Denver Post Writer Adrian Dater’s Creepy/Sexist Twitter Direct Messages

Yesterday news broke that sports media blogger Steve Lepore had been accused (with proof) of asking random women on Twitter if he could take (potentially) nude photographs of them. It was creepy and weird, but let’s be honest, as much as Lepore is well-known in sports media circles and maybe amongst other hockey fans, he’s just one of many bloggers who write for sites such as Awful Announcing (where he was subsequently fired). As is usual when someone finally steps forward with an accusation, the floodgates open and many more victims come forward. In fact around twenty more women accused Lepore of similar conduct yesterday.

Which then lead to the accusation (again, with proof) of similar misconduct by Denver Post writer Adrian Dater. Unlike Lepore, Dater is very well known. He is the Colorado Avalanche beat writer for a newspaper that is over 100 years old. He is credited with breaking the news that the NHL lockout had ended in the early morning hours of January 6, 2013. Yes, he broke the biggest NHL story of 2013 ahead of the likes of McKenzie, Lebrun and Kypreos. Oh, and he was also suspended by the Denver Post for two weeks in October for calling a hockey player a “pussy” on Twitter. A stance which he proceeded to defend.

Then today a woman, who is seemingly just a random Red Wings fan from Calgary named Maria Camacho, on Twitter accused him of similar misogyny he had been caught for in the past, as well as harassment. Ms. Camacho began with a Tweet stating, “I’m gonna to speak out about someone. I’m not gonna accuse them, I’m just going to post the screenshots and you can make your own judgement.” She followed up with screenshots of Dater complimenting her on a new profile pic, and then asking, “well, if you feel like showing more before that crop:” She also posted a screenshot of Dater telling her he is “not going to argue with a woman.

Interesting to see if the Denver Post reprimands him for this. Surely they have to. Thought I’d give this a little more attention since it may fly under the radar. He boasts in his Twitter bio that he is a husband and father, bet this will go down great at home.

More to come… assuming the Denver Post responds.

One thought on “Denver Post Writer Adrian Dater’s Creepy/Sexist Twitter Direct Messages

  1. I’m not defending Dater, by any means. But. I don’t think his thing is the worst. Like, it’s skeezy, and he shouldn’t do it, but I don’t think it’s something to lose a job over or even get suspended for.

    It was demonstrated that Lepore kept on women who told him to go away. I haven’t seen that with Dater’s thing so far. I think that’s a very important distinction.

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