NHL Canadian TV Guide: October 8–12

Here is your schedule for the first week of hockey under the new Rogers empire. I will try my best to get up a schedule every week, namely once the commentators are announced for the forthcoming weekend’s national matches. I have only included commentators for national English broadcasts. Most regional broadcasts, especially TSN, have rotating play-by-play or colour guys that probably won’t be announced at all so no use playing guessing games. There’s no Saturday night games on Sportsnet this week due to Game 2 of Cardinals-Giants in MLB Postseason action.

Wednesday October 8

7pm: Montreal Canadiens at Toronto Maple Leafs (SN, TVA Sports)
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy, Scott Oake

10pm: Vancouver Canucks at Calgary Flames (SN, TVA Sports 2)
Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Cassie Campbell-Pascal

10pm: San Jose Sharks at Los Angeles Kings (SN1)
Dave Strader, Brian Engblom (NBC)

Thursday October 9

7pm: Montreal Canadiens at Washington Capitals (SN360, RDS*)
John Bartlett, Jason York

7pm: Columbus Blue Jackets at Buffalo Sabres (Sabres TV)

7:30pm: Boston Bruins at Detroit Red Wings (TVA Sports 2)

8pm: Ottawa Senators at Nashville Predators (TSN5*, RDS2*)

9:30pm Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers (SN360)
Kevin Quinn, Kelly Hrudey, Drew Remenda, Louie Debrusk, Mark Spector

10pm: Winnipeg Jets at Arizona Coyotes (TSN3*)

Saturday October 11

7pm: Pittsburgh Penguins at Toronto Maple Leafs (CBC)
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson, Glenn Healy, Scott Oake

7pm: Ottawa Senators at Tampa Bay Lightning (SN1)
Bob Cole, Greg Millen, Arash Madani

7pm: Montreal Canadiens at Philadelphia Flyers (City, TVA Sports)
Dave Randorf, Gary Galley, David Amber

7pm: Calgary Flames at St. Louis Blues (SN360)
Rick Ball, Kelly Hrudey, Roger Millions

7pm: Washington Capitals at Bosto Bruins (FX Canada)
Local team broadcast

8:30pm: Buffalo Sabres at Chicago Blackhawks (Sabres TV)

10pm: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks (CBC, TVA Sports 2)
Paul Romanuk, Mike Johnson, Cassie Campbell-Pascal

10pm: Winnipeg Jets at San Jose Sharks (SN360)
Kevin Quinn, John Garrett, Dan Murphy

Sunday October 12

7pm: Toronto Maple Leafs at New York Rangers (City, TVA Sports)
Dave Randorf, Gary Galley, David Amber

10pm: Winnipeg Jets at Los Angeles Kings (TSN3*)

Monday October 13

1pm: Colorado Avalanche at Boston Bruins (TVA Sports)

3pm: Anaheim Ducks at Buffalo Sabres (Sabres TV)

7:30pm: Florida Panthers at Ottawa Senators (TSN5*, RDS Info*)

7:30pm: Montreal Canadiens at Tampa Bay Lightning (City Montreal*, RDS*)

Tuesday October 14

7:30pm: Colorado Avalanche at Toronto Maple Leafs (TSN4*, TVA Sports)

8pm: Calgary Flames at Nashville Predators (SN360)

10:30pm: Edmonton Oilers at Los Angeles Kings (SN360)

All times are Eastern. Asterisk indicates regional broadcast.

Dan — @SportsOnCdnTV

9 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Guide: October 8–12

  1. It looks like there will be no late Saturday night game on Sportsnet this week either due to Game 2 of Cardinals-Giants in MLB Postseason action. The Winnipeg game looks to be on SN360 though the Sportsnet site contradicts itself.

    • Ahh, yes, thanks! I remember seeing that earlier and completely forgot about it as I used an different schedule to compile this.

    • It is confusing as to what info Rogers is putting out there for the Jets @ Sharks game. The broadcast schedule page on Sportsnet’s website for live events and on NHL.com shows that the game will be on Sportsnet. The lower part of the webpage in the full events schedule shows the game will be on SN 360.

      The pdf link that Sportsnet has on its schedule page, the pdf page shows that the game will be on SN1 and SN.

      The hockey game will start on whatever channel and I think that once the baseball game ends, SN will join the game in progress.

  2. The announce teams for this week anyways were confirmed by Steve Lapore via awful announcing and twitter.

    Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson and Glenn Healy will have the call for tonight’s Hab/Leafs game. Host Scott Oake.

    Paul Romanuk and Mike Johnson will call the Flames/Canucks contest. Host Cassie Campbell

    Looks like for games not on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will use the regional broadcast teams for those games. I am basing it on the fact the Caps/Habs game on SN360 this Thursday will have John Bartlett and Jason York with the call. The game between the Flames/Oilers also on 360 will be Kevin Quinn, Drew Remenda with Kelly Hrudey.

    I wonder for games between the Habs, Canucks, Leafs, Flames and Oilers, if playing eachother, and on a Rogers station, will they use multiple crews for each respective region, or will they do what they are doing for the Flames/Oilers game and merge a couple of broadcast teams since, it is all Rogers. That will be interesting to see.

    For Saturdays, looks like when they have the big weeks of 6-7 games, all the Canadian matchups will be done by Rogers while likely the majority of the All-American matches will use the local feeds.

    Big Saturday for Rogers as there are 6 matches with Canadian teams.

    Habs – Dave Randorf/Garry Galley/Amber
    Leafs – Hughson/Simpson/Healy/Oake
    Sens – Cole/Millen/Arash Madani
    Jets – Kevin Quinn/John Garrett/Dan Murphy
    Flames – Rick Ball/Kelly Hrudey/Millions
    Canucks – Romanuk/Johnson/Campbell-Pascall

    And it looks like the main panel on Saturdays with Strombo will be Friedman, Cox and Kypreos. I can assume with games in Toronto, Healy will be both at the game and in Studio.

    I am really looking forward to see how saturday plays out. It may be incredibly exciting to see all these games on TV.

    The first Sunday game will have Randorf and Galley with the call, host, David Amber. I am interested to see if that all Sunday games will be Randorf, or will him and Romanuk split the work.

    Who’s excited for hockey!!

    • In past years for Flames/Oilers games Rogers has gone with the regional broadcast crew for the home team. For Flames/Canucks games they have done two productions regionally. It will be interesting to see what they do Thursday since the Flames/Oilers game seems to be one of the “promoted” regional games. In fact, in one place on the Sportsnet website they list the game as “Edmonton Oilers Hockey” and claim a regional blackout applies. This is probably an error and a holdover from previous years.

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