh. Apparently that’s a “neologism”, but I’d think more people recognize it than the word neologism.

    To go completely off-topic, there may be some hope for Canadian motorsports viewers who want to see more than the F1, Nascar, and IndyCar that is carried by TSN and Sportsnet (though TSN may be continuing to show NHRA, contrary to a recent unfounded rumour) since Fox intentionally ruined what was left of the Speed channel that I think is now only carried in Canada by Shaw and maybe one other small IPTV carrier.
    Europe-based motorsports channel MotorsTV will soon become available to North Americans, although it remains to be seen if or when any Canadian carrier may pick it up.

  4. I missed Raonic today as I taped the wrong TSN channel. Is there any way of knowing which channel which matches will appear on?

    Is there any chance of TSN dumping eSPN … I am so tired of having to turn off some of their play by play guys as they talk incessantly… The British woman ? is very good with insightful comments.

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