Videotron Becomes Final Provider To Offer Additional TSN Feeds

tsn-expansionAt the end of August, TSN launched three additional channels to create five individual and regionalized feeds for subscribers across the country. Of the dozen or so individual TV providers across the country, Quebec-based company Videotron was the only one not to, resulting in viewers missing out on US Open programming at the beginning and more recently, NFL telecasts. Subscribers who called TSN to complain were sent in the direction of Videotron, who were balking for whatever reason at carrying the three new channels.

As the Montreal Gazette reports, Videotron subscribers will finally be able to enjoy all five channels beginning this week.

Vidéotron president Manon Brouillette confirmed to The Gazette a month ago that the company had reached a deal to expand the number of TSN feeds from two to five, all in high definition. Shortly thereafter, Vidéotron started telling customers that it was adding the other three feeds on Oct. 29. The company told The Gazette on Friday that TSN1 will launch early, on Oct. 20, in time for the next Monday Night Football. The existing channels will be moved, so TSN1-5 are at to 186-190 in standard definition and 786-790 in HD. And all five feeds will be free to Vidéotron’s existing TSN subscribers and will count as a single channel in custom packages.

Currently, Videotron subscribers only receive TSN2, the national feed, and TSN5, the regional feed for Quebec and Atlantic Canada. At times, TSN uses all five feeds to show five different events taking place, so Videotron customers have been missing out on certain matches and events. After October 29, all digital cable and satellite customers in Canada will have access to TSN 1–5.

2 thoughts on “Videotron Becomes Final Provider To Offer Additional TSN Feeds

  1. They had a lot of complaints about not having all the TSN channels so they were forced into it. I think without the complaints they wouldn’t even be adding the channels now.

  2. Great, now get your butt on TSN GO so I can watch live feeds on my iPhone. It is available to almost every service provider except Videotron.

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