Toronto Raptors 2014–15 TV Schedule (Finally)

toronto_raptors_logoOnly a day before the opening game and over a month after every other team released their schedule, TSN and Sportsnet finally got their shit together and released the TV schedule for the 2014–15 Toronto Raptors NBA season which begins tonight on TSN with their home opener against the Atlanta Hawks. In the final year of their current deal, TSN will get 47 games with Sportsnet getting 35 regular season games. With a new deal due next year, look to see each network go halvsies on the 82 games, just like TSN Radio and Sportsnet The Fan currently do.

For those of you outside Toronto/Ontario who don’t follow the Raptors (i.e., most people), prepare to have the Raptors shoved down your throat! TSN2 will have 23 games, 21 games will be on the TSN regional feeds (TSN1/3/4/5) and 3 games on TSN1/4/5.  On the Rogers side: 13 games on Sportsnet, 13 on SN 360 and 9 on SN One.  All games will be available on each properties mobile/online streaming apps.

No doubt with Sportsnet’s new commitment to hockey and TSN’s three additional feeds, the delay in releasing the schedule is solely to blame with partners Bell and Rogers. I noticed one example straight away where Sportsnet is losing a Saturday night hockey game to show Raptors instead – this Saturday, SN 360 was due to show Buffalo-Pittsburgh at 7pm but will now feature the riveting matchup of the Raptors versus the Magic. (TSN has CFL and MLS playoffs that night). I’m sure many more examples of originally scheduled NHL games being bumped for Raptors can be found.

In one of the NBA’s more unusual arrangements, Matt Devlin will return for play-by-play for both networks with Jack Armstrong sitting beside him for TSN broadcasts and Leo Rautins when Sportsnet handles the games. It’s even weirder though on the radio side,. Long-time analyst Paul Jones will be doing  play-by-play for TSN Radio games alongside Armstrong or Sherman Hamilton and for The Fan broadcasts, Jones switches back to the colour chair with Eric Smith doing PxP.

TSN also has the rights to U.S. regular season broadcasts and select playoff games, NBA All-Star Weekend and the NBA Finals, as well as any and all Raptors playoff games. Usually TSN would release a schedule of all U.S. games they would be broadcasting throughout the season, but so far, nothing has come out, no doubt due to week-to-week scheduling complexities of juggling five feeds. I will try and get up a weekly post with all the games available to Canadians.

NBA League Pass, which is available on Bell for the first time, is on free preview from October 28 to November 3. NBA League Pass is also on a free trial during this period. You can also catch 22 Chicago Bulls games during the season on WGN. For that schedule, you can download a PDF here.

Full schedule is below. All times are Eastern and times/networks subject to change.

Wednesday, Oct. 29, Atlanta @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5

Saturday, Nov. 1, Toronto @ Orlando, 7pm, Sportsnet 360
Sunday, Nov. 2, Toronto @ Miami, 6pm, TSN2
Tuesday, Nov. 4, Oklahoma City @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2
Wednesday, Nov. 5, Toronto @ Boston, 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, Nov. 7, Washington @ Toronto, 7:30pm, Sportsnet ONE
Sunday, Nov. 9, Philadelphia @ Toronto, 7pm, Sportsnet East, Ontario, and Pacific
Tuesday, Nov. 11, Orlando @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2
Thursday, Nov. 13, Chicago @ Toronto, 8pm, TSN2
Saturday, Nov. 15, Utah @ Toronto, 7:30pm, Sportsnet ONE
Wednesday, Nov. 19 Memphis @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, Nov. 21, Milwaukee @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN
Saturday, Nov. 22, Toronto @ Cleveland 7:30pm, TSN
Monday, Nov. 24, Phoenix @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2
Wednesday, Nov. 26, Toronto @ Atlanta, 7:30pm, Sportsnet 360
Friday, Nov. 28, Dallas @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2
Sunday, Nov. 30, Toronto @ LA Lakers, 9:30pm, Sportsnet

Tuesday, Dec. 2, Toronto @ Sacramento, 10pm, Sportsnet 360
Wednesday, Dec. 3, Toronto @ Utah, 9pm, Sportsnet 360
Friday, Dec. 5, Cleveland @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN2
Monday, Dec. 8, Denver @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2
Tuesday, Dec. 9, Toronto @ Cleveland 7pm, TSN2
Friday, Dec. 12, Indiana @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN
Sunday, Dec. 14, Toronto @ New York 7:30pm, TSN2
Monday, Dec. 15, Orlando @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2
Wednesday, Dec. 17 Brooklyn @ Toronto, 8pm, TSN
Friday, Dec. 19, Toronto @ Detroit, 7:30pm, Sportsnet ONE
Sunday, Dec. 21, New York @ Toronto, 3:30pm, Sportsnet
Monday, Dec. 22, Toronto @ Chicago, 8pm, Sportsnet ONE
Saturday, Dec. 27, Toronto @ LA Clippers, 3:30pm, Sportsnet
Sunday, Dec. 28, Toronto @ Denver, 9, Sportsnet
Tuesday, Dec. 30, Toronto @ Portland, 10, Sportsnet 360

