NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 22–28


• 7:30pm, Toronto Maple Leafs at Ottawa Senators, Sportsnet One and 360, TVA Sports
(Jim Hughson, Mike Johnson & Christine Simpson)
• 8pm, Philadelphia Flyers at Pittsburgh Penguins, TVA Sports 2
• 9:30pm, Washington Capitals at Edmonton Oilers, Sportsnet One and 360
(Dave Randorf, Craig Simpson & Cassie Campbell-Pascall)
• 10:30pm, Buffalo Sabres at Anaheim Ducks, Sabres TV*


• 7:30pm, Pittsburgh Penguins at Detroit Red Wings, Sportsnet 360, TVA Sports 2
• 8pm, Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues, Sportsnet Canucks*
• 9pm, Carolina Hurricanes at Calgary Flames, Sportsnet Flames*
• 10:30pm, Buffalo Sabres at Los Angeles Kings, Sabres TV*


• 8pm, Tampa Bay Lightning at Winnipeg Jets, TSN3*
• 9pm, Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche, Sportsnet One, TVA Sports
• 9:30pm, Carolina Hurricanes at Edmonton Oilers, Sportsnet Oilers*


• 4pm, Buffalo Sabres at San Jose Sharks, Sabres TV*
• 7pm, Boston Bruins at Toronto Maple Leafs, CBC
(Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy, Scott Oake)
• 7pm, New York Rangers at Montreal Canadiens, City, TVA Sports
(Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, David Amber)
• 7pm, New Jersey Devils at Ottawa Senators, Sportsnet One
(Dave Randorf, Garry Galley, Christine Simpson)
• 7pm, Detroit Red Wings at Philadelphia Flyers, Sportsnet 360
• 8pm, Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues, FX Canada
• 10pm, Washington Capitals at Calgary Flames, CBC, TVA Sports 2
(Bob Cole, Greg Millen, Cassie Campbell-Pascall)


• 3pm, Colorado Avalanche at Winnipeg Jets, TSN3*
• 7pm, Ottawa Senators at Chicago Blackhawks, City, TVA Sports
(Jim Hughson, Garry Galley, Scott Oake)

• 9:30pm, Washington Capitals at Vancouver Canucks, Sportsnet Canucks*


• 7pm, Minnesota Wild at New York Rangers, TVA Sports
• 9:30pm, Montreal Canadiens at Edmonton Oilers, Sportsnet, RDS*


• 7pm, Winnipeg Jets at New York Islanders, TSN3*
• 7pm, Los Angeles Kings at Philadelphia Flyers, TVA Sports
• 7pm, Ottawa Senators at Columbus Blue Jackets, TSN5*, RDS2*
• 7pm, Buffalo Sabres at Toronto Maple Leafs, TSN4*, Sabres TV*
• 9pm, Montreal Canadiens at Calgary Flames, City Montreal*, Sportsnet Flames*, RDS*
• 10pm, Carolina Hurricanes at Vancouver Canucks, Sportsnet Canucks*

5 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Schedule: October 22–28

  1. When was the last time Bob Cole called a western game? It’s been years I think.

  2. He has done playoff games the last 2 years I think. But as for regular season games, I don’t remember the last time he was out west.

  3. I believe Bob did a game in LA either last year or the year before where there were 2 games during the 10PM time slot.

  4. Tonight’s game between the Leafs & Senators has been cancelled in light of the events that took place at Parliament Hill this morning.

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