2014 NCAA Bowl Games Canadian TV Schedule

The 2014 bowl season is upon us. And while it starts out with the usual bore of mid-level teams playing in front of half empty stadiums in places like Boise (brrr) and St. Petersburg, this season actually features the best bowl matchups in recent memory. The top ranked teams are all playing top ranked teams. Now that the American (former Big East) no longer gets an auto-bid to the biggest games, combined with the ACC having two very good teams, the New Year’s Six can all claim an exciting matchup with ranked teams. On top of that, all of the other teams in the AP Top 25 have difficult and interesting matchups, usually against other ranked teams. Top matchups outside of the New Year’s Six include the Holiday Bowl (Nebraska vs. USC), Russell Athletic Bowl (Oklahoma vs. Clemson), Music City Bowl (Notre Dame vs. LSU), Belk Bowl (Georgia vs. Louisville), Outback Bowl (Auburn vs. Wisconsin) and Alamo Bowl (Kansas State vs. UCLA). If teams from the “Group of 5” is your think, check out the Boca Raton Bowl on December 23 between MAC champions Northern Illinois and C-USA champions Marshall.

Unfortunately, as is often the case here in Canada, all of these matchups are not available. Even with 5 feeds TSN is not showing every game, often due to conflicts with hockey.

New Orleans Bowl (Superdome in New Orleans, LA)
Saturday December 20, 11:00am
UL-Lafayette (8-4) vs. Nevada (7-5)

New Mexico Bowl (University Stadium in Albuquerque, NM)
Saturday December 20, 2:20pm
Utah State (9-4) vs. Texas-El Paso (7-5)

Las Vegas Bowl (Sam Boyd Stadium in Whitney, NV)
Saturday December 20, 3:30pm
Utah (8-4) vs. Colorado State (10-2)

Idaho Potato Bowl (Albertsons Stadium in Boise, ID)
Saturday December 20, 5:45pm
Air Force (9-3) vs. Western Michigan (8-4)

Camellia Bowl (Cramton Bowl in Montgomery, AL)
Saturday December 20, 9:15pm
Bowling Green (7-6) vs. South Alabama (6-6)

Miami Beach Bowl (Marlins Park in Miami, FL)
Monday December 22, 2:00pm
Memphis (9-3) vs. Brigham Young (8-4)
TV: TSN1/4

Poinsettia Bowl (Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA)
Tuesday December 23, 9:30pm
Navy (7-5) vs. San Diego State (7-5)

Bahamas Bowl (Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau)
Wednesday December 24, 12:00pm
Central Michigan (7-5) vs. Western Kentucky (7-5)
TV: TSN1/4

Hawaii Bowl (Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, HI)
Wednesday December 24, 8:00pm
Rice (7-5) vs. Fresno State (6-6)

St. Petersburg Bowl (Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL)
Friday December 26, 8:00pm
NC State (7-5) vs. Central Florida (9-3)

Sun Bowl (Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, TX)
Saturday December 27, 2:00pm
Arizona State (9-3) vs. Duke (9-3)

Independence Bowl (Independence Stadium in Shreveport, LA)
Saturday December 27, 3:30pm
Miami (6-6) vs. South Carolina (6-6)

Holiday Bowl (Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA)
Saturday December 27, 8:00pm
Nebraska (9-3) vs. Southern California (8-4)

Music City Bowl (LP Field in Nashville, TN)
Tuesday December 30, 3:00pm
Louisiana State (8-4) vs. Notre Dame (7-5)

Belk Bowl (Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC)
Tuesday December 30, 6:30pm
Georgia (9-3) vs. Louisville (9-3)

Foster Farms Bowl (Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA)
Tuesday December 30, 10:00pm
Maryland (7-5) vs. Stanford (7-5)

Peach Bowl (Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA)
Wednesday December 31, 12:30pm
TCU (11-1) vs. Ole Miss (9-3)

Orange Bowl (Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL)
Wednesday December 31, 8:00pm
Mississippi State (10-2) vs. Georgia Tech (10-3)
TV: TSN3/5

Cotton Bowl Classic (AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX)
Thursday January 1, 12:30pm
Baylor (11-1) vs. Michigan State (10-2)

Citrus Bowl (Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando, FL)
Thursday January 1, 1:00pm
Missouri (10-3) vs. Minnesota (8-4)

Semifinal #1: Rose Bowl Game (Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA)
Thursday January 1, 5:00pm
Oregon (12-1) vs. Florida State (13-0)