Friday, Jan. 2, Toronto @ Golden State, 10:30, Sportsnet East, Ontario and Pacific
Sunday, Jan. 4, Toronto @ Phoenix, 8pm, Sportsnet East, Ontario and Pacific
Thursday, Jan. 8, Charlotte @ Toronto, 7:30pm, Sportsnet
Saturday, Jan. 10, Boston @ Toronto, 7:30pm, Sportsnet 360
Monday, Jan. 12, Detroit @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2
Wednesday, Jan. 14 Philadelphia @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, Jan. 16, Atlanta @ Toronto, 7:30 p.m. ET TSN2
Sunday, Jan. 18, New Orleans @ Toronto, 3:30pm, Sportsnet 360
Monday, Jan. 19, Toronto @ Milwaukee, 8pm, Sportsnet ONE
Wednesday, Jan. 21, Toronto @ Memphis, 8pm, Sportsnet 360
Friday, Jan. 23, Toronto @ Philadelphia 7 p.m. ET TSN2
Sunday, Jan. 25, Detroit @ Toronto, 7pm, Sportsnet East, Ontario and West
Tuesday, Jan. 27, Toronto @ Indiana, 7pm, TSN1, TSN4, TSN5
Wednesday, Jan. 28 Sacramento @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, Jan. 30, Toronto @ Brooklyn, 7:30pm, TSN
Saturday, Jan. 31, Toronto @ Washington, 7pm, Sportsnet 360

Monday, Feb. 2, Milwaukee @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN1, TSN4, TSN5
Wednesday, Feb. 4, Brooklyn @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, Feb. 6, LA Clippers vs. Toronto, 7:30pm, Sportsnet ONE
Sunday, Feb. 8, San Antonio @ Toronto 7pm, TSN1, TSN4, TSN5
Wednesday, Feb. 11 Washington @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, Feb. 20, Toronto @ Atlanta, 7:30pm, Sportsnet ONE
Saturday, Feb. 21, Toronto @ Houston, 8pm, Sportsnet 360
Monday, Feb. 23, Toronto @ New Orleans 8pm, TSN
Tuesday, Feb. 24, Toronto @ Dallas, 8:30pm, TSN
Friday, Feb. 27, Golden State @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN
Saturday, Feb. 28, Toronto @ New York, 7:30pm, Sportsnet

Monday, March 2, Toronto @ Philadelphia 7pm, TSN2
Wednesday, March 4 Cleveland @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN2
Friday, March 6, Toronto @ Charlotte, 7pm, Sportsnet ONE
Sunday, March 8, Toronto @ Oklahoma City 7pm, TSN2
Tuesday, March 10, Toronto @ San Antonio 8:30pm, TSN2
Friday, March 13, Miami @ Toronto, 7:30pm, Sportsnet ONE
Sunday, March 15, Portland @ Toronto, 7pm, Sportsnet
Monday, March 16, Toronto @ Indiana, 7pm, TSN
Wednesday, March 18 Minnesota @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, March 20, Toronto @ Chicago, 8pm, Sportsnet
Sunday, March 22, New York @ Toronto, 4pm, Sportsnet
Tuesday, March 24, Toronto @ Detroit, 7:30pm, TSN
Wednesday, March 25 Chicago @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN
Friday, March 27, LA Lakers @ Toronto 7:30pm, TSN2
Monday, March 30, Houston @ Toronto, 7:30pm, TSN2

Wednesday, April 1, Toronto @ Minnesota 8pm, TSN2
Friday, April 3, Toronto @ Brooklyn, 7:30pm, TSN2
Saturday, April 4, Boston @ Toronto, 7:30pm, Sportsnet 360
Wednesday, April 8, Toronto @ Charlotte, 7pm, Sportsnet 360
Saturday, April 11, Toronto @ Miami, 7:30pm, Sportsnet 360
Friday, April 10, Toronto @ Orlando, 7pm, TSN2
Tuesday, April 14, Toronto @ Boston, 7:30pm, TSN
Wednesday, April 15 Charlotte @ Toronto, 8pm, TSN

4 thoughts on “Toronto Raptors 2014–15 TV Schedule (Finally)

  1. i wish all of it was one channel instead. it’s tiring looking around for shit. and they wonder why the ratings are so bad.

    • having it on different channels isn’t the reason the ratings are bad – other than the cfl, games are all over the place.

  2. Sportsnet isn’t losing the Saturday night Sabres-Penguins hockey game, it’ll be on SN1 instead replacing whatever was on that channel.

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