NHL Canadian TV Schedule: November 12–18


• 8pm, Boston at Toronto – Sportsnet, TVA Sports (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Glenn Healy, Christine Simpson)
• 10:30pm, LA Kings at Anaheim – SN One (Dave Strader, Brian Engblom)


• 7pm, Winnipeg at Carolina – TSN3*
• 7:30pm, Boston at Montreal – SN 360, RDS* (John Bartlett, Jason York, Chantal Desjardins)
• 8pm, Buffalo at Minnesota – Sabres TV*
• 9pm, Arizona at Calgary – SN Flames*
• 9:30pm, Ottawa at Edmonton – SN Oilers*, TSN5*, RDS2*


• 7:30pm, Pittsburgh at Toronto – TSN4*, TVA Sports
• 10pm, Arizona at Vancouver – SN Pacific*


• 7pm, Toronto at Buffalo – CBC (Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Scott Oake)
• 7pm, Philadelphia at Montreal – Sportsnet, TVA Sports (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, David Amber)
• 7pm, NY Rangers at Pittsburgh – FX Canada
• 7pm, Winnipeg at Nashville – City (Bob Cole, Greg Millen, Arash Madani)
• 10pm, Ottawa at Calgary – CBC, TVA Sports 2 (Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)


• 5pm, Winnipeg at Minnesota – TSN3*
• 7pm, Montreal at Detroit – City, RDS* (Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, Christine Simpson)
• 7pm, Dallas at Chicago – WGN, TVA Sports
• 9pm, Arizona at Edmonton – SN West*


• 7pm, Tampa Bay at NY Rangers – SN One, TVA Sports


• 7pm, St. Louis at Boston – TVA Sports
• 7:30pm, Nashville at Toronto – TSN4*
• 7:30pm, Pittsburgh at Montreal – SN East*, RDS*
• 8pm, New Jersey at Winnipeg – TSN3*
• 9pm, Anaheim at Calgary – SN West*


2 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: November 12–18

  1. Not sure if I like the rotating commentators on Saturday Nights. I preferred it when Hughson was always in Toronto and Cole was always in Montreal.

    • I think it is a great idea for changing the commentating crews to call different teams. Hughson and Simpson did do some western games when the CBC had the contract.

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