Semifinal #2: Sugar Bowl (Superdome in New Orleans, LA)
Thursday January 1, 8:30pm
Alabama (12-1) vs. Ohio State (12-1)

Alamo Bowl (Alamodome in San Antonio, TX)
Friday January 2, 6:45pm
Kansas State (9-3) vs. UCLA (9-3)

Cactus Bowl (Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, AZ)
Friday January 2, 10:15pm
Washington (8-5) vs. Oklahoma State (6-6)

Birmingham Bowl (Legion Field in Birmingham, AL)
Saturday January 3, 1:00pm
East Carolina (8-4) vs. Florida (6-5)

GoDaddy Bowl (Ladd Peebles Stadium in Mobile, AL)
Sunday January 4, 9:00pm
Toledo (8-4) vs. Arkansas State (7-5)

College Football Championship Game (AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX)
Monday January 12, 8:30pm

(No doubt they will be available on the specialty channels)

December 23, 6pm – Boca Raton Bowl: Marshall vs. Northern Illinois
December 26, 1pm – Heart of Dallas Bowl: Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech
December 26, 4:30pm – Quick Lane Bowl: North Carolina vs. Rutgers
December 27, 1pm – Military Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati
December 27, 4:30pm – Pinstripe Bowl: Boston College vs. Penn State
December 29, 2pm – Liberty Bowl: Texas A&M vs. West Virginia
December 29, 5:30pm – Russell Athletic Bowl: Clemson vs. Oklahoma
December 29, 9pm – Texas Bowl: Arkansas vs. Texas
December 31, 4pm – Fiesta Bowl: Arizona vs. Boise State
January 1, 1pm – Outback Bowl: Auburn vs. Wisconsin
January 2, 12pm – Armed Forces Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Houston
January 2, 3:20pm – TaxSlayer Bowl: Iowa vs. Tennessee

19 thoughts on “2014 NCAA Bowl Games Canadian TV Schedule

  1. Thanks so much for posting this helpful guide. I don’t know why, but I’m a sucker for the “who cares” bowls.

    I always am amazed at having so many sports channels and seeing so many bowls left off the list…

    • if you’re watching more than 5 mins of any these bowl games outside of about 5 of them and you have no connection to these schools, your new year’s resolution should be to visit a sports shrink.

      and just because espn telecasts all these games as filler holiday programming for their espnu and epsn2 networks, it doesn’t mean tsn has to be a lap dog rebroadcasting everything they do.

      • Everyone has their own sports tastes. It’s like getting heavily into the pre-tournament games for the World Juniors. Who cares? They’re just glorified exhibition games that mean NOTHING. But some people go gaga over them. That is their choice. They love junior hockey (or at least the World Juniors) that much. I will start watching some of the games when the actual tournament starts thank you very much. Oh, and I love watching college football so I will be watching a lot of bowl games as well. I’ll call the “sports shrink” (as you call it) later today.

  2. The difference between world juniors and bowl games is that a bunch of the bowl games are simply creations of espn. They control where it’s played, who plays in them, when it’s played and who advertises in them.

    Otherwise, there is no sporting reason to have these bowl games until espn decided this was another way to make money. So, if you like watching 3 hour corporate commercial fest, espn has about 10 bowl games for you.

    Good article in the NYT about the latest espn bowl creation: Camellia Bowl


    • So because many of the bowl games are creations of ESPN makes them more meaningless than the World Junior games? I’d call that a stretch and, in the end, a moot point.

      In the end, it’s about money. ESPN makes more money off of all these bowl games. And guess what…TSN (and the arenas that hold the games) make more money and get more eyeballs on their network from showing meaningless World Junior exhibition games. Pretty much the same thing.

      The other thing is, if very few people watched them, at some point they wouldn’t air them, since the whole point is to get people to watch them. In the States, bowl games have much higher ratings than almost every NBA regular season game. I can’t see ESPN putting the kibosh on airing the NBA.

      • ESPN tv ratings have been mixed so far for bowl games but since there isn’t much else in terms of live events, the ratings are relatively better than whatever else they would show.

        Attendance wise, it has been a disaster as seen by these twitter pics.


        Reinforces my view that since there is no organic reason for some of these bowl games. But since football is the #1 sport in the US, there is enough Americans who’ll watch any type of game on tv. I have read CFL games on ESPN get similar or higher ratings than MLS.

