GameCentre Live Includes New GamePlus Feature Only For Rogers Customers


The new angles on offer with GamePlus.

If you’re a Rogers subscriber and plan on using GameCentre Live this season, you will have access to an exclusive experience dubbed GamePlus. It will offer new and innovative (to hockey broadcasts, that is) cameras to choose from as well as multiple replay angles, advanced stats, exclusive interviews and expert analysis not available elsewhere.

Here are the new cameras available for viewing:

  • Sky Cam sits at the 200 level in the Air Canada Centre and follows the puck red line to red line at six metres per second;
  • Ref Cam is on the referee’s helmet and puts fans on the ice to get in on face offs, breakaways and goals (the referee’s will not be mic’d up though, so don’t expect to hear player conversations);
  • POV Cam spotlights the hustle from inside the blue lines and for the first time inside the players’ benches;
  • Star Cam tracks a single player throughout the game no matter where the puck goes;
  • Goal Line Cam provides a top-down view of the ice, directly above the offensive action;
  • MyReplay lets fans select multiple replay angles to analyze key plays during the game, including goals, power plays, penalty kills, and the ref’s tough calls.

The above features are only available for select games each week plus the Winter Classic, All-Star game and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Rogers says they have invested $10 million to create this Rogers-only feature (no doubt hoping people will switch to Rogers and help pay off that investment). No word yet whether it will be offered in the future as a paid option to non-Rogers customers.

Seems as though a majority of the eight new angles will only be available for Toronto Maple Leafs games at the Air Canada Centre, though Rogers would like additional cameras such as the SkyCam to other Canadian arenas in the future. It will be interesting to see whether the new angles, especially SkyCam and RefCam will be used during live play on television or restricted solely to replays.

If you’re a Rogers customer with any internet or wireless data plan, you are eligible to access GamePlus with your free subscription until December 31, 2014. If you’re a Rogers customer who does not have any Rogers internet or wireless data plan, but have Rogers Home Phone or Rogers Digital TV (any package), and have subscribed to Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE, you are eligible to access GamePlus.

Dan — @SportsOnCdnTV

4 thoughts on “GameCentre Live Includes New GamePlus Feature Only For Rogers Customers

  1. Amusing how people that ponied up only for Game Centre Live now with Rogers (at a higher price than last year) are frozen out of this.

    You’d think it would be a natural throw in to get people to stick around for GCL when they raise the rates on it next year (which is a given I think the way that Rogers is bleeding cable subscribers, the revenue has to come from somewhere to pay the NHL rights fees)

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