NHL Canadian TV Schedule: January 7–13


7pm, Washington at Toronto: SN (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Christine Simpson)
8pm, Boston at Pittsburgh: TVA Sports
9:30pm, Detroit at Calgary: SN (Rick Ball, Eric Francis, Kelly Hrudey, Roger Millions)


7pm, Washington at Philadelphia: SN360, TVA Sports
7pm, Buffalo at Carolina: Sabres TV*
9pm, Ottawa at Colorado: TSN5*, RDS*
9pm, Winnipeg at Arizona: TSN3*
10pm, Florida at Vancouver: SN Pacific*
10:30pm, NY Rangers at Los Angeles: SN360


7pm, NY Islanders at New Jersey: SN East/Ontario/Pacific
7:30pm, Columbus at Toronto: TSN4*
9pm, Florida at Calgary: SN1 (Rick Ball, Eric Francis, Kelly Hrudey, Roger Millions)
9:30pm, Chicago at Edmonton: SN West*


1pm, Boston at Philadelphia: SN
7pm, Pittsburgh at Montreal: CBC, TVA Sports (Jim Hughson, Glenn Healy, Craig Simpson, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)
7pm, Detroit at Washington: SN
7pm, Ottawa at Arizona: City (Bob Cole, Greg Millen, Arash Madani)
10pm, Calgary at Vancouver: CBC (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, Scott Oake)
10pm, Winnipeg at Los Angeles: SN (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Christine Simpson)
10pm, NY Rangers at San Jose: FX Canada


7pm, Florida at Edmonton: City (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, Gene Principe)
8pm, Minnesota at Chicago: WGN, TVA Sports
9pm, Winnipeg at Anaheim: TSN3*


7pm, Tampa Bay at Philadelphia: SN
10:30pm, Toronto at Los Angeles: SN Ontario*


7pm, Tampa Bay at Boston: SN East/Ontario
7pm, Detroit at Buffalo: SN1
8pm, Edmonton at St. Louis: SN West*
8pm, Vancouver at Nashville: SN Pacific*
8pm, Florida at Winnipeg: TSN3*
8:30pm, Ottawa at Dallas: TSN5*, RDS*

3 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: January 7–13

  1. The Wild-Blackhawks game on Sunday is on WGN and Centre Ice is free this week on Shaw Cable.

  2. Are the Lightning’s games on its 2-game road trip gonna be Sportsnet productions or will the network pick up regional American feeds?

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