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Over at noted Leafs hockey blog Pension Plan Puppets, Katie Flynn of The Score is contributing this season on a weekly basis. Her first article knocks the ball out of the park in destroying Rogers for keeping the same old boys club. In particular, not including former CBC Hockey Night in Canada host Andi Petrillo and kicking her to the curb. Of the 43 members of their broadcast team, just three are women and none feature in any broadcast booth. Petrillo is now at TSN and has been co-anchoring their Saturday morning EPL coverage and is expected to do some work for the TSN-run NHL Network Canada.

Sportsnet has announced their commentator team for English-language regional broadcasts on Sportsnet East and City. John Bartlett will be leaving behind his gig calling Canadiens games on radio and move to television in the play-by-play role. Former NHL defenceman Jason York and previous analyst for Senators regional broadcasts will join Bartlett in the booth. Rinkside reporter and hosting duties will be shared between former CBC’er David Amber and and Montreal radio and television personality Chantal Desjardins. All the information and schedule for regional Habs games are here.

Just over a month since rebranding Vancouver’s TEAM radio stations to TSN Radio, TSN1 (their British Columbia feed) has begun simulcasting an hour of TSN Radio 1040’s Canucks Lunch program with Matt Sekeres and Blake Price weekdays from 12pm to 1pm PT. This is the first time west coast radio programming has been shown on TSN and just another new additional with the expansion to five TSN channels. In Toronto, TSN Radio’s Leafs Lunch can be found on TSN4 from 12pm to 1pm ET.

NHL preseason hockey is already pulling in ratings numbers that eclipses other sports, proving again that Canadians will watch meaningless hockey in large numbers and that they all must have the same sickness. CFL and NFL filled out the top five sports in this weeks sports ratings — NFL late Sunday (785k); CFL Lions-Stamps; CFL Riders-Esks; CFL Cats-Bombers; NFL early Sunday. Sabres-Leafs comes in at six with 472k, then some more CFL and NFL, NASCAR and the final three games of the Blue Jays season (avg. 385k). Flames-Canucks and Leafs-Sabres round out the top 15 with 208k and 191k respectively. Those beat out UFC, EPL and the Ryder Cup. Toronto FC continues to struggle in the ratings getting just 87k last weekend and 29k the week before that. (Via )

TSN GO is now available to Shaw Cable and Shaw Direct customers. TSN GO is now available to Bell, FibreOP TV (Bell Aliant), Northern Tel, Rogers, and Source Cable customers who subscribe to TSN. Something that continues to confuse me is why Rogers customers can access TSN GO, yet Bell customers are shit out of luck watching Rogers’ counterpart product, Sportsnet NOW. Currently, only Rogers and Shaw customers are able to login to view SN NOW.

Videotron will finally be adding TSN1, TSN3 and TSN4 on October 29 (via Steve Faguy)

Quick Links To Good Reads

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Dan — @SportsOnCdnTV

12 thoughts on “News & Notes: Women in Hockey, Hockey Radio on TV, Hockey, Hockey, Hoc…

  1. What is going to be on NHL Network now that Rogers owns the rights to the games?

  2. Katie Flynn lost all credibility when she suggested Cassie Campbell could have been bumped to play by play.

    • I know it sounds sexist, but I could not listen to a game with a woman doing play-by-play.

      • Why’s that? I bet after a period, I wouldn’t even notice. I know when Doris Burke does stuff for ESPN, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest

  3. Not so much gender for me but the actual people they picked. George Strombo? Seriously?? The SN NOW question is a good one about these relative apps. As a Bell subscriber, who subscribes to SN World, it really pisses me off. I access it through my parents’ Rogers account but no SN World (they don’t subscribe). Interesting thing about the the Bell Streaming app: they block out the US networks from my Bell account (from Buffalo) because they only offer me the Boston affiliates?? I hate all of these telco’s being allowed in the channel and rights ownership business. I wish they just stuck to signal delivery.

  4. Hey Dan. Where did you get the viewer numbers?

  5. Campbell will likely get the role as color analyst for the CWHL.

    Petrillo should have been hired. And been one of the main hosts. She is one of the faster rising studio hosts after her great work at the World Cup and the Olympics.

    She’d been a massive upgrade on Marek or Millard, and probably would have been ideal to take over MacLean, but again, for Rogers to tout we’re breaking traditions, they sure hung on to the fact that HNIC and hockey in general should be just men.

    Of course, i would take the most qualified, regardless of sex, but Petrillo has certainly proven herself over the last year that on a big stage, she can thrive in the sports world. Its an opportunity lost IMO by Rogers.

  6. Oh I’ll bite.
    Andi Petrillo was an absolute train wreck on the world cup coverage and doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a microphone. All she did was get in the way of the analysts and ask questions even my goldfish knew the answer to.

    • Yeah she was brutal with soccer but is quite good with HNIC. I mean, come on, if they are willing to put PJ Stock and Kevin Weekes on the broadcast then why would they exclude Petrillo?

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