FX Canada Now Available On Bell Just In Time For Hockey

FX_CanadaBell Fibe and Bell Satellite TV customers finally had FX Canada and FXX Canada added to their programming lineup yesterday morning after hearing and seeing “NOT AVAILABLE ON BELL” since the channel launched in October 2011. The addition came on the eve of FX Canada’s first Saturday night showing NHL as part of the 12-year contract Rogers signed earlier this year. FX and FXX Canada are owned by Rogers.

FX Canada will show a US-vs-US matchup each Saturday night during the regular season. Tonight is Washington at Boston, followed by Boston at Buffalo, Chicago at St. Louis, and Washington at Tampa Bay over the coming weeks.

It could be coincidence or maybe Bell finally caved and realized they could potentially be fielding hundreds if not thousands of complaints every weekend for the next six months from upset hockey fans. There is no confirmed information on why Bell had held out for the past two years, but the speculation is that Rogers wanted the channels in a package and Bell wanted to offer it a la carte. I guess hockey trumps all.

FX Canada can be found on channel 1331 on Bell Fibe and 1290 on Bell Satellite. It is on free preview until November 13 with no details on pricing after that date available yet.

2 thoughts on “FX Canada Now Available On Bell Just In Time For Hockey

  1. FX Canada is not available on Bell Aliant’s Fibreop – were you aware of this and what are they thinking? The fact that Bell Satellite finally caved ….why will Bell Aliant not also follow suit OR why can Centre Ice subscribers not have access to these FX games – that is the point of purchasing Centre Ice after all.

  2. I’ve been a subscriber to nhl centre ice for 3 or 4 years and could always watch ALL Pittsburgh penguins games, the only reason I purchased it! I am with bell and now that’s Rogers took over I have already missed 2 Pittsburgh games….what am I paying for?

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