        • Yes football is huge down there. Take arena football. Brutal. But many people watch it. I’m still wondering if a few northern US cities would take the CFL (again).

          ESPN does make a big deal of the bowl games. Well the bigger ones at least and that trickles down to the smaller scale bowls. If other sports took that tact (like the bowls or the World Juniors) then you might see more eyeballs on those games as well (NHL are you listening?).

        • Another issue with the attendance argument is that last season, 47 teams averaged less than 30,000 fans a game. To be honest, in any given year in the last thirty years, attendance has always been an issue in half the bowl games.

          Should some of the bowl games be eliminated? Perhaps. But those arguing for a 16 or 24-team playoff like the FCS should know that the FCS has brutally low attendance for playoff games (for teams not in North Dakota) because fans can’t (or won’t) make plans that quickly.

          At some point, when the best teams break off and create their own division, at least 10 of these bowls will cease to exist I’m sure.

  3. Why does TSN bother with five so-called channels if they’re going to pit the same damn game on four of them?

    • Yes, that makes no sense to me, especially leaving the Fiesta and the Alamo bowls uncovered. Headline Sports used to pick up all the games uncovered by everyone else but haven’t since 360 took over that operation. Sad and frustrating.

  4. where do you figure these will be broadcast? what is your idea of a specialty channel?? Because I can’t find them broadcast in Canada anywhere?

    December 29, 2pm – Liberty Bowl: Texas A&M vs. West Virginia
    December 29, 5:30pm – Russell Athletic Bowl: Clemson vs. Oklahoma
    December 29, 9pm – Texas Bowl: Arkansas vs. Texas
    December 31, 4pm – Fiesta Bowl: Arizona vs. Boise State
    January 1, 1pm – Outback Bowl: Auburn vs. Wisconsin
    January 2, 12pm – Armed Forces Bowl: Pittsburgh vs. Houston
    January 2, 3:20pm – TaxSlayer Bowl: Iowa vs. Tennessee

    Your help is appreciated!!

    • It’s called ESPN and we don’t get it in Canada! We have to watch it on TSN or Sportsnet – when they deem to carry it -because we’re held hostage by the CRTC and its minions. Then when the NFL playoffs roll around we’ll have CTV cut in and affect the sound and picture quality of the game and watch the same commercials 1000 times before half-time. Thank our elitist superiors at the CRTC!

    • Specialty channel means the college sports package that Rogers and Bell offer that show additional games during the season not on regular channels.

  5. Agree with the last post. On January 1st TSN is showing a Premiership match on three channels and choosing not to show the Outback Bowl. Granted this is a relatively minor New Year’s Day Bowl, but how can it possibly make sense to split the audience for one niche event among three channels while completely ignoring another event that is going to attract viewers that would not otherwise bother watching TSN at that time?

  6. There is an abundance of meaningless NHL, NFL and NBA games on during bowl season. Nothing organic about them-designed to make money. I won’t watch any of them. I’ll watch quite a few bowl games. Not obligated to watch any. To each his own.

  7. We should have the option of adding ESPN in Canada so we’re not at the whim of TSN and Sportsnet of what games get carried. This is typical CRTC BS to protect some jackoffs job. More choice, more freedom.

  8. Thanks for the NCAA rundown. I Like some of the comments here.
    How come no Fiesta Bowl? There’s two fairly high ranked teams in this one. I’d rather watch that than 5 TSN feeds of Russia vs Czech junior hockey or flash back and forth between them.
    I got Bell Middle package just to get some more bowls games after last year having not having showing the Rose Bowl on News Years. They even showed the parade but not the Bowl Game. That used to be on normal TV for years.
    I see Bell does have a NCAA total package for about $40 a month. I’m a bit of a fan but not for almost $500 a year. I see the NFL package is similarly priced too.
    It may be time to get an IP masker and stream all this stuff off the net. TV sports prices have gotten ridiculous. By setting the price points so high, they are making them exclusive, but will never expand their audiences. Eventually people will lose interest and tune out or like Netflicks, a new competitor will eat their lunch with low cost entertainment.

    • The Bell NCAA package is $100 for the year, not $40 a month. Unless Satellite has something different. I pay the yearly fee but I still think it’s ridiculous we can’t get ESPN here. I know the reasons but it still is frustrating.

  9. CRTC would never allow the “Taxslayer” Bowl to be shown in Canada.
    Now, if there was a TaxLOVER bowl…

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