Ratings: World Series Game 1 and NHL Week 2 Numbers Down for Sportsnet

In a game that was basically over by the fourth inning, it is no surprise that overnight ratings showed fewer viewers watched this year’s World Series Game 1 than last year. 461,000 Canadians viewed the San Francisco Giants destroy the Kansas City Royals on Sportsnet, down from 556,000 for last year’s Game 1 of Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals. In the case of both numbers, it doesn’t take into account the amount of people watching on Fox. Sportsnet in years past has used the MLB International feed, but as a commenter pointed out, Sportsnet switched to the Fox feed an hour or so into Tuesday night’s game. Either someone realized the world feed is a seriously inferior production compared to Fox, or more likely, they switched to Fox so they could $im$ub the signal for Rogers customers. In the US, 12.19 million viewers tuned in, a record-low for Game 1 in a World Series and fifth lowest of all time.

Also not good news for Rogers after the second week of the NHL season. As Chris Zelkovich notes, Hockey Night In Canada’s numbers are lower this season than last year. This past Saturday night, 2.2 million viewers watched up to five early HNIC games, which is on-par with the opening weekend number of 2.23 million, while only 885,000 saw the late game of Tampa-Vancouver versus the two late games last week of Edmonton-Vancouver and San Jose-Winnipeg (1.310 million). Even the HNIC pre-game was down nearly 100k viewers. Sunday’s Hometown Hockey broadcast on City this was down significantly down from last week (407,000 versus 1,007,000) but that can be attributed to the Leafs playing on last week’s broadcast. Granted, it is only early days.

For TSN, the CFL features mostly in the top ten each week but numbers are actually below last season’s average. I don’t watch CFL at all, so I can’t speak as to whether games over the past few weeks (or even the season in general) have made for good viewing or not. The NFL is doing as well as always and beating most of the competition. As usual, EPL, MLS and auto racing sneak into the bottom of each list. In what has been a terrible year for Toronto FC, 20,000 more people elected to watch gymnastics on the CBC than Saturday afternoon’s game — it could have been a lot worse if not for Montreal Impact fans watching the game also.


1. NHL, Pens-Leafs/Habs-Flyers/Sens-Lightning/Flames-Blues/Caps-Bruins, Saturday, Rogers: 2,230,000
2. NHL, Oilers-Canucks/Sharks-Jets, Saturday, Rogers: 1,310,000
3. NHL, Leafs at Rangers, Sunday, City: 1,007,000
4. NFL, Cowboys at Seahawks, Sunday, CTV: 921,000 (US viewers not counted)
5. CFL, Bombers at Eskimos, Monday, TSN: 843,000
6. CFL, Roughriders at Alouettes, Monday, TSN: 782,000
7. CFL, Ticats at Argonauts, Friday, TSN: 636,000
8. NFL, Pats-Bills/Packers-Dolphins/Lions-Vikes, Sunday, CTV: 606,000 (US viewers not counted)
9. NHL, Hockey Night In Canada pre-game, Saturday, CBC: 545,000
10. MLB, Royals at Orioles, Friday, Sportsnet: 503,000
11. NFL, 49ers at Rams, Monday, TSN: 482,000
12. MLB, Royals at Orioles, Saturday, Sportsnet: 466,000
13. CFL, RedBlacks at Lions, Saturday, TSN: 424,000
14. NFL, Giants at Eagles, Sunday, TSN: 370,000 (US viewers not counted)
15. MLB, Giants at Cardinals, Sunday, Sportsnet: 370,000
16. MLB, Giants at Cardinals, Saturday, Sportsnet: 304,000 (US viewers not counted)
17. NFL, Bronocs at Jets, Sunday, TSN: 294,000
18. NHL, Rogers Hometown Hockey, Sunday, City: 262,000
19. NFL, Bears at Falcons, Sunday, TSN: 196,000
20. MLS, Whitecaps at Sounders, Saturday, TSN: 180,000
21. Auto racing, NASCAR Bank of America 500, Sunday, TSN2: 161,000
22. Auto racing, F1 Russian Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 110,000


1. NHL, Leafs-Wings/Avs-Habs/Jackets-Sens/Bruins-Sabres, Saturday, Rogers: 2,200,000
2. NFL, Vikes-Bills/Panthers-Packers/Seahawks-Rams/Bengals-Colts, Sunday, CTV: 893,000 (US viewers not counted)
3. NFL. Giants-Cowboys/Chiefs-Chargers, Sunday, CTV: 873,000 (US viewers not counted)
4. NHL, Lightning at Canucks, Saturday, CBC: 885,000
5. CFL, Eskimos at Riders, Sunday, TSN: 732,000
6. NHL, Red Wings at Maple Leafs, Friday, Sportsnet Ontario: 723,000
7. CFL, Alouettes at Argos, Saturday, TSN: 591,000
8. CFL, Stamps at Bombers, Saturday, TSN: 565,000
9. NFL, 49ers at Broncos, Sunday, TSN: 492,000 (US viewers not counted)
10. NHL, Hockey Night In Canada pre-game, Saturday, CBC: 478,000
11. NHL, Canucks at Oilers, Friday, Sportsnet West/Pacific: 461,000
12. CFL, RedBlacks at Ticats, Friday, TSN: 413.000
13. NHL, Flames at Oilers, Sunday, City: 407,000
14. Auto racing, NASCAR Geico 500, Sunday, TSN: 380,000
15. NHL, Hometown Hockey pre-game, Sunday, City: 156,000
16. Gymnastics, World artistic championships, Saturday, CBC: 126,000
17. MLS, Impact at Toronto FC, Saturday, TSN: 107,000
18. Soccer, Tottenham at Manchester City, Saturday, TSN: 98,000
19. Soccer, EPL late games, Saturday, TSN: 97,000

5 thoughts on “Ratings: World Series Game 1 and NHL Week 2 Numbers Down for Sportsnet

  1. The CFL games have not been all that great, and I am a devoted CFL fan. The reason? Expansion for one and the amount of delays in the game as pass interference reviews kill any flow. I have a feeling that the PI review will be scrapped in the off-season.
    As for Sportsnet NHL? Well I don’t watch hockey until Feb but since I despise Sportsnet and all it stands for I’m glad they are having problems.

  2. I always though that I am the only one who watches Canadian MLS teams. The rating might even increase if Vancouver makes the playoffs.

  3. nfl sunday night games on tsn have been doing much less than last yr – looks like audience has moved to the 4pm game and Sunday night hockey is taking some bites.

    nfl thursday night games on sportsnet has also been low – less than 300k for most games.